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This is a script for the cutscenes in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal.


[Scene: Outside an Ancient fortress.]

[A letter saying "Thousands of years ago" is on the screen. A loud explosion occurs.]

[Scene Change: Inside Ancient fortress.]

[Lyric appears with his Destruction Troops behind him.]
Lyric: Now do you see you fools?! I am unstoppable!
[A group of Ancients breaks the Lost Crystal of Power apart. The Crystal gives off a loud noise. The Ancients surround Lyric with energized Crystal Shards.]
Lyric: No! That crystal was mine! Its power--ARRRGH!
Ancient 1: All we've done is slow him. He'll be free one day.
Ancient 2: We must do what we can while he's incapacitated. The power of this crystal would have made him omnipotent. We must take the shards and scatter them.

[Scene Change: Unknown location, day.]

[A letter saying "The present" is on the screen. Lyric is overseeing his robots' excavation efforts.]
Lyric: Idiots! It was futile to try to stop me! I will have what's rightfully mine!
[Shadow jumps in on Lyric's dig site.]
Shadow: You need an army for that?
Lyric: You object?
Shadow: No. Justice must be had by any means necessary.
Lyric: I like your style. You will serve me well.
Shadow: I serve no one.
Lyric: I insist! [puts the Mind Control Device on Shadow's head.] Welcome to my army fool!

[Scene Change: Canyon, day.]

[A letter saying "Days later" is on the screen. Sticks is running through a canyon with a rockslide behind her.]
Sticks: I told 'em the rocks were out to get me!!
[Sonic jumps in on the scene and carries Sticks away while Knuckles confronts the rocks.]
Sonic: Hey, Sticks. Havin' fun?
Sticks: Ha! Yer funny!
Knuckles: I'll handle these!
[Knuckles headbutts the boulders in pain to no avail. Sonic keeps running while carrying Sticks. Tails then appears.]
Tails: Sonic! Grab on! [uses an Enerbeam]
[Sonic and Sticks grab the Enerbeam.]
Sonic: Thanks!
Sticks: Is this thing safe?
Amy: [pulls the Enerbeam in] Just grab on!
[Sonic, Knuckles and Sticks make it up on the edge of the canyon.]
Amy: What were you doing down there?
Sticks: I was gettin' info from the rocks!
[Sonic, Tails and Knuckles look dumbfounded at Sticks. Amy looks away in annoyance.]
Sticks: I was! An underground army's gonna rise up and destroy us all!
[Sticks keeps ranting to Sonic and Tails, much to the latter's frustration. Amy and Knuckles walk away.]
Amy: *sigh* I'm going back to my research. Knuckles, I'll need help.
Knuckles: 'Kay!

[Scene Change: Seaside Beach, day.]

Knuckles: Are we there yet?
Amy: Nope.

[Scene Change: Seaside Jungle, day.]

Knuckles: Are we there yet?
Amy: Nope.

[Scene Change: Scrapyard, day.]

Knuckles: Are we there yet?
Amy: No!
Knuckles: Are we there yet?
Amy: Why don't you just... stand guard?
Knuckles: Sure! I'll keep this place secure!
Amy: Yeah, you do that.
[Knuckles stands alone at the passage.]
Knuckles: Yup! Keepin' things secure.

[Scene Change: Ancient ruin, day.]

[A letter saying "Much later" is on the screen. Amy is looking at some murals with an AVA in hand.]
Amy: ...and these ancient glyphs are still legible! One keeps coming up. It seems to translate to "Lyric"...?
[Lyric appears behind Amy, shocking her.]
Lyric: Am I so easily forgotten?
[Amy pulls her hammer.]
Amy: W-Who are you? What are you?!
Lyric: Pah! I am Lyric timeless overlord of this world! [Shoots lasers at Amy] This time, you will help me in my conquest!
Amy: [dodges Lyric's tail] Back off, Lyric!
Lyric: Not until you tell me what those symbols say!
[A letter saying "To be continued in-game!".]

Cutscene 1

[Scene: Ancient ruin, day.]

