This is the script of Miles "Tails" Prower's storyline in Sonic Battle.

Game prologue

[Sonic's standing behind Emerl.]

Sonic: Hey, Emerl! Let's play over by the beach! I'll teach you some secret techniques!
Emerl: Play! Play!

[They leave; Tails appears.]

Tails: *Sigh* Sonic's off to the beach again with Emerl... We still don't know much about Emerl. But I guess it isn't that important to Sonic... There was something odd about Emerl when we inserted the "Chaos Emerald..." But I can't do any further research because the computer in my lab is broken... Wait a second! I can do a full examination if I use the "Central Lab"! I better hurry! I wonder if Emerl is over at the "beach"?

Up to Battle 1

Emerald Beach - After selecting the area

[Tails runs up to Sonic & Emerl.]

Tails: Sonic, we need to take Emerl to the "Central Lab"...
Sonic: What? We were just getting warmed up!
Emerl: Warmed up! Warmed up!
Sonic: Yeah, come and play with us for a little while! As usual, the one who gets "10 KOs" wins! Ready?

Up to Battle 2

Emerald Beach - After the fight with Sonic & Emerl

Tails: Hey, Sonic! We've got to run a full inspection on Emerl! We need to find out what it's capable of since Eggman is looking for it. We should take him to the "Central Lab" now!
Sonic: Don't stress so much, Tails!
Tails: Sonic, come on! Sonic! I'll take him there myself if I have to!
Sonic: OK, OK Tails! We'll both go with you!
Tails: No, it's all right! I can take Emerl there myself! Come on Emerl! Follow me!
Emerl: ... ... ...
Tails: Emerl, let's go!
Emerl: ... ... ...
Sonic: Hey, Emerl! Obey Tails!
Emerl: Obey! Obey!
Tails: Emerl... Go?
Emerl: Go! Go!
Tails: Hmm... (I wonder if I can handle this without Sonic...) The "Central Lab" is east of this town. It's inside "Central City". Now follow me closely.
Sonic: I'll be here, so if you want to practice your techniques again, come by any time!

Central Lab - After selecting the area

Tails: We're finally here! Good job, Emerl!
Emerl: Good job! Good job!
Security: Hey! What are you doing here?
Tails: What?
Security: This is a restricted area!
Tails: But... But... I have to examine Emerl here. Won't you please let us in?
Security: Nope. No way!
Tails: Oh, come on! ...Soniccc...

Crossing - After selecting the area

Tails: What should we do, Emerl?
Rouge: What's the matter, kids? You lost your mama?
Tails: R, Rouge...? Let's go, Emerl!
Rouge: So, its name is Emerl?
Tails: What is it to you?
Rouge: You want to go into the Central Lab, right?
Tails: What? How did you know that?
Rouge: *Sigh* It's written all over your face. I'll let you in the "Central Lab" if you come with me. I'm an agent for the President, you know.
Tails: But you're always so mean to us! And I'm not supposed to talk to strangers!
Rouge: OK, then... What is we just played a little game?
Tails: Game?
Rouge: Just a little fight. If you and your robot get 10 KOs first, you win. And for winning, I'll lend you my "Lab Pass". With this, you can enter the Central Lab any time you want! What do you say? It shouldn't be any problem for you to win my "Lab Pass", right?
Tails: Well... I suppose... Why do you want to help us out anyway?
Rouge: You two precious little boys seemed to lost.
Tails: I don't trust you.
Rouge: Whether you do or don't, are you ready? Shall we begin?

Up to Battle 3 & 4

Crossing - After the fight with Rouge

Rouge: Uh... Not bad! Here's the "Lab Pass" as I promised. Now you can enter the "Central Lab" without any difficulty.
Tails: T, Thanks...
Emerl: Thanks! Thanks!
Rouge: Oh, what a good little boy! Won't you tell me your name?
Emerl: ... ... ...
Rouge: ... ... ... It really doesn't listen to anybody but its "Master". OK, I'll see you later! Bye! *leaves*
Tails: What's a "Master"? You don't know, Emerl?
Emerl: ... ... ...
Tails: Hmm... It's difficult to determine how much you understand, when I'm talking... Let's go to the "Central Lab" now that we have the "Lab Pass"! I should know more about you after an inspection!
Emerl: Let's go! Let's go!

Central lab - After selecting the area

Security: You again? How many time do I have to...
Tails: I, I have this...
Security: Y-you're a friend of Ms. Rouge? I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience, sir! Please come in!
Tails: All right! Let's go, Emerl!
Emerl: Let's go! Let's go!

