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Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)
Sonic Boom (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Sonic Boom".

[Scene: Robotropolis building]

Swat-Bot: Hall secure.
Sonic: Come on, come on! Get the old leadski out, guys! I’m waiting! … Chill! SWATbutt!
Sally: Hi, guys.
Sonic: About time, Sal! You ready?
Sally: Ready!
Sonic: Okay, guys, let’s do it to it! Cat, Antoine, you guys cover our backs. Any bots show up, give us the signal. Any questions?
Antoine: Yes, I’m having a question. What if-
Sonic: Cool! I’m outta here! Let’s lock and load, Sal!
Antoine: Bon voyage!
Cat: Good luck!
Sonic: Man, what is all this stuff?
Sally: It’s the brains of the plane.
Sonic: And you’re going to do a little brain surgery, right?
Sally: More or less. First I break the access code, get into Robotnik’s mainframe computer, and reprogram the launch data.
Sonic: Then kaboom! These stealthbots are lunchin’, yes?
Sally: They’re lunchin’, yes. Nicole.
Nicole: Ready, Sally.
Sally: Access main database.
Nicole: Password, Sally.
Sally: Run decoding program for “X.” Sonic, do you mind?
Sonic: Not very well, dogs mind, not hedgehogs.
Sally: Well show a little patience.
Sonic: Hey hey hey! Patients are for hospitals, we’re in Robo-country, and that makes me itchy! Woah! Hurry it up, Sal! Party crashers comin’!
Nicole: Incoming message.
Sonic: “Bean!?”
Sally: Oh my gosh, Sonic, my father called me Bean when I was little. Nicole, give me message origin.
Sonic: Sal, we gotta put the pedal to the metal!
Sally: I have to check this out, it may be from my father!
Nicole: Message origin: Area 12, Sector 9, Quadrant 32.
Sally: The Dark Swamp?!
Antoine: Huh, what is taking them so long?
Cat: Those computers can be tricky. Relax, Antoine.
Antoine: Relax? Yes, a very good idea- Waaaahhhhh!
Sonic: Oh, man! Ant did it again! Look Sal, when I juice, jam for the air duct, I’ll meet you at the usual place!
Sally: Be careful, Sonic.
Sonic: Yo, Swatbutts! How about a little laser tag? You’re it!
Antoine: Upsy-doozy my princess!
Sonic: Yo, Swatbutts! Are you wonder-weasels lookin’ for me? I’m the only one around.

[Scene change: Air vents]

Cat: Here comes trouble!

[Scene change: Outside Robotropolis]

Sally: It’s Sonic!
Sonic: What happened, Antoine?!
Antoine: It is not my fault! Cat said I should relax and I leaned against a-
Sonic: Yo, where’s Cat?
Sally: He was right behind us in the tunnel, and then we lost him!
Sonic: Swat-Bots must have busted him! I’m juicing back!
Sally: Sonic, I’m sure that message was from my father. I’m going to the dark swamp and finding him. Antoine can come with me.
Sonic: Antoine?
Sally: Yes, Antoine!
Sonic: You’re kidding, right?
Sally: I’m kidding, wrong!
Sonic: Wrong?
Sally: Right.
Sonic: Right, or wrong?
Sally: You’re wrong, I’m right, as usual.
Sonic: Excuse me while I chunk my breakfast.
Sally: Whatever. Come on, Antoine.
Sonic: Yo Sal! Soon as I find Cat, I’ll blast for the swamp. Be mondo-careful!
Sally: You too, Sonic.
Sonic: Gotta juice and loose!

[Scene change: Robotnik’s control room]

Robotnik: Tell me Snively, how did the hedgehog get past all my security?
Snively: Through an air duct, Dr. Robotnik.
Robotnik: An air duct…
Snively: Yes, sir.
Robotnik: Then seal it up!!!
Snively: Yes, sir. One more thing, sir. We captured a Freedom Fighter.
Robotnik: Oh that’s good, that’s very very good, Snively. Where is he?
Snively: Bring in the prisoner.
Robotnik: Tell me where Knothole is, old boy, and you have my word that you will not be robotocized.
Cat: I’m telling you nothing about nothing, Robotnik!
Robotnik: Oh, oh I wouldn’t be so sure about that old boy. I have machines of all kinds, marvellous machines, that can do things you would not believe.

[Cat gulps] [Scene change: Robotropolis hangar]

Sonic: Hang in, Cat!

[Scene change: Prison cells]

Sonic: Psst, Cat! You alright?
Cat: Robotnik’s surveillance picked up Sally. He knows she’s headed for the Dark Swamp! You gotta save her!
Sonic: But what about you?
Cat: Doesn’t matter, go Sonic go!
Sonic: Not to worry, Cat, I’ll be back!

[Scene change: Dark Swamp]

Antoine: How much more farther, my princess?
Sally: We’ll know when we’ll get there, Antoine.
Antoine: AH!
Sally: Antoine, what’s wrong?!
Antoine: A thousand pardons, my princess!
Sally: Are you alright? You’re trembling.
Antoine: Not trembling, my princess! Shivering, yes I must have catched a uh-how do you say uh- Achoo! A terrible cold! Um, I think we should return to Knothole.
Sally: No, Antoine. My father is alive, I know it. And I’m going to find him.
Antoine: But we are having no idea where he is.
Sally: Nicole, is there any kind of structure in the Dark Swamp?
Nicole: Searching. One structure. Ironlock prison. Schematic display.
Sally: Ironlock prison?! Oh no! Come on, Antoine!
Antoine: Princess, wait!

