Sonic Boom 3DS Theme

Picture of the 3DS home screen theme.

Quotation1 Deck out your Nintendo 3DS in style with this all new Sonic Boom theme Quotation2
— 3DS Theme shop

The Sonic Boom 3DS Theme is a theme for the Nintendo 3DS home screen. It features a motif derived from the Sonic Boom franchise. By going on the 3DS Theme Shop, the player can download it for free.


The theme features the main cast of Sonic Boom on the top screen starting with Sonic on the the left and Tails on the right. The screen will then scroll to an image featuring Knuckles followed by Amy and then Sticks before ending with Sonic a third time. The background appears to be based on the promotional image of the franchise released in late 2013.

The bottom screen is blue with darker blue gears in the background that spin when scrolling. The theme changes the home screens music to the theme of Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, the sound effects for selecting items in the in game menus is used when selecting now and opening the system from sleep mode plays the games pause sound effect. The Folders are now blue with a gear icon on them instead of a plain vanilla folder.


  • This is the first 3DS Theme to be a free download beating out Nintendo's line up of Theme's to the punch.
    • With the removal of the Monster Hunter weapon theme this is the only free 3DS theme and can be found in the free to download section of the shop.
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