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This is the script for Rouge the Bat's storyline in Sonic Battle.

Game prologue

Game: 3 days ago...
President: An ancient weapon, "Gizoid", which was sealed and misplaced 50 years ago, has been recovered by Eggman... You can get all the necessary information at the "Central Lab". You may have free access to the Central Lab with this pass. We're counting on you, Rouge. The safety of the Nation is in your hands.
Rouge: Yes, sir, Mr. President! By the way, don't forget about my reward!
President: ... ... ...

Up to Battle 1

Later: black screen

Rouge: OK, now that I have official approval from my boss... I can access the government computer system and gather all kinds of information on various treasures!

[She goes into Central Lab.]

Rouge: Let's see... Information on unlocking the security system on that art gallery... Or maybe I should look up the National Museum first...? Hee hee! This is so exciting! I'm going to have all the information that'll allow me to gain access to all the treasures by the time I'm done here! Now Mr. Computer, tell me everything!
Computer: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... *beep* Login error... This data is currently being accessed by another user...
Rouge: What? How can that be? Come on! This is a government computer system. No one else should have access to it! What? Who could it be? How dare you! I'll find you! Confirm login username...
Computer: Login username: Dr. Eggman
Rouge: Dr.? Aha! I guess I've got my work cut out for me! Let's see where he's accessing the computer from.
Computer: Accessing route: "Highway"
Rouge: Hey, that's just right around the corner. I guess I better go pay him a little visit.

Central Highway - After selecting the area

Eggman: Hmph! I was right! I needed 7 "Chaos Emeralds" and the key word in order to "Link" with the "Gizoid" to resurrect it!! Dang it! I should've never tossed that thing away!
Rouge: Hey, doctor! Long time no see!
Eggman: Rouge? Sorry, but I'm quite busy right now.
Rouge: Heh... I'm sure you are, doctor...
Eggman: What're you babbling about?
Rouge: You know, you're wanted by the government for questioning about a certain item.
Eggman: Hmph! I tossed that piece of junk at the beach already!
Rouge: What? You threw it away?
Eggman: The world's deadliest weapon? What a joke! That worthless thing can't even listen to basic instructions! It's probably making friends with the crabs right about now!
Rouge: With crabs?
Eggman: I used the raw data from that robot to build a much better robot. Its name is E121 "Phi"!
Phi: ... ... ...
Rouge: What an ugly contraption.
Eggman: These guys are powered by pieces of the "Chaos Emerald." I created "Phi" by using Emerald shards from the Chaos Emerald I crushed!
Rouge: You created this...
Eggman: And I programmed them to collect all 7 "Chaos Emeralds"! In no time, I should have all 7 "Chaos Emeralds..." Oh, I forgot you're also looking for "Chaos Emeralds." So I must insist that you stay out of the way for a while.
Rouge: Seriously, you don't think you can stop me, do you doctor?
Eggman: Hah! You haven't seen the power of my new creation! Go Phii #1!

Up to Battle 2 & 3

[The Phi crackles, and disappears.]

Eggman: Nooo!

[A Chaos Emerald shard floats down to Rouge.]

Rouge: I guess it wasn't as tough as you thought it was I'll take this "Emerald Shard"!
Eggman: Dang... It looks like I need the original... I'll let you go this time, but I won't take it so easy on you the next time you get in my way! *leaves*
Rouge: Get in your way? Hmmm... It could get awfully complicated if the doctor has already linked himself with the Gizoid first... I know he said that he tossed it on the beach, but... Oh, well, I better find out more about "Gizoid" using this pass! I can't let doctor take all the fun for himself.

Central Lab - After selecting the area

Security: Hey, you!
Rouge: Here's my pass. Now leave me alone.
Security: My apologies, madam!

[Rouge goes inside the Lab.]