[A shot of a wall with glyphs are shown. Noises can be heard in the background.]
Amy: Back off, Lyric!
[Amy and Lyric enter the shot, fighting each other.]
Lyric: Not until you tell me what those symbols say. [smashes the wall with the glyphs using his tail] I know the hold the location of the shattered fragments of the Lost Crystal!
[Amy dodges Lyric's attack and looks at her dropped AVA.]
Amy: Why do you think your fellow Ancients hid the fragments in the first place?
[Amy dodges Lyric's tail swipe, runs up along a grounded vine, and jumps off with a twirling jump.]
Amy: So slimy snakes like YOU couldn't find them and abuse their powers! [points at Lyric with her hammer]
Lyric: Those frightened fools were too weak to harness this power, and now they are dust. As the last remaining Ancient the Crystal is mine by right!
[Lyric dives towards Amy. Amy jumps under Lyric, grabs her AVA, and begins talking with Sonic over the AVA.]
Sonic: [through AVA] Hi, Amy. What's up?
Amy: Fighting for my life with the fate of the world in the balance, You know, the usual.

[Lyric looks around behind Amy. As Lyric notices, he moves towards her from behind. Amy notices him.]

Sonic: [through AVA] Hey! Who's that?
[Lyric knocks Amy's Hammer out of Amy's hand with his tail.]
Lyric: You'll tell me what I want to know, little girl.
Amy: I don't think so.
[Lyric grabs a Mind Control Device behind Amy's back with his tail and places it on Amy's head without her knowing. Amy freezes up in place and drops her AVA.]
Lyric: What you THINK is exactly what this device will reveal.
[Amy falls to the ground, unconscious.]
Amy: Ohhhh...
Sonic: [through AVA] Amy! Who ARE you?
Lyric: [grabs Amy] You can call me Lyric. Or Master. Honestly, once I rip the location of the crystal fragments from Amy's brain I don't cat WHAT you call me.
[As he talks, Lyric slithers away with Amy and smashes Amy's AVA with his tail. The AVA shorts out.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Coast, day.]

[Sonic is holding his AVA.]
Sonic: Amy! I gotta get Tails and the gang. Oh, Lyric, you are SO gonna get the big beat down. [closes AVA]

Cutscene 2

[Scene: Seaside Coast, day.]

[Sonic is holding the AVA.]
Sonic: Tails! I was just online with Amy. She's got a line on those super powerful shattered Crystal Shards she's been hunting.
Tails: Cool! [gives a thumbs up]
Sonic: -but some big crazy robo-snake calling himself "Lyric" slithered in and snagged her!
Tails: Not so cool! [gives a thumbs down]
Sonic: I was hoping you could use your scientific know-how and plucky "can do" attitude to figure out where she is.
Tails: First thing we need to do is figure out where she's BEEN.
Sonic: You can do that?
Tails: Give me ten minutes and I'll tell you what she had for breakfast last September! I've been itching to experiment with this Ancients tech we gloomed from those ruins Amy's been digging in.
Sonic: Who says "gloomed?"
Tails: I just did!

Cutscene 3

[Scene: Seaside Coast, day.]

Tails: Hey check it out! Amy's tablet is still broadcasting! I was able to download some videos she shot while searching for the shattered Crystal Shards.
Sonic: She was taking selfies?
Tails: Um... sort of. Just watch.
Amy: [offscreen] ...key to... location... Crystal Shards. Knew... I could!
Tails: The files are a mess from when she dropped her tablet, but I wrote a program that'll clean them up. It just might take a while.
Sonic: I hope you wrote a program that will clean up Sticks because SHE'S doing to be a mess when you tell her her BFF is kidnapped.
Tails: You mean when YOU tell Sticks. [points at Sonic]
Sonic: You mean when YOU tell Sticks. [points at Tails]
Tails: Let's settle this like gentlemen.
Sonic: Rock, paper, scissors?
Tails: Only because there's no time for chess.
Sonic and Tails: 1, 2 ,3 [Sonic's handsign is scissors and Tails' handsign is paper]
Sonic: Ha! I win! My scissors rock!
Tails: I'd have beaten you at chess.
Sonic: Don't get lost in the jungle looking for Sticks' burrow. The way she's hidden you'd thing she was a paranoid recluse!
Tails: That's a NICE way to put it!

