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"Sonic Boom" is the first episode of the first season of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series.[1] Despite airing as the first episode of the series during the show's original run, it was initially produced as the second episode of the series. It first aired on 18 September 1993.[2][3]







In Robotropolis, a green security Swat-Bot is taking the elevator. The elevator takes the Swat-Bot downward in the elevator, the floor indicator counting upwards until it shows "51." The doors open and the Swat-Bot enters a large room, where it faces a yellow security bot that transmits the message "Hall secure." Meanwhile, Sonic is running through a nearby air duct, calling for Antoine and Cat to hurry up as they pant down the duct after their friend. Sonic then looks through the grill in the air duct's wall and notices the green security Swat-Bot. He orders his friends to hide from the robot, who unhooks the grill and begins to rummage through the air duct using its finger flashlight. As the robot lowers its visor, however, it is revealed that the green security Swat-Bot is being piloted by Princess Sally, who has cleared out a path for her friends. Greeting her fellow Freedom Fighters, Sally jumps out of the robot. Sonic then leaves Antoine and Cat behind in the air duct and tells them to signal them if they spot any hostile robots, before heading off with Sally.

Deep inside the underground complex, Sonic helps Sally climb into a robotic plane where Sally hacks into Dr. Robotnik's mainframe computer in order to reprogram the plane's launch data with her portable device - Nicole. Sally intends to sabotage the Stealthbots so that Robotnik can no longer use them. While at work, however, Sally receives a message saying "Bean". She remembers her father, who was lost after Robotnik took over Robotropolis, calling her that when she was little. Despite the risks, Sally tries to decipher the message in hopes of finding her father, and tells Nicole to track the message to the source from which it came. To Sally's shock, however, it turns out that the message was sent from the Dark Swamp. Meanwhile, in the air duct, Antoine is starting to get nervous, prompting Cat to instruct him to relax. Following Cat's advice, Antoine leans against the air duct's grill, only to fall out of the air duct and straight down in front of the yellow security Swat-Bot. Antoine quickly escapes into the shaft, grabbing Cat's tail. However, the Swat-Bots begin to shoot at him, which Sonic notices. After making a plan with Sally, Sonic begins to distract the robots while Sally gathers all the data she needs and runs back to the air duct. There, after Antoine and Cat helps Sally climb inside the air duct, Sonic toys around with the Swat-Bots before withdrawing. Meanwhile, back in the air duct, Sally and Antoine flee down one of the tunnels. Immediately after, Cat pauses to see a Swat-Bot approaching from behind. Making a sacrifice to ensure the robot would not follow Sally and Antoine, Cat runs in the opposite direction, making the Swat-Bot follow him.

Later, in the outskirts of Robotropolis, Sally and Antoine flee to the edge of the forest where Sonic catches up with them. The hedgehog demands information from Antoine about what happen. As Antoine explains however, Sonic notices that Cat is missing. Deducing the Swat-Bots must have gotten him, Sonic decides to set out to save him. Before he can leave however, Sally informs him that she and Antoine are going to the Dark Swamp to track down the signal from her father. Sonic does not immediately like the idea, but nonetheless promises that he would join them as soon as he saves Cat.

Back in Robotnik's control room, Snively gives the doctor a report on how Sonic was able to slip past Robotnik's security through the air duct. Meanwhile, Cluck sits on Robotnik's chair and squints at Snively. When Robotnik learns about how Sonic got past the security, he orders that the air ducts are to be blocked immediately. Snively also informs Robotnik about the capture of one of the Freedom Fighters, to which Robotnik reacts with enthusiasm. Upon Snively's order, the Swat-Bots bring in the prisoner, who turns out to be Cat, now shackled.

With Cat binded before the doctor, Robotnik promises Cat that he will not be roboticized if he tells him where Knothole is. Cat, however, refuses to tell Robotnik anything, prompting Robotnik to threaten Cat with the promise of using his machines on him. In the meantime, Sonic reaches Robotropolis, during which he finds the Hover Unit that is transporting Cat. Sonic follows the vehicle and watches from afar as the Hover Unit lands and a Swat-Bot takes Cat to an elevator. Sonic goes after them, but finds the elevator door shut tight. In response, Sonic uses his Super Spin to saw through the door. While running up the elevator shaft however, the elevator starts to slide down. Fortunately, Sonic manages to jump to the side in time and saw through another elevator door. Having arrived in the prisoner detention, Sonic finds Cat, who is sitting behind bars. He tells Sonic that Robotnik has detected Sally heading towards the Dark Swamp and tells him to go save her. Although Sonic does not want to leave Cat behind despite Cat saying that his safety does not matter, he is force to withdraw due to the intervention of the prison guards. As he escapes, however, Sonic promises Cat that he will come back for him.

In the meantime, Sally and Antoine roam the Dark Swamp, not knowing that they are being followed by a Surveillance Orb from Dr. Robotnik. Antoine is scared, but he tries to hide his fear and shivering when Sally notices him by dismissing them as shivering from a cold he has caught. Antoine wants to go back to Konothole, but Sally is not going to give up. She asks Nicole if there are any structures in the swamps. Nicole uses her holographic display to show her Ironlock Prison - an old prison, abandoned about 100 years ago. Meanwhile, Sonic reaches the swamp and begins to call for Sally, but he does not receive an answer. He then decides to find his friends by following their footsteps. What Sonic does not know, however, is that he is being watched by Robotnik's Surveillance Orb. Upon noticing Sonic's presence in the Dark Swamp, Robotnik orders Snively to send the Stealthbot. Meanwhile, Sally and Antoine finally arrive at Ironlock Prison and Nicole gives them all the information she has about the prison. Around the same time, Sonic is being chased by the Stealthbot, who fires its missile at him. While trying to outrun the missile, Sonic notices that the Stealthbot is hovering over the trunk of a destroyed tree. Getting an idea, Sonic rushes inside the tree trunk and jumps out on a nearby branch. The missile that pursues him in turn flies through the trunk of the tree, but misses Sonic and instead hits the Stealthbot, destroying it instantly.