Central Lab - Inside: black screen

Tails: OK, it's time to find out everything about you, Emerl! Let's examine your structural data.
Emerl: ??? ???
Tails: Your structural data will tell us who your creator was, what you were created for, and so on... Since I already know you were created by Eggman, I need to be on my guard.
Emerl: Guard! Guard!
Tails: No, no, you don't have to be on guard! I'm just gonna plug this thing right in here...
Computer: Click...
Tails: Scanning Emerl's sctructure...!
Computer: ... ... ... Scanning ... ... ... ... Scanning ... ... ... ... Scanning ... ... Error! Unable to access any data...
Tails: What? What's wrong here? The lab computer should be able to scan even Eggman's machines... Hmm... Time to get serious. Let me go through a security hole this time and... Bypass Emerl's basic security protocols to get an idea of Emerl's basic structure.
Computer: ... ... Scanning ... ... ... ... Scanning ... ... ... ... Scanning ... ... Warning! Highly Confidential! Unknown item identified. This weapon was discovered in the ancient ruins. Identified as "Gizoid."
Tails: What's this? What does this have to do with ancient ruins?
Computer: Technique to acquire all forms of weaponry is based on super-science technology... This process has no apparent limitations and will continue to loop indefinitely.
Tails: It acquires... It can't be...
Computer: However, in repeated experiments, the continual feed of data has caused an overload, resulting in the subject going out of control.
Emerl: ... ... ...
Computer: Experiments performed by Professor Gerald... Sealed by government... Disappearance...
Tails: Gerald... That's Eggman's grandfather... And this "mysterious" disappearance... That means...
Emerl: ... ... ...
Tails: Emerl... You...
Emerl: ... ... ...

Central Lab - Outside

Computer: Beep! Beep! Accessing restricted data!
Tails: Oh, no!
Computer: Isolate the hallways! Place Guard Robos in position!

[A Guard Robo appears behind Tails & Emerl.]

Up to Battle 5

Central Lab - After the (1st) fight with a Guard Robo

[The Guard Robo crackles, and disappears.]

Computer: Isolate the hallways! Place Guard Robos in position!

[A new Guard Robo appears.]

Tails: Shoot! It's too late! We're surrounded!

Central Lab - After the (2nd) fight with a Guard Robo

[The Guard Robo crackles, and disappears.]

Tails: Let's get out of here!

Crossing - After selecting the area

[Yet another Guard Robo appears]

Tails: Aahh! We're surrounded by Guard Robos!
Guard Robo: Target located! Target located!

Up to Battle 6

Crossing - After the fight with a Guard Robo.

[The Guard Robo crackles, and disappears.]

Tails: Emerl, are you all right? There are too many Guard Robos here, we've gotta find another way out! Let's go back to "Emerald Town" by going through "Holy Summit". We can take the Highway! Follow me, Emerl!

Central Highway - After selecting the area

Tails: Emerl, this way!
Emerl: This way! This way!

[Shadow appears behind Emerl & Tails.]

Tails: Shadow! What are you doing here?
Shadow: Looks like you discovered what Emerl really is...
Tails: Y-yeah...
Shadow: Then why don't you destroy it now? You must destroy it before it collects all the "Chaos Emeralds" and uses its true power!
Tails: Shadow?
Shadow: There's no need to repeat past tragedies! Nobody else ever needs to go through the things that I have! Out of the way! I'll finish it now!
Tails: Shadow! I respect you, but... Emerl's our friend! If you attack one of us, then I'll do whatever it takes to protect him!
Shadow: Hmph. Looks like you'll never understand. The builders will never know how their creations truly feel.

Up to Battle 7

Central Highway - After the fight with Shadow

Tails: Haa haa...
Shadow: Haa haa...
Emerl: Let's play! Let's play!
Shadow: Haa haa... Your partner ain't too bad...
Tails: What?

[Rouge appears behind everyone.]

Rouge: All right. All right now. STOP!
Tails: !
Shadow: Rouge!
Rouge: Guard Robos are on their way. Unless you both want to get caught, I suggest... Shadow, what do you think you're doing? You know you aren't well enough yet!
Shadow: I didn't push myself much...
Rouge: Yeah, yeah, whatever...
Shadow: *trembles in pain* Grr!
Rouge: You're built pretty tough. Now let's go! We don't have much time to waste!
Tails: Rouge...
Rouge: (*wink*) Later!

[A heart floats up from Rouge's eye, and she & Shadow disappear.]

Tails: Wh-what? Did she just help us out? Emerl, hurry up! We have to let Sonic and Knuckles know what we discovered about you!
Emerl: Hurry! Hurry!
Tails: All we've gotta do now is take out the Guard Robo in front of the Office, then we can escape to "Holy Summit"!

Office - After selecting the area

Guard Robo: Target detected! Target detected!
Tails: All right, let's go Emerl!
Emerl: Let's go! Let's go!

Up to Battle 8

Central Highway - After the fight with a Guard Robo

[The Guard Robo crackles, and disappears.]

Tails: All right! Let's go find Knuckles!
Emerl: Let's go! Let's go!

Knuckles' House - After selecting the area

Knuckles: Yo, Emerl! What's up?
Emerl: ... ... ...
Knuckles: Oh, you don't wanna talk to me, eh?
Tails: Knuckles,. we have no time for this right now!
Emerl: *turns around* No time! *turns around again* No time! No time! No time!
Knuckles: Why you little...
Emerl: You little! You little! You little! You little!
Tails: Hey, stop it, Emerl!

