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This is the script for Shadow the Hedgehog's storyline in Sonic Battle.

Up to Battle 1

Game prologue

Eggman: Hmm... Sonic's got the 6th "Chaos Emerald"... I've underestimated them. It could get pretty tricky if they activate the Gizoid... But Shadow holds the 7th Chaos Emerald! He believes that he is the ultimate form of life... His "Chaos Control"... Shadow wouldn't hand over the 7th Chaos Emerald, and activate the Gizoid. But even if he did, that "Information" that I found after searching through my grandfather's work log will allow me to still conquer the world, regardless. Because I am Dr. Eggman, evil scientist extraordinaire!! Haa haa haa!

Elsewhere: black screen

Shadow: There it is again... I feel it... Someone's talking to me...
Gizoid: ...A strong power...
Shadow: Who... Who is it?
Gizoid: ...this power... ...must not exist... ...cannot allow it to happen again... ...the tragedy must not...
Shadow: Tragedy?
Gizoid: ...yes...
Shadow: What tragedy?
Gizoid: ... ... ... ... ... ...

[A bright flash of light appears, and Shadow comes into view.]

Shadow: ...the same illusion... ... ... ... This is it. I feel the emanations over here. ... ... ... Well, then... Let's see what we've got here! ...Chaos Control! [warps to Gimme Shelter]

Computer - After selecting the area

[Shadow walks up to Gizoid.]

Shadow: This... this is what called me...
Rouge: It's the Gizoid... A legendary weapon.
Shadow: You... Rouge. What are you doing here?
Rouge: Hey, I've got information sources everywhere. There's nothing I can't find out about if...
Shadow: You said it was a weapon?
Rouge: You'll never change, will you? That robot... Gizoid is known as the "Ultimate life form." Just like you, except he's 4000 years older. I heard the Doctor was hiding something really big, and I guess this is it...

[The alarms sounds, and a Guard Robo approaches Shadow & Rouge.]

Guard Robo: Intruder alert! Intruder alert!
Shadow: Dang!
Rouge: Hee hee...
Shadow: What's so funny?
Rouge: It's been a while since we fought together like this!
Shadow: Just don't get in my way!
Rouge: You too!

Up to Battle

Computer - After the fight with two Guard Robos

Rouge: Hey, not bad!
Guard Robo: ... ... ... an opening! [shoots Shadow]
Shadow: Guh...!
Rouge: Shadow! What happened? That was just one of the Doctor's random robots!
Shadow: It's nothing!

[The GR hits him again, and this time he trembles in pain.]

Shadow: ...ngh!
Rouge: Hey! Shadow!
Shadow: ... ... ...
Rouge: This isn't good...
Guard Robo: Intruder...
Rouge: Shut up already! [kicks the Guard Robo away] Oh, well. I'll take you to "Club Rouge"... Hey, Shadow! Can't you even walk on your own?
Shadow: ... ... ...

Club Rouge - After selecting the area

Rouge: Haaa... We're here! I can't believe that he'd fall down right in front of the store! Having me carry anything that's heavier than jewelry! The nerve! I'll never do this gain! Not even for all the jewels in the... Well...
Shadow: ... ... ... ... ...
Rouge: You're still alive, right? Shadow... He's not bad looking, but...

Dark screen - blank

??????: I was... created... ...Awaken! The ultimate life form, "Shadow the Hedgehog"! ...please, Shadow... Maria... ... ... I can move... I'm still alive... I need to go... to it...
Eggman: ...Are you really "Shadow"!? You can't be the military's top-secret weapon!
??????: Doctor... Must not repeat... the tragedy...!

Dark screen - Shadow & Sonic & Emerl

Shadow: Hey! Can you hear me? Respond! No! You must have already established a Link!
Emerl: ... ... ...
Sonic: Shadow!
Shadow: Hey! You, over here!
Emerl: ... ... ...
Shadow: Won't listen to me, eh? In that case, I'll destroy you with my bare hands!
Sonic: Hey, stop that!
Shadow: Get out of the way, and give me that robot!
Sonic: And if I say no?
Shadow: Then... I will destroy you too...

