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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Chapter 8: Sector Scylla

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Sonic Chronicles (The Dark Brotherhood) Chapter 8.png

Sector Scylla is the eighth chapter of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

N'rrgal Colony

Once you exit the Cyclone, you'll strike up a conversation with some creatures. The dialogue you choose here affects whether or not you'll attack them, but we recommend not provoking them just yet. Make sure your party's amply equipped, then note the creatures attacking the Cyclone to battle three N'rrgal Drones. If you attack them now, you'll be facing stronger N'rrgal Warriors instead of weaker Drones later, as you see fit here.

In any case, with Big in your party (and hopefully Omega, too), head east and Jump off the edge there to find a Chao Egg, then return to the Cyclone and hop off the edge to the northwest; continue north and open the box there for a Nocturnus Relic. Now go west, using Big's Invincibility to get through the electric field (and all subsequent electric fields) to find another Chao Egg.

Go back to the Cyclone again, then head west through the electric field, then north. Dash up the ramp, then follow the path east and then northeast to find a Chao Egg behind some crates. Go back to the last intersection and head southeast this time to find another Chao Egg. Use the ramp here to reach the west side of the area and use the springboard to reach the upper ledge, where you'll find another Chao Egg. Now enter the cave just northeast of this egg.

Speak with the N'rrgal Queen here, then return to the Cyclone to jettison off to the Zoah Colony.

Zoah Colony

Bring Rouge or Shade along for this section of the Chapter, and use either character's Stealth ability to avoid getting shot at by the robot turrets scattered throughout this zone. Once you land, step down the ramp and you'll be attacked by a pair of Zoah Brutes. The Zoah Brutes are vulnerable to earth-based attacks, so wearing an Earth Ring (purchased at Kron) will make battling them easier, as well as armor-piercing POW Moves like Omega 's  Beam Cannon.

After the battle, go south and talk to the Zoah there to trigger two Side Missions: The Night Stalker and The Night Stalker Haniman, which we'll cover later. For now, head around to the east side of the landing pad (talking to the Zoah along the way who unlocks the Pirates of the Twilight Cage Side Mission) and Jump down to the rooftop. There's a shop here where you can buy items and equipment, so spend away. After that, go to the northern side of the rooftop and Jump down to find a Chao Egg. Enter the room to the east here to find a box containing Cursed Gloves, Prune Juice, and a Refresher Wave, then leave.

Talk to the Zoah outside the door to trigger the The Night Stalker Telra Side Mission. Go south to find 4 rings, then head back a ways to speak to the Zoah you passed earlier

Side Missions: The Night Stalker/The Night Stalker Haniman/The Night Stalker Telra

Reward: 3,000 XP, Precursor Tablet, Crazy Beans. By talking to this Zoah you'll learn that he's Haniman. Keep talking to him about the Night Stalker until he sics a Dragodon on you, and defeat it. This solves all the "Night Stalker" Side Missions at once!

Go west and enter the door; open the box for a Voxai Teleporter, Immunity Booster, and Med Emitter. Leave now and go east, and use Stealth to get past the turret. At the intersection, go south and enter the door, and open the box here for an Immunity Booster, Antidote, and Refresher Wave. Leave, then go to the southeast corner of the zone. Go north from here into the door, then use the ramp to reach a Chao Egg. Use the ramp to return to the southeast corner, then head back to the intersection and go west to find 4 Rings , and a room to the north. Enter the room and open the box for the Nocturne Relic 3.

Exit the room and go southwest for some rings, then southeast to another door. Take the 4 rings in here, then leave and head up the walkway on the left for 3 more rings. Ignore the ramp for now and go right. Jump down, then enter the door by the springboard; this is where you would have found Telra if you hadn't already found the Night Stalker. Use the springboard to return to the upper level, then go south to the right side of the sloping walkway. From here, Fly to the roof of the building to the east, then Fly again to the next rooftop to the south. Go to the southwest corner to find a Chao Egg there, the Fly back to the sloping walkway. Go north and Dash over the ramp to reach a Chao Egg in the northwest corner.

