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{{Infobox CVG
|title = Sonic Billiards
|image = [[File:Sonic-billiards-01.png]]
|developer = [[Sonic Team]]
|publisher = [[Sega]]
|released = April 22, 2002 (Japan only)
|genre = i-mode 503/504/700/FOMA/900/901/902/903
|platforms =
|preceded =
'''''Sonic Billiards''''' (ソニック ビリヤード) is a mobile phone game released as part of the [[Sonic Cafe]] service offered by [[Sega]]. In this game, the player is [[Sonic the Hedgehog (character)|Sonic]] and plays against either a computer or a second person at billiards. A newer version with better graphics was later put on Yahoo's Keitai service.
===Old Version===
File:Sonic-billiards-oldbilliards_02.png|Old version
File:Sonic-billiards-oldbilliards_05.png|Old verssion
===New Version===
File:Sonic-billiards-04.png|New version
File:Sonic-billiards-02.png|New version
[[Category:Sonic Cafe games]]

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