Rouge: OK, now where shall I begin?
Computer: Searching Gizoid... Searching... Searching... Searching... Warning! Highly Confidential! Battle weapon discovered in Ancient Ruins... Called "Gizoid"... Technique to acquire all forms of weaponry is based on super-science technology... This process has no apparent limitations and will continue to loop indefinitely.
Rouge: Hmm... Very interesting.
Computer: Endless cycle... Continuing cycle causes overload which can lead to... Experiment created by Professor Gerald... Sealed by the government... Disappearance...
Rouge: ... ... ... Professor Gerald... He's Shadow's creator. ... ... ... I think I may have hit the jackpot! I'm not all that interested in anything besides jewelry, but... This is something else. If I can train the robot to become the ultimate robot thief... All the jewelry in the world will be mine! So, where can I find this thing?
Computer: "Delivery of power"... The output of its power is initiated by external contact, and from that point on, it will only take orders from the one who initiated the contact... This act is called, establishing a "Link."
Rouge: Hmm... Since the doctor still doesn't seemed to have created a "Link" with it, I better hurry to find it and make it mine. But if someone else finds it before me, it could get quite complicated...
Computer: It will, however, take orders from others if permission is given by its original master...
Rouge: I see... So I can make it mine as long as I get permission from its master. I better go find this Gizoid now. The doctor said that he tossed the Gizoid at the beach... I should head to "Emerald Beach."

Emerald Beach - After selecting the area

[Sonic and Emerl are standing on the beach]

Sonic: Show it my power? Like this? Heh heh...

[He raises his fist in the air, and a burst of light flashes right before everything goes dark.]

Emerl: ... ... ...! ... ... ...!
Sonic: What! Whoa!
Emerl: "I sha...ll not ...represent ...and become... of all..."
Sonic: What? What's it saying? I wonder if this thing can even be fixed. I better take it to Tails before it blows up. Tails' House is north of town. Follow me!

[He and Emerl leave.]

Emerald Beach - Later

Game: Today...

[Rouge appears on the beach.]

Rouge: All right! He's finally given it permission to listen to my commands. Now all I have to do is steal that robot... But those guys are always hanging around it... That'll make things a little difficult... Hmm...

[She disappears; Sonic, Tails, & Emerl appear]

Sonic: Hey, Emerl! Watch this!
Tails: But be careful... It may be too much for you.
Emerl: Too much! Too much!
Amy: *off-screen* A-haa! There he is! Soniiic!
Sonic: S, Shoot! It's Amy! Listen, Emerl! I'm not here. Just listen to whatever Amy has to say. And be careful! Good luck! *runs*

[She gets into view by Tails & Emerl.]

Amy: Sonic...? *Emerl turns around* What is this thing?
Tails: That's Emerl.
Amy: Emerl?
Tails: It's his pet project. His baby.
Amy: Baby? Sonic's?
Tails: Well, yeah, it's sort of like that.
Amy: Oh, Sonic. Oh my gosh! *heart floats up* He's already practicing for our little one... I wonder if this is a sign that we'll be married soon. I can't believe it! My dream is about to come true.
Tails: I, I don't know about that...
Amy: *upset* Did you say something?
Tails: I, I should go look for Sonic. I'll see you later, OK? *leaves*
Amy: Hello. I'm Amy. I'm your new mommy!
Emerl: Mommy! Mommy!
Amy: Oh, you wanna play?
Rouge: *walks up behind Amy* Finally, here's my chance.
Amy: *turns around* Rouge. What a pleasant surprise! What little dirty deed are you up to now?
Rouge: Why you little... I have a little business to take care of with that robot over here. Emerl, let's go!
Emerl: Let's go! Let's go!
Amy: Hold it! Where do you think you're taking my baby?
Rouge: Wha... I think you better go get your head examined dear girl.
Amy: Hey, you looking for a fight?
Rouge: Ah, I know something like this was going to happen. All right. I'll fight you!

Up to Battle 4 & 5

Emerald Beach - After the (1st) fight with Amy & Emerl

Rouge: Well, shall we go my darling, Emerl?
Amy: H, hold on... *pant* My baby...
Rouge: Give it up, will you?

