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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic Breakout (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Sonic Breakout".

[The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog theme song plays]

[Sonic and Tails are enjoying the view. Then a delivery truck passes by]

Tails: There's the delivery truck, Sonic! Let's go!
Sonic: You kiddin', kid? The truck's still light years away. Where's the fun in that?
Tails: It's my favourite comic book. Come on! We've gotta be first in line!
[The delivery truck continues on. Three kids chase it, one female and two male.]
Kids: Crack-Ups! Crack-Ups! Crack-Ups! Crack-Ups!
Sonic: Go if you wanna, short stuff, if you're worried.
Tails: [defensively] I'm not worried. [sees the truck whizzing by and it's close to stopping by at a stand nearby] [screams] Okay, I'm worried! [Spins his tails and begins to hover and makes his way to the truck]
Sonic: But the truck's only doing eighty! [makes a running start and Tails is still going] Now it's five.
[Sonic dashes off after Tails who's still flying. Sonic is the first one to make it to the stand, then Tails, then the truck which stops in time.]
Sonic: The new issue of the Crack-Ups animated talking comic book, please. [shows some coins in his hand to the comic seller. The seller (a dog), takes out a copy of the comic and the kids all cheer excitedly and gather round with Sonic and Tails]
Tails: I've been waiting a whole month for this!
Sonic: Me too. The only problem with Crack-Ups is that it doesn't get here fast enough.
[Transition change to next scene. Scratch is walking up to Grounder. He, too, has a comic. Robotnik is standing nearby]
Scratch: Grounder, look! I've got this month's Crack-Ups! [He and Grounder begin to enjoy their comic.]
Robotnik: Boys! This could well be the culmination of my unbelievably evil and brilliant career. I have succeeded in building the most inescapable prison ever. [view of a large prison] Equipped with a foolproof security system, every detail is so perfect [Scratch and Grounder nod, smiling and continue on with their comic] I've modestly named it after myself. I call it "Robotnik's Rot-Your-Life-Away Dungeons!" [Scratch and Grounder continue to enjoy their comic. Turning the pages and suddenly begin laughing together]
Grounder: Hey, push the talk-and-move button, hurry! [A small picture of what appears to be Robotnik sitting on a a wall with three citizens next to him. Scratch presses a little red button on the right page and it starts to animate. As it does, a voice pipes up.]
Comic voice-over: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...[Robotnik swaying on the wall wailing until he falls as said in the rhyme.] But the people of Mobius just stood round and giggled, while that rotten egg just laid there and wiggled! [Robotnik now broken in half with yolk revealing in the middle, flailing around, whilst the citizens laugh at him. This causes both Scratch and Grounder to laugh out loud too]
Robotnik: [walking up] What is so funny? [swipes the comic out of Scratch's metal hand] I see, you've been chortling at a ...comic book. [begins turning through pages] Is something in here so much more entertaining than my instructive and brilliant dis-force?
Robotnik (in the comic strip): Help! I've fallen and I can't get up! [he's still on the floor as the citizens laugh at him. This causes Robotnik to literally blow his top as he fumes silently]
Robotnik: HOW dare anyone on Mobius laugh at the great Dr Robotnik!? [Scratch and Grounder are shaking, scared] No one makes fun of me, no one! [throws the comic on the floor] Whoever's responsible for this outrage will be my first prisoner. BRING me the vile creature who drew this cartoon!
