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This is the script for Knuckles the Echidna's storyline in Sonic Battle.

Game prologue[]

Game: It was discovered that Emerl needed "Chaos Emeralds." Hearing this, a spark of interest was triggered...
Knuckles: It needs "Chaos Emeralds"?! There's no way I'm gonna sit this one out!
Game: It was discovered that Emerl could learn techniques merely by watching others fight. Upon hearing these words, that spark became a flame...
Knuckles: The harder he trains, the stronger he gets? Here's a warrior after my own heart! I must help him reach his full potential! He's with Sonic?! If Sonic trains him, he'll never grow strong! They're probably at "Tails' Lab." I must find them!
Game: Yet elsewhere, another man yearns to "help," to achieve explosive results...
Eggman: Hah hah hah!! Go!! Go, my painful "Phi" robots! Bring the Gizoid back to me!
Phi #1: Roger!
Phi #2: Roger!
Phi #3: Roger!

Up to Battle 1[]

Tails' Lab - After selecting the area[]

Knuckles: Hey! Emerl! Are you here? I'm here to teach you. I have special moves I want to show you!
Tails: Oh, Knuckles! Welcome!
Emerl: Welcome, Knuckles. Thank you for coming.
Knuckles: Huh? Since when did he start talking intelligently?
Tails: It started when we gave him a "Chaos Emerald." Isn't it great?
Emerl: Hello! Hurry up and teach me already!
Knuckles: I can't tell if he's being polite, or if he's just rude...
Tails: Emerl can only use words that he's heard. So, he talks like Sonic and me, but all mixed up.
Emerl: Don't worry about it! Will you please teach me?
Knuckles: ... This won't work. Emerl! It's time for me to test your strength! Get "10 KOs" off of me to prove your worth! You better have not gotten weaker since we last met!

Up to Battle 2 & 3[]

Tails' Lab - After the fight with Knuckles[]

Knuckles: Ummm... Not bad... I shouldn't have held back so much...
News: Breaking news!
Tails & Knuckles: !
Emerl: ?
News: We are bringing you a special report! A mysterious robot has appeared in "Night Babylon."
Tails: Hey! It's the fake Emerl!
Knuckles: It's finally decided to show itself, eh?! Let's go, Emerl!
Emerl: Follow me!
Knuckles: Hey!! That's my line!

[Emerl and Knuckles leave.]

Tails: Oh no, they're gone. I hope those two will be okay...

Amy's Room - After selecting the area[]

Amy: Hey! I found Emerl!
Knuckles: Amy...
Amy: Huh? Where's Sonic?
Knuckles: Who knows?
Amy: Darn! I thought he was coming here with Emerl to propose to me!
Knuckles: R-right. Well, I'm in a rush, so I gotta get going.
Emerl: In your dreams! Now if you'll excuse me...

[Knuckles and Emerl leave.]

Amy: That Sonic... He's probably just embarrassed! Maybe I'll go find him myself! *a heart floats up over Amy* What do you think Emerl? Huh? Hey! Where'd you go?

Crossing - After selecting the area[]

Chaos Gamma: Target acquired.
Knuckles: Gamma, is that you? Last time, you ran off without even answering me!
Chaos Gamma: Initiating battle mode.
Knuckles: Heh... Get ready, Emerl! It means business!
Emerl: Shut up! I'll tear this rustbucket apart!
Knuckles: Hey, when did you start talking like that?

Up to Battle 04[]

Crossing - After the (1st) fight with Chaos Gamma[]

Chaos Gamma: ... Initiating systems check... Initiating repair systems... ...All systems nominal. Initiating battle mode.
Knuckles: Emerl! Watch yourself! Looks like it's not done yet!

Crossing - After the (2nd) fight with Chaos Gamma[]

Chaos Gamma: Mission failed...
Knuckles: Why won't you answer me?!

[Chaos Gamma disappears.]

Knuckles: ...It's gone. Even when you were with Tails, it looked like it was after you.
Rouge: It is...
Knuckles: Rouge?!
Emerl: Hello! Where the heck have you been?
Rouge: Looks like your little baby has got quite a mouth on him.
Knuckles: Hey, it's not me! Blame Sonic!
Rouge: Quick to blame others, as usual, I see.
Emerl: Hey, it's not me! Blame Sonic!
Knuckles: All right, all right. I'll be more careful.
Rouge: That robot you just fought probably isn't the robot you guys know as "Gamma."
Knuckles: What?!
Rouge: Dr. Eggman has been experimenting with using "Chaos Emeralds" on robot cores. He used a bunch of old parts to create guinea pigs for his experiments. That robot's probably just has parts that you recognize.
Knuckles: Even if it's someone else... Why is it after Emerl?
Rouge: Well, Emerl took the "Chaos Emerald" that Dr. Eggman was using for his experiments. I think he wants revenge or something. I mean, Chaos Emeralds are very powerful. I sorta understand how he feels. Well then. You boys be careful out there, okay? *leaves*
Knuckles: That might explain why it seemed like that robot wasn't trying... Huh? Where'd she go? And what was she doing here, anyway? Hey Emerl! You better be careful! I don't think they've given up on trying to take you back yet!
Emerl: Gotcha! You better watch yourself, too!
Knuckles: R-right...

