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Sonic Boom event logo from 2011.

Sonic Boom is an official event hosted by Sega. It was originally intended to celebrate Sonic's 20th anniversary in 2011. The event was first held in Los Angeles California at Club Nokia. The event was from 6-10 PM, Local time. There were a number of exclusive giveaways, musical performances and guest appearances. The event was MC'd by Sega representative, Aaron Webber, (more commonly known online as RubyEclipse). The second annual event was held 13 July 2012 at the House of Blues in San Diego and hosted by Sega's representative Naomi Kyle in San Diego. In 2013, it was later held in St. Louis, MO at The Pagent on 10 August 2013, marking it the first time that Sonic Boom is taken place outside of California. In May 22, 2014, SEGA announced that the event would be at the Manhattan Center in New York City on October 4, 2014, making it the first time that the event was held on the East Coast.

Sonic Boom Features

  • Ring stickers on the ground made a path to Club Nokia.
  • Before entering, guests walk down a blue carpet where they got their pictures taken in front of a Hollywood-esque Sonic background.
  • Large pictures of Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Tails, Robotnik and Shadow hung on the walls inside the club.
  • Many Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 stations were set up where guests could play Classic and Modern Green Hill Zone stages from Sonic Generations.
  • A Time Trial competition for Sonic Generations was held and hosted by Brad from The Sonic Stadium website.
  • Food and drinks were available to purchase. Drinks came with Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic coasters. Blue Cupcakes were free.
  • A digital photo station was there to allow guests to take four pictures which they can then email to themselves with Sonic borders.
  • Guests were able to tweet messages on their cell phones to the SEGA E3 Twitter account and their messages would appear on the large screen on stage.
  • A Photo station where guests could stick their face in place of either modern Sonic or classic Sonic.
  • Guests could be interviewed about their favorite Sonic memories and what they thought of Sonic Boom. The interviews were taped.

Special Guests

Yuji Naka and Sonic on stage with the cake.

Sonic Boom events

  • Welcoming from Aaron Webber, introducing Takashi Iizuka and Hiroshi Miyamoto and announcing Crush 40.
  • Crush 40 and Alex Makhlouf from Cash Cash played Sonic themes from the past games.
  • Needlemouse the musical (Winner of the 19th Anniversary video contest) was performed live.
  • A costume contest.
  • A giant Green Hill Zone themed birthday cake was presented on stage along with many prominent contributors to the Sonic franchise such as Yuji Naka, Naoto Oshima and Sonic himself. Everyone sang happy birthday to Sonic. Sonic danced on stage before eventually waving goodbye.
  • A painting of modern and classic Sonic done on the spot was presented to Sega as a gift.
  • The audience was recorded shouting "Happy Birthday Sonic!" This recording was included in the game Sonic Generations heard at the end of the credits.
  • Svend and Adam (Dreadknux and T-Bird) from the Sonic Stadium website announced Summer of Sonic and invited all to join them at the event in England.
  • Takashi Iizuka told fans to raise their expectations for future games.

Songs Performed

Costume Contest

Close to 20 cosplayers came on stage to compete for unknown prizes. Costumes ranged from Sonic and Knuckles to Charmy and Tikal. Aaron Webber hosted the contest. Winners were chosen by how loud the audience cheered and clapped for them. In the end three winners were picked: one Sonic, one Blaze the Cat and one Charmy Bee.


  • Sonic Hats
  • 20th Anniversary T-Shirt
  • Sonic Generations Pin sets
  • Modern and Classic Sonic drink coasters
  • Blue frosted cupcakes


  • Sonic Boom is named after the Sonic the Hedgehog CD song,[citation needed] which was one of the songs Crush 40 did.
  • Each song done during the Live Performance features a video behind the stage (except for "What I'm Made Of").
  • This is the first official event SEGA has held celebrating Sonic.
  • After the end of the event, a number of fans peeled and stole the giant Sonic stickers off the balcony.[citation needed]
  • Many of the pictures taken at Sonic Boom were posted on the SEGA of America Blog and the official Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook page.[citation needed]


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