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This is a script of the cutscenes in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

[Dr. Eggman walks up to a green crystal and takes it from its stand]
Eggman: Ragnium. My ultimate weapon. Power to fuel my revenge. Revenge against Sonic! [laughs]

[Scene change: Kodiak Frontier, day.]

[Sonic and Amy were at the Kodiak Frontier. Amy makes an X in the snow with her hammer]
Amy: X marks the spot!
Sonic: [sticks a pole in the center of the X, communicates with Tails in his wrist communicator] Last of the science pole thingies are in. Ready to go online, Tails?
[While Sonic talks to Tails, a shot of Tails on Seaside Island is shown.]
Tails: [Runs towards his plane] I've been ready since this crazy weather started. I've never seen anything like it, and I've seen lots of crazy things! If this keeps getting worse, it's gonna be game over for the world!
Sonic: Okay, Amy, batter up!
[Amy starts smashing the pole in the snow with her hammer. A snow-like explosion startles Sonic and Amy and pushes them away. Then, they see ice blocks falling and a big one was about to fall on them. Then, Sonic lights himself up on fire, and goes through the ice block using spin-dash, causing it to turn into water. Then, Amy becomes surrounded by ice, using her hammer to turn it back into ice, and it broke in two. Then they notice some geyser appeared. Sonic uses his fire ability to make it smaller, and Amy uses her ice ability to smash it back to ice with her hammer.]
Amy: Wow! That blast must've charged us up somehow! These power are incredible!
Sonic: Incredible times a million! That was the most insanely awesome thing I ever seen! [communicates with Tails in his wrist communicator] Tails, did you catch that?
Tails: I saw the whole thing. I also saw that the weather in your area improved when you close that fissure. Meet me as soon as you can, I gotta run some tests. And no, Sonic, you don't need to study for them.
[When Sonic and Amy walked off, a shadow walked off as well.]

Unga Bunga

[Scene: Kodiak Frontier, day.]

[Sonic and Amy walks up to another fissure.]
Sonic: Tails thinks these fissures could be the problem, so...
[Amy uses her hammer to close the fissures with rocks.]
Amy: Problem solved.
[Sonic and Amy notice another fissure.]
Amy: Looks like we've got a LOT of problems.
Sonic: Dibs! This one's mine. What the...?
[Sonic and Amy notice D-Fekt walking towards them]
Sonic: I think Eggman lost one of his toys.
Amy: Yeah, he'd make a great action figure if our adventures were ever merchandised.
[Sonic starts using his fire ability to destroy the fissure, making D-Fekt mad.]
Sonic: Well, that made him mad.
[Sonic and Amy were trying to catch him, but they failed]

Because Science!

[Scene: Kodiak Frontier, day.]

[Tails is looking at another fissure.]
Tails: The Fire and Ice energy these fissures are emitting could have world ending consequences! Whoa!
[Tails falls as an earthquake occurs, and another fissure appears. Sonic appears]
Sonic: Not to mention TAILS ending consequences!
Tails: Thanks for the save, guys! Those Fire and Ice powers come from your communicator, don't they? It must have somehow absorbed the energy from the fissure blast. I bet if I update the firmware, that'll push this Fire and Ice ability to all of our communicators... AWESOME! We've ALL got the Fire and Ice ability now. Because SCIENCE. The weather definitely improves every time a fissure closes. My scans also show traces of some kind of new element. I wonder if the two are related... What!? My monitors are detecting a bunch of fissures erupting at the Village. Oh, no.
Sonic: What?
Tails: I sent Sticks out to install the monitors around the Village, and I haven't heard from her since. Come on! My plane's nearby.
[Amy and Sonic follow Tails to his plane]

Bot Racing

[Scene: Kodiak Frontier, day.]

