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This is the script of Sonic the Hedgehog's storyline in Sonic Battle.

Game prologue

[Eggman is standing behind Emerl in a dark room.]

Eggman: Fight! Why don't you fight?! *hits Emerl*
Emerl: ... ... ... ... ... ...
Eggman: Dang! You piece of junk! Give me back the "Chaos Emerald" you took! *Grrr* What a piece of junk! *hits Emerl twice*
Emerl: ... ... ...
Eggman: That's it! I've already used your data to create a robot that does what I say. So I don't need you anymore!
Emerl: ... ... ...

[They both fade out of view.]

Up to Battle 1

[Game transitions to a view of Emerald Town.]

Game: This is "Emerald Town"... The place where Sonic and his friends live. It looks like Eggman is up to no good with another evil scheme once again. This story begins as Sonic finds a mysterious robot at "Emerald Beach"...

Emerald Beach - After selecting the area

Sonic: Man, I'm so bored.

[He notices Emerl behind him, and turns around to see him.]

Sonic: Hmm? What's this? It's a robot!
Emerl: ... ... ...
Sonic: Are you all right?
Emerl: ... ... ...
Sonic: I wonder if it's busted. Look at all this dust. I wonder how long it's been here. Hey! Are you all right?
Emerl: *looks about* ... ... ...
Sonic: Hey! It's moving now! Need any help? Can you walk by yourself?
Emerl: ... ... ...
Sonic: Can't speak, eh? Well, it figures. Can't expect much from ol' Eggman. Well, let's get you over to Tails' first, so we can help you out!
Emerl: "Show... ... power... OR I sh...all ob...ey... Sha...ll conqu...ra...ll..."
Sonic: Huh? What did it say? Show it my power? Like this? Heh heh...

[Sonic raises his fist in the air, and a burst of light flashes. Everything goes dark.]

Emerl: ... ... ...! ... ... ...!
Sonic: What! Whoa!
Emerl: "I sha...ll not ...represent ...and become... of all..."
Sonic: What? What's it saying? I wonder if this thing can even be fixed. I better take it to Tails before it blows up. Tails' House is north of town. Follow me!

[He and Emerl leave; Rouge appears on the beach.]

Rouge: Looks like I arrived a little too late. It must have established a "Link" already... But with Sonic? What a strange choice... Oh, well. That won't stop the world's greatest thief, "Rouge" from getting what she wants!

Tails' House - After selecting the area

Sonic: So this is Tails'...

[Shadow runs onto the screen.]

Sonic: Shadow!
Shadow: Huh? Sonic the Hedgehog... Sorry, but I don't have time to play with you now. Hey! Can you hear me? Respond! No! You must have already established a Link!
Emerl: ... ... ...
Sonic: Shadow!
Shadow: Hey! You, over here!
Emerl: ... ... ...
Shadow: Won't listen to me, eh? In that case, I'll destroy you with me bare hands!
Sonic: Hey, stop that!
Shadow: Get out of the way, and give me that robot!
If you pick "yes"
Sonic: You didn't think I would simply say "Yes," did you?
If you pick "no"
Sonic: And if I say no?
Shadow: Then... I will destroy you too...

Up to Battle 2 & 3

Tails' House - After the fight with Shadow

Shadow: Gah... I still haven't regained my full power yet. Listen to me! Whatever you do, don't let Dr. Eggman get hold of the Gizoid. I'll be back... Until then, take care of it... Sonic the Hedgehog! *runs*
Sonic: H, Hey! How's Eggman involved in this?
Tails: *runs up to Sonic* Sonic! Are you OK? I thought I saw Shadow... And what is that? A robot?
Sonic: Oh, I found this robot by the beach. This thing's about to fall apart. Can you fix it, Tails?
Tails: Where are you going, Sonic?
Sonic: I spotted a bat that I'm a little too familiar with lurking around. Take this robot to the lab, Tails!
Tails: What? Sonic!
Emerl: ... ... ...
Tails: Man, he's always on the run. Oh, well. I've got a job to do! Oh boy. Let's head to the lab. Can you walk?

Emerald Beach - After selecting the area

Rouge: Hey!
Sonic: What do you want?
Rouge: Is that how you greet a beautiful woman?
Sonic: I don't have time for niceties. 'Sides, I have enough girls chasing me as it is.
Rouge: Heh. The only girl I saw following you was a girl robot. Where is she, anyway?
Sonic: What girl robot? You don't mean that robot...
Rouge: How about a little wager? If I won, you have to partner up with me.
Sonic: If this is your plans to get a date, you'll still need to wait in line!
Rouge: Well, there's quite a line. Shadow, Dr. Eggman, and even my boss are interested in your little robot... And I hate waiting in lines, you see.
Sonic: I saw Shadow earlier. He said something about Eggman too. But wait...Why's a master thief interested in...
Rouge: The robot's a special case. And it's already established a "Link" with you. This isn't an ordinary robot you know. So, about my little wager, if I win, you have to team up with me, OK?
Sonic: Don't you think it's a little too early to be getting romantic? And if I win, you'll leave me alone, right?
Rouge: Better watch yourself. Don't ever underestimate an agent. You might get hurt.