[A light fills the screen, and Shadow reappears later after his fight with Sonic and Emerl.]

Shadow: Gah... I still haven't regained my full power yet. Listen to me! Whatever you do, don't let Dr. Eggman get hold of the Gizoid. I'll be back... Until then, take care of it... Sonic the Hedgehog!

Dark screen - Sonic

Sonic: Looks like you both have one thing in common... Persistence.
??????: Sonic the Hedgehog... ...Awakening as a weapon of war... "Chaos Emerald"...

Dark screen - Shadow & Tails & Emerl

Tails: Shadow! What are you doing here?
Shadow: Looks like you discovered what Emerl really is...
Tails: Y-yeah...
Shadow: Then why don't you destroy it now? You must destroy it before it collects all the "Chaos Emeralds" and uses its true power!
Tails: Shadow?
Shadow: There's no need to repeat past tragedies! Nobody else ever needs to go through the things that I have! Out of the way! I'll finish it now!
Tails: Shadow! I respect you, but... Emerl's our friend! If you attack one of us, then I'll do whatever it takes to protect him!
Shadow: Hmph. Looks like you'll never understand. The builders will never know how their creations truly feel.

Dark screen - Blank, then Rouge

Shadow: Ally...

[Rouge comes into view.]

Rouge: Looks like we've formed a new team!
Shadow: Rouge...

Club "Rouge" - The next morning

Rouge: Yes! Good morning, Shadow! Has the prince finally awakened?
Shadow: I must go. I must go to the Gizoid. To the Emerald.
Rouge: Hey! You can leave as you please, but don't you dare pass out on me again! Who do you think dragged you here in the first place??
Shadow: You...? ...
Rouge: Th-that's right...! You aren't even going to thank me?! It figures! You men are all alike, you know that?!
Shadow: Thanks, Rouge... Thanks for saving me. I cannot allow myself to die just yet.
Rouge: ..."Emerald Beach."
Shadow: Huh?
Rouge: You're looking for Emerl, right? He's always there. I went ahead and told them about you, anyway.
Shadow: ... Heh... "Ally."
Rouge: Wh-what? You got a problem with it?
Shadow: No... I don't.