[At a building with C.U on top of it, a voice is heard laughing to himself like a loony. The camera transitions into hallway of doors, one marked with Crack-Ups. There sits Sketch Lampoon, busy working away at his next comic. Behind him, is a pile of bags of birdseed, he probably gets paid in birdseed or something]
Sketch: [laughs] That's funny, yes! That's funny. [whistles "cuckoo"] Cracks me up! [squawks] As I always say, if it cracks me up, it oughta be in Crack-Ups! [Squawks and whistles a cuckoo again]
[The door suddenly opens and there stand Scratch and Grounder, looking very serious]
Scratch: Sketch Lampoon?
Sketch: [squawks and laughs] That's my name! Don't wear it out! [cuckoo whistle]
Grounder: In the name of Dr. Robotnik, you're under arrest. [Grounder and Scratch walk up to grab ahold of Sketch by the wrists]
Sketch: What's the matter? You can't take a "yolk"? [Scratch rings his neck and the bird squawks again] That's funny, get it? It looks like an egg [Scratch's metal hand grasps onto his beak, he whistles again. Soon he is being carried off by the badniks clear out of his office]
[Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails are still outside the comic stand, Tails is stuck in his comic book whilst Sonic is on the floor on his back laughing away]
Sonic: "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!" I love this comic book! [laughs again heartily]
Tails: [with a piece of paper larger than the comic] Hey, Sonic, look! There's a free poster of you in this issue! [Sonic walks up to look at Tails' poster he's showing him. It indeed has a poster of Sonic.]
Sonic: Hey, aren't I taller than that?
News reader (on the radio): Just a minute, I'm being handed a bulletin! [the News Stand Dog's ear raises up and he turns the sound up on the radio] Sketch Lampoon: Cartoonist and publisher of Crack-Ups has just been kidnapped.
Sonic: [gasps] What? Somebody kidnapped the guy who draws this comic book?
News reader (on the radio): Yes. D'oh, now where was I? Oh, oh yeah. Dr. Robotnik unveiled a new prison complex today... [the News Stand Dog turns a dial and the radio is switched off]
Sonic: Well, I've got a pretty good idea who did it.
Tails: [hesitates briefly] Robotnik?
Sonic: If he thinks he can lock people up, just for making fun of him, he's got another think comin’.
Tails: What are we gonna do?
Sonic: [running on the spot ready to dash] The jailbreak jam! Up, over and gooooone! [off he goes, leaving a trail of fire behind him. Tails follows airborne. Sonic reaches Robotnik's Fortress and the new prison. As Sonic reaches closer, he looks up high, Tails is still hovering] Up Humpty's wall we go! [dashes up the wall and looks through the open doorway along with Tails, Robotnik is preparing to have Sketch Lampoon thrown into prison] That crumb bum kidnapper, it's just as I thought.
Robotnik: [watching through his monitor, Scratch shuts the cell's door containing Sketch in it] Try publishing your wretched little comic book now jailbird! [laughs]
Sonic: [softly to Tails] Tails, it's gonna make my day spoiling Robotnik's day. [runs to the other side of the doorway, Tails follows]
Robotnik: [down a mic to his monitor] Prepare to engage the security system!
Computer Monitor: [flatly] Yes your viciousness. [Scratch and Grounder leave Sketch Lampoon on his own]
Robotnik: And I order you to tell me of any and all breaches of security! The second they come up! [pounds his fist on the desk surface]
Computer Monitor: [flatly, the screen is now signal-less and it's replying through a speaker that vibrates when it speaks] As you wish, your evilness!
Sonic: Yes! [hides behind the wall with Tails] It's a cinch, kid.
Tails: Yeah?
Sonic: [rubbing his hands together] With my supersonic speed, I'll have Mr Lampoon out of his cell before that hunk o'junk computer can even tell Robotnik that I've gotten in!
Tails: Oh you're the best, Sonic, how are you gonna get in?
Sonic: I'm gonna let'em catch me. [puts his hand on Tails' shoulder]
