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Not to be confused with Sonic the Hedgehog Blast or Sonic 3D Blast.

Sonic Blast (Gソニック G Sonikku?, lit. "G Sonic"[1]) is a video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series developed by Aspect and published by Sega for the Sega Game Gear. It was released on 12 December 1996 in North America and Europe, and a day later in Japan. It was ported to the Master System in Brazil a year later. Sonic Blast was the last Sonic game for the Game Gear.[2]

In Sonic Blast, Sonic teams up with Knuckles in order to explore South Island and find the scattered fragments of a Chaos Emerald shattered by Dr. Eggman before the doctor does, and destroy Robotnik's latest fortress: the Silver Castle.


Spoiler warning: Plot, ending details or any kind of information follow.

Sonic seeing the Chaos Emerald being shattered.

South Island is a peaceful island that is protected by mysterious stones known as the Chaos Emeralds. One day, renowned resident hero Sonic the Hedgehog is resting in a hammock with a Chaos Emerald in his hand. Suddenly however, the Emerald starts to shine with a blinding light that wakes up Sonic. In front of Sonic's eyes, the Chaos Emerald continues to glow stronger and more intense, until it eventually breaks down and shatters itself into five smaller pieces that fly away.[3]

Sonic is initially stunned from what he has just seen. Then, he hears a familiar laughter from above him, which is Dr. Robotnik's. Sonic curses the doctor, but the latter dismisses him. He gloats that he had planned to zap Sonic with a laser beam, but he missed him and hit the Chaos Emerald instead. He then continues, saying that though he was surprised by the results, he is nonetheless going to take advantage of it by building a new stronghold on South Island called the Silver Castle and then find the pieces of the Chaos Emerald. Robotnik leaves in a good mood, confident that he has finally defeated Sonic. After that, Knuckles, who had seen all of this, appears from behind a palm tree. Unwilling to leave Sonic do all the job alone, the echidna teams up with him to find the shards of the Chaos Emerald and thwart Robotnik's ambitions.[4]

Sonic and Knuckles proceed to travel across the various Zones of South Island, destroying Robotnik's various contraptions along the way while hunting the Chaos Emerald shards. Eventually, they enter the finished Silver Castle, and have a final showdown with Robotnik in his new vehicle. After that, the game's ending will depend on the player's process:

  • If the player has not managed to gather the five shards of the Chaos Emerald, the Silver Castle will fall into the sea while Sonic/Knuckles watches from South Island. Robotnik will then fly away before his fortress is sunk.
  • If the player managed to get the five shards of the Chaos Emerald, they will have a definitive battle against Robotnik after defeating the Silver Castle Zone's boss. After defeating it, the ending will be the same, except that Robotnik will not escape and Sonic/Knuckles will juggle around the pieces of the Emerald with his left hand.


Image Character Description
Sonic 47.png Sonic the Hedgehog The hero of South Island. He's the world's fastest sound-speed hedgehog who protects the peace by thwarting every evil scheme of Dr. Robotnik.[5]
This time, he'll face off against Dr. Robotnik for the Chaos Emeralds.[5]
Knuckles in Sonic Blast.png Knuckles the Echidna Sonic's rival, the flying echidna.[5]
When he finds out that the Chaos Emeralds are in danger, he decides that he can't leave it to Sonic.[5]
But in truth, his goal is to punish Dr. Robotnik, not the Chaos Emeralds.[5]
Eggman in Sonic Blast.png Dr. Robotnik He's the world's greatest super-genius scientist! But he's also the world's most evil man.[6]
He's the most vindictive in the world! But he's also the world's worst screw-up.[6]
This time, he's going to beat Sonic to a pulp! But this time, he's going to get beaten up by Sonic again.[6]


Sonic Blast is a 2D side-scrolling platform video game, which plays similar to past 2D Sonic games. In this game, the player takes control of either Sonic or Knuckles, each with their own abilities: Sonic is able to perform the Sonic Boost Blast to gain extra height in midair, while Knuckles can glide and climb walls.

The main objective for each character in the game is to pass through five Zones, each divided into three Acts with a boss fight at the end of the third Act. The Zones have multiple routes to the goal and secret locations to be discovered by the player using the characters' abilities. To finish an Act, the player has to spin a Bonus Plate at the goal or defeat a boss.

In gameplay, Rings appear scattered through the Acts. The number of Rings the player carries is indicated in the top left corner of the HUD. Like in past games, they serve as the player's main method of protection from harm; if the playable character is hurt while they carry at least one Ring, the player will survive, though they will lose ten Rings. Receiving damage while not having any Rings will cost the player a Life. The player can also lose a Life if they drown underwater or get crushed. After losing a Life, the playable character will respawn at the start of the Act. If the player runs out of Lives, they will get a Game Over. Extra Lives can be obtained by breaking extra Live TVs, collecting one-hundred Rings, through the Bonus Plate, and in the first Special Stage Acts. Up to nine Lives can be carried at once.

The secondary objective in the game is to collect the five Chaos Emerald shards. This can be done by entering a Big Ring in the second Acts of the Zones and complete the Special Stage they enter. Only one Big Ring can be found per Act. Getting all five shards will not modify gameplay, although it will unlock a secret boss that will lead to the good ending if the player defeats it.