Cutscene 4

[Scene: Seaside Coast, day.]

Tails: Sticks! I've got some good news and some bad news.
Sticks: BAD NEWS? You mean like world peace and an end to hunger and universal healthcare?
Tails: Well, that would essentially be GOOD news.
Sticks: Not if it was actually a plot by ladybug overlords to lull us into complacency so they could EAT OUR BRAINS!
Tails: Ladybug overlords?
Sticks: EVIL ladybug overlords!
Tails: Riiiight... Then, here's the BAD news: An evil robot snake named Lyric nabbed Amy and we don't know where she is.
Sticks: That's GREAT news!
Tails: It is?
Sticks: Yeah! Evil snakes make WAY better boots than evil ladybugs... and Amy LOVES boots! I'm coming Amy!! [runs off]
Tails: Sticks! Wait!!

Cutscene 5

[Scene: Seaside Coast, day.]

Sonic: Sticks! You can't just go running into danger without a plan, a direction, or a clue!
Sticks: Why not?
Sonic: Because that's what I do!
Sticks: Plans are for the WEAK. Impulsive, hysterical action is what's gonna save Amy!
Sonic: Do you even know where to look?
Sticks: Follow the trail of broken Lyric robots and we can't go wrong.
Sonic: I don't see any broken Lyric robots.
Sticks: Me either. That's why I'm gonna MAKE some!
Sonic: NOW you're talking sense!
Sticks: There's no time to talk sense! I've gotta rescue Amy! [runs off]
Sonic: Sticks! Wait!

Cutscene 6

[Scene: Seaside Coast, day.]

Sticks: My boomerang is stuck inside one of those stupid robots. [kicks the robot]
Sonic: I can help you get it out.
Sticks: It's really jammed in his ro-guts, or is it gears? Is that the medical term? [tries to pull her boomerang, but is stuck] Wow, it's really in there.
Sonic: OR you can pull it out yourself...NO! We'll do it together. Teamwork! It's the only way we're gonna save Amy.
[Both Sonic and Sticks pulls her boomerang out the robot and succeed.]
Tails: Speaking of Amy, I deciphered another one of her logs!
Amy: [offscreen] ...another clue... on my way to Scrapyard... meet up with Knuckles... group hug for me, myself, and I!
Tails: Next stop, the Scrapyard to find Knuckles and see he knows about Amy! Hey... Sticks, why is you boomerang gooey?

Cutscene 7

[Scene: Scrapyard.]

Sonic: Y'know Sticks? I think the three of us would make a pretty good team!
Sticks: I heard there's no "I" in teamwork.
Sonic: That's right!
Sticks: Then, how does it see?
Sonic: Uh...
Sticks: I mean, if teamwork doesn't have an eye, then it's blind, right? How are we gonna find Knuckles without any eyes?
Sonic: Uh... I... I...
Sticks: Oh! TWO eyes! That's plenty enough to find Knuckles! Let's go!
Tails: What just happened?
Sticks: Teamwork!
Sonic: Um, I think that's what just happened. Let's go find Knuckles.

Cutscene 8

[Scene: Scrapyard.]

Knuckles: You guys really kicked some ro-butt! I'd have lent a fist, but I told Amy I'd wait right here to help her dig around for some Ancients junk and do some heavy lifting.
Sonic: Yeah, well. Amy's been-
Knuckles: She just sees me as a piece of meat. Which is awesome.
Sonic: But Amy's been-
Knuckles: Anyway, while I was waiting for Amy these robots showed up. So of course I trashed them, but now I wonder where Amy-
Sonic: Amy's been KIDNAPPED and-
Knuckles: Kidnapped? Why are you standing around yappin'? Don't bore me with the details, just point me in the right direction and show me who to hit.
Tails: It's WHOM to hit, Knuckles. And according to the latest file I recovered she was data mining in the canyon... or waiting for a dining companion. The signal's pretty bad.
Knuckles: Then let's go there and hit some whom!
Sonic: Good plan! [brofists]

Cutscene 9

[Scene: Shadow Canyons, day.]