Tails: You're gonna let'em catch you?
Sonic: [dashes up into view] It's the easiest way squirt, but don't worry. I'm gonna have a little fun with them first.
[Sonic dashes offscreen and around in circles all around the prison until he reaches the window at the top where Robotnik is. Sonic is now wearing white overallsl and sporting a hat. He's standing on a scaffold, squeegee in his right hand and a bucket on his left side.]
Sonic:: [knocking on the window] Do your windows mac?
Robotnik: Make it snappy. [instead of using the bucket of water, Sonic quickly exits the scaffold and returns with a brush and a bucket of paint. He then rushes around the prison a few times in just a few seconds until...]
Sonic: [Returns to his post, he snaps his fingers] All done! [Robotnik turns to expect his newly cleaned window]
Robotnik: Whaaat? [The window is adorned with a large painting of Sonic covering the window. Tongue stuck right out and and thumb up close to his nose. The camera pans over to Sonic who's waving his fingers up to his nose]
Sonic: Pretty good likeness huh?
Robotnik: The hedgehog's right outside my window! [grabs a mic] S.S.S.S.S Squad, arrest him!
Scratch: Get your gears in gear, slowpoke!
Grounder: I'm gettin', I'm gettin! [under his breath] Gettin' sick of you.
Sonic: [singing mockingly] La la laaa, [lowers the scaffold a little] stalling for time. La la laaa, stalling for time. La la laa...
Scratch: Hold it right there, hedgehog!
Sonic: Boooyy, you guys are fast. You must have taken your vitamins today!
Scratch: Shut your yap! [Grounder exposes a missile from his left arm ready to fire]
Sonic: Okay I will!
Scratch: Feet apart!
Grounder: Hands on top of your head!
Scratch: Nooo-ho-hoo!
Sonic: I was hoping he'd say that! [Feet apart, hands on his head. Sonic's scaffold begins to drop. Scratch and Gounder both scream and exclaim. Scratches eyes pop out. Both badniks shield their heads and suddenly, Grounder's missile begins to rumble and suddenly launches itself right into Scratch's mouth. He spits it out]
Scratch: Whyyy I ought to... [Ready to strike, Grounder flinches and shakes in fear. The scaffold crashes on both badniks. Sonic hops off the scaffold and salutes.]
Sonic: See ya, slow-mos! [Dashes off]
[A cliff side with waves crashing into the rocks not too far from the prison cell. Scratch and Grounder run up to the edge and stop]
Scratch: He went this way! [turns to Grounder with hands on his hips] And don't do anything stupid this time!
Grounder: [offended] Aaww, give me a break! It's not like I try to be stupid. [Both he and Scratch look down at the cliff and Sonic and Tails rush up wearing shades and swimming trunks, complete with a large hang glider]
Sonic: [affecting a surfer dude accent] Are you dudes looking for that speed burning blue dude?
Scratch: Yeah! Have you seen him?
Sonic: Duuude, [points to Tails] he just ripped off my bud's hang-glider and caught a gust. [to Tails] Right? [nudging Tails]
Tails: [gives a wink and a thumbs up, playing on the act] Tubular!
Sonic: But here, borrow mine and go after him. [gives the badniks the glider and they both lower it up and grab a hold and prepare to take off, as they jump, Sonic grabs the bobbin handles at the end of the glider, Scratch and Grounder make it as far as to the ocean and soon the cord is in Sonic's control. Sonic pulls it tight and soon, the material on the glider is stripped off, causing Scratch and Grounder to yell and plunge to the sea]
Sonic: [imitating a surfer's accent] Whoa! Wipe-out dude!
[A lush beach with parasols stuck in the sand. Sonic and Tails are pushing a large anchor so it stays up right in balance. They grunt as they push it up and soon walk to the side looking at the result. Sonic rushes forward and in no time at all, builds a castle over it made out of sand. After that he rushes off with Tails behind an old abandoned washed up ship.]
