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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Chapter 2: The Search for Knuckles

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Sonic Chronicles (The Dark Brotherhood) Chapter 2.png

The Search for Knuckles is the second chapter of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

Central City

Leave the GUN HQ and head southeast to the center of town. Talk to the GUN agent by the streetlight, then go south and grab the 8 rings around the center lamppost. Go southeast now under the hanging lights and talk to the man by the sky blue car for a Side Mission.

Side Mission: Queen of the Swarm

Reward: 50 XP, Antidote. To complete this Side Mission, you'll have to defeat the Queen Wasp that's leading all the giant wasp swarming over the city. We'll cover how to get to the rooftops and then the Queen Wasp in the main walkthrough. Once you reach her, use any Bug Spray you may have purchased, then hit her with POW Moves (preferably fire- and wind-based ones). She'll try to poison you, so be ready to deal with that if necessary. Keep using POW Moves to kill her off and rid the city of the infestation! After the battle, grab the rings and Chao Egg in the area, and open the box for a Health Seed and Refresher. Now drop down and go talk to the man by the sky blue car again to end the side mission.

Follow the road (and rings) down to the southwest and enter the shop down there. Purchase new equipment and items here; the Angel Amulet is probably the best thing to buy right now. The Bug Spray will also come in handy in a bit. Return to the center lamppost now and go north past the fire hydrant. Talk to the man by the yellow building to the northeast of it and you'll have a puzzle you need to solve.

Pipe Puzzle

Reward: 150 XP, Random Item. Head up the ramp and have Sonic stand by the red switch. Tap Amy's icon to make her your active character, then have her stand on the red floor switch to the north. Now have Tails stand on the second red switch. This should restore power to the crane. Have Sonic use the switch now. Tap on Rouge and have her go around the building Sonic's on, then tap the Interact Icon on the blue pipe to connect it with the hook hanging overhead. Switch back to Sonic now and have him use the switch again to complete the path of pipes!

Now have Sonic dash through the pipes to reach a ramp, then dash down that as well to bounce off a springboard and land nest to some Wasp Swarms. If Sonic has learned the Whirlwind attack, use that against them. Follow the path left and have Tails or Rouge fly to the next roof over to the west. Take out the wasps here, then jump to land on the brown building. Take the ring here, then drop back down and go northeast for more rings. Jump up to the right to reach the Queen Wasp if you want to take her on (and you really should). Check the "Side Mission: Queen of the Swarm" box above for more info on defeating the Queen Wasp.

After you take care of the Queen Wasp, return to Tails's Workshop to heal up, then go east of the workshop to find 2 rings by the airport and a Chao Egg farther east, by the hydrant. Go south of there, around the fence, to find a path to a manhole that goes down into the first hideout. Descend into the smell depths of the sewers to do so. You'll have two Swat Bots to deal with down here, and they must both be defeated in the same round, or the defeated one will be revived! Use POW Moves to defeat them, and Tails will find the Communicator #1 afterward. Take the ring here and open the box for some POW Candy and two Health Seeds. Now return to the surface.

Heal again at the workshop, then take the blue pipe back to the rooftops. Before you go to the area where the wasps were, use Tails or Rouge to fly to the glass roof you zipped past earlier. Jump down to the last section, then jump up to the roof with the springboard on it to find 3 rings and a Chao Egg.

Go back and use the springboard now and make your way around to where you jumped to the roof with the Queen Wasp on it, but this time, jump to the orange roof on the left. Take the 4 rings as the roof curves around, then jump to the light brown ledge. Go through the green door, and when you come out the other side, cross the checkered wall to the door on the right. Head through and open the box for some Bug Spray, POW Candy, and a Revival Ring.

Go to the area below the springboard and jump down. Take out the Drones here, take the 3 rings, then heal your party before descending the stairs to the second hideout. Defeat the two Swat Bots down there as you did before, making sure to kill them both in the same round. Afterward, the Communicator #2 is yours. Take the one ring here and open the box for some POW Candy and two Health Seeds.

Side Mission: Mechanical Mugger

Reward: 75 XP, Clover Juice. Go heal again at the workshop, then head to the center of town. Dash down the ramp on the right side to reach a hidden alley, then move around the gap on the left and open the box for some Clover Juice, POW Candy, and a Health Seed. Go back through the gap and go north now to find the Mugger Robots: two Swat Bots and two Sentry Drones. Use regular attacks to take out the drones, then use POW Moves on the Swat Bots. Remember to take out the two Swat Bots in the same round! After they're destrpued, take the Chao Egg at the end of the alley.