Emerald Beach - After the (2nd) fight with Amy & Emerl

[Rouge and Emerl run off.]

Amy: Oh, I can't do this anymore. Maybe I need to start working out again...

[Tails walks onto the screen.]

Tails: Oh, man. Where's Sonic... Amy! What happened? And where's Emerl?
Amy: I'm sorry... I couldn't protect him... He was kidnapped...
Tails: Kidnapped?
Amy: Our baby was kidnapped by Rouge! I'm so sorry, it's all my fault...
Tails: I'll let Sonic know right away!

Crossing - After selecting the area

Emerl: Amy! Amy!
Rouge: Don't worry about her. She's tough, for a little girl. Of course, she'd never be able to take down an agent such as myself.
Chaos Gamma: *gets behind Rouge* Target locked.
Rouge: Ha? What's your problem?
Chaos Gamma: Initiating battle mode.
Emerl: Amy! Amy!
Rouge: Oh, come on! Give it up, will ya?

Up to Battle 6

Crossing - After the (1st) fight with Chaos Gamma

Chaos Gamma: Initiating battle mode.
Rouge: Give it up, will you?

Crossing - After the (2nd) fight with Chaos Gamma

[Chaos Gamma cackles with electricity, and disappears.]

Rouge: Come on! What did I ever do to you? Hmm... That Guard Robo looks just like Omega... Oh, well! Let's head to my place, in "Night Babylon"!

Club "Rouge" - After selecting the area

Rouge: Phew, here we are!
Emerl: Amy! Amy!

[Amy walks into view.]

Rouge: I told you to forget about...
Amy: What took you so long, Madam Rouge?
Rouge: How did you find this place?
Amy: Just woman's intuition, I guess.
Rouge: Oh, and does your intuition tell you that you better stay out of this?

Up to Battle 7 & 8 & 9

Club "Rouge" - After the fight with Amy

Amy: *trembles* *pant* Air... *pant* I need air...
Rouge: You should know who you're dealing with here.
Emerl: Amy! Amy!
Amy: *disappears*
Rouge: OK, let's go inside.

Club "Rouge" - After selecting the area

Rouge: Shadow, I'm back...
Emerl: ... ... ...
Rouge: still asleep...
Emerl: Home! Home!
Rouge: That's right, this is your new home now.
Emerl: Sonic! Home! Sonic! Home!
Rouge: ...Yes! Now! Finally! The ultimate treasure is all mine! OK, I'm going to train you to become the ultimate robot thief! OK, let's get warmed up. Whenever you hunt for treasure, you'll always have to deal with Guard Robos. The doctor sold these Guard Robos just to make extra cash on the side... Anyway, they can be dangerous if you don't watch out. So let's begin practicing dealing with these guys first. Why don't you fight the Guard Robo I got here. Your goal is to defeat it "5 times" under a time limit. Are you ready?
Emerl: ... ... ...
Rouge: What do you say to that?
Emerl: Play time...
Rouge: Good. Now here we go!

Up to Battle 10 & 11

Club "Rouge" - After the fight with a Guard Robo

Rouge: All right, good. Not bad at all. OK, next is the getaway technique. Even if you've got the treasure, if you get caught, it means nothing. So try "not getting hit" from me under a time limit. You'll have to start all over if you get hit even once, OK?

Club "Rouge" - After the (1st) fight with Rouge

Emerl: Sonic...
Rouge: You don't get it, do you? I am your master from now on! Now forget about that hedgehog.
Emerl: Sonic...
Rouge: OK, after this, it'll be for real! Let's do a "5 KO Battle"! But if you get "Koed even once" you have to start all over, OK?

Club "Rouge" - After the (2nd) fight with Rouge

Rouge: Hmph, not too bad. you're pretty sturdy. OK! Are you ready for the real thing? Our target is the "Building" in "Emerald Town." According to my data, a jewelry shop there carries a "Chaos Emerald." When the Guard Robos show up, take care of them just as we've practiced until I get the treasure. OK, you ready?
Emerl: Sonic...