Tails: I recovered some more files from Amy's logs!
Sonic: How can you do something that complicated while you're busy trashing robots?
Tails: Well, y'know... multitasking. I also balanced my checkbook, invented a car that can circle the earth on half a jar of kosher pickles... and came up with a recipe for an organic quiche that's gonna knock your socks off!
Knuckles: I trashed some robots!
Sonic: That's very nice, too, Knuckles. Let's hear what Amy has to say.
Amy: [offscreen] ...amazing discovery! ...Crystal Shards... just the beginning! ...unlimited power...
Tails: Looks like she was broadcasting from the other side of this canyon.
Sonic: A canyon full of deathtraps and enemies...
Knuckles: You had me at "a canyon full of deathtraps and enemies!"
Sonic: Glad we're all on the same page!

Cutscene 10

[Scene: Shadow Canyons, day.]

Sonic: Does anybody but me think that there were a LOT of robots and death traps and stuff out there?
Knuckles: Too much action for you to handle, Sonic?
Sonic: Ha! As if! No, I'm just saying something big must be going on if there's so many-
Tails: Hey! I see somebody ahead, hiding in the shadows!
Sonic: It's SHADOW.
Tails: [looks at the player] And there's your irony.
Sonic: Hey! He's running away! That's not his style.
Tails: Let's find out what he's running from, or to who he's running!
Knuckles: You mean "to whom".
Tails: Well, look who's learning grammar.
Knuckles: You mean "whom".
Tails: Never mind.

Cutscene 11

[Scene: Shadow Canyons, day.]

[Sonic spots Shadow.]
Sonic: Hello Shadow, I see you've come out the... shadows.
Shadow: There... are... no... shadows.
Sonic: It's a joke. Your name is Shadow. Hiding in the shadows. Get it? It's funny. Hold on. You... are... talking... like... a... robot. Wait... Now... I... am... talking... like... a... robot.
Shadow: You... will... fail.
Sonic: How... do... you... know... what... I mean, how do you know what I'm doing? Do you know where Amy is?
Shadow: Your... destruction... is... inevitable. You... will... not... stop... us.
Sonic: Challenge... accepted [shakes Shadow's hand]

Cutscene 12

[Scene: Shadow Canyons, day.]

[Sonic uppercuts Shadow as he approaches, and Shadow falls to the ground. The camera then shifts to Shadow's point of view as he regains consciousness, who sees Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks. The four heroes are then shown having surrounded Shadow.]
Knuckles: He's coming around. Should we knock him out again?
Sonic: No, Knuckles. We need to talk to him.
[Sonic and Knuckles ready themselves as Shadow starts groaning.]
Shadow: [positions himself] Unnnh, what's going on?
Sonic: That's what WE wanna know! Why'd you attack us? Where's Amy?
Shadow: [jumps to his feet] Back off! You're more annoying than usual. None of this is making sense. Last thing I remember I was talking to... [surprised] Lyric!
Sticks: Lyric! I knew this stinker was in cahoots with the rotten reptile.
Shadow: I don't work for ANYONE. [notices the Mind Control Device on his head and takes it off] What is THIS?
Tails: [receives the Mind Control Device from Shadow] This thing's scrap now, but it's clearly some advanced tech, like a mini neural bypass switch. A mind control device!
[The Mind Control Device falls out of Tails' hands, drops to the ground and projects a purple hologram of Lyric.]
Lyric: Meddlers! You cost me a valuable asset when you damaged my device.
Sonic: Lyric! Where's Amy, you spineless freak?
Lyric: Safe, for the moment, We're having a the most DELIGHTFUL conversation.
Shadow: Why don't you come here and face me?
Lyric: I'm far too busy peeling back the layers of Amy's brain like a rotten onion. Once she leads me to the crystal fragments I'll have the power of a god, and I'll grind you ALL under my heel.
Sticks: You don't HAVE a heel. You're a snake.
[The hologram shuts off.]
Shadow: I'll hunt him down and make him pay for using me. [runs off]
Sonic: Shadow! Wait! Okay. Let's follow him into that city and see if we can find any clues about Amy.
[A shot of the background is shown.]

Cutscene 13

[Scene: Ancient Ruins, day.]