Sonic: Thanks Tails. But now you better stay over here.
[Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder have finally caught up on shore, throwing seaweed off their bodies. Grounder puts his right arm back in place.]
Grounder: I'll handle this one, hop on! [Scratch leaps up onto Grounder's shoulders and they make chase after Sonic]
Sonic: It's showtiiiiime! [begins to run very slow and starts panting] Oh! This sand is so hard for me to run in. [breaks into a smile and flashes a wink. Grounder stops in his tracks]
Scratch: There he is!
Grounder: Huh-ha! You're history now, hedgehog! [revs up his treads and begins to give chase to Sonic]
Sonic: [running a little slowly] Huaaaaagh!
Grounder: I'm going to roll right over you!
Sonic: [taunting] Oh! They're going to catch me! What shall I do? [grins smugly and speeds up and builds up a pile of sand to look like a cannon] I'll trick'em, they'll surely fall for this one. [coilingly looks at the camera and rushes off again]
Grounder: Who does he think we are? Nitwits? That's not a cannon, it's only sand! [rams right through it with no problem]
Sonic: Aaaagh! Well, then they'll definitely fall for this one! [next dash and finishes with a sand sculpture of a bear and begins to run off again]
Grounder: Huh! And that's not a bear! It's only sand! [rams through it with no problem, Sonic is now waiting by the large castle he built earlier]
Sonic: [coylingly] Yoo-hoo! [legs it again]
Grounder: And that's only a sandcastle! [rushes up to ram into it and a massive clang is heard, Grounder and Scratch wail in pain] Oooh!
Scratch: Aaa-ouch! [the anchor that was hiding in the sandcastle begins to shake and slowly begins to fall right on top of the badniks.]
Grounder: Uh-oh! [the anchor lands right on their faces] Ooowh! [Scratch grunts at the same time Sonic and Tails meanwhile are laughing at the sight and Sonic is doing an anchor pose and drops to the floor, laughing heartily.]
Sonic: Anchors aweigh! [jumps back onto his feet again]. Well, got an award winning acting job to finish [Grounder's had his head detached from his body as he coughs out all the sand and fish bones, he then places it back onto his head]
Scratch: [sarcastically] "I'll handle this one, hop on!" YOU mutant chicken!
Grounder: Huh?
Sonic: [now lying on his stomach, head on the ground groaning]. Oohhh I give up, you guys wore me out! I can't take another step! [Scratch and Grounder ponder for a bit]
Grounder: I did it! [jumps with glee]
Scratch: No, I did it!
Grounder: I tired him out!
Scratch: [now grabbing ahold of Sonic's right arm] But I grabbed him!
Grounder: So? [soon, they both have ahold of Sonic and are dragging him away to the prison cell]
Tails: [hiding behind the ship, looking concerned] I sure hope Sonic knows what he's doing. [Sonic looks back and flashes a wink. Tails just watches doubtfully]
[Inside the prison...]
Robotnik: [marching into view, followed by Scratch and Grounder still with Sonic clutched, he's now wearing handcuffs. Sonic however is still smiling] What an EVIL-ICIOUS day! First I open my magnificent escape proof prison, then I fill it with my most hated enemy! [throws his arms out and laughs evilly]
Grounder: And I tired him out!
Scratch: And I grabbed him! [lunges in close to Grounder, clunking his head as he does]
Sketch: Aagh, about time you came round. [The badniks and Sonic all turn when they hear Sketch's voice. Sketch whistles] The lining of my cell needs changing!
Sonic: Hey, it's Sketch Lampoon!
Sketch: [gasps] Sonic the Hedgehog? [Sonic rushes up to the prison cell causing both Scratch and Grounder to crash into the walls]
Sonic: Mr Lampoon, I'm your biggest fan! That "Humpty Dumpty" thing was hilarious!
Sketch: [whistles] Well, thanks kid! [chortles] What do you think of the Sonic poster?
Sonic: Aren't I...a little taller?

