The cover of the first volume, Sonic Boom Volume 1: The Big Boom.

Sonic Boom Graphic Novels were a series of trade paperbacks published by Archie Comics. The series contains reprints of stories from the Sonic Boom comic series.

List of volumes


  • None of the volumes titles match the names of any stories in the actual comics, unlike other trade-paperback volumes released by Archie Comics.
  • This is the shortest Sonic graphic novel series released by Archie Comics, at just two volumes.
  • Sonic Boom #8-#9, and #10 are omitted from the series, as they are part of the Worlds Unite crossover, which is reprinted in its own graphic novel series.
    • The third and final volume was never released, however, leaving issue 10 as the only issue in the Sonic Boom series to not be reprinted.


Archie Comics Trade Paperbacks
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