[Sonic, Tails and Amy are chasing after D-Fekt.]
Sonic: Grab that guy before he turns back into a destructive pile of random junk!
Sonic: [Closing his ears along with Amy and Tails] That is just annoyingly loud. I can't understand... [Gets grabbed by the Eggmobile's claw] Whoa! No fair! My eyes were closed because LOUDNESS!
Sonic: You KNOW I'm gonna bust out of this rig and wreck whatever your dumb plan is, Eggbreath.
Eggman: The "dumb plan" is a race. One you CAN'T win, to finally show the world that you're NOT the fastest thing alive. You'll be a laughing stock! A has been! You'll be so embarrassed you'll have to leave town! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! And it's NOT a dumb plan. It's really quite ingenious.
Sonic: A Race? HA! I can race in my sleep. [Snores]
Eggman: Snore away, has-been! Once everyone loses respect for you, you'll never want to get out of that bed again. Believe me, I know what THAT'S like.
Sonic: Okay, that's pretty impressive.
Eggman: Wait until you see the new Ragnium-powered tech I'm going to use to make you the world's biggest loser. THAT'S impressive! [Releases Sonic]

Ador-O-Bot 2000

[Scene: Seaside Island]

Sticks: You are the CUTEST little whatever you are I've ever seen! Can you fetch? For ME? That's so sweet! I didn't get you anything. I love you!!
Sonic: Well it looks like Sticks is okay... or what passes for okay in her world. Sticks, watch out!
Amy: That thing is dangerous!
Sticks: This whittle guy is not dangerous. He's lovable and snuggable, and I call him Ador-O-Bot 2000.
Tails: Ador-O-Bot 2... I mean, that THING is getting away!
Sticks: Don't call him a thing! He's mine, and he loves me... He just doesn't know it yet.


[Scene: Seaside Island]

Knuckles: Hey, guys! Are we wrasslin'? I didn't bring my colorful mask and spandex tights, but I'm still in if we're WRASSLIN'!
Amy: No. We're looking for a robot. We think he's related to all the fissures and crazy weather and stuff.
Knuckles: Was he a 30-foot tall spidery-looking thing with deadly pointy legs made out of trees and roots and stuff?
Sonic: No.
Knuckles: Yeah, I didn't see that one either. I just saw a tiny robot. Sadly, he was too small to beat up.
Sonic: That's the robot!
Knuckles: Seriously? Why would you chase that little guy? He's one of those robots you just kick out of the way.
Sonic: I'm pretty sure you couldn't beat this robot on your own.
Knuckles: Challenge accepted!

Sticky Situation

[Scene: Paleo Tarpits]

[Tails flies over to investigate the fissures, but is interrupted by D-Fekt, who stands in his way.]
Tails: This little guy is definitely protecting these fissures. Why is it so important that they stay open?
Sonic: And why are these things popping up like toadstools on Mushroom Hill in the first place?
Tails: Still a mystery.
Sonic: As if he has a chance.
Tails: I think his chances just got a little better.


[Scene: Paleo Tarpots]

Tails: We'll save you, Sonic!
Dr. Eggman: Save him? I was bringing him BACK, you nincompoops! Let go! For a bunch of runners, you guys weigh a ton!
[The camera zooms out to reveal that all of Team Sonic and hanging on to Eggman's Eggmobile.]
Tails: Uh, I know we're lost, but another island is in serious trouble. I think closing all these fissures here is backing everything up somewhere else. We need to find our way out of here and fix those fissures fast.
Sonic: Fast is what I do best!

Large Fissure

[Scene: Cutthroat Cove]

Tails: This is easily the biggest fissure yet.
Sticks: Maybe it's the leader! Why are you doing this?!
Tails: I think I can get a look at the makeup of this thing. It might help us figure out what's causing these fissures.
Knuckles: Now these things wear makeup? I don't understand science at all.
Tails: There's a lot of radiation from that new element in there. Eggman called it Ragnium when he kidnapped Sonic. That stuff can be dangerous in the wrong hands... And there's some more Ragnium radiation... and it's running away... which is weird.
Sonic: Follow the weirdness!

Creepy Crawly

[Scene: Cutthroat Cove]

Tails: That moving radiation source is the robot we've been chasing! I bet he's covered in the stuff because he's working with Eggman.
Eggman: Behold, buffoon-bots! RagnaBot. My greatest creation! This magnificent robot will suck every gram of Ragnium from the area and fuel my EggBot Racers to glorious VICTORY against Sonic.
Cubot: It's the scrap heap for us, for sure.
Orbot: Looks like the boss has a new favorite.
Eggman: Activating Ragnium magnets now! Bah! The magnets are supposed to attract RAGNIUM, not this junk. Your "eco-magnets" are really harshing my mellow. You are MADE of FAIL. "RagnaBot"...bah! I should have given you a name that befits your unsatisfactory performance, like Disappoint-a-tron 20,or Botch-bot, or Fiasco 500... or better yet, D-FEKT!
Orbot: Good thing the boss is fickle!
Eggman: I'm leaving, D-Fekt. The very sight of you sickens me! And get a shave! You look like a hipster with that ridiculous beard!