[Robotnik is impatiently tapping his fingers on his folded arm. Sketch squawks and whistles.]

Sketch: Everyone's a critic.
Sonic: But I'm here to spring you out of this joint. [voice risen so Robotnik can hear it] Yeah, Mr. Lampoon, that big, fat, stupid Robotnik Humpty was a scream! [Robotnik's face turns red and steam emits from his ears.]

Robotnik: Get a move on! Visiting time is over! [He walks away, and Scratch and Grounder follow behind him, carrying Sonic. They pass by an empty jail cell with an open door, which Sonic points at with his right index finger.]

Sonic: And this cell must be mine.

[Robotnik turns to face Sonic.]

Robotnik: Oh, no no no no no no! I have a special cell for you.

[Robotnik leans towards Sonic.]

Robotnik: In fact, I have a special wing for you!

[A door opens, revealing Robotnik, Scratch, Grounder, and Sonic behind it. They all walk out from it.]

Robotnik: A wing that even you, mu supersonic pest, cannot escape from!

[Robotnik points at the wing with his right index finger. Sonic turns to face the cell and screams as he stares in shock at it. The camera moves up to the top of the wing.]

Sonic: Oops. That's one fast-talk trick that just backfired! Sonic, old bud, you're in trouble!

[The screen fades to black. In the next scene, the camera zooms in on the bridge to the wing.]

Robotnik: Welcome to your final resting spot, Hedgehog!

[Robotnik walks towards the wing, with Scratch and Grounder following behind him, carrying Sonic, who is struggling to escape. Robotnik turns his head to face Sonic and laughs evilly.]

Robotnik: It's an all-nuclear-forged steel building,

[The doors to the wing open, and Sonic grunts as he struggles to escape.]

Robotnik: And an all-nuclear-forged steel cell!

[Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all walk towards the steel cell in the center of the wing.]

Robotnik: So, you know that clever little buzz-saw thing you do that I hate so much?

[Robotnik points at Sonic with his left index finger.]

Robotnik: Well, it won't work here! You can't saw this steel!

[Robotnik hits the cell with his right fist twice, then laughs evilly.]

Robotnik: Now, if you do somehow get lucky and manage to escape this cell,

[As Robotnik talks to Sonic, he points up with his right index finger. Trap doors open, and the fuel-injected turbo-charged swerving spear shooter and triple-action beryllium-powered lickety-split laser launcher appear from them.]

Robotnik: My fuel-injected turbo-charged swerving spear shooter, and my triple-action beryllium-powered lickety-split laser launcher are programmed and ready to fire on anything that's blue! Hedgehog blue, that is.
Sonic: The coolest color on the planet, Robumnik!

[Robotnik growls unintelligibly, then points his right index finger at Sonic and shakes his right fist.]

Robotnik: And to make sure there's not one speck of your blue hide left,

[As Robotnik talks, the extra-large super-nasty swinging spike ball lowers]

Robotnik: My extra-large super-nasty spike ball will obliterate you!
Sonic: Aw, you shouldn't have gone to all this trouble for little old me... Humpty!

[Robotnik growls unintelligibly, then opens the cell door with his right hand and grabs Sonic with his left, then tosses him into the cell.]

Robotnik: Get in there! You've interfered with my plans for the last time! Guards, to your post!

[Scratch and Grounder scream, then hold their right hands up to their heads.]

Robotnik: I have piles of evil to perform now that Sonic's out of the way, starting with...

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Robotnik is in Sketch's cell, where Sketch is drawing on his drawing table with the pencil in his right hand. He squawks when he sees Robotnik, who is holding up his right index finger.]

Robotnik: Your new issue of Crack-Ups will be all about me!

[Sketch shudders in fear.]

Robotnik: I'll show Mobius how I really am! Start drawing!

[As Sketch draws with the pencil he is holding in his right hand, beads of sweat roll down his beak.]

Robotnik: No, no, thinner! More muscles, more handsome!

[A drawing of a muscular Robotnik is shown on the paper as Sketch continues drawing.]

Robotnik: Yes, that's it! My eyes like pools, my teeth like polished ivory! That's what I look like!

[Robotnik runs the fingers in his left hand through his mustache. Sketch squawks and whistles.]

Sketch: In your dreams!

[The screen transitions to a view inside the wing with Sonic's cell as the camera zooms in on the cell. Inside Sonic's cell, Sonic is trying to push his way out of the cell with both his hands.]

Sonic: Oh, well. Supersonic intelligence is gonna have to get me out of here!
Grounder: Hey, it's my turn to hold it, hen-head!

[Sonic stands up upon hearing Grounder and puts both his hands on the bars of his cell as he looks through them.]

Scratch: But you always turn the pages too slow!

[Grounder points at Scratch with his left drill.]

Grounder: And you always turn them too fast!
Scratch: And you spit oil when you laugh, gross-face!

[The camera zooms in on Sonic as he gets an idea. Sonic then pulls out the Sonic Poster with his left hand. outside, as Scratch and Grounder argue unintelligibly, Grounder chokes Scratch with both his hands while Scratch hits Grounder on the head with their rolled-up issue of Crack-ups he is holding in his right hand. Sonic pretends to laugh.]