Bar - After selecting the area[]

Store Clerk: Welcome!
Knuckles: Hey! Have you heard? The news said that there's a strange robot lurking around here...
Store Clerk: R-right behind you!
Knuckles: Huh? No, this guy's different.
Store Clerk: Aaack! It's coming to get me!!! Summon the Guard Robo!
Knuckles: Hey! I'm telling you this guy's not the thief! Listen to me!
Guard Robo: You rang?
Store Clerk: C-capture them!
Guard Robo: Roger that!

Up To Battle 5[]

Bar - After the fight with a Guard Robo[]

[The Guard Robo crackles, and disappears.]

Knuckles: Let's get out of here, Emerl!
Emerl: What're we gonna do?! Looks like things are about to get messy!

Casino - After selecting the area[]

Emerl: Let's go to the next spot!
Knuckles: H-hey! Emerl, wait!
Emerl: Whaddya want, Knuckles? Nobody can stop me!
Knuckles: Just wait a second!
Emerl: I'm not gonna let you get ahead of me!
Knuckles: Shut up!
Emerl: ... Sonic... *trembles* Sonic!! Sonic!!
Knuckles: I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you. Please, just pipe down, okay?
Emerl: Sonic...
Knuckles: Just wait here, okay? I'll go on ahead, so just be a good boy and wait. *leaves*
Emerl: Sonic!! Sonic!! *leaves*

Casino - Later[]

Knuckles: Awww... I wanted to be the one to get it... Hm? Emerl? Hey! Where'd you go? Quit clowning around, Emerl! Where are you? This ain't good... I should start looking for him.

Theater - After selecting the area[]

Knuckles: Have you seen a robot around here?
Store Clerk: A red echidna... You'e the guy who wrecked Night Club! Call the Guard Robo!
Knuckles: Why doesn't anybody listen to me?!

Up To Battle 6[]

Theater - After the fight with two Guard Robos[]

Knuckles: That does it!

Hotel - After selecting the area[]

Store Clerk: Welcome. Aaack! Somebody help me!
Knuckles: Looks like I'm famous now.

Up To Battle 7 & 8[]

Hotel - After the fight with three Guard Robos[]

Knuckles: I should probably look somewhere else.

Club "Rouge" - After selecting the area[]

Knuckles: What is this place...? "Club Rouge"??? She owns this place??? Man, something smells fishy here... Well, I still better check it out!
Store Clerk: This is a battle club for members only. I must first test your skill.
Knuckles: Silence! Where is she? Hmm...

[Inside the club, Emerl and Rouge are preparing to fight.]

Emerl: Ha! You rustbucket, I'll tear you apart!
Knuckles: Emerl! What are you doing?

Up To Battle 9 & 10[]

Club "Rouge" - After the fight with Rouge[]

Emerl: I am invincible!
Knuckles: Emerl!
Emerl: Hey, Knuckles! I've been lookin' all over for ya!
Knuckles: I'VE been looking for YOU! Let's go!
Rouge: I suppose you think echidnas are special and you don't have to pay for the entrance fee?
Knuckles: Rouge! What're you planning to do with Emerl?!
Rouge: How rude... Emerl came to me. He probably missed me. My, you've grown strong... Gives me goose bumps thinking about it.
Knuckles: So much confidence...

[A light flashes.]

Store Clerk: W-who the heck are you?! Aaarrggh!
Phi: Located! Located!
Rouge: Is that... Phi?!
Knuckles: What?! It looks just like Emerl... All right, Emerl! Let's do this!
Emerl: All right! Let's blow this taco stand!
Rouge: Those two are sounding more and more alike...

Club "Rouge" - After the fight with the two Phi[]

Knuckles: Hah! Nothing's better than the real thing!

[A Chaos Emerald shard floats down to Emerl.]

Emerl: Shard! Shard!
Knuckles: Shard?
Emerl: There! There!

[Another shard floats down to Knuckles.]