Emerald Beach - After selecting the area

Sonic: Shadow?!
Shadow: Sonic the Hedgehog... Where is Emerl?!
Sonic: He's at Tails' place ... Tell me something... Why are you after him, anyway?
Shadow: I'm not here to steal him. I'm here to welcome him, as a fellow weapon of war.
Sonic: Welcome him?
Shadow: Haven't you noticed? His awakening as the legendary weapon of war "Gizoid" is close at hand.
Sonic: Awakening?
Shadow: He already has 6 "Chaos Emeralds," right?
Sonic: Yeah...
Shadow: And with my "Chaos Emerald," that makes 7. The Gizoid will be awakened when it has collected 7 "Chaos Emerald." Right now, its true power lies dormant. However, I can feel it. I can feel the power... A power greater than you can imagine.
Sonic: I've heard that he who collects 7 "Chaos Emerald" will be granted unlimited energy. So, are you trying to tell me that awakening Emerl is dangerous?
Shadow: Dangerous? Ha! He's a weapon. One created with enough power to destroy the world. Awakening him is sheer madness!
Sonic: I don't think he has it in him. The Emerl I know would never destroy the world. What about you?! You say he's the ultimate weapon, but weren't you supposed to be the military's ultimate secret weapon?! Maybe you've forgotten, but I seem to recall you saving humanity at some point.
Shadow: ...That was for Maria.
Sonic: Exactly! If you have a heart, you would never use your power for the forces of evil! There's no way you could! Weapons aren't supposed to have "hearts." But, both you and Emerl do! You guys... You aren't just weapons!
Shadow: Hmph! No, you are wrong. We were created as weapons. If the people of this world ever want peace, they must destroy us.
Sonic: Shadow?! And one more thing! Rouge said that there's a keyword that can free Emerl! If we could find out what it is, Emerl could become just a normal robot!
Shadow: Ha! Such hopeless dreams... Weapons have no need for a conscience. Freedom? What use is a weapon that does not follow orders?! I have a different kind of "Link" with Gizoid. Like me, he's a weapon! No doubt about it! He's a weapon to be used by his "Master"!
Sonic: Shadow... All right, all right! Just take Emerl, already! If you're not going to listen to me, then do whatever you want!
Shadow: ...Yeah. Then you don't care if I exterminate Emerl?
Sonic: I'd like to see you try!
Shadow: You don't think I could?
Sonic: You have a heart. Emerl has a heart. I don't think either of you has it in you to kill! Maybe you guys should just play games together or something?
Shadow: ...
Emerl: There is a "Chaos Emerald" here...
Sonic: Emerl? What're you doing here?!
Shadow: He probably felt my "Chaos Emerald's" power. I can feel it resonating with him.
Emerl: You. You have a "Chaos Emerald." Give me... the Emerald. Power... Give me power!! [trembles]
Sonic: Emerl!
Emerl: ... What's wrong, Sonic? Why are you looking at me like that?
Shadow: Heh... Perhaps now you believe me. He was created as a weapon. You were lucky in that you met him before he awakened. But, you cannot deny the Gizoid's true identity!
Emerl: Sonic?
Sonic: Go with Shadow, Emerl! I want you to find out who you truly are!
Emerl: How?
Sonic: How else? Get Eggman to tell you!
Emerl: That chubby old guy? That sounds like fun! I'll be right back, then!
Sonic: Okay! And try to find out what that guy is up to! See if you can find out more about that "Final Something-or-Other" that Knuckles was talking about! You never can tell what that old man is planning!
Shadow: Hmm. I, too, have things that I wish to speak to Dr. Eggman about. Let's go, Emerl. So begin your path to ruin. [leaves]
Emerl: Oh, and tell Mom that she has to go jogging and do at least 200 sit-ups! And she has to eat salad with no dressing! [leaves]
Sonic: Ha ha ha! Some ultimate weapon you are!

Crossing - After selecting the area

Emerl: Chaos Gamma?!
Chaos Gamma: Target... Codename: "Shadow"... Objective... Destroy...
Shadow: It appears that the good doctor thinks I'm his enemy...
Chaos Gama: Target... Codename: "Gizoid"... Objective... Destroy...

Up to Battle 4

Crossing - After the (1st) fight with Chaos Gamma

Chaos Gama: How... did I lose...? I even acquired an "Emerald Shard"...
Shadow: Hmph! The only one who can use the true power of the "Chaos Emeralds" is me.
Chaos Gama: Destroy... Destroy...

Crossing - After the (2nd) fight with Chaos Gamma

Chaos Gama: Destroy... Destroy... [crackles] Destroy... Destroy...
Shadow: Fool... Emerl, do you see? This is the fate for weapons of war.
Emerl: ... I don't understand. I'm sad, Shadow...
Shadow: I know...
Chaos Gama: Destroy... Destroy... Destroy... Destroy...
Shadow: Can't move any more... Let's go... "Night Babylon" is just ahead of the doctor's lab, "Gimme Shelter."
Emerl: Gamma...