Crossing - After selecting the area

Amy: I knew I'd find you here!
Rouge: Shoot, there she is again! Haa... Well, I guess I better take care of her.
Amy: That's it! I'll finish you here. You won't get away with this, Rouge!

Up to Battle 12 & 13

Crossing - After the (1st) fight with Amy

[Amy, from exhaustion's delusion, thinks she sees Sonic nearby.]

Amy: Haa... Haaa... I'm getting dizzy... Haa... Haa... But I'm going to fight for... Sonic... Sonic? When did you... That's right! This is OUR child! We must protect him! OK, here I come!

Crossing - After the (2nd) fight with Amy

[The Sonic in Amy's imagination vanishes.]

Amy: That's it... Sonic... ? Maybe I'm imagining... I'm really... sleepy... *trembles, and disappears*
Rouge: That should keep her quiet. No wonder Sonic's so sick of her. She's just way too persistent! Well, she'll be fine, just sleeping here. Hope I don't have to fight her again. We're almost at "Emerald Town." Our target is the Chaos Emerald in the "Building."

Building - After selecting the area

Rouge: Now remember that technique I taught you earlier to open locks?
Emerl: ... ... ...
Rouge: What's the matter? Just do it as I taught you.

[Emerl reaches to the door. The door clicks]

Rouge: There you go. See, that wasn't so hard. Now just open this, and... All right! Thank you! Yeah! *a Chaos Emerald floats down to Rouge* Oh, it's gorgeous...
Emerl: ... ... ...
Rouge: What?
Emerl: *trembles* Chaos Emerald... A new... Power...
Rouge: What? You're speaking now? Hey... Hey! What're you doing? Hey! that's my "Chaos Emerald"! Hey! You stole my Chaos Emerald!

[The Emerald floats down to Emerl.]

Game: A "third" Chaos Emerald has been acquired by Emerl! Skill Points" have increased by "10"!!
Emerl: ... ... ...
Rouge: Hey! Give me back my Chaos Emerald!
Emerl: ... ... ... ... ... ... He's coming! He's coming!
Rouge: Who's coming?
Emerl: Sonic! It's Sonic!
Sonic: *comes into view* Emerl!
Emerl: Sonic!
Rouge: Sonic! How did you find us?
Sonic: A wild guess! A hedgehog's hunch!
Emerl: Sonic, good to see you! Sonic, good to see you!
Sonic: So Rouge, what were you planning to do with him? If you've done something bad with him, I won't let you off easy!
Rouge: And now, why would I want to do such a thing? Come on! I'll take you on!


Building - After the fight with Sonic

Sonic: Hmph! Is that all you got?
Tails & Knuckles: Sonic!
Emerl: Tails! Knuckles!
Sonic: I'll get Emerl back somehow!

Building - After the fight with Sonic & Tails & Knuckles

Emerl: Sonic, let's play more! Play more!
Sonic: Hey, stop it! This is serious!
Emerl: Serious?
Sonic: That's right.
Emerl: Serious talk! Let me join you! Play time! Play time!
Sonic: Hey, Emerl, stop it!
Rouge: Oh, that's it! I give up!
Sonic: Hey, stop pulling my needles, Emerl!
Rouge: Boy, this is ridiculous. That's why I'm only interested in jewelry. I'd never want to be a "mom" like that girl.
Sonic: What girl?
Rouge: Good luck with everything, daddy!
Sonic: Daddy?

[Amy comes into view.]

Amy: Hey, I got you now! You thieving bat! And Sonic!
Sonic: *turns around*
Amy: Wait for me Sonic. I'll be a good mom. Just hang on! Hold it there, thief!
Sonic: Amy?
Rouge: All right! You can have the "Chaos Emerald." He already has it anyway. Sheesh, what kind of mess have I gotten myself into?

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