Sonic: Oh, this is rich! This is a riot! This is the best Crack-Ups ever!

[Scratch and Grounder stop fighting each other when they hear Sonic pretending to laugh. Sonic is now holding his issue of Crack-Ups in both his hands as he continues to pretend to laugh.]

Sonic: Man, the one that came out today is nothing compared to this new one!

[Sonic pretends to laugh again. Scratch and Grounder stop fighting each other altogether, then look at each other.]

Scratch: Hey!
Grounder: Huh?

[Scratch and Grounder run up to Sonic's cell.]

Scratch and Grounder: What new Crack-Ups?
Sonic: Oh, Sketch just gave me an advanced copy of next month's issue just before you captured him.

[Sonic points at the pages with his left index finger, then falls over on his back and pretends to laugh again. Drool emits from Scratch and Grounder's mouths, then Sonic holds his comic out to Scratch and Grounder.]

Sonic: Wanna see it?

[Scratch and Grounder nod their heads, "Yes", then duck down. Scratch is about to open the door to Sonic's cell with his right hand, when Grounder stops him with his right drill.]

Grounder: Wait a minute! We can't do that!
Scratch: Why not?

[As Grounder talks, he scratches his head with his right drill.]

Grounder: Because, uh, uh... I forget!

[Scratch and Grounder grunt as they poke their heads up to the window of Sonic's cell.]

Grounder: Sonic, why can't we open the door?
Sonic: Because I'm a prisoner and I might run away?
Scratch and Grounder: Oh, yeah!
Grounder: That's it!

[Grounder looks up at Scratch.]

Grounder: Because he's a prisoner and he might run away, dope!
Sonic: But I can't run away, cause' my legs are in chains!

[Sonic points at the chains on his legs with his left index finger.]

Scratch: But he can't run away, cause' his legs are in chains, stupid!
Sonic: Not to mention, the spears and lasers.
Scratch: Those, too!
Sonic: So, I'll just put the comic on the floor, sit back here, you guys open the door and pick it up!
Scratch: Yeah!
Grounder: That'll work!

[Scratch and Grounder move away, then open the door. They look inside, and Scratch picks up Sonic's comic with his left hand. Scratch and Grounder laugh as they look over the comic, and Scratch flips through the pages with his right hand. Sonic then pulls out his poster with his left hand and looks over it.]

Sonic: Well, I may be taller than this, but I think they got my hedgehog blue color just right!

[Sonic puts the poster on Grounder's back with his right hand.]

Sonic: I don't think the spears and lasers are gonna notice any difference!

[Scratch and Grounder walk out of Sonic's cell, then laugh at the panel of the cracked Robotnik Humpty.]

Grounder: Hey, this is as funny as the last one!

[Scratch frowns upon realizing he and Grounder got tricked by Sonic. He looks over it and points at it with his right index finger.]

Scratch: Hey! This is the last one!

[Grounder turns to face Sonic.]

Grounder: Hey! What gives, Sonic?

[Scratch looks over at the Sonic poster on Grounder's back and stares in shock at it.]

Scratch: It's a trick!

[The fuel-injected turbo-charged swerving spear shooter aims at the Sonic poster on Grounder's back. The triple-action beryllium-powered lickety-split laser launcher pokes out from its trap door and aims at the Sonic poster. It and the fuel-injected turbo-charged swerving spear shooter shoot at the poster. Scratch and Grounder scream as they get hit by the spears and lasers, which emit a cloud of grey smoke. When the smoke clears, the extra-large super-nasty spike ball swings towards Scratch and Grounder, who scream when they see it. They scream again as it hits them and destroys Sonic's cell. Sonic stands up, then runs towards Scratch and Grounder.]

Sonic: Time for the keys, please!

[Sonic picks up the keys with his left hand. He uses them to open the lock to the handcuffs on his right wrist and the lock to he handcuffs on his left ankle. He then runs to the door, and unlocks the lock with the key he is holding in his right hand. He then pushes the doors open with both his hands and walks out them. Tails flies up to him.]

Tails: Sonic, you're all right!
Sonic: Sure am! Ready to finish the jailbreak jam?
Tails: Yeah!