Computer - After selecting the area

Shadow: The doctor's Mother Computer... I never imagined that I'd be here again... Tell me... What am I? What is the Gizoid? We were created as weapons, so why is it that we have hearts? Why do we have souls?! What the heck are we?!
Rouge: Professor Gerald...
Shadow: Rouge?!
Rouge: You are his ultimate creation. The ultimate life form. And during the output experiment of a "Chaos Emerald," he discovered it, and reactivated the ancient battle weapon, "Gizoid." Yes, Emerl.
Shadow: Where did you learn that?!
Rouge: I looked it up on the doctor's computer. I found one of Professor Gerald's old research files.
Shadow: Why did Gerald give me a soul?!
Rouge: He was not interested in researching weapons. He was researching a way to bring happiness and hope to all people. But, he was forced by the government and by the military to use his research for war. That's why he gave you and Gizoid a "soul." A soul identical to his beloved granddaughter, Maria.
Shadow: Maria...
Rouge: His hope was that no matter how crazed and obsessed with destruction mankind might became, the weapons themselves would never fight. Shadow, you are afraid of your own power. It troubles you. But, you've never used your power recklessly. You've never used it selfishly. Gerald's wishes have come true.
Shadow: ...
Rouge: You, too, Emerl.
Emerl: Me, too?
Rouge: You were created as a weapon, yet you feel sympathy for living beings. However, Gerald did not create you and he was unable to completely erase the destructive powers within you. That part of you still exists. So, he programmed you with a special code. And if the keywords of that code were to be activated, Gerald's program would be complete. You'd become just like Shadow...
Shadow: ...What're the keywords?
Rouge: Bring hope to humanity.
Shadow: "Bring hope to humanity," huh? Kinda touching. How do we input the code?
Rouge: Now, about that... ...
Shadow: Well?
Rouge: You have to do it when he awakens.
Shadow: So, basically when he absorbs this Chaos Emerald...
Rouge: It would appear so.
Shadow: Heh... Looks like I've got no other choice.
Rouge: Shadow! That's your...!
Shadow: It's all right. I... I will always be with Maria.
Rouge: Shadow...
Shadow: Emerl! Take it! This is the last "Chaos Emerald"!

[The Emerald floats down to Emerl.]

Game: "Skill Points" have increased by "10"!!

[A rapid flash of light fills the Shelter, and then everything goes pitch black. Emerl was switched personalities with Gizoid.]

Gizoid: ... ... "Show me your power. Or I shall not obey. I represent all things, and shall become Gizoid, the conqueror of all."
Rouge: Well! Now that's a big difference!
Shadow: Gizoid, ancient weapon of legend. I, as your new master, command you: "Bring hope to humanity"!
Gizoid: ...

[The light flashes again, and the background returns. Emerl takes over his body again.]

Emerl: Hey, now! Don't go and get all serious on me like that, Shadow!
Shadow: Hmph. Look who's talking. You remind me a little too much of a certain spikey, smug little...
Emerl: Watch your mouth!
Shadow: You're free now. Eggman no longer will no longer have any control over you.
Emerl: Thanks, Shadow! And you too, Rouge!
Rouge: Oh... I appreciate that, but if you really want to thank me, give me some jewelry!
Shadow: There's on last thing I'd like to ask of you...
Emerl: What is it this time?
Shadow: Let us battle, one last time, to see who truly is the strongest! ... My body wasn't healed completely before, but now I'm ready! I am the ultimate life form, Shadow the Hedgehog. I will crush anyone who stands in my way!
Emerl: You sure about that? I don't want you whining about how you didn't have your "Chaos Emerald" and stuff!
Shadow: I no longer need it. I have Maria in my heart.

Up to Battle 5

Computer - After the fight with Shadow

Rouge: [sigh] You boys have fun. I'm going home. I swear, why do men like to fight so much? I can't take much more of this...
Emerl: See you later, Rouge! Can I... visit your room again sometime?
Rouge: Idiot! [leaves]
Shadow: [gasp, gasp] Emerl! One more time!
Emerl: Wait a second, Shadow.
Shadow: What? Are you backing down?
Emerl: Would it be okay if I went to see Sonic, Tails, and everyone again?
Shadow: Yeah. Tell them you're not a kid anymore. Once you've "fought them all," come back and see me. We'll finish our fight then. I'll be at "Central Highway." I'll be waiting!
Emerl: Okay! You better be warmed up when I get back!

Emerald Beach - After selecting the area

Sonic: There's no way you can beat me! I don't care how strong you've gotten!
Emerl: We'll see! I can't stay a kid forever, ya know!
Sonic: Gotten pretty smug, I see! Let's go!