Up to Battle 4

Emerald Beach - After the (1st) fight with Rouge

Rouge: I won't give up just yet. I always get what I want!

[Emerald Beach - After the (2nd) fight with Rouge]

Rouge: Hmm. Not bad. I think you've had enough for today. I'll see you later! Bye! *leaves*
Sonic: H-hey! Come back! Eggman, Rouge, and Shadow - that robot sure is popular. I better go check up with Tails.

Tails' Lab - After selecting the area

[A Phi runs up to Sonic.]

Phi: Located! Located!
Sonic: Whoa!

Up to Battle 5 & 6

Tails' Lab - After the fight with the Phi. The Phi crackles, and disappears.

Sonic: Tails! Are you all right? Hang on, I'll be right there!

[Tails' Lab - After selecting the area. Emerl and Tails come outside of the house.]

Sonic: Tails! Are you all right?
Tails: Sonic! You've gotta see this! There's a robot that looks just like ours on the news! And apparently, it's robbed a bunch of jewelry stores!
Sonic: We just encountered that "fake," I think. I wonder if there are even more of them out there. Hmm, this is all starting to get a little more interesting now.
Tails: Sonic...
Sonic: So whaddya find out?
Tails: What did I find out? This robot has some amazing technology inside it!
Sonic: Well, it sure doesn't seem that way. It won't even obey my commands!
Tails: You just need to see it in action. Wait outside until I get ready!

Tails' Lab - After reselecting the area

Tails: Thanks for waiting! Let's start the battle. Let's try 5 Heavy Attacks. To perform a Heavy Attack, press the Control Pad in the direction of your opponent and press the B Button simultaneously.
Sonic: Fighting skills? Hey, are you sure this thing will even stand on its own? It looks pretty beat up.
Tails: Don't worry, Sonic. Are you ready?

Up to Battle 7

Tails' Lab - After the (1st) fight with Emerl

Sonic: Wh-what was that? Some kind of bright light... It happened when we were fighting Shadow too...
Tails: Just as I thought. Let's try something else. Do 5 Upper Attacks in a row. Press the B Button and Control Pad simultaneously, and make sure to press the Control Pad in the opposite direction that you are facing. Are you ready?

Tails' Lab - After the (2nd) fight with Emerl

Sonic: There it was again! What's going on?
Tails: I was right! Sonic, this robot is very special!
Sonic: OK, so I know this is an amazing robot. But what does it all mean? And why is everyone after him?
Tails: Well, I know two things. 1: It is powered by Chaos Emeralds. Once we give it more "Chaos Emeralds," it will regain its energy and even be able to speak properly.
Sonic: Maybe that's why Eggman...
Tails: My next discovery about this robot is even more stunning. This robot is capable of adopting attack techniques either by observation, or be being attacked by attack techniques.
Sonic: So what you mean is, if I kick him, he will learn my move, and kick just like I did. Am I following you right, Tails?
Tails: That's right, Sonic! And on top of that, it can develop new moves based on the captured data!
Sonic: Well, that's cool, I guess. I should teach it to run in case it ever needs to run away.
Tails: It can learn new attacks by pressing the "R Button"!
Sonic: So, it's able to even combine moves, such as using my jumping skill with your attack techniques...
Tails: That's correct! But this robot's system seems to have some sort of limitations on the attack abilities it can learn. I believe it's somehow related to "Skill Points." But my computer broke down before I was able to confirm this. I guess overload if data from the robot... ... This isn't just an ordinary robot, that's for sure...!
Sonic: Hmph... It all sounds so complicated, but basically this robot has the ability to learn our moves, right? If that's the case, then let's start training it! Let's do a "KO Battle"! The one who gets "10 KOs" first wins, OK? Are you ready, Tails?

Up to Battle 8

Tails' Lab - After the fight with Tails & Emerl

Sonic: Are you all right? Looks like you've still got to practice a lot more! I guess this place is too small to teach it that. Let's go over to the "Emerald Beach"! Pressing the "R Button" will teach it an attack technique. I should try that! Emerl should've learned my "Heavy Attack" and "Upper Attack"...
Tails: You can always practice your attack techniques here! Come back any time you want to practice any attack techniques!

Emerald Beach - After selecting the area

Sonic: OK, now we should have enough room here!
Emerl: ... ... ...! ...!
Sonic: Hey! We didn't come here to play, you know! As usual, the first one to get "10 KOs" wins! Are you ready?

Up to Battle 9 & 10

Emerald Beach - After the fight with Emerl

Sonic: Hey, now you're getting the hang of it! Pretty soon you'll be able to get "Chaos Emeralds" all by yourself!
Tails: "Chaos Emeralds..." Hey, Sonic! Let's go see Knuckles!
Sonic: Hey! Yeah, Knuckles might be able to help us out! Especially since he's familiar with "Chaos Emeralds"! OK, are you ready, Emerl?
Tails: Emerl?
Sonic: Yeah, that's its name. It's powered by "Chaos Emeralds", so I named it "Emerl"! Cool name, eh?
Emerl: ... ... ...! ...!
Tails: Em, yeah. Real clever...
Sonic: Hey! There's a fake Emerl in front of "Tails' house!"
Tails: You're right!
Sonic: Is that also Eggman's plan? That cheeseball! We'll show him! Hey, Tails! Let's set an attack technique on Emerl with the "R Button!"

