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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Chapter 7: Quest for the Chaos Emeralds

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Sonic Chronicles (The Dark Brotherhood) Chapter 7.png

Quest for the Chaos Emeralds is the seventh chapter of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.


Once you step onto Kron, Kron Warriors will attack you. These enemies have a lot of HP and a lot of defense, so use armor-piercing moves on them such as Knuckles' Uppercut or Omega 's Beam Cannon. Once the battle's over, re-enter the Cyclone and speak to Rouge .

Side Mission: Secret Operations

Reward: 1,000 XP, Health Root, Refresher Wave. Rouge wants five pieces of Nocturnus Tech. These are randomly obtained by defeating members of the Nocturnus Clan. Keep battling them as you make your way throughout Kron, and when you've gotten five of them, return to Rouge in the Cyclone for your reward.

Go east now and Smash through the crates, then head up the ramp to find a Chao Egg. Return to the Cyclone, then head south to find more Kron Warriors. Keep heading south, then jump into the hole for another Chao Egg. Check the southeast corner of the zone for a Chao Egg, then enter the cave northeast of it. Speak to Nestor to learn about the Relics of the Past Side Mission. Nestor wants 4 Nocturne relics, and one can be found in each of the other colonies.

Head west of the crater you jumped in earlier to find a cave, then enter and Smash through the crates there to find a Chao Egg. Take the northern exit, then go east to get back outside on the upper plateau on the west side of the zone. Follow the path north, west, then south for a Chao Egg, then go back to the cave exit and head east this time, following the path to yet another Chao Egg.

Go back to the ramp you just passed and head north. Follow this to a cave where you'll meet a Kron trader, who will sell you items and equipment. Buy what you want (Med Emitters and Refresher Waves are great healing items), then head to the northern end of the cave to speak to Krag.

Return to the exit of the cave you used to reach this upper area, and use the nearby springboard to reach the area above. Talk to the Kron here for a puzzle.

, +, or = signal. You must keep toggling the first switch by the blue circle and Dash over the conveyor until you get past the first crusher, then do this again with the yellow and red circles.

Take the Chao Egg to the north once you reach the other side, then follow the path to fight a Gizoid . The Gizoid can mimic your attacks, but it also has its own nasty moves at its disposal. Use water-based POW Moves to take it out fast. Continue following the path, then Smash through the blue crates to find 4 rings and a Chao Egg. Go back a bit, then take the ramp going down to find the entrance to the generator room. Shut it down, then go through the northern door and talk to Foreman Krag.

Take the door on the right to enter the factory, where you'll face Nocturne Equites. These guys are fast, but they're weak if you can actually get a hit in; use Moves with sluggish effects to slow them down. Head right now and follow this hall to a box containing a Nocturnus Relic. Now check the opposite corner of the area for Chaos Emerald 1.

Leave the factory now, and return to the Cyclone. If you haven't found the five pieces of Nocturnus Tech and given them to Rouge yet, now's a good time to do that! When you're ready, board the Cyclone and head to N'rrgal.

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