[Sonic points at tails with his right index finger.]

Sonic: Can you trip all the outside gate sensors?

[Tails holds up his left thumb.]

Tails: Okay!

[Tails runs away. Sonic runs into Robotnik's main dungeon, then turns to look at the camera. He kicks the sensor with his left foot. In Sketch's cell, Robotnik paces clockwise as he holds up his right index finger while sketch draws with the pencil he is holding in his right hand.]

Robotnik: And then there was the time I restructured the DNA of our class' pet hamster.

[Sketch puts his left hand on his beak in disdain.]

Robotnik: Turned it into a tapeworm! That was especially evil!

[Robotnik turns to face Sketch and points at him with his left index finger.]

Robotnik: D-d-draw that next!

[Robotnik and Sketch stare in shock as an alarm sounds.]

Robotnik: Hmm?

[Robotnik grabs Sketch by his necktie with his left hand and pulls him forward, then holds up his right fist at him.]

Robotnik: You haven't escaped! I would have noticed that. [takes a moment to realize and then...] The hedgehog!

[Robotnik drops Sketch in shock. Sketch smiles upon hearing what Robotnik said. Sonic waves his right hand at the camera.]

Sonic: Yoo-hoo, Dr. Dumpty!

[Robotnik is now in the security monitor room as he runs up to his control panel.]

Computer: Unauthorized entry on C level.

[Robotnik slams both his fists on the control panel.]

Robotnik: It can't be!

[On the monitor, Sonic holds up his right hand and waves it.]

Robotnik: Where are Scratch and Grounder?

[Scratch and Grounder are now shown on the monitor. Red smoke emits from them as they stand back up.]

Robotnik: What happened?

[Tails is now shown on the monitor as he flies through the sensors.]

Computer: Gate Sensor A activated!

[Robotnik screams as he slams both his fists on the control panel.]

Robotnik: Forget it! Just get them!

[Scratch and Grounder, who are covering their ears with both their hands, run away. Sonic stops when he gets to a sensor.]

Sonic: Yo, Mr. Computer!

[Sonic kicks the sensor with his right foot, then runs away. He runs through two more sensors, then up the stairs. He stops when he gets to a sensor near a trap door. He forms his index and middle fingers on his right hand into a pair of scissors and uses them to cut the sensor, then gears up to run as the trap door opens.]

Sonic: [in a gameshow announcer esque voice] Time to play Wheel of Hedgehogs! Always wanted to be on TV!

[Sonic waves his right hand at the camera as he runs away with a grin.]

Computer: Unauthorized entry on Corridor 3, Sector A,

[As the Computer continues talking, Sonic runs through more sensors, then up the stairs while Tails flies through some himself.]

Computer: Uh, uh, I mean Corridor 52, Sector G.

[As the Computer continues talking, Sonic stretches his cheeks out with both his hands while sticking his tongue out.]

Computer: No, no, uh, Gate Sensor B,

[As the Computer continues talking, Tails still airborne is shown upside down with his hands on his ears waving them tauntingly easing out]

Computer: No, I-I mean, D-Level, uh,

[As the Computer continues talking, Sonic has his back turned, smugly looking over his shoulder and shaking his rear at the camera.]

Computer: Device D-6, uh, ye...
Robotnik: Keep up with him!

[Steam emits from Robotnik's ears, and drool emits from his mouth. Sonic runs through three more sensors, narrowly avoiding falling cages.]

Sonic: And here, and here, and here!

[Sonic screeches to a halt. He sees Scratch and Grounder babbling as they walk down the stairs, then wags his left index finger at them.]

Sonic: Those guys never learn, do they?

[Sonic runs away in the opposite direction, and Scratch and Grounder chase after him. Sonic runs between the fallen cages, with Scratch and Grounder following behind. He runs through another sensor, and a door closes behind him. He then runs through two more sensors, avoiding a swinging spiked ball and a door that closes, then opens again. Scratch and Grounder screech to a halt, then yelp when they reach a sensor. Scratch tries to walk over it, whilst Grounder tries to roll under it. Back in the security monitor room, smoke emits from the computer.]