[Scene change: Outside the Dark Swamp]

Sonic: Oh man, I hate swamps! They’re full of bugs and junk! Juice time! Sally! Bummer…woah! Yeah, now we’re getting somewhere.

[Scene change: Robotnik’s control room]

Snively: Dr. Robotnik! We have the hedgehog, he’s in the Dark Swamp!
Robotnik: He’s looking for the princess…a possible double-header. Launch the stealthbots.
Snively: Yes, sir.

[Scene change: The Dark Swamp]

Antoine: How much farther, my princess?
Sally: Any minute, Antoine.
Antoine: Sacrebleu! Is that-?
Sally: Yes, Ironlock. Nicole, give me all data on Ironlock.
Nicole: Searching, Sally. Built in 1543, abandoned 100 years ago. No other data.
Sonic: Woah! Hedgehog missile alert! Heading warp seven! Time to dust one stealthbot!

[Scene change: Outside Ironlock]

Antoine: My princess, I am thinking this is not safe!
Sally: Don’t be such a worry wart, Antoine.
Antoine: Wah! Are you alright my princess?
Sally: Ah! I’m fine!
Antoine: Gah! Alright princess! Run!
Antoine: Come on Antoine! That’s right! Come on Sally! Pull up! Princess, I am hating to be such a, um, how you say, such a worry-worm, but zis terrible place, it is not so good for our health; I am thinking this is so. We go home, yes?
Sally: We go home, no, Antoine. If my father is in there I’m going to find him, is that clear?
Antoine: Oui, oui, my princess. Very clear, but-
Sally: No buts, Antoine. Now let’s go- Antoine!
Antoine: Oui, oui, princess here I am! I am right behind you, princess.
Sally: That’s comforting.

[Scene change: The Dark Swamp]

Sonic: Right behind ya, Sal!

(Scene change: Inside Ironlock)

Antoine: My princess, maybe I am thinking we should-
Sally: Antoine, look!
Antoine: What is it?
Sally: It’s from my father’s cloak, I recognize the design. He was here! Come on!
Antoine: AH! Heheheh, hello! It was just a clever way to get in your arms, my princess.

[Scene change: Outside Ironlock]

Sonic: Woah, mondo-spooky!

[Scene change: Ironlock cell]

Sally: Antoine, my father was in here.
Antoine: Mmm, this is good yes? YAHH!
Sonic: Ha ha, what are you doin’ up there, Ant?
Sally: Sonic!
Sonic: What’s up Sal?
Sally: Look what I found.
Sonic: A computer, so?
Sally: My father must have sent me those messages from this computer.
Sonic: Looks real ancient, does it work?
Sally: I don’t know, keep your fingers crossed…yes!
Computer: Access code, please.
Sally: Try, “Bean.”
Computer: Standby for message. “Bean. Check subter file, deposit,” end of message.
Sally: That’s definitely from my father, somehow he knew I’d find it.
Antoine: Fantastique! What does it mean?
Sally: He didn’t finish the message, but at least now I know he’s alive. I just don’t know where! Computer, access subter file.
Computer: Checking subter file.
Sally: Guys, look at this! Do you know what these maps do? They give us access to all of Robotropolis!
Sonic: Check out the tunnels! Man I didn’t know they existed!
Nicole: Ready, Sally.
Sally: Access main database.
Nicole: Accessing. Password, Sally.
Nicole: Sally: Subter.
Sonic: Nicole! Get the old data out!
Nicole: Access granted.
Sally: Transfer to holographic disc.
Sonic: Hey! What’s going on?
Antoine: Oh, terrible! What happened?
Sonic: That dumb cell was booby-trapped is what happened?
Antoine: But what is this place?
Sonic: Eww, whatever it is it sure stinks. Okay you guys, hang here, I’m gonna scope out that red light.
Sally: Sonic? Are you okay?
Sonic: Wherever we go, we can’t go that way!
Antoine: Why not?
Sonic: That’s why!
Sally: Oh my gosh, what is it?
Sonic: Someone you never want to marry. Plus, he’s in a bad mood.
Sally: But that’s our only way out!
Antoine: What what what what are we going to do?
Sonic: Ask about his mother, maybe he’s not such a bad guy. No, he’s rotten to the core! I’ve got an idea! Sal, grab the power ring! Okay, when I hold out my hand, slap it in!
Sally: Got it.
Sonic: Juice time! Hold on!
All: Ahhhhhhh!
Sonic: Chill guys, everything’s cool!
Sally: Sonic, how did you know it was robotic?
Sonic: The hedgehog knows.
Antoine: But now, I am thinking we are having another problem, hm? How do we get the hecks out of here?
Sally: Nicole, bring up “Bean.”
Sonic: I’m waiting.
Sally: I have a great idea! We’ll take that tunnel!
Sonic: Woah, way cool.
Sally: According to those maps, we should be very close.
Antoine: To what?
Sally: You’ll see, follow that light source. Let’s go.

[Scene change: Stealthbot hangar]

Sally: Done, that’s the last one. These stealthbots are history!
Sonic: I got one more thing to do. Meet you guys at the usual. Gotta juice!

[Scene change: Prison cells]

Sonic: Cat?! Wah!
Swat-Bot: Intruder alert: Detention building. Intruder alert.
Robotnik: Consider yourself terminated, hedgehog!

[Scene change: Outside Robotropolis]

Sonic: He’s launching the stealthbots! News at 11:00.
Robotnik: What is this?! Snively! Recall them!
Snively: Yes, sir.
Sonic: Yo, Robuttnik! That was for Cat!

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