Up to Battle 6

Emerald Beach - After the fight with Sonic

Sonic: Whew! Not bad! You've gotten stronger! But, you're still not strong enough! I'm not even trying my hardest yet! Try fighting someone else first! Then we'll talk!

Tails' Lab - After selecting the area

Tails: Emerl! I already heard the news from Rouge! Congratulations!
Emerl: I promised Shadow that I'd come and battle with you all. You want to go a round?
Tails: Sure!

Up to Battle 7

Tails' Lab - After the fight with Tails

Tails: Ack! I've been beaten! There's nothing left I can teach you!

Club "Rouge" - After selecting the area

Rouge: You think just because you got a little stronger, you can defeat me?
Emerl: Let's find out!
Rouge: Heh heh... Listen, boy, never underestimate an agent. You'll be burned.

Up to Battle 8

Club "Rouge" - After the fight with Rouge

Rouge: I'll admit... You're not half bad! I don't think there's anything left for me to teach you.

Ruins - After selecting the area

Knuckles: Don't think I've been playing around all this time! Let's get this over with!
Emerl: Gimme your best shot!
Knuckles: Come on!

Up to Battle 9

Ruins - After the fight with Knuckles

Knuckles: Ugh... How could this be?! D-don't think you've beaten me!

Amy's Room - After selecting the area

Amy: Hurry up and come home to help me with my diet!
Emerl: Okay!

Up to Battle 10

Amy's Room - After the fight with Amy

Amy: You've gotten stronger! Now that you've perfected your fighting, I feel much better having you help me with my diet!
Emerl: ...Sure.

Central Lab - After selecting the area

Cream: I learned so much from you, Emerl! The one who gets "10 KOs" wins. Just like before. Hee hee... It's so strange to see you all grown up!

Up to Battle 11

Central Lab - After the fight with Cream

Cream: Wow! You're really strong! You're no longer our little Emerl. It's kind of sad in a way...

Central Highway - After selecting the area

Shadow: Hmph. I see you've fought everyone. Come see me after you've finished your preparations! I'll fight you whenever you're ready!

Central Highway - After reselecting the area

Shadow: Enough talk. Let's do this.
Emerl: Ready when you are!

Up to Battle 12

Central Highway - After the fight with Shadow

Shadow: Heh... I shall concede that you are my equal.
Emerl: Hey, man! I'm just getting warmed up!
Shadow: Hmph. You're just as mouthy as him, too. Looks like we've got a guest. Come back later.

Central Highway - After reselecting the area

Sonic: Hey! Emerl!
Emerl: Sonic!
Sonic: I figured Shadow wouldn't be able to give you enough of a challenge by himself, so I came!
Shadow: Yep, you sound exactly alike.
Sonic: Whaddya say, Emerl? You wanna take us both on at once? It'll be tough!
Emerl: No problem! No problem! ... ... ... No holding back! I hope you two don't get hurt!


Central Highway - After the fight with Sonic & Shadow

Emerl: ...Thank you! Shadow! Sonic! I'm so glad to have met you... and everyone else too! I don't know what my creator was thinking when he made me, but I'm glad that he did because I got to meet all of you! When I first met you all, I was like a little baby robot who couldn't do anything! Heh heh... I couldn't even talk! I was weak, but you all protected me, and played with me. I'm sure there were times when I was a burden, or I was in the way, but in my time with you, I never felt "in danger" or "worried" as Gerald programmed me to. All I ever felt was "fun" and "excitement." And "happiness," too...
Shadow: Hmph! There's no need for a weapon to have feelings. ...This is ridiculous! I am leaving! [leaves]
Sonic: Hey! Shadow! Maybe you should try learning a thing or two from Emerl and be more honest with yourself! ...Heh! Not that I'd expect anything different out of you, though!! But hey, Emerl... I'm not your guardian anymore, so if there's one thing I want to leave you with, it's this: I want you to live your life to the fullest!
Emerl: Thanks! You, too!
Sonic: Haha! Look who's all grown up now! One more thing, you need to work on your punches! They just look lame! Who showed you how to punch, anyway? Look, punches should be more like this...

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