Tails' House - After selecting the area

Sonic: !!
Tails: What is it, Sonic?
Sonic: I just got a great idea! Hey, Emerl! Go destroy that fake copy!
Tails: What?
Sonic: Don't worry! I'll back him up if it gets into trouble! We should test out its abilities after all that training, right? Now, go!

Up to Battle 11 & 12

Tails' House - After the (1st) fight with the Phi

Phil: Attack! Attack!
Sonic: Emerl! Don't let your guard down! Here it comes again!

Tails' House - After the (2nd) fight with the Phi

Sonic: I told you there wouldn't be any problems!
Emerl: ... ... ...!
Sonic: Emerl's excited too!
Tails: Em, whatever you say... We've gotta head to Knuckles', which is up north, in the direction of Holy Summit! Let's go!

Plains - After selecting the area

[Chaos Gamma appears]

Sonic: Hey, there's another robot over there!
Tails: Sonic! It's another one of Eggman's robots!
Sonic: Hey, it looks just like Gamma!
Tails: Hey, long time no see, Gamma! ... ...
Chaos Gamma: Target detected! Going into capture mode!

Up to Battle 13 & 14

Plains - After the (1st) fight with Chaos Gamma

Chaos Gamma: *crackles* Unable to function... ... ... Auto-check start... Recovery initiated... ... ... ... *beeps*
Sonic: Emerl! Tails! Don't let down your guard. It's coming back!

Plains - After the (2nd) fight with Chaos Gamma

[Chaos Gamma crackles, and disappears]

Tails: Gee, that scared me!
Sonic: I guess this isn't Gamma...
Tails: I wonder why it tried to attack us...
Sonic: We'll find out about that as soon as we get a hold of Eggman! Let's head to "Knuckles' House" for now! We don't know when we're going to be attacked again, so let's set a stronger attack technique on you with the "R Button"! It may be a good idea to train using that "Ruin"!
Tails: Ahhh! Wait for me, Sonic!

Knuckles' House - After selecting the area

Sonic: Hey, Knuckles! Where are you? We need to borrow your "Chaos Emerald!"
Knuckles:!! That robot! That's the one who's been robbing the jewelry stores around town.
Sonic: H-hey... Just chill for a second Knuckles! This robot is powered by "Chaos Emeralds..."
Knuckles: Shut up! I'm going to tear this rustbucket apart to teach it a lesson!
Sonic: Oh, boy... There's no stopping Knuckles once he gets all riled up. OK, listen up, Emerl. This guy won't listen to anybody who is weaker than he is. So if we want to talk to him about "Chaos Emeralds," you've got to beat him first. Don't worry. He's got lots of power, but his moves are simple to read. Watch for an opening, then hit him with a combo attack! But wait a second... Do you want to change any of your attack techniques? (Press the "R Button" to do so)
Knuckles: What's the hold up!? Bring it on!


Knuckles' House - After the (1st) fight with Knuckles

Knuckles: His moves... They're very similar to Sonic's. How could this be? Come on! Is that all you've got?

Knuckles' House - After the (2nd) fight with Knuckles

Knuckles: Gahh... I lost...
Sonic: OK, We'll borrow that "Chaos Emerald" now!
Knuckles: All right, all right. Go wait outside while I go get it. It'll be ready for you when you come back here.

Knuckles' House - After reselecting the area

Sonic: See, I told you! Why don't you ever listen to me!
Knuckles: What is this thing, Sonic?
Sonic: Beats me!
Knuckles: You can't fool me, Sonic!
Tails: Honestly Knuckles, we really don't know! All we know is that it's powered by "Chaos Emeralds." And Eggman wants it.
Sonic: Not to mention Shadow and Rouge.
Knuckles: If Eggman and that thieving bat are involved, something really sneaky must be going on!
Tails: Anyway, thanks for letting us borrow your "Chaos Emerald"!
Sonic: Emerl's skills improve with "Chaos Emeralds"!
Knuckles: Yeah, whatever...

A bit later

[Knuckles is gone, and Emerl is standing near Tails.]

Tails: Let's insert the "Chaos Emerald" in you, Emerl!

[The Chaos Emerald floats down to Emerl, and goes inside of him.]

Game: "Skill Points" have increased by "10"!!

[A bright light flashes, and everything goes dark.]

Emerl: ... ... ... ... ... ... T.h.a.n.k. y.o.u., Sonic...
Sonic & Tails: !
Sonic: Emerl spoke!
Tails: His speech and powers will improve with each "Chaos Emerald" we give him!
Emerl: Sonic... Metal... B.a.t.t.le... Ba.t.t.le... Ba.t.t.le... Ba.t.t.le... Ba.t.t.le...
Sonic: Emerl... You...

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