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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is an online Flash game released in 2008 to promote Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. The game was featured on the Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood's official websites before they were shut down.


Sonic interacting with other characters.

The player controls Sonic, who can interact with the characters and the environment in order to read character bios, trailers, story tidbits, etc. In this game, Sonic will automatically follow the cursor. which is a virtual Nintendo DS stylus for the mouse. Sonic can also collect Rings in order to unlock hidden media, and is able to visit Green Hill Zone and Voxai Colony Beta. The game has 75 Rings in total hidden around the two environments (some of which are hidden behind scenery in the areas). Obtaining enough Rings will grant the player two wallpapers as rewards, as well as a set of icons that are granted when all the Rings are collected.




Playable characters

Non-playable characters


  • This is the only Sonic browser game to not feature a main menu.
  • This is the only Sonic browser game that shares its name with the main game.
  • Out of all the Sonic browser games, this has the biggest resolution at 1000x575.




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