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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic Breakout

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"Sonic Breakout" is the sixth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the sixth episode, it aired as the forty-second episode during the show's original run.





Sonic's Disguises

  • A window washer
  • A surfer
  • An artist (in Sonic Says)


Sonic and Tails rush to the news stand to pick up the month's new issue of their favorite comic, Crack Ups. Meanwhile Scratch and Grounder have also obtained the new issue. Scratch and Grounder are so distracted by their comic that they are not paying attention to Dr. Robotnik as he introduces his new inescapable prison, "Robotnik's Rot-Your-Life-Away Dungeons". Dr. Robotnik grabs the comic away and is furious to find the main joke in the comic is an animated strip based on Humpty Dumpty starring Robotnik as the titular character. Outraged of being mocked by his egg-shaped physique, he orders Scratch and Grounder to capture the artist who drew the comic to be his first prisoner.

Scratch and Grounder easily capture the artist, a crazy bird by the name of Sketch Lampoon. Sonic, having just read the comic imitates Robotnik's act while cracking up hard suddenly hears the kidnapping of Lampoon on the radio so they rushed to "Robotnik's Rot-Your-Life-Away Dungeons" to rescue Lampoon. As part of his plan, Sonic allows himself to be captured but the plan backfires when Robotnik tells the hedgehog he built a super special prison just for him with lasers, spears and a spike ball that automatically shoot and smash anything that is hedgehog blue. Robotnik leaves Scratch and Grounder on guard while he goes and forces Sketch Lampoon to draw him handsomely with muscles in his new issue of Crack Ups.

Robotnik is furious at Sonic making fun of him, so he sends him to the cell for interfering his plans once again. While imprisoned, Sonic pretends that he is reading next month's issue of Crack Ups that he claims Sketch Lampoon gave him. Wanting to see it, Scratch and Grounder open the cage and grabbed the issue. Sonic tapes a poster of himself on Grounder's back, stating that he may be a little taller but they've got his hedgehog blue color just right. They realize it's this month's issue and Scratch notices the poster on Grounder's back. The spears, lasers and spike ball all attack Scratch and Grounder, then Sonic escapes.

Sonic and Tails then go around and set off all the security alerts, overloading the system. The Prison starts to crumble and fall apart. Sonic frees Sketch Lampoon and grabs Tails, as they race out of the prison (and Scratch and Grounder who also escape) just after it collapses. Dr. Robotnik is left on his back crying and yelling "I've fallen and I can't get up!", exactly imitating his act in this month's issue of Crack Ups.

Sonic Says

Tails is stopped by Sonic just before spray painting a public wall. Sonic gets a pair of canvases and he and paints a thumbs up and says it is art. Tails spray paints a Chili Dog on his canvas and shows Sonic. Sonic says "Now that's way past art."

Sonic: (sees Tails is about to spray paint a public wall) "Hold it, little buddy! Art is way past cool Tails, but don't use a building for a canvas, because that's graffiti! (speeds off, then he quickly paints over the graffiti on the wall before speeding off again, then he reappears dressed as an artist complete with a palette full of paint, then he paints on a canvas)

Tails: "Well, let's see it!"

Sonic: (shows Tails his painting of a thumbs up) "Now that's art! (Tails spray paints on another canvas) I'm waaaaaaaaaaaitiiiiiiiiiing! (Tails shows Sonic his painting of a chili dog) Now that's way past art!"

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Croatian Bijeg iz zatvora Escape from prison
French Sonic en prison Sonic in prison
German In den Fängen Robotniks In the clutches of Robotnik
Italian Apparenza ingannata Deceived appearance
Japanese ソニックちゃんに刑務所 Sonic in Jail
Spanish (Mexico) El fin de Sonic The end of Sonic
Portuguese (Brazil) Sonic Foge da Prisão Sonic Escape from Prison
Spanish (Spain) La huida de Sonic Sonic's escape
Portuguese (Portugal) A Fuga A Fugue


  • Both Sonic and Robotnik use the line "I've fallen and I can't get up" in this episode. This line is one of the catchphrases of Steve Urkel from Family Matters, the signature character of Jaleel White who also does the voice of Sonic.
    • In the second Japanese dub, Youko Miyamoto's catchphrase "死ぬつもりよ!" ("I'm gonna die!") is used.
  • The voice Sonic uses in his surfer disguise is exactly the same as his brother Manic's in Sonic Underground.
  • Crack-Ups could be a parody of MAD Magizine
  • Goof: when Tails is seen reading the comic by the news stand, the cover is blank.