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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Chapter 4

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Sonic Chronicles (The Dark Brotherhood) Chapter 4.png

A Wolf in the Shadows is the fourth chapter of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

Blue Ridge Zone

The chapter begins at the airport, in the southeast corner of the zone. Go northeast to find a shop where you can purchase some new items and gear for your team. The Ring of Life is a smart buy, but definitely be sure to grab a Blue Ridge Times for later.

Go west of the Tornado now to find a factory worker standing by a blue barrel. Talk to him to start the Deliver the Warning Side Mission, which will be covered in pieces later. Walk southwest of the worker and jump up the structures to the green roof, then jump east across the other roofs to reach a point where you can Fly up to the roof of the building with the blue eaves. From there, Fly across to the orange-roofed building, then head up the ramp to find a springboard. Use it to reach the top of the building, then Fly left to the water tower, where you'll find a Chao Egg.

Return to the green roof now and Jump down to the wooden roof at its northeast corner. Fly across to the wooden building across the way, Jump up to the next ledge, and Fly to the next to reach a Chao Egg at the top of the building. Drop back to ground level now and go west of the water tower to find Shadow, who you'll be fighting no matter what!

BOSS: Shadow

HP: 350 • Weakest Against: None

You'll want to distract Shadow, because not only does he like to counter your attacks, but his regular attacks are also quite powerful. He also has a Chaos Rift attack that can knock you unconscious, so hit the defense inputs correctly to avoid this. As with most bosses, your most powerful POW Moves are the name of the game here. In particular, keep Sonic's health up, because after the battle, he'll have to fight Shadow by himself.

In any case, after you beat Shadow, Sonic must chase after him. You must avoid hitting the little orbs here, because each one inflicts 25 HP worth of damage! When you eventually catch up to Shadow, have Sonic hit him with Axe Kick and/or other powerful POW Moves. Don't use regular attacks, or Shadow will most likely still counter them.

And just like that, Shadow decides to join your party! Talk to him about his friend, E-123 Omega, then head northwest to the booth.

Side Mission: Man in the Booth

Reward: 25 XP, Prune Juice Interact with the booth to learn that there's a man locked inside it! The man wants a newspaper, and if you were smart and followed the earlier advice, you'll have already purchased the Blue Ridge Times from the shop in town. Hand it over to complete this Side Mission.

Go north now across the bridge to find a Dragodon. Hit it hard and fast with your toughest attacks and fire-based moves to kill it quickly, because it can regenerate 38 HP per round. Once it has been defeated, go east to find 5 Rings, then go north to find some red crates. Smash them, then climb the steps to the factory.

Side Mission: Deliver the Warning

Warn the Foreman Talk to the foreman here about the warning the worker in town gave you about starting the factory while the breakers are open. You must now go back and talk to the worker!

Before you head back to town, go right to the edge of the walkway and Jump down. Go past the springboard and under the stone ramp to find a Chao Egg, then go back and use that springboard to return to the factory walkway. Follow it the other way to find more Rings, then fly across the gap to the mesa. Take the rings here, then jump off the left side. Grab the 4 rings between the two loops here, then head south across the bridge. Return to the town to the southeast.

Side Mission: Deliver the Warning

Return to the Worker Reward:500 XP, Speed Bar Go find the worker you talked to earlier to complete this Side Mission.

Return to where you were across the bridge and between the two loops, then get on the left side of the western loop and Dash through both of them. You'll end up on a ledge south of the factory. Smash the red crates here, take the Chao Egg to the east, then go back and dash up the stone ramp. You'll land on a small pillar of rock. Use the springboard to reach the Chao Egg, then Jump down. Grab the 5 rings to the north of the bushes.

At this point, you can continue north to finish the Chapter more quickly, or you can continue along with this walkthrough to finish all the Side Missions and gain more XP. The latter is recommended.

Head south to the intersection with the two signs, and take out the Shield Pawn and drones there before speaking with the nearby G.U.N. Official. He wants you to help him back to the airstrip at Station Square, so accept this Side Mission now. Grab the 5 rings to the west, then head south on the path until you see a red car on the left. Jump up to the ledge above it, then Fly up twice, and finally Climb to the top of this mesa. Grab the 3 rings here, then Jump back down. Go past it to find a ring behind the large sign, then head north to a well; hop in to find 2 rings and a Chao Egg.

Leave the well and Dash up the ramp to the west. You'll land on a hill just to the northeast. Grab the 5 rings here, then Fly to the hill to the west. Bounce off the springboard here to the south, grab the Chao Egg, then bounce off this springboard and Jump down. Head south past the big sign and grab the rings to the south around the cabin.

Side Mission: Timmy's in Trouble

Reward: 75 XP, Crazy Beans Talk to the man by the cabin to learn that Timmy fell down the well! Agree to help rescue him, then return to the well you hopped into earlier. Talk to Timmy there, then take him back to his father at the cabin for your reward.

Head south from the cabin now and west around the bushes to find a Chao Egg. Head east now to find a springboard, and use that to reach the level above. Take the 3 rings and Chao Egg to the south, then look north for more rings. Bounce off the springboard there, then Fly east to reach the Chao Egg on the pillar. Jump down now, take the 10 rings here, then head back to the town to the southeast.

Side Mission: GUN Escort

Reward: 100 XP, Immunity Booster, POW Gum Bring the GUN Official to the airstrip in town to complete your escorting duties and receive your reward.

Go west on the road now outside of town, then go north past the large sign and then the two signs where you found the G.U.N. Official. Keep going north past them to find 5 more rings, then heal your party and prepare for a tough boss fight farther up the path ahead.

BOSS: Procurator Shade & Nocturnus Velite x2

Procurator Shade - HP: 200 • Weakest Against: Fire/Nocturnus Velite - HP: 90 each • Weakest Against: Fire

You have three targets here, and Procurator Shade should be taken out first, since she can revive her fallen comrades. Hit her with POW Move after POW Move, and make sure you avoid getting hit by any Stun Grenades. Once Procurator Shade goes down, use POW Moves with sluggish effects on the Nocturnus Velites, as they can be quite good at dodging your attacks.

Make your way to the northwest corner of the zone now and talk to the man by the door to begin the Subway Door puzzle.

Subway Door Puzzle

Reward: 500 XP, Revival Ring. The unfortunate thing about this puzzle is that it is random, lacking a concrete solution that works every time. Have a character Interact with the door to display a pattern of red boxes on the overhead screen. You must now place two characters on the red switches that correspond to this pattern. Each switch is labeled with a pattern of red boxes, but only two of these patterns, when combined, will create the pattern displayed on the screen. Simply look at each of the smaller patterns, and figure out which ones cannot possibly create the main pattern above, and avoid that switch. Step on the two that match up to create the whole pattern, and you will move on to a new pattern where you must step on three switches to form the whole pattern. You'll then have one final pattern you must create using four switches. If you get any of them wrong, you must start over from the beginning.

You will now be asked if you are ready to continue on to Metropolis. You won't be able to come back after you go there, so make sure you've done all you can up to this point before committing!

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