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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Chapter 3

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Sonic Chronicles (The Dark Brotherhood) Chapter 3.png

Egghunt is the third chapter of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

Central City

You'll start off this chapter in Tails' Workshop. Talk to Big to receive the Norton is Missing Side Mission (which can't be completed until later, so we'll cover it then). Now leave the workshop and head down the road leading to the Mystic Ruins . After Shadow rushes past you, continue toward the large green arrow sign, then Jump through the broken guardrail on the right. Use Knuckles to climb the wall, grab the ring there, then Climb the next wall to find some red crates for Amy to Smash. Grab the four Rings and Chao Egg here, and open the box for some POW Candy and Alloy Slippers.

Jump back to the street and head to the shop in the southwest corner after Tails receives a signal near there. Continue into the shop and agree to help find the shopowner's Prized Stapler in exchange for the device here. Leave the shop now and go west past the GUN HQ, and have Knuckles climb the white wall there. On the checkered ledge you'll get another signal. Jump down by the springboard and approach the hideout you cleared earlier in the game. Talk to the malfunctioning Swat Bot here and tell it its mission is complete to receive the Eggman Device (if you tell it otherwise, you'll still get the device, but you'll have to fight the Swat Bot first).

That's all you can do in Central City now, so swing into Tails's Workshop to heal and change your party (you'll want Big and a character who can Fly) then leave for the Mystic Ruins via the southern exit.

Mystic Ruins

Grab the 10 rings here, then head down the path to where you solved the vent puzzle. After Tails receives a signature signal here, head south and Shadow will arrive on the scene for some dialogue. You can agitate him into fighting you, but if you choose your words carefully, you'll avoid a skirmish. Either way, once he leaves, you'll have the Eggman Device #2 in your possession.

If you didn't get that Chao Egg in the secret hideout where you found Knuckles, go get that now. After you've retrieved it, come back to the vent area and go east of it to find some gas clouds choking a path leading south. Use Big's Invincibility to get through the gas, then head east (not south). Have Sonic Dash up the ramp and land on the building to the east. Have Knuckles Climb up the wall, then head through the doorway. Kill the Giant Millipedes inside, then take the 6 rings and Chao Egg in here.

Leave the room and drop back down to the previous ledge, then jump down again to find 2 rings and a Chao Egg. Head through the doorway here to come out in the southeast corner. Kill the two Queen Wasps and Sentry Drone here, and grab all the rings as you head west. If you want that last ring, be prepared to fight a powerful Colossal Worm for it. This beast has 175 HP and good armor, so use piercing POW Moves on it.

Use Big's Invincibility to get through the gas to the north, then keep going north to reach the Tornado. Head west of it to the room you entered in the previous Chapter and you'll receive a signal. Take out the Robodillos as fast as you can, then have Big use Invincibility to get through the gas to the room to the north. Take out the Robodillos here and you'll find the Eggman Device #3.

Before heading out to the Green Hill Zone again, let's get the things we missed from the Mystic Ruins earlier. Go north past the left side of the Tornado and Fly twice to reach the top ledge. Kill the enemies up here, then use Invincibility to get through the gas clouds. Take the Chao Egg on the ledge, then jump down and head east to the water. Fly to the northeastern island, grab the rings and Chao Egg there, then Jump east. Grab the rings here, then head north and fight the Colossal Worm there. Now Fly to the small island to grab the last Chao Egg.

That's it for Mystic Ruins. Now head to Green Hill Zone.

Green Hill Zone

Cross the bridge and head left to the round structure made of white bricks. Climb it for a ring, and keep Climbing for a Chao Egg. Jump down on the other side, take the ring there, and go west to find Sal. Demand the Prize Stapler back from him, then return to Central City.

Central City, Part 2

We won't be here long. Give the Prize Stapler back to the shopowner in the southwest corner of town and he'll hand over the Eggman Device #4.

Green Hill Zone, Part 2

Side Mission: Norton is Missing

First Frog: Time to start dealing with that Side Mission you signed up for earlier with Big. You have to find Big's frog, Norton, but to do so, you must first find three other frogs. The first can be found in the far right corner, past the Tornado.

Go northwest of the airport now, between the two ledges, and talk to the man standing between the palm trees to initiate the bridge puzzle.

Bridge Puzzle

Reward: 250 XP, Antidote Have Tails stand on the floor switch right in front of him, then have Amy stand on the switch to the east of her. Now have Rouge head to the end of the bridge and Fly across to the other side of the gap. Finally, have Sonic head to the end of the bridge and Jump across, then have him stand on the switch there. The bridge is now rebuilt!

Grab the 7 rings near here, and take out any Wasps nearby. You'll soon get a signal coming from the adjacent cave, so heal your party, and head inside to face a tough pair of bosses.