Computer: I quit! I give up! I... want a... nice quiet job... as a cash register!

[Robotnik slams his right fist on the desk, then pulls on his mustache with both his hands.]

Robotnik: I hate that hedgehog!

[Robotnik screams as his control panel explodes. The Computer then explodes. Meanwhile, Scratch steps over the sensor while Grounder rolls under it. They chase after Sonic, who runs through a sensor, narrowly avoiding two iron bars that try to close in on him. He screeches to a halt, then rubble falls from the ceiling.]

Sonic: Oops! I think this party's over!

[Scratch and Grounder screech to a halt when they reach the sensor.]

Grounder: Oh, no!

[Scratch squawks and Grounder gasps as the former tries to walk over the sensor, and the latter tries to roll under it. They stop when they hear Sonic.]

Sonic: Tell you what; I'll give you a fair shot. I'll wait right here so you can try and catch me!
Scratch and Grounder: Let's get him!

[Scratch trips the sensor, causing the iron bars to close in on him and Grounder.]

Scratch: Ow-how-ho!
Grounder: Oh!
Sonic: Sorry to smash and run, boys, but I gotta snatch Sketch and split, 'cause this place is gonna blow!

[A view outside Robotnik's dungeon is shown as it rumbles and smoke emits from it. Sonic runs up to Sketch's cell.]

Sketch: Boy, am I glad to see you!

[Sketch squawks and whistles. Sonic points his right index finger at him.]

Sonic: 'Cause your cell's crumblin' all around you?
Sketch: No, cause if I had to draw one more panel of Robotnik's life story, I'd have gone cuckoo!

[Sonic spins through the bars of the door to Sketch's cell. He then runs away, with Sketch holding onto his arms with both his hands. Sketch squawks and whistles.]

Sketch: But now I'm free to work on Humpty Dumpty 2!

[Sonic runs through the hallway as an explosion occurs behind him.]

Sketch: And I'm gonna make Robotnik look really stupid!

[Sketch squawks and whistles.]

Sketch: Now, that's funny!

[Tails flies up to Sonic, and grunts as Sonic grabs his back with his right hand. Tails is now holding onto Sonic's right arm with his right hand as Sonic runs through the entrance door to Robotnik's dungeon. Scratch and Grounder run away as more rubble falls, then Robotnik's dungeon explodes, emitting a cloud of grey smoke and causing rubble to fly everywhere. Sonic, Tails, and Sketch all watch from a cliff.]

Sonic: Actually, Mr. Lampoon, I don't think you could make Robotnik look any stupider than he already is!

[Sonic, Tails, and Sketch all laugh. The camera moves over to Robotnik, who is lying on his back, struggling to get up from the pile of rubble.]

Robotnik: Help me! Help! Help me! I've fallen, and I can't get...

[Robotnik cries hysterically, and his face turns red.]

Robotnik: I hate that hedgehog!

[The screen fades to black, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Tails is near a building, holding cans of graffiti in both his hands. He has already painted pictures of a flower, a dog, a car, a pineapple, and a bird, and before he can paint anything else, Sonic runs up to him.]

Sonic: Hold it, little buddy! Art is way past cool, Tails, but don't use a building for a canvas, cause' that's graffiti!

[Sonic runs away, then comes back with a paintbrush in each hand, which he uses to paint over Tails' graffiti. He then runs away again, and comes back, dressed in an artist's smock and beret. He is holding a palette in his left hand and a paintbrush in his right, and he brings two easels; one for Tails, and one for himself. Sonic paints a picture, then tosses his paintbrush and palette aside.]

Tails: Well, let's see it!

[Sonic picks up his picture with both his hands, and shows it to Tails. The picture is of a left big toe.]

Sonic: Now that's art!

[Tails paints with cans of graffiti in each hand as Sonic looks at his left wrist and taps his left foot.]

Sonic: I'm waiting!

[Tails tosses his cans of graffiti aside and picks up his picture with both his hands to show to Sonic. The picture is of a chili dog.]

Sonic: Now that's way past art!