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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Chapter 5

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Sonic Chronicles (The Dark Brotherhood) Chapter 5.png

Battle for Angel Island is the fifth chapter of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.


Speak with the rest of your allies, then form two teams of four. Sonic and Knuckles must be on one team, and Tails and Eggman must be on the other. Whenever you need to heal your party, return to this room. For the next bit of the walkthrough, we'll refer to these teams as Team Sonic and Team Tails.

Team Sonic

Leave the stronghold now and enter the hallway. Defeat the Assault Drone and Seeker Drone out here, then take the Chao Egg at the end of the corridor. Now take the stairs up to Metropolis proper.

Team Tails

Go down the adjoining hallway, then go left into the room there to find the Weapon Part 1.

Team Sonic

Head northwest and Climb the wall there. Use the crates here to reach the orange roof of the small building, then bounce off the springboard to reach a Chao Egg. Jump back down to the ground and head west. Take the rings there, then go down the ramp to the south and open the box for a Ring of Life, Swift Boots, and Grapple Claws.

Return to the building you hopped up earlier and continue northeast to find more rings, and northwest over the grating to find even more rings. Jump off the right side to find a Chao Egg, then Fly back up to the ledge. Go to where you climbed the wall to get up here in the first place, and Jump down to where you came up the stairs. Go up the brown steps to the right to find 3 Rings and a Chao Egg, then go back down and head north up the narrow path. At the end, head northwest, take out the Gun Pawns, then grab the Chao Egg there.

Go to the far eastern side of the zone now and Climb up the wall above the brown grating. Take the Chao Egg up here, then go back down and head left past the ramp. Take the northern path up and then northeast to find a box with Speedy Sneakers in it. Return to the ramp now and head up it to the airbase. Defeat the Seeker Drones and Nocturnes up here, then Climb the wall and Jump into the hangar.

Team Tails

Go south, kill the Shield Pawns with armor-piercing POW Moves, then go left. Open the box for some Rock Salt, POW Gum, and a Health Root, then head up the steps to the surface. Fly up the small yellow structures to the west and go north to find a box; open it for some Blunt Claws and POW Gum.

Jump down and go west up the ramp, walk south, and Fly across to the rooftop with 4 rings on it. Fly off the left edge to the pillar for 3 more rings, then head back to the ledge with the railing. Use the springboard to the righ to fht long ramp to find 3 rings, then Fly off the left edge to the top of the ramp. Take out the Drone here, then run down the ramp for 4 rings and a Chao Egg on the left side. Walk back up the ramp and open the box there for the Weapon Part 2.

Return to the underground tunnels now and enter the stronghold to heal your party. Leave via the exit Sonic's Team used, then head north to the lab in the center of the zone.

Team Sonic

Take the 2 rings here, then ascend the stairs to fight some enemies, including some Nocturnes. They may drop a Nocturnus Tech, but if not, keep fighting Nocturnes and you will eventually. Nab the ring up here, then fight the Captain, who's a Nocturne Hastatus. Use your best POW Moves to defeat him, then approach the other Nocturnes that arrive afterward.

Team Tails

After receiving the Beam Cannon, leave the lab, then return to the underground area and head through the exit to the north part of the zone. Take the 5 rings to the southeast, then speak to the man there about the escalators.

Escalator Puzzle

Reward: 750 XP, POW CandyStart by setting a character by each of the colored squares here. Tails should head up the ramp and Fly to the middle section to sand on the red square by the switch. Have another character head up the ramp and stand by the yellow square's switch, then have another character go around the central platform to the right and stand by the switch by the blue square. Have your last character Interact with the generator to create a random pattern of colors. You must then hit the switches that correspond to those colors in the correct order. Replicate three sequences in a row to solve the puzzle and get the escalator working again!

Interact with the escalator to take it up to the tower. Defeat the Nocturnes at the top, take the 3 rings here, then Fly off the right edge and let the air vents thrust you up to the yellow ledge to the northeast. Head to the left edge here and Fly to the next tower. Go left to the white arrow pointing southwest and Fly to the next ledge. Jump up to find 4 rings, then take the nearby stairs down into the structure. Kill the four Laser Drones and you'll find E-123 Omega, your newest character! He (it?) will go to the stronghold and wait for you there.

Go upstairs and walk over to the fans by the grey railing. Fly to the round platform and Jump up the pipes there. Keep Jumping until you're at the main section, and take the Chao Egg you find there. Now use the springboard, then Fly over the sewage. If you want to add Omega to your team, go back and do so now. Otherwise, go back up the escalator and Fly to the top of the central tower again. Jump down to the metal grating, then Fly off the southeast edge to a metal ramp. Go down the ramp and Jump off the northern edge to find a Chao Egg and a box containing a Health Leaf and Rusty Hydraulics.

Go right now and bounce off the springboard to clear the railing. Take the stairs in the southwest corner underground, then resurface at street level. Return to the central tower, the Jump down again. Go left this time and Fly west to the orange grating. Grab the Chao Egg and rings there, then Fly off the east edge, over the railing. Head around to the ladder and Climb it to find an anti-aircraft cannon; try to use it to trigger a fight with a Guardian Pawn and some Drones. Use Eggman's Sabotage move to get rid of the Guardian, then finish off the drones.

Angel Island

Team Sonic

Take the 6 rings here, then go left and Fly to the small island. Fly to the next island to find a Chao Egg, then return to where you began and head north. Bounce off the springboard to reach another Chao Egg, then Jump down and go east to the stone wall. Jump down, defeat the enemies there with water-based moves, then open the box for a Health Leaf, Clover Juice, and Sparkly Gloves.

Climb back up the wall now and cross the bridge to the north. Climb the wall to the northeast of the bridge to find another Chao Egg, then Jump back down and head east to find a box containing a Speed Bar, Ring of Life, and Swift Boots. Jump south off the ledge to find 4 rings, then go southwest and Smash through the wooden crates. Keep following this path as it goes south, then turns east. Smash through the next bunch of crates and continue east until you can Jump over the stream to an island to the south. Jump to the island east of this for a Chao Egg, then return to the main island and go north.

Ascend the yellow steps on the right to find 4 rings, then take the left stairs for 2 more. Circumvent the springboard to find a box containing a Health Root and 2 POW Drinks, then go use that springboard to bounce to a ramp. Dash over it to find 2 rings, and 2 more rings after that. Climb the stairs and get ready to face three fights you can't run away from. If Cream's in your party, make sure she uses Refresh every turn to keep your HP up!

Team Tails

Back in Metropolis, have Team Tails Fly off the left edge, then Jump down from the orange area. Return to the underground stronghold and save your game when Eggman suggests it: you won't be able to return to Metropolis after you step onto the teleporter, so make sure you've done all you can!

Team Sonic

You'll be facing four Nocturnus Hastatus, and since they have the ability to regenerate, take them out one at a time. When they're all dead, form a party for the boss battle ahead. Make sure you've got a healer (either Cream or Tails) in there; you're going to need them!

BOSS: Imperator Ix

HP: 350 • Weakest Against: Fire

Imperator Ix is accompanied by a pair of Nocturne Hastatus, but you should ignore them and go after Ix first since he can revive any fallen allies. This battle will be difficult no matter who's in your party, but some characters will make it easier to win than others. For instance, Omega's Beam Cannon works great on whittling down Ix's HP, and Eggman's Bombardment move is good for damaging all the enemies simultaneously. Tails, if he's in your party, should be healing and using Flash Bang whenever possible. Try not to use regular attacks, as Ix may counter them. Once Ix goes down, finish off the Nocturnes to wrap up this chapter.

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