Sticks: Whoa! I've seen a lot of ancient cities in my life, but this one beats them all.
Sonic: How many ancient cities have you seen?
Sticks: Twelve.
Sonic: Wow, surprisingly normal response. Which one was you favorite?
Sticks: Why do you want to know? Are you writing an unauthorized biography about me?!
Sonic: There's the Sticks I know and love!
Sticks: This place feels like the distant past slammed into the far future, all wrapped up in an incredible present. Feel free to put that in the biography you're writing.
Sonic: Since we haven't found a clue for a while, it feels more like a dead end.
Sticks: No way. I'm sure Amy left another clue. I can't think of anybody else who even comes close to her powers of smartness.
Tails: No one? Not even close?
Sticks: Nope. Everybody else seems TOTALLY STUPID next to Amy.
Tails: Really? Well I guess I'll just find another clue to prove you wrong.
Sticks: Technically, it would prove how smart Amy is since she left it.

Cutscene 14

[Scene: Ancient Ruins, day.]

Tails: If I can just fix this next video log of Amy's we can figure out why she was here...
Knuckles: I'm not real big on fixing stuff. Is there anything you need me to break?
Tails: Not now. Maybe later.
Knuckles: Because that's kind of my specialty. "You want something broken right, just ask Knuckles!" That's what they say.
Tails: Literally, that's the first time I've ever heard anybody say that.
Knuckles: So... you need something broken?
Tails: Besides my concentration, you mean? No I-
Amy: [offscreen] ...the signal...source...stronger down...find a way...
Tails: Sounds like Amy was tracking a signal. I bet if I scan all open frequencies I could... bingo! There it is! The signal is coming from underground. We're practically standing on it.
Knuckles: Lucky break!

Cutscene 15

[Scene: Robot Facility.]

Sticks: Amy came through again! Finding her should be a snap!
Sonic: "A snap?" She could be anywhere! This is, like, the BIGGEST robot factory I've seen. Lyric assembling an ARMY to do his diry work.
Sticks: "Dirty work?" You mean like doing laundry and cleaning rain gutters and slopping the hogs?
Knuckles: Doing laundry? Cleaning rain gutters? Does Lyric's evil know no limits!?
Sonic: I mean that finding Amy in this place is gonna take a lot of effort!
Knuckles: What's the problem, Sonic? Afraid to get your hands dirty?
Sonic: No! My point is we're gonna have to DIS-assemble these robots faster than the factory can assemble them.
Knuckles: "Faster" is my middle name.
Sonic: Yeah? My middle name is "Faster-than-you."
Knuckles: What's your first name? "Not?" Ha! Burn!

Cutscene 16

[Scene: Robot Facility.]

Knuckles: End of the line. the DIS-assembly line.
Sonic: I made that joke already, Knuckles.
Knuckles: Now you're trying to copy my jokes before I think of them? Pathetic.
Tails: Part of me feels bad about the mass destruction of such an astonishing technological marvel.
Sonic: And the other part?
Tails: The other part's busy figuring out a way to blow this joint into the stratosphere!
Sonic: Oh I like that part! Let's go with that one.

Cutscene 17

[Scene: Robot Facility.]

[Tails is typing on computer.]
Tails: It looks like this control terminal is being controlled remotely... from ten thousand feet above the ground! Bet that's where Lyric's hiding!
Knuckles: Fascinating. Okay, Sir Thinks-a-lot, any other info you need from that gizmo?
Tails: No, I got what we needed.
Knuckles: Then stand back and let me show you why I'm called "Knuckles."
Tails: Because you have those pointy "knuckle" things on your gloves?
Knuckles: Huh? Oh, I get it! You know what, that makes more sense. I thought I guess they'd call me "Smashles."
[Knuckles hits the computer.]
Tails: Uh, "Smashles," when you're done smashing that terminal, I've got something ELSE you can try and smash.
Knuckles: Cool! What is it?
Tails: Not what. WHO. It's ME-ME-METAL SONIC and he's coming in FAST.
Knuckles: What's HE doing here?
Tails: There's only one person who could be behind Metal Sonic's appearance, and, without naming names, he has a really stupid mustache!
Dr. Eggman: [offscreen] Metal Sonic. Protect the factory and eliminate Sonic and his friends.
[Knuckles smashes the computer.]