Try to get your characters to Level 4 now so that Amy learns Smash II and Tails & Rouge learn Fly II. Once they do, go to the alley where the first hideout was located and have Amy Smash through the crates to find a Chao Egg. Next, head to the brown roof with the pipe tunnel, zoom down the ramps, then head back to the roof of the Chinese-looking building in the southeast corner. Have Tails or Rouge Fly across the gap there to the circular roof. Take the 6 rings here, then head north to find 5 more. Switch to Sonic and dash up the ramp to find a Chao Egg there, then jump down to find 2 rings. Now get to the lower-left edge and Fly to the top of the smaller round roof. Go left and Fly again to the roof of the yellow building, and grab the Chao Egg there.

That's it for Central City for now, so go heal up one more time at Tails's Workshop, then go west back to the Green Hill Zone.

Green Hill Zone

Green Hill Zone is now infested with robots, so be prepared for battles with their ilk (and anytime you need healing, just return to Tails's Workshop). Now that you have teammates with special abilities, you can access some areas you couldn't before. From the bridge where you enter, head up and keep making the Jumps until you reach a ramp. Grab the rings here and dash up the ramp to find a Chao Egg at the top. Jump off the right side, and head east. Jump up the ledges here to find 7 rings and a box with some POW Candy and a Health Seed in it. Fly off the right side to reach the next ledge, take the 3 rings here, then fly back to the previous plateau. Jump off the south end, then go around the hill to the west and head up the ramp. Bounce off the springboard to reach 3 rings and a box with some Boxing Gloves in them, then equip them on Sonic.

Jump down to the ramp and head back east, staying near the water. Fly over the islands to find a Chao Egg, then fly farther east to find the first hideout here. Heal your party, then head in. Take care of the two Swat Bots in here as you have all the others and you'll receive the Communicator #3. Open the box here for two Health Seeds and some POW Candy, then leave.

Fly back over the isles to the main island, then follow the water northeast to the airport. Take out the enemies here, and grab all the rings in the area. Walk northwest between the two ledges to find another Chao Egg. Now head west past the red switches and damaged bridge until you reach the ledge with the next hideout above. Fly up there, enter, take care of the Swat Bots inside for the Communicator #4, then take the rings and open the box for some POW Candy and two Health Seeds, as well as the Chao Egg on the stairs.

You can't explore the rest of the Green Hill Zone without Knuckles, so return to Central City.

Central City, Part 2

Go back down the road that's barricaded by a GUN agent until Tails gets an idea, then return to his workshop for some dialogue. Talk with your other party members, then leave and board the Tornado next to the airport. Select the Mystic Ruins as your next destination.

Mystic Ruins

Grab the 9 rings when you land, then head right to meet Big the Cat, your next party member. Choose who will be in your active party, going off their special abilities primarily; to find everything in the Mystic Ruins, you'll need the skills of Big, Amy, and Tails or Rouge.

Head west around the tree to reach the gas clouds, then switch to Big and have him use his Invincibility skill to get through. Follow the path to a door, and head through to find a Chao Egg and two boxes containing Speedy Sneakers, Lucky Gloves, an Economizer, POW Gum, a Health Leaf, and an Antidote.

Go east now to where you met Big and use his Invincibility to get through the gas clouds there. Head down the steps, then go right and Jump to the island. Again, use nvincibility to get through the gas here and grab the Chao Egg. Return to the mainland and head west to find a G.U.N. agent. Speak to him about the vents, your next puzzle.

Vent Puzzle

Reward: 250 XP, Random Item. Pick up all the rings in the vicinity, then set all four characters by the floor switches to the south. Have Sonic stand on the northeast one and Big on the southwest one to raise a battery holder/spinning disk. Now have Amy Interact with the spinning disk to grab it, then have Sonic stand on the northwest switch and Big stand on the southeast one. This should make a second battery holder/spinning disk appear. Have Amy Interact with the new battery holder to put her disk there, then move Sonic off the switch he's on to lower the holder. This should get the vents working again.

Cross to the vents now and Jump onto the pedestal, then Fly to the left ledge. Jump down to the ledge for 5 rings and a Chao Egg, then head into the secret hideout to face a Sentry MK. II and a Marauder Vet Scout. Have Amy use Empower, then have Big use Froggy Rain to make this battle a lot easier. Don't let the Marauder's Status Bomb put you to sleep, or you'll be wide open to attacks. Once they're gone, take care of the other group down here.

Exit this room via the door in the center, then have Amy Smash through the crates. Take the Chao Egg, then go back to the last room. Take the left door now, fight through the Sentry Drones and Marauders, then have Big use Invincibility II to get past the electricity. Have Amy Smash the crates in the next room to find another Chao Egg, then go back to the main room and take the right exit this time to find your new party member, Knuckles! You'll notice there's a Chao Egg in here; return after Knuckles joins the party to retrieve it.

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