Scoring system

Main article: Point#Sonic Blast


Button formation Movement
Sega Game Gear Sega Master System Sonic the Hedgehog Knuckles the Echidna
Controlpadds.png left/right Walking/Running
Controlpadds.png up Looking up
Controlpadds.png down Crouch
Game Gear I Button.png/Game Gear II Button.png Spin Jump
Controlpadds.png right/left + down Spin
Controlpadds.png down + Game Gear I Button.png/Game Gear II Button.png Super Spin Dash
Game Gear I Button.png/Game Gear II Button.png X2 Sonic Boost Blast N/A
Game Gear I Button.png/Game Gear II Button.png + Game Gear I Button.png/Game Gear II Button.png down N/A Glide
Controlpadds.png up/down Climb
START Game Gear I Button.png Pause the game



Gimmicks and obstacles

Bonus Plate rewards

Like in previous 8-bit games, Bonus Plates appear at the end of the first two Acts and will grant different bonuses after they stop spinning from the player passing them.

Backwards Dr. Robotnik Ring Sonic Knuckles Emerald Super Sonic
Oh great, then do not show anything.png
Spin the plate Nothing 10 Rings Continue 1-Up and 30 Rings


Playable characters

Non-playable characters



  1. Green Hill Zone boss
  2. Yellow Desert Zone boss
  3. Red Volcano Zone boss
  4. Blue Marine Zone boss
  5. Silver Castle Zone boss
  6. Final boss (extra boss)


  1. Green Hill Zone
  2. Yellow Desert Zone
  3. Red Volcano Zone
  4. Blue Marine Zone
  5. Silver Castle Zone

Special Stage

Sonic in a Special Stage.

Special Stages are a set of ten different extra levels from which the player can get rewards. These stages can be accessed through hidden Big Rings in the first two Acts of the Zones. In Act 1, completing Special Stages will grant the player an extra Life, while completing those in Act 2 will give them a Chaos Emerald shard.

In the Special Stages, the playable character will run forward through a checkered area. The player cannot stop their character from moving forward, though they can move them left and right and make them jump. To complete a Special Stage, the player has to collect a certain amount of Rings. After either completing or losing a Special Stage, the player will be taken back to the normal Act, where they will be able to continue as normal.


Sonic Blast would later be re-released in future Sonic-themed compilations, including Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut and Sonic Mega Collection Plus, and a demo of its ending can be unlocked in Sonic Gems Collection. Sonic Blast was released on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in North America on 20 June 2013.[2]


Sonic Blast received mixed reception at the time of its release, although retrospective commentary has been far more negative. Nintendo World Report (NWR) summarized the game as "a step back" from previous Game Gear Sonic titles, due to what they called "the attempt at aping Donkey Kong Country's pre-rendered sprites on a handheld".[7]

Most critics disliked the graphics, some even claiming they ruined the game.[8][9] Digitally Downloaded stated the visuals were more distracting than impressive, writing they hampered the fluidity of the gameplay and prevented the use of elements they considered integral to the series.[9] Nintendo Life thought the game aged badly when compared to the other Sonic 8-bit entries, citing "muddy colours and shaky animation",[10] and USgamer said the character graphics were too big, especially for the Game Gear's small screen.[11] found the character animations poor and noted the gameplay limitations they caused.[8] Despite their mostly negative reaction to the graphics, many critics did acknowledge that the visuals were impressive when considering the limitations of the Game Gear.[8][9] Pocket Gamer noted that prior to the game's release, "the capabilities of [the Game Gear] had seemingly been fully explored"; they wrote while they offered some compromises, the visuals made the game stand out.[12]

Sonic Blast has been called one of the worst games in the Sonic series.[7][11] NWR exclaimed the game "should be avoided at all costs",[7] and Retro Gamer stated that the game's title screen was its only redeeming quality.[13] USgamer wrote it was "an unpleasant end to the Game Gear" and attributed its shortcomings to the system's discontinuation.[11] Complex declared it "the worst handheld Sonic game ever" and said "thank God they didn't attempt the '3D' aspect of its 16-bit older brother".[14]


  • Producer: Hiroshi Aso
  • Director: Ryushin Hamada
  • Planner: Katsunori Murakami, Hiroaki Suzuki
  • Map design: Akira Okamoto, Ken Sasaki
  • Chief programmer: Toshiaki Araki
  • Programmer: Yoshiaki Makishima
  • Chief designer: Fumikazu Sugawara
  • Designer: Taro Murayama
  • Sound composer: Kojiro Mikusa
  • Special thanks: Kazuyuki Oikawa, Aspect, All Staff


  • The name of the game's five zones each begin with a type of color (Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, and Silver respectively). These colors relate to the Chaos Emerald shard found in each zone.
  • The *Bonus Plate featuring Super Sonic is the latter's only appearance in an 8-bit System Sonic title, even though Sonic himself cannot transform.
  • Due to this game's large ROM, this game will not work on early Master System models.
  • The international logo for Sonic Blast is very similar to that of Sonic 3D Blast.
The unused Super Peel Out-like animation.


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