Cutscene 18

[Scene: Robot Facility.]

Sonic: Anybody see which way Metal Sonic went?
Tails: Yeah, he took off toward that volcano. Speaking of which, is anybody else feeling hot?
Sonic: Is anybody else feeling lost?
Sticks: Is anybody else wishing they brought more peanut butter?
Knuckles: Yes. Yes. And you read my mind! [points at Sticks]
Sticks: Well maybe if you wore the tinfoil hat I gave you THAT wouldn't have happened.
Sonic: Come on guys, focus. There'll be time for peanut butter and tin foil hats later. Right now let's just get Metal Sonic. He could lead us to Amy and that snake Lyric.
Knuckles: Right! But I'm holding you to the peanut butter and tin foil hat promise.

Cutscene 19

[Scene: Volcanic Crater.]

[Both Sonic, Tails and Knuckles walk around, only to bump into each other.]
Sonic: OK, it's official, we're lost! Who knew volcanic caverns could be so complicated? We could be here a while.
Knuckles: This isn't how I thought I'd go out. I figured I'd go out in a ball of fire.
Tails: This is a volcano. It's basically a ball of fire inside a mountain.
Knuckles: Really? Oh, well, then this is exactly how I thought I'd go out. Sweet, called it!
Sonic: Listen guys, I know we lost Metal Sonic and things look bad, but we'll get out of this. We always do!
Tails and Knuckles: How?
Sonic: Ummmm...
Knuckles: I'm with you so far.
Tails: Hold on guys. The algorithm is just finishing up the decryption on another file.
Amy: [offscreen] ...Ancients' plane...volcano...hidden...advanced tech...
Sonic: Is she's saying the Ancients had a plane?
Tails: A whole HANGAR full of Ancient vehicles, and it's right here in the volcano. If we can get to it, we can blow this joint.
Sonic: Before this joint blows!
[Suddenly, the volcano starts shaking.]

Cutscene 20

[Scene: Gray sky.]

[Tails is flying the Tornado. Sonic is sitting on the second front seat, Knuckles is holding onto its clamber and Sticks is standing its wings.]
Sonic: Are you sure you can fly this plane?
Tails: I'm not even sure this is technically a plane.
Sonic: You're not filling me with confidence.
Tails: We're still in the air aren't we? I'm actually impressed. It's not bad for tech that's thousands of years old.
Knuckles: Are there any Ancient barf bags in this thing?
Sticks: I don't want to sound crazy, but it looks like we're about to crash into that giant sky fortress.
Sonic: Sticks is right! Wow, I never thought I'd say THAT.
Tails: Apparently the Ancients didn't need to do much turning. This control yoke stinks.
Knuckles: That joke really DOES stink. I didn't get it at all.
Tails: Not "joke." "YOKE." It's like a steering wheel. And like I said, it STINKS.
Knuckles: Can we just land?
Tails: If you consider "crashing" a landing, then yes, we're about to land. Hold on!
Knuckles: No yoke!

Cutscene 21

[Scene: Cloud Sanctuary, day.]

[Amy is trapped in a glass ball.]
Lyric: That hedgehog has more lives than a cat! And now he's right outside my door!
Amy: Here's what's going to happen next: Sonic will kick down your door, and then he's going to kick your reptilian butt. Or maybe he'll set me free first so I can kick your butt!
Lyric: I am a snake. Snakes don't have butts.
Amy: Then he'll kick your TAIL.
Lyric: I'll be happy to give him the opportunity. Then you can watch as I squeeze the life out of him. With my TAIL.
Amy: Yeah, I don't think so.
Lyric: Once I finish ripping the translation out of your tiny mind and translate this manuscript I won't care what you think. But for now, THINK OF THE TRANSLATION!
Amy: I'm thinking there's enough of your TAIL to make a nice pair of boots, a handbag, and maybe a belt.
Lyric: If you're lucky I'll let you wear CHAINS when this is over. Robots: neutralize intruders!

Cutscene 22

[Scene: Cloud Sanctuary, day.]

