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This article pertains to the staff members behind Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.

Sanzaru Games INC.

Executive producer

  • Glen Egan

Game director

  • Bill Spence

Creative director

  • Mat Kraemer

Development director/Producer

  • Jeeny Huang

Assistant Development director/Producer

  • Omar Woodley

Director director

  • The Guerrero

Lead engineers

  • Danny Karp
  • Jon Gilardi
  • Nachi Lau

Lead level artist

  • Jeremy French

Lead animator

  • Ted Pratt

Lead character artist/Effects artists

  • JF Lepine

Game designers

  • Andrew Rollins
  • Casey Holtz
  • John Hsia
  • Mark Boroff


  • David Grace
  • George Loo
  • Nick Kitten
  • Philippe "Peep" Chaintreutil

Environment artists

  • Anthony Hon
  • Emilio Cd'Errico
  • Kalyanakrishnan Balasubramanian
  • Mike Kawas


  • Will Krulee

Character artist/Effects artist

  • Chris Carranza

Texture artists

  • Andres Arellano
  • Chin-Han Hsu
  • Jason Lin
  • Kevin Evans

Concept artist

  • Issac Davis

Operations director

  • Verike Salet


  • Nikki Spence

Information technology

  • Jimil Borillo


  • Nathan Sarmiento

Team special thanks

  • Anthony: Joyce Chong, Bill, Nikki, Sarah, Billy, Piper, Koko, Joe, Zoe & Penny
  • Danny: Yuki, Chip & and the future Mrs. Karp
  • Glen: Atom, Momoko and Sami
  • Jenny: Arthur, the "original" AJ
  • Jeremy: Sarah & West French
  • Mat: Thank you to my wonderful family. Rosie Kraemer, Lily Rose Kraemer and Violet Brooklyn Kraemer
  • Tin: Aleko, Pixie, and Izabella Guerrero
  • Will: Love and thanks to Rachelle, Kaira and Kayleel
  • Yaky: My 6 kids and 3 grandkids Areliano Family

Sanzaru special thanks

  • Omar Woodely
  • Todd Hartwig
  • Yusuke Suai
  • Takashi lizuka
  • Harumasa Nakajima
  • Hiroyuki Miyazaki
  • Tatsuyuki Miyazaki
  • Yukio Sugino
  • Kohei Kondo
  • Takuya Kishimoto
  • Patrick Riley
  • Stephen Frost
  • Marcella Churchill
  • Jen Groeling
  • Judy Glibertson
  • Thu Nguyen
  • John Cheng
  • Aaron Webber