Up to Battle 9 & 10

Knuckles' House - After the fight with Knuckles

Knuckles: Hmph! Not bad!
Emerl: Not bad! Not bad!
Tails: Knuckles! Come with us to "Emerald Beach". That's where Sonic is! I have something very important to say to the both of you!
Knuckles: Sure, but it looks like we got ourselves some uninvited company over at the bridge!

Bridge - After selecting the area

Chaos Gamma: Target set. Ready for battle mode.
Tails: You're not a Guard Robo! Are you... Gamma?
Knuckles: Tails, watch out!


Bridge - After the (1st) fight with Chaos Gamma

Chaos Gama: ... ... ...
Tails: Gamma! You're Gamma, right?
Chaos Gama: ... ... ... Auto-check start... Recovery initiated... ... ... ... OK. Increase output. Initiate Battle Mode.
Tails: W-wait a sec!

Bridge - After the (2nd) fight with Chaos Gamma

Knuckles: Tails, you need to get to "Emerald Beach", right?
Tails: Y-yeah...
Knuckles: Let me handle this! Come on, you bucket of bolts! *attacks Gamma*

Emerald Beach - After selecting the area

Tails: Sonic!
Sonic: Tails, what took you so long? What's going on?
Tails: Sonic, you won't believe what I found out about Emerl.

[Rouge appears behind Tails]

Rouge: Emerl's the world's deadliest weapon!
Tails: Rouge!
Sonic: You!
Rouge: Hey!
Sonic: What are you talking about?
Tails: Yeah, it's the truth! That's what I discovered at the Central Lab!
Sonic: A battle weapon?
Rouge: Yes, and a very lethal one!
Sonic: No, I can't believe it! He's just a robot, right? You could change its insides real quick, and fix this problem, right?
Tails: Actually, he's NOT just a robot... The lab computer got fried when Emerl was connected to it... And we were chased by Guard Robos when we accessed Emerl's data at the Central Lab!
Sonic: Seriously?
Rouge: But there is one way...
Sonic: Well, let me hear it!
Rouge: "Chaos Emeralds"!
Sonic: "Chaos Emeralds"?
Rouge: That's right. Collect all 7 "Chaos Emeralds" and insert them into Emerl.
Sonic: What happens then?
Rouge: Then we can reset Emerl and turn him into an ordinary robot, and erase all his data as a battle weapon.
Sonic: Sounds like a plan! So how would we reset him?
Rouge: I... I don't know.
Sonic: What? You don't know?
Tails: So all we have to do is find 7 "Chaos Emeralds" and then find a way to reset him!
Rouge: Then, he'll be free, once and for all!
Sonic: Let me ask you one more thing, Rouge.
Rouge: What is it?
Sonic: What's in it for you by giving us all this information?
Rouge: You make it sound like I never do a good deed unless I profit from it.
Sonic: Am I wrong?
Rouge: Well, I do good deeds sometimes.
Sonic: Well, I do good deeds... On occasion.
Rouge: As you probably already know, Dr. Eggman is also hunting Emerl down.
Sonic: Eggman!
Rouge: Yes. And he's still trying to do the same old thing.
Tails: Conquer the world!
Rouge: Yes. And if he conquers the world, it'll make any job involving stealing jewels more difficult. So I guess I'm doing the world a big favor.
Sonic: A big favor? You're a thief! And, you're after Emerl too, right?
Rouge: Hey, these accusations aren't very nice. And that kid over there knows that I'm more than just a thief.
Sonic: Is that true Tails?
Tails: Y-yeah... I guess...
Rouge: Oh, and can you finally introduce me to your little robot?
Sonic: Don't you know Emerl already?
Rouge: It... He won't even say "hello" to me unless you order him to do so.
Sonic: Oh, yeah. He was like that with Tails too in the beginning. Emerl, come here!
Emerl: *gets behind Rouge* Come! Come!
Sonic: Listen. You have to listen to Rouge from now on, OK?
Emerl: Listen! Listen!
Rouge: All right!
Sonic: Hmm...
Rouge: See ya!
Sonic: H-hey Rouge! Don't you want to talk to him now?
Rouge: No more time to chat now. Maybe some other time! *leaves*
Emerl: Some other time! Some other time!
Knuckles: *comes into view* What was that all about?
Sonic: That Rouge!
Knuckles: I wonder what that woman is up to now. Hey, Emerl, did she pull any kind of tricks on you?
Emerl: ... ... ...
Knuckles: Hey, why won't you listen to me?!?
Sonic: Ha ha ha! Just as Rouge said! Hey, Emerl! Ignore Knuckles! Just ignore him!
Emerl: Ignore! Ignore! Ignore! Ignore!
Knuckles: Hmph, so you wanna put an end to this, eh?
Sonic: Bring it on!

[Sonic & Knuckles go off of the screen.]

Emerl: Let's play! Let's play!
Tails: Come on! Knock it off, Sonic, Knuckles!

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