Knuckles: This thing fell out of Phi...
Rouge: Phi is powered by "Chaos Emerald" shards. I've actually got one, too. Here, take it. *gives to Emerl*
Emerl: Thank you very much! Looks like you've got a use after all!
Rouge: Well, I never...! How exactly are you raising him, anyway?
Knuckles: S-sorry...
Rouge: I've got no use for a measly shard. I'll collect on this debt some other day by taking your Master Emerald.
Knuckles: You wish!
Rouge: Hah! Are you forgetting that I'm the world's greatest thief? But perhaps you should first ask your little fox friend what he knows about the shards. I've already seen him absorb a Chaos Emerald...
Knuckles: Good point. We should go back and talk to Tails about this.
Rouge: Come back to "Club Rouge" any time, boys! *heart floats up*
Knuckles: No thanks!

Tails' Lab - After selecting the area[]

Knuckles: Tails! We're back!
Tails: Hey, Knuckles! Emerl! Welcome back!
Emerl: I'm home, Tails! Have you been a good boy?
Tails: Yup! How about you? Were you a good boy?
Emerl: Heck yeah!
Tails: Knuckles! What've you been teaching him?! Looks like he's gotten a lot stronger. (But it looks like he's not getting much smarter...)
Knuckles: Look, I was careful around him. Right Emerl?
Emerl: Heck yeah! Knuckles doesn't mess around!
Tails: Knuckles!!
Knuckles: H-hey, that reminds me!
Tails: What...
Knuckles: We found this!
Tails: That's a "Chaos Emerald!
Knuckles: Well, a shard of one.
Tails: let me see it. If you could get 2 more shards of the same color, you could probably form a whole Emerald.
Knuckles: 2 more, huh? That bat lady said that the fake Emerls all had shards.
Tails: That's right! The fake Emerls are all powered by Emerald shards!
Knuckles: Yeah, Eggman tried to copy Emerl's technology.
Tails: Hmm... And knowing him, he's probably going to come and try to take Emerl back!
Knuckles: All right, Emerl! Time to train! Come with me to the beach! I'll make you strong enough to beat Eggman! *leaves*
Emerl: Hey! Whaddya think you're doing! Don't go running in front of me! *leaves*
Tails: Nope, he's not getting smarter at all...

Emerald Beach - After selecting the area[]

Knuckles: Okay, Emerl... I've been holding back up until now. But, there's no excuse for me losing, even if I was holding back. It's about time we settle once and for all! A "1 KO Battle"!

Up to Battle 11[]

Emerald Beach - After the fight with Knuckles[]

Knuckles: Hah hah hah! You sure are a powerful annoying little kid!
Emerl: ... I sure am!
Knuckles: *Grrr*
Eggman: Hah hah hah! Well, Gizoid! I see that you've really started to grow up!
Knuckles: Eggman!
Eggman: Long time no see!
Emerl: Huh? Who are you?!
Eggman: Huh?! It's me! Dr. Eggman! You should learn some respect! Especially since you absorbed my special "Chaos Emerald"! Enough! Get him, Phi #4! Capture Gizoid!

Emerald Beach - After the fight with a Phi[]

Knuckles: Hmph! Did you think your robot could stop us? That "Emerald shard" is ours!

[The shard floats down to Knuckles.]

Emerl: I'm feeling great!
Eggman: Darn! Retreat! *leaves*
Knuckles: I'm not letting you get away! Let's get him, Emerl!
Emerl: Don't fall behind, Knuckles! *leaves*
Knuckles: H-hey! Emerl, wait!

Crossing - After selecting the area[]

Eggman: So, you've caught up with me! You persistent punks! Get them, Phi #5!

Up to Battle 12 & 13[]

Crossing - After the fight with a Phi[]

[Another Emerald shard floats down to Emerl.]

Knuckles: Ha haa!!!
Emerl: Yeahaaa!
Knuckles: Not too bad, partner!
Emerl: Partner?
Knuckles: Yeah, you're my battle partner!

[As Eggman turns and thinks to himself, the background fades away.]

Eggman: ...You're stronger than I expected. Al the Phi robots I brought with me have been destroyed... Just as I expec... Er... No! This couldn't have happened!

[Everything goes back to normal.]

Eggman: Aaargh... I've been defeated... I must retreat to "Gimme Shelter." THEY'LL NEVER FIND ME IN "Gimme Shelter," LOCATED IN "Night Babylon"! *leaves*
Knuckles: We got the fifth "Emerald shard," but we'll heard back to Tails' Lab later! We gotta catch Eggman! We'll get him this time!
Emerl: I'll make him pay!!!
Knuckles: Do I really say things like that?