[Scene: Gothic Gardens]

Amy: There he goes!
Tails: I need to get a sample from him to prove a theory I found!
Knuckles: Dog pile on the robot! Dog pile one the roooobot!
Tails: Hold him still while I... Got it!
Sticks: This seems kinda like a violation of his basic civil rights.
Sonic: He's a ROBOT, Sticks. He's got as many rights as my toaster.
Tails: Analyzing now... and... DING! I thought the little robot had some connection to Ragnium, and it turns out I was right! He's clearly had contact with the Ragnium, which Eggman is using to power his Eggbot Racers.
Sonic: So the question is- -where did he GO!?
Sticks: Well, I sure didn't let him go because he was adorable and having his rights violated and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!
Tails: Okay, if we can get a tracker on him we can follow him to the source of the Ragnium. [They run off]

Tracking Device

[Scene: Gothic Gardens]

Tails: Here. He likes you. Just put this on him and we'll be able to track him.
Sticks: Wait. Then you'll be able to track ME.
Tails: No, you'll be with us.
Sticks: Or will I? Hey, Ador-O-Bot 2000. Don't mind me. I just came here to say hi! Nothing sneaky or weird about saying "hi", right? I'm definitely not up to something. Oh look! It's like a friendship bracelet that's totally not like a tracking device. Okay... buh-BYE!
Tails: It worked! Now all we have to do is follow it to the Ragnium source.

Ragna Rock

[Scene: Ragna Rock]

Tails: Okay, the tracker says we're almost on top of the robot. This place is definitely the Ragnium source. The stuff is everywhere. Eggman must be mining for Ragnium here.
Amy: And all the byproducts of Eggman's mining operation get piped through the fissures to the other islands. Nasty.
Knuckles: Why does this place look like it's going to explode?
Tails: Since we're closing the fissures the pressure is building up here at the source. Eventually, I bet it will explode.
Amy: Look!
Eggman: You again! What are you doing back here after I sent you to the islands to monitor the fissures? A task at which you failed MISERABLY, I might add. And you're a MESS! Have you been letting somebody besides ME kick you around? "De-Fekt" is too good a name for you.
Sticks: He can't talk to Ador-O-Bot 2000 that way!
Eggman: Sonic and his troop of buffoons! No doubt YOU led them here, you worthless junk pile. Destroy them before they ruin my entire operation! D-Fekt! You're amazing! I didn't know you could do THAT! But now you have to STOP doing that! Stop it, I say! You're destroying my beautiful Ragnium mine! What!? No! Stop it, you miserable bot! As much as it pains me to ask for help, what's happening now pains me worse! I mean, it really HURTS! Somebody help me!
Sonic: Chill out, Eggface. We got this. Sticks, come help me discipline your little BFF.
Sticks: Adorable or not, he needs to learn to play nice!

Harmless Puppy

[Scene: Ragna Rock]

Sonic: And THAT'S how you do it!
Eggman: D-Fekt completely ruined the mine so it's impossible to mine Ragnium here again. Anybody? Little help. [The camera zooms out to reveal that Eggman is hanging until he realizes he is going to fall] LOTS OF HELP!

[Sonic catches Eggman making his back break.]

Sonic: My back is never going to be the same.
Eggman: Well. I suppose I should show some sort of appreciation. Here.
Sticks: Ador-O-Bot 2000!
Eggman: [Start feeling sorry and sorrow for D-Fekt] I'm so sorry about the way I treated you. All you wanted was to give me love, and I returned that with contempt. [Wipes his nose with D-Fekt] If I'd only known... I wouldn't have let the most powerful mech I've ever built get beaten by Sonic! Oh well... [Eggman passes D-Fekt to Tails.]
Tails: [Reprograms D-Fekt by making the robot bark] There, now he's as harmless as a puppy.
Eggman: Well I would say those words... you know... those words I can't seem to say.
Sticks: Thank you!
Eggman: That's them. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go review my insurance policy and see if it covers "act of Bot".

[Eggman leaves in his Eggmobile laughing.]

Sonic: Even with insurance, the deductible's gonna kill him. That's how they get you.

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