Sonic Christmas Blast is a VHS/DVD featuring the "Sonic Christmas Blast" special episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, alongside three (two on the VHS) episodes of Sonic Underground.


Lions Gate

Lions Gate Home Entertainment originally released the special onto VHS on 16 October, 2001. This VHS simply contained the special with no other episodes. The VHS also contains trailers for other DiC releases.


Sterling Entertainment re-released the special onto VHS and on DVD on 13 November 2003.


The DVD was re-released by NCircle Entertainment on 29 September 2007. This version is the same as the Sterling version, but with slightly altered packaging.


  • Sonic Christmas Blast - Santa Claus announces his retirement on television and the public is shocked. But its Santa's replacement, Doctor Robotnik, who has everyone worried. It seems Robotnik has his own ideas, and instead of giving boys and girls gifts, Robotnik would rather receive gifts from them. Join Sonic the Hedgehog in an adventure to rescue the spirit of Christmas and bring joy back to the world!
  • Three Hedgehogs and a Baby - While in Robotropolis, Sonic, Sonia, and Manic find an abandoned baby hedgehog. While Sonic and Sonia search for its parents, Manic is left to mind it, and get in touch with his mothering instincts. But the baby isn't as innocent as it looks... and Doctor Robotnik comes within an inch of uncovering the sanctuary.
  • The Price of Freedom - Sonia, after getting really dirty on one of her missions, flips out and drives off to East Mobius. There, Sonia is reunited with an old friend, Mindy LaTour, and her father. Mindy gives Sonia a watch, but unbeknownst to Sonia or Mindy, the timepiece is a tracking device designed by Robotnik. Sonia finds out too late, and soon, Mindy's kingdom is swarming with similar wristwatch-style robots, all programmed to capture the hedgehogs! Can the siblings stomp out this bug problem?
  • Mummy Dearest (DVD only) - The Sonic Underground journey through the treacherous Mobian desert as they try to locate a hidden temple filled with prophecies of Robotnik's defeat. But, with Sleet and Dingo in hot pursuit, can the Sonic Underground find the scrolls before it's too late?


  • This DVD does not function like other DVDs in the series. Instead, the Sonic Underground opening theme and the credits only appear once in the duration of the first two episodes, while "Mummy Dearest" has both the opening theme and the credits, since it is a "Bonus Episode".
    • "Mummy Dearest" has its own "play episode" button on the main menu, as it is isolated from the other episodes. The reason for this is because the VHS version of this release does not include the episode. Sterling Entertainment's DVD releases of DiC shows tended to have an extra episode on the DVD releases of shows, like this release.


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