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Sonic Boom: Mayor Knuckles is the third DVD volume of the Sonic Boom television series released. It contains episode 27-39 of the series.[1]

Episode synopses

Chez Amy

After a bad experience at Meh Burger, Amy decides to open her own restaurant, starting a rivalry with Dave the Intern.

Blue With Envy

A super cool shrew comes to town and threatens Sonic's status as the town's biggest hero.

Curse of the Cross Eyed Moose

After seeing a cross-eyed moose, Sticks is convinced that the gang is cursed. They set out to get help from a mystical marmoset.

Chili Dog Day Afternoon

When Knuckles sets out on a quest to find the perfect ingredients to win the village's annual Chili Dog Cook-Off, he find much more.

Closed Door Policy

When Amy realizes that her friend is a pack rat, she forces Sticks to have a garage sale. During the sale, a secret door is unlocked.

Mayor Knuckles

When Knuckles is made mayor for the day, he sends the village spiraling into chaos.

Eggman the Auteur

Dr. Eggman is making a movie about his life. Is this an attempt at artistic expression or a diversion for a secret evil plan?

Just a Guy

Sonic refuses to let Mike, an average guy, watch him battle Dr. Eggman, causing the village to turn against him for being insensitive.

Two Good to Be True

A second Knuckles from an alternate dimension causes trouble for Sonic and his friends in this dimension.

Beyond the Valley of the Cubots

Orbot and Cubot discover rejected Cubot prototypes hiding in the jungle. They need Sonic's help to protect the robots from Dr. Eggman.

Next Top Villain

All Dave the Intern's attempts at villainy fail, until he inadvertently captures Dr. Eggman and hijacks his robots.

New Year's Retribution

At the village's New Year's Eve party, Dr. Eggman slows down time in a last-ditch effort to defeat Sonic just once before year's end.

Battle of the Boy Bands

To prove Amy and Sticks are being brainwashed by their pop icon heartthrob, the guys go undercover by forming their own boy band.





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