BOSS: Giant Scorpions x2

HP: 225 each • Weakest Against: Fire

You're going to need Antidotes or curing skills to deal with the Giant Scorpions' poison-inflicting attack, so be sure to have plenty on hand, and use them liberally. As for defeating the Scorpions, try to lower their attack strength first, then focus on one and beat it down with POW Moves until it's dead before moving on to the other one.

For defeating the scorpions, you'll receive the Pattern Generator. Choose to help the young boy here home to Central City.

Central City, Part 3

Side Mission: A Young Boy in Trouble!

Reward: 25 XP, Health LeafAgree to help see the boy in the cave with the Giant Scorpions home. When you enter Central City, go past the shop and beneath the hanging lights to return the boy to his loving father.

Green Hill Zone, Part 3

Return to the cave where you fought the Giant Scorpions and go left to find a waterfall. Fly across and follow the path up to a new character named Cream . She's looking for her friend Cheese, so if you manage to find that Chao, Cream will join your party.

Head down to the airport in the southeast corner and Climb the tower next to it. Check in the top of the tower to find Cheese there, as well as a box with Crazy Beans, an Iron Tonic, and a Spooky Charm in it. Bring Cheese back to Cream now and they'll both join your party (Cream as a playable character, and Cheese as an equippable Chao). You'll also earn 500 XP.

Head up the nearby ramp now, kill the Swat Bot up there, then go left, grabbing the 2 rings on the way.

Side Mission: Norton is Missing

Second Frog At the end of the path with the 2 rings you'll find the second of the four frogs for this Side Mission. As you may expect, this one's not Norton either, but at least you can now check it off the list.

Head south on the other path and Dash up the loop to land on a hill. Speak to Dr. Madden here to start another Side Mission. He wants you to find the three Signal Projectors which they will be covered later in the walkthrough as you encounter them.

For now, head over the bridge to the right, and head up the ramp. Fly across to the other side, then Jump down to find more rings. Jump down, then go south to the plateau just west of the airport. Fly across the gap, then use Knuckles to scale the two rock walls to the ledge above. Go right to find a Chao Egg, then Dash up the ramp northwest of that.

Side Mission: Norton is Missing

Third Frog After you land from the dash up the ramp, you'll see the third frog. Again, this isn't the right frog, but it means that the next frog you find will be Norton!

Fly across the gap here, then kill the Swat Bot in the vicinity. Now use the springboard to reach the first Signal Projector.

Side Mission: Stop the Signal

First Signal Projector As soon as you try to disable this Signal Projector, some Wasp Swarms and a Raptor Hawk will attack your party. The Raptor Hawk is a really quick beast that you'll have severe trouble hitting with regular attacks, so try to slow them down with Sonic and/or Tails's POW Moves. Once the enemies are all dead, you can continue your search for the second projector.

Jump down to the ledge with the springboard on it now, then Dash down the ramp and through the loop. When you land, go right and Fly over the waterfall, and be sure to nab the Chao Egg to the right of the loop. Jump down by Dr. Madded, then head to the southwest corner of the zone. Smash through the red crates, then Jump across the rocks to reach the second projector.

Side Mission: Stop the Signal

Second Signal Projector Like before, enemies will attack you once you disable the projector.

Go north now, all the way to the island where the game began.

Side Mission: Norton is Missing

Fourth Frog Reward:75 XP, Health Leaf (x2) Head to the northernmost point on the island to find the fourth frog, aka Norton! Big is so pleased with your efforts that some XP and Health Leaves will be conjured out of thin air!

Head to the western end of the island now and Fly to the smaller island to the northwest. Grab the 5 rings here, then Jump to the next island to find the third and final projector.

Side Mission: Stop the Signal

Third Signal Projector' Reward:50 XP, Revival Ring, Cure All Spray.&nbsp Kill the enemies that take umbrage with the fact that you've shut down the Signal Projector. Once they're gone, Jump down to the southern edge of the island for 2 rings and a Chao Egg, then return to Dr. Maddux and give him the good news!

Head to the center of the Green Hill Zone now and go up the ramp to the east (where you went in Chapter 1). Smash through the crates that blocked your way south earlier, and grab a Chao Egg for your troubles. Go north now over the bridge, Smash the next batch of crates, then Climb the rock wall to find a secret cave. Take out the Laser Drones protecting the entrance to the cave, then go in to face the next boss fight.

BOSS: Swat Bot MK. II x3

HP: 240 each • Weakest Against: Fire

Like the previous Swat Bots you've faced, you must defeat all Swat Bot MK. IIs in a single round, or the fallen ones will be revived with about 60 HP with its Self-Repair ability. Use armor-piercing moves to get through their tough exterior and spread out your attacks to spread the damage around. That way, when the HP of all three bots is low, you can hit them all with a group attack to finish them off at once.

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