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The first entry in the Sonic Boom series, Sonic Boom 01 - Le partenaire ideal.

Sonic Boom[1] is a series of French children's books for 6-8 year-olds based on the Sonic Boom television series, released by Bibliotheque Rose and published by Hachette Jeunesse.


The Sonic Boom book series follows the adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and his crew as they battle the evil Dr. Eggman.[1] Like other works published by Hachette Jeunesse, the books in the Sonic Boom series are adaptations of the plots of the episodes in the Sonic Boom television series rather than original plots.

So far, six entries in the series has been published, which were released between April 29, 2015, to June 29, 2016.[2][3] The series has been released exclusively in France and no plans has been revealed to release them internationally.

List of books

No. Title Derived episode
1 Sonic Boom 01 - Le partenaire ideal "The Sidekick"
2 Sonic Boom 02 - La machine à gaffes "Translate This"
3 Sonic Boom 03 - Pas de chance, Knuckles ! "Unlucky Knuckles"
4 Sonic Boom 04 - L'épouvantable Todd "Buster"
5 Sonic Boom 05 - Sonic Superstar "Eggman the Auteur"
6 Sonic Boom 06 - Une étrange météorite "The Meteor"

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