Go back to that intersection yet again, then go southeast, staying on the left side of the walkway to find a Jump point. Jump down a few times to reach the lower level, then go southeast and Dash over the ramp, bouncing off the springboards until you land. Go east just a bit and Jump down to find a Chao Egg and 4 more rings, then Jump back down to the ramp. Speak to the Zoah here about the puzzle and he'll tell you that you need a keycard. Go west (the star is marked on your map) and you'll speak with a Zoah Guard. If you want to jump to the final battles of this area, petition a challenge or try to gain citizenship, but if you want to find everything this colony has to offer, don't do that! Also, ask about the Chaos Emerald to fight the Zoah Brutes by the door. Once they're gone, you'll be able to tackle the puzzle.

Math Puzzle

Reward: 1,850 XP, Revival Ring. In order to find the passcode to the door, you must do a little math. You'll be given three numbers that plug into a random algebraic formula (something like A + B x C = D). Stand on the floor switch to receive your sequence, then have a different character Interact with the icon above the red console to cycle through the numbers to find the correct one.

You can now enter the fortress. Head inside, then use Stealth to get past the turret. When you reach the four-way intersection, look to the left for a box containing a Cure All Spray and an Iron Tonic. Go back to the intersection now and go north to the room with glass containers. Open the box to the left here for some Cursed Gloves and a Psychic Water. Go back to the intersection one more time now and go east. Use Stealth to get past the turret, then head north and use Stealth to get past the turret there.

When you reach the Chaos Emerald, you'll be captured, and thrown into a boss fight!

BOSS: Commander Syrax

HP: 400 • Weakest Against: Earth

The worst thing about Commander Syrax is that his normal attacks can Curse you, and his Power Burst can Distract you. He's also got two Zoah Brutes with him, but you should save those until after you've finished off Syrax. Use earth-based POW Moves on one enemy at a time, and keep your HP high, particularly Sonic's, because he'll fighting a one-on-one fight directly following this battle...
BOSS: General Raxos

HP: 600 • Weakest Against: Earth

Since Sonic is facing General Raxos alone here, you should use your first move to use an item like Rock Salt or an Immunity Booster to make him more effective in battle. Follow that up with your best POW move, then end your turn with either another POW Move or a healing item. Keep up this pattern until Raxos goes down.

After the battle, you'll receive the Chaos Emerald 2. Instead of returning to the Cyclone, go back to the room you were in and go through the new door to the south. Open the two boxes in here for a Refresher Wave Iron Tonic, Rock Salt, Med Emitter, Crazy Beans, and Clover Juice. Go back to the Cyclone now and fly to the N'rrgal Colony.

N'rrgal Colony, Part 2

The Queen will give you the Chaos Emerald 3 once you arrive. After that, make sure Big is in your party and head to the shop owner here in N'rrgal. Talk to him about the pirates, and agree to ship his N'rrgal Shipment to Kron Colony for him. This starts the Pirates: The N'rrgal Shipment Side Mission.

Side Mission: Pirates of the Twilight Cage

Reward: 10,000 XP, Precursor Tablet, Random Item. Go back to the Cyclone now and open the world map to fight four Nocturne Praetorians. These guys have 420 HP and are weak to fire-based attacks. Once they're defeated, you'll have completed this Side Mission and receive your reward!

Return to Kron Colony now.


Side Mission: Pirates: The N'rrgal Shipment

Reward: 2,500 XP, Kron Payment, Random ItemSpeak with the Kron trader (in the cave where you spoke with Foreman Krag) and give him the N'rrgal Shipment in exchange for the Kron Payment.

Now fly back to the N'rrgal Colony.

N'rrgal Colony, Part 3

Side Mission: Pirates: The N'rrgal Shipment

Reward: 2,500 XP, Refresher Wave, Random ItemGive the Kron Payment to the N'rrgal trader for your reward.

Return to the Cyclone now and fly off to the Voxai Colony Beta.

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