Depot - After selecting the area[]

Knuckles: Is this the place?! Where is he!
Eggman: Gotcha!
Knuckles: *electrocuted* Argh! *electrocuted* W-what's going on?! I can't move!
Emerl: What's wrong, Knuckles?
Knuckles: Don't come any closer, Emerl!
Eggman: Hah hah hah hah! You fell right into my trap, Knuckles!
Knuckles: You tricked me!
Eggman: Hah hah hah! I deserve an award for my acting! And this ultra-powerful "spiky rodent trap" I developed to catch Sonic works perfectly! It works even better than I expected! It shoots electricity through your body so you can't move! So, no matter how strong you are, if you can't move, there's no way for you to escape! Ha ha ha ha!
Knuckles: What're you up to, Eggman?!
Eggman: What else? I shall take Gizoid back and fulfill my plans to take over the world! Once I have Gizoid acquire my ultimate weapon, "Final Egg Blaster,"... I'll be able to use it as my final weapon of destruction!
Knuckles: What the heck is the "Final Egg Blaster"?!
Eggman: Oops! It's still supposed to be a secret! Well then! I must return to complete my secret "Final Egg Blaster," so you'll have to excuse me! I leave the rest to you, "Chaos Gamma"!!
Chaos Gamma: If I win, you'll give me a "Chaos Emerald," right? You promise?
Eggman: Of course! I promise! But, be sure to bring Gizoid with you! That Gizoid is not fully awakened. And since that rodent is incapacitated, there's nothing he can do to stop me! *leaves*
Chaos Gamma: *comes into view* Understood. Power output max. Energy flow at 150%. Initiating battle mode.
Knuckles: Emerl! Run!
Emerl: Don't worry about it, partner!


Depot - After the (1st) fight with Chaos Gamma[]

Chaos Gamma: ... ... ... Auto-check start... Recovery initiated... ... ... ... I cannot lose... Power output at 200%! Energy flow at 200%! Initiating battle... mode...

Depot - After the (2nd) fight with Chaos Gamma[]

Chaos Gamma: Grrr... Power output draining... Energy draining... ... Battle impossible... *crackles, and disappears*
Emerl: Knuckles, you okay?
Knuckles: Great job, partner!
Emerl: I'm invincible!
Knuckles: You said it! Let's go! *electrocuted* ... I can't move... He said that I'm being immobilized by electricity... Hey, Emerl! Do you see a "switch" over there? If you can flip the switch, I should be able to move.
Emerl: Come on, Knuckles! Is that all you got?!
Knuckles: What?! I'll show you...! My true strength!!!!!

[He starts trying to fight the electricity, and repeatedly gets shocked.]

Knuckles: Grraaaaah!!!! Aaaaaaaarrrrrggh!
Emerl: Oh, I wonder if this is the right "switch." *presses*
Knuckles: Grrrrrruh??

[The voltage dies down, and Knuckles - not realizing that happened - continues straining against it; which after it lets go, throws him into a wall.]

Knuckles: *stands up* Ouch! Hey... You did that on purpose!
Emerl: Let's go! Stop wasting time! *leaves*
Knuckles: Hey, wait up! If you keep talking like that, Sonic will smack you! *chases after Emerl*

Tail's Lab - After selecting the area[]

Tails: Welcome back! You guys were gone a while! W-what happened?! You both look horrible!
Knuckles: Heh heh... *turns to Emerl* Wh-?!
Emerl: Wh-?!
Tails: ??? What is it?!
Knuckles: Look what we found!
Tails: Hey! The last two "Emerald shards"! I have enough shards to make a whole "Chaos Emerald"!!! Hold on one second...

[The screen goes black for a moment to show that an amount of time passed.]

Tails: There you go, Emerl!

[The Chaos Emerald floats down to Emerl.]

Game: Emerl has acquired the "third" Chaos Emerald! "Skill Points" have increased by "10"!!
Emerl: ...
Tails: So, Emerl, how do you feel?
Emerl: Really good! Thanks, Tails!
Tails: You've grown a little bit more! But, if you're going to thank anyone, thank Knuckles!
Emerl: Oh yeah! Thanks, partner!
Tails: Partner? Just what happened out there, anyway?

[As Knuckles whispers to Emerl, the background goes dark.]

Knuckles: (Hey, Emerl! Let's just keep the fact that Eggman tricked me our little secret, ok?)
Emerl: (Sure thing, parter!)

[The backdrop returns to normal.]

Emerl: It's a secret, but my partner goy tricked by Eggman again! A secret! Right, partner?!
Knuckles: Why you...!!!!
Sonic: *comes into view* Hey, guys! Looks like you're all having fun!
Emerl: Hey! Sonic! Hey, Sonic! Guess what! It's a secret, but Knuckles got fooled by Eggman again!
Knuckles: Emerl!!!!

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