Sega of America



  • Omar Woodley

Senior development director

  • Todd Hartwig

Design director

  • Chris Porter

Cooperate management

CFO, President, COO

  • John Cheng

Executive vice president

  • Yusuke Suai

Senior vice president publishing

  • Naoto Hiraoka

Vice president of corporate

  • Mitsuhiro Tanaka

Director of corporate planning

  • Kenya Numata

Business planning analyst

  • Chihiro Tanaka

Sonic Pillar

Chief content officer

  • Hiroyuki Miyazaki

Chief brand officer

  • Ivo Gerscovich

Dev, director, international

  • Patrick Riley

Director of product development

  • Austin Keys

Director, Biz Dev & Content

  • Yumiko Nishi


Senior director of marketing

  • Marcellla Churchill

Senior marketing manager

  • Judy Gilbertson

Marketing coordinator

  • Chris Finch

Senior public relations manager

  • Thu Nguyen
  • Brian Keltner

Social media & public relations manager

  • Aaron Webber

Creative services

Director of marketing services

  • Jen Groeling

Senior media and events manager

  • Terri Higgins

1st party coordinator

  • Andrew Wong

Senior graphic designer

  • Marco Garcia

Senior video production manager

  • Carl Smolka

Video editor

  • Arthur Swidzinski

Web manager

  • Michael Dobbins


VP of sales

  • Keith Gerhardt

VP of sales and marketing

  • Tim Pivnicny

Regional sales director

  • Jeremiah Wehler
  • Francis Chiechi
  • Michael Kacz

Sales Ops account manager

  • Linda Lei

Development services

Marketing supervisor

  • Rey Buzon


Director of licensing

  • Rene Flores

Licensed product development manager

  • Tyler Ham

Retail licensing manager

  • Stacy Arnold-Strider

Licensing coordinator

  • Anthony Gaccione

Customer support

Customer support supervisor

  • Jeff Hawkins

Customer service rep

  • Nicolas Brenni


Senior community manager

  • Kellie Parker


Director of legal

  • Jerusha Herman

Director legal and business affairs

  • Cindy Lin

Counsel legal and business affairs

  • Wendy Wang

Associate legal counsel

  • Ziv Shmargad
  • Autumn Laughton

Contracts administrator

  • Edison Haywood


Manager of HR

  • Jenny Aftreth


IT director

  • Jake Salgado

Network Manager

  • George Bueno

IT helpdesk manager

  • Rica Balagot


Senior director, accounting

  • Steven Choy

Pyroll manager

  • Fedora Armbrust

Senior finance manager

  • Jasen Chin

G/L accountant

  • Emily Chow

Tax director

  • Michael W. Dong

A/P A/R manager

  • Rukshana Suazo

Sr. Credit collections/deductions specialist

  • Cynthia Nombrado


Executive assistant

  • Maki Goda

Administrative assistant

  • Naoe Takahashi

Inventory and materials coordinator

  • Andy Navarro

Special thanks

Senior localization producer

  • Ken Ogasawara
  • Jason Kuo

Senior marketing manager

  • Derrek Peel

Senior facilities coordinator

  • Joe Luna

Facilities support & mailroom master

  • Shane Peterson

Nintendo software development

  • RC Nakamura

Monotype senior ISV business manager

  • Wade M. Farrell

Sonic pillar

  • Miki Takahashi
  • Masami Tokunaga
  • Marlene Sharp
  • Jasmin Hernandez
  • Ayumi Tanioka
  • Michael Cisneros
  • Kristen Zimmer
  • Sandra Jo
  • Mai Kiyotaki

Sonic Boom voice talent

English voice actors

English voice production by

Casting directors

Recording engineers

  • Eric Lewis CAS

Dialogue editors

  • Terry Riff
  • Eric Lewis CAS

Production assistants

  • L. Daniel LaBrune Ill

Production accountant

  • Laura Lopez

Line producers

  • L. Daniel LaBrune Ill

VO direction provided by

  • Jack Fletcher

Development partners

Story written by

Additional writing by

Clean cuts music and sound design

Sound designers
  • Jared Bartlett
  • Nate Pauzenga
  • Adam Rooner
  • James Yanisko
Audio producers
  • Katelyn Butts
  • Tom Dao
  • Iris D'Arcangelo
Music composed and produced by

Cinematics created by Pure Imagination Studios, Inc.

Project producer

  • Robert Taylor

3D production lead

  • Michael McCormick

3D/TD developer

  • Alex Forsythe
  • Denislave Georgiev

3D artists/animators

  • Charles Grubel
  • Stephen Archer Philips
  • Gyuhyun Kim


  • Andrew Tucker
  • Michael Black

Storyboard artist

  • Joseph Hailthorne

FMOD sound system, copyright ©

Freelight technologies Pty, Ltd., 1994-2016

Font software provided by Monotype©

Sega Europe limited

COO of Sega Europe

  • Jurgen Post

CFO of Sega Europe

  • John Ward

Senior vice president, business planning

  • Tatsuya Shikata

Director, development services Sega West

  • Jim Woods

Head of studio localization and ESD

  • Charlie Harris

Senior producer

  • Corinne Callois

European marketing director

  • Jon Rooke

Head of product marketing

  • Anna Downing

Senior PR executive

  • Sarah Head

Legal Counsel

  • Daniel Finegold

Head of creative services & traffic

  • Jeff Webber

Creative team manager

  • Noud Tempelaere

Senior creative designer

  • Ranj Vekaria

Head of program office

  • Mark Le Breton

Submissions manager

  • Dave Pither

Process and TCM manager

  • Ben Howell

Head of QA & localization QA

  • Ghulam Khan

Production manager

  • Teressa Wright
  • Adrian Daly

Resource manager

  • Ben Jackson


Localization manager

  • Marta Lois Gonzalez

Localization project supervisor

  • Antonella Marras

Lead translator

  • Jesus Alvarez


  • Chiara Canu
  • Sebastian Salguero
  • Giuseppe Rosa
  • Anais Maniaval
  • Luis J. Paredes
  • Martin Schmalz
  • Giulia Checchi
  • Gwladys Gaye
  • Gabriel Casas
  • Nicole Thomer
  • Alexia Trensch

