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Sonic Boom
Sonic Boom: No Robots Allowed

Sonic Boom: No Robots Allowed is the fourth DVD volume of the Sonic Boom television series released.[1] It contains episode 40-52 of the series.

Episode synopses

Tails' Crush

Something is wrong with Tails! It turns out he has a crush. Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman has trouble picking up his package from the post office.

Bro-Down Showdown

After destroying Amy's couch, Sonic and Knuckles enter a "best friend" game show in order to win her a new one.

Late Night Wars

When Knuckles replaces Comedy Chimp on his late night talk show, Comedy Chimp seeks the help of Dr. Eggman to steal back the show.

Fire in a Crowded Workshop

When Tails' workshop is destroyed by a fire, Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy each have conflicting versions of how it happened.

It Wasn't Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedgehog

Dr. Eggman's particle accelerator has been stolen, and all evidence points to Sonic. To clear his name, Sonic must find the real thief.

Robot Battle Royale

In order to prove that he's an inventor like Tails, Knuckles challenges Tails to enter the local robot battle.

No Robots Allowed

Dr. Eggman is in trouble with his homeowners’ association and will stop at nothing to defeat them, even if it means hosting a fancy dinner.

Fuzzy Puppy Buddies

Amy and Dr. Eggman bond over a tabletop figurine game called Fuzzy Puppies. When the gang finds out, they begin to worry about her safety.

Designated Heroes

The gang accepts a dare from Dr. Eggman to fight him not as a group but one at a time. Eggman uses each hero's weakness to his advantage.

Role Models

When Sonic and the gang win an award for being role models, it comes with a price that keeps them from doing their jobs as heroes.

Cabin Fever

The gang decides to ride out a storm at Amy's house Things spiral out of control when they discover Amy's play, portraying her all friends.

Counter Productive

Knuckles tries to make amends for a past misdeed, but he only succeeds at making things worse.

It Takes a Village to Defeat a Hedgehog

In his most diabolical plan yet, Dr. Eggman decides to band together with all of Sonic's enemies. Shadow the Hedgehog, joins the fight.


  • Sonic Boom: No Robots Allowed was first announced in a DVD advertisement that came with Sonic Boom: Hedgehog Day.
  • This DVD completes season one of the Sonic Boom television series on the DVD releases.
  • Despite being released on DVD on 10 October 2016, Sonic Boom: No Robots Allowed was released on iTunes in the UK on 24 October 2016.




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