[Amy is standing together with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks.]
Amy: Thanks for the save, guys!
Sonic: Amy! Are you okay?
Amy: Oh, I'm great! Nothing like having your mind violated by a giant mutant robot snake. It's like a spa day.
Sticks: Aww, now I feel bad for ruining your spa day.
Sonic: So, do we go after him or go grab some lunch?
Knuckles: What kind of lunch? Tacos? Please say tacos?
Amy: Are you KIDDING? If we eat any lunch it's going to be SNAKE tacos!
Knuckles: I'm in!
Sonic: Of course I'm kidding, Amy! He kidnapped you! And he's got an army of Ancient-tech robots ready to take over the world! And he-
Tails: AND he wrecked my awesome new airplane. That snake is going DOWN.
Sticks: Yeah! Amy needs new boots!
Amy: You read my mind!
Sticks: I'm doing that a lot lately.
Amy: Between you and Lyric, maybe I do need a tinfoil hat.

Cutscene 23

[Scene: Cloud Sanctuary, day.]

[Team Sonic is facing Lyric on his airship.]
Lyric: Sonic! You're surprising small to be able to cause me so much trouble.
Sonic: Size isn't everything.
Knuckles: Totally! And I only say that because I'm bigger than the rest of my friends.
Tails: Yeah, well, I'm SMARTER than the rest of my friends.
Sticks: And I'm more of a paranoid loose cannon with a heart of gold than the rest of my friends. Deal with it!
Lyric: What's your POINT?
Sonic: The point is, when we work together as a single unit we're UNBEATABLE.
Knuckles: That's our secret and we're not telling anybody.
Lyric: Well, then, I just have to shatter that "single unit" into tiny little pieces.
[Lyric traps Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks in a glass ball.]
Lyric: And if you didn't understand that metaphor, I mean I'm going to beat you and your friends into paste, and then continue on to do the same to your world.

Cutscene 24

[Scene: Lyric's Airship, day.]

[The engines are shutting down, and Lyric is crawling away from Team Sonic.]
Lyric: [groans] I'm glad reptiles can regenerate their parts.
Sonic: Great work, guys! We beat him!
Knuckles: Yes! Yes, I did!
Lyric: FOOLS! I haven't survived all these eons to be defeated by inferiors like you!
[Lyric presses the button on a remote control and a two-armed laser cannon appears before Team Sonic.]
Lyric: After this weapon turns you meddlers into abstract art I'll gather the crystal fragments and build my empire.
[Loud noises can be heard and Lyric turns to see Shadow standing on top of the weapon, tearing wires out.]
Shadow: Lyric, I said I'd find you.
[Shadow jumps off the weapon and sends Lyric flying with a kick. Sonic then runs over to a lever and casually pulls it, opening the hatch on Lyric's Airship.]
Lyric: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Noooooooooo!!
[Lyric falls through the airship's hatch and disappears beneath the clouds.]
Amy: [disappointed] Man, I wanted to do that.
Sonic: Does it matter who did it as long as it's done?
Sticks: We ALL couldn't kick him off the airship, Amy. And do you know why?
Amy: No. Why?
Sticks: Because we're a team! We got beaten to the punch, or in this case, the kick as a team. We can raise our heads proudly, knowing we've traveled all this way, just to watch someone else finish the job. When we walk down the streets and the people whisper "Those are the ones who couldn't quite save the day, almost, but not quite" we will smile together because we didn't do it as a team! I finally understand teamwork... and it is beautiful.
[As she talks, Sticks walks around between her friends and Shadow. Knuckles and Shadow look at each other in confusion.]
Shadow: [huffs] That was pathetic.
Sonic: Sticks may have taken the long way to get to the point, but she's right. We beat Lyric together. As a team.
Shadow: And I'm leave ALONE. As your superior. [walks away]
Sonic: Too bad that guy's such a hard-case. He'd be a great addition to Team Sonic.
[Team Sonic take their leave from the airship.]
Knuckles: You mean "Team Knuckles."
Sonic: Team Sonic.
Knuckles: Team Knuckles.
Tails: Uh... guys?
Sonic: [coughs and speaks quickly] Team Sonic.