Mastering and equipment

Mastering and equipment manager

  • Francesco Fraulo

Senior mastering technician

  • Andrew Doran

Equipment and mastering coordinator

  • Danny Florey

Mastering and build engineer

  • Shaun Young

Training and recruitment supervisor

  • Julie Metior


Project lead

  • Adrian Daly

Functionality QA senior testers

  • Ricky Lovage

Functionality QA testers

  • Chris Barham
  • James Butterworth
  • Kerry Barret
  • Kin James Fok
  • Phillip Curry
  • Renato Imsalaco
  • Robert Kinbrum
  • Vlad Tanasescu
  • Zamir Bandali

Localization QA supervisor

  • Alessandro Irranca

Localization QA team lead

  • Pedro L. Ortega
  • Alan Desole

Localization senior tester

  • Firas Al Sekran
  • Juan Ortega
  • Melanie Schiker
  • Sarah Breton

Localization testers

  • Aday Fleitas
  • Chris De Zylva
  • Marco Valente

Compliance Coordinator

  • Mohammed Ajaib

Compliance senior technician

  • Aaron Wright
  • Harrren Patel

Administration and finance coordinator

  • Chris Bien

QA administrators

  • Chris Geiles

Equipment & shift coordinators

  • Tony Langan

Japanese VO

Recording producer

  • Takuya Ohno (TOHOKUSHINSHA)

Recording directors

  • Keiichiro Miyoshi (TOHOKUSHINSHA)

Recording studio

  • Aoi Studio Co. LTD.

Sega Games Co, LTD.


  • Takashi lizuka


  • Harumasa Nakajima

Localize assistant

  • Yuya Katayama

Sales, marketing, localize support

  • Tatsuyuki Miyazaki
  • Shintaro Tanioko
  • Emi Yamane
  • Takuya Kishimoto
  • Kohei Kondo


  • Takayoshi Ohuchi
  • Yuko Yasudo


  • Mamoru Kodama
  • Sho Nanmoku
  • Yurie Ikegaya


  • Akira Nomoto
  • Toru Yasuda
  • Nobuhiro Tanaka
  • Shinya Oosaki
  • Masaya Santo
  • Yuichiro Shimada
  • Tomiaki Fujita
  • Takuro Mishina
  • Shohei Taniguchi
  • Tomoaki Ishidao
  • Nobuaki Sone
  • Yoshihito Endo
  • Toshiyuki Tanaka
  • Masahiro Tanaka
  • Tomohiko Hayashi
  • Teruyuki Awaji
  • Nagauyki No
  • Taku Takeuchi

Field Crew service Co, .LTD

Sales promotion

  • Mitsuru Takahashi
  • Yasunobu Masahiro
  • Haruo Imatsu
  • Eishin Miura
  • Yoko Fukada

Sales support

  • Takashi Kabasawa
  • Yumi Kojiama
  • Yoko Oda
  • Tomoko Kaji


  • Kousuke Honma
  • Ikuo Ishizaka
  • Ruiko Miyamoto
  • Rumi Kusunoki

Package & manual production

  • Yoshihiro Sakuto
  • Yoichi Takahashi
  • Masaru Kobayashi
  • Makoto Nishino

Product test

  • Takashi Shoji
  • Akira Nishikawa
  • Osamu Sato
  • Yuki Takahashi
  • Hitoshi Abe
  • Chiharu Yoshida
  • Ryoichi Shibuya
  • Asuza Ikeda
  • Ryota Watanabe
  • Takeru Ohe
  • Ryo Kobayashi
  • Tomonori Natsume


  • Yuji Nakamura
  • Kouzou Takasugi

Project support

Character supervisors

Chief producers

  • Toshihiro Nagoshi
  • Osamu Ohashi

Executive supervisor

  • Kenji Matsubara

Executive producer

  • Haruki Satomi

Presented by Sega


Video game staff

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