Back at Ironlock Prison, Sally and Antoine attempt to cross the rickety suspension bridge leading to the prison. However, the bridge begins to shake more and more. Antoine grabs Sally's hand and runs with her to the other end of the bridge before its collapses. At the end of the bridge, they managed to grab the edge of the cliff and get up. Now face-to-face with the prison, Antoine does not want to go inside. Sally, however, tells him that she is going in there to see if her father is inside of there, leaving Antoine with no other choice but to follow her. Meanwhile, Sonic continues to roam the swamp, and eventually manages to find Sally's tracks again. Inside Ironlock Prison, Sally and Antoine find a fragment of Sally's father's royal robe, which she recognizes, which is proof that he was here.

With this evidence in hand, the duo journey on. On the way, Antoine gets scared by a door when it closes with a loud crash due to the wind. He jumps into Sally's arms, who is not happy about it. Meanwhile, Sonic arrives at Ironlock Prison and leaps over the chasm before heading inside. At the same time, Sally and Antoine enter one of the prison cells, just as Sonic catches up to them. Upon his arrival, Sonic scares Antoine, who jumps up on the nearby door in a bout of fright. Sally then shows Sonic what they have found: an ancient computer that is in the room. Sally herself is convinced that her father had sent the message for her from that device. Afterward, Sally manages to access the computer by entering the password, which is "Bean". The computer then plays a message: "Bean, Check Sub-ter file. Impossi—". Certain that the message came from her father, Sally looks through the second file on the computer, which contains schematics of the underground tunnel network throughout the whole of Robotropolis. Sally intends to get Nicole to transfer the data to a holographic disk, but Sonic becomes impatient. During this procedure, the walls of the room begin to shake and a trapdoor opens, through which Sonic, Antoine and Sally fall. The heroes find themselves in the sewer systems and are covered in local waste. They then see a red light in the distance, within the darkness of the only passage out of the sewers, and Sonic decides to go and check it out. He returned after a while, saying that they cannot head towards this light. Shortly thereafter, a huge, one-eyed monster emerges from the tunnel, intending to attack Sonic and his friends. Sonic, however, comes up with an idea on ​​how to defeat the monster. He orders Sally and Antoine to pull a Power Ring out of his backpack and grab ahold of him. Then, together with his friends, Sonic charges towards the monster while using the Power Ring to boost his power. All three of them then jump into the mouth of the monster and pierce through its tail. The monster, which turned out to be a robot, is then destroyed.

With one obstacle out of the way, Antoine brings up another: how are they supposed to get out of this place? Bringing up the holographic map on Nicole, Sally gets a great idea. She leads the others down one particular tunnel, straight into Robotropolis. Using the secret tunnels, they access the Stealthbot hangar bay. There, they manage to sneak past the guards and Sally reprograms every single one of the Stealthbots. While Sally and Antoine head back to the usual rendezvous point, Sonic has one last job to do: rescue Cat. But when he gets to Cat's prison cell, Cat is gone. Saddened by the loss of his friend, Sonic makes his escape as Swat-Bots attack him and meet up with Antoine and Sally. On the way, he is detected by Robotnik's surveillance, leading the dictator to order Snively to launch all of his Stealthbots.

Back at the rendezvous point, Sonic and the others see the Stealthbots launching. Taking out a Surveillance Orb from his backpack, Sonic points it at the Stealthbots to send Robotnik a message. When Robotnik sees the feed, he is confused and orders the Stealthbots to be recalled. However, as Snively presses the recall button, the Stealthbots all self-destruct. Turning the camera on himself, Sonic gives Robotnik one last message: "That was for Cat!"


  • Sally's father, the King, is mentioned for the first time.
  • The holographic layout of Robotropolis which Nicole downloads makes frequent appearances in subsequent episodes.
  • The underground caverns through which Sally, Sonic and Antoine travel to get from Ironlock back to Robotropolis look similar to those that appear in "Sub-Sonic".


Sonic's missing quill error.

  • When Sonic rushes to Sally and Antoine to tell them that he will return to them after rescuing Cat, his nose is missing in a few frames.
  • After Sonic sees Cat being taken to prison, one of his quills is seen to be missing while he is looking around.
  • It is implied that King Acorn recently sent Sally a message from the ancient computer in Ironlock. However, this is contradicted by later episodes of the series, "Blast to the Past, Part 2" and "The Void", which reveal that Robotnik banished him to the Void ten years previously and he has not yet escaped.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Croatian Sonični Boom Sonic Boom
French Bang Sonic Boom Sonic
German Der verschwundene Vater
Die Nachricht vom verlorenen Vater
The missing father
The News of the lost father
Italian Sonic all'attacco Sonic at the attack
Korean 소닉 붐 Sonic Boom
Latin American Explosión sónica Sonic blast
Persian سونیک بوم Sonic Boom
Russian Удар Соника Sonic's strike
Spanish Sonic Explosivo Explosive Sonic
Ukrainian Сонік-Бум Sonic Boom


  • According to Nicole, the signal that Sally receives originated from area 12, sector 9, quadrant 32. These coordinates indicate the signal was from somewhere within the Dark Swamp.