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This is the script for Emerl's storyline in Sonic Battle.

Up to Battle 1/2

Game prologue

Game: Emerl, who has come to realize that he has the same soul as Shadow does, has finally obtained 7 "Chaos Emeralds"... However, Dr. Eggman has not given up on his plans for world domination yet...
Eggman: Um, The Phis were all destroyed. Chaos and Gamma are useless, too. All the "Chaos Emeralds" I had have been taken by Sonic and his disgusting friends... The Gizoid has been equipped with 7 "Chaos Emeralds." Now that he has been awakened, combined with the training that Sonic and his pals put him through, he should be extremely powerful. Most people would give up here, I suppose... But, not I. For am I a genius scientist, Eggman! If grandfather's journal is correct... Heh heh heh... Haaah hah hah hah!!! This time you'll learn, Sonic!

[Sonic and Emerl come nearby.]

Sonic: So, I said you are still far from being perfect!
Eggman: Hah hah hah hah hah!!! Well, well, well... How are you doing, my dirty little spiked rat, and my useless weapon?
Sonic: Eggman! Did you come all the way here just to mess with Emerl again? You know, being over persistent won't win you any popularity contests!
Eggman: Hah hah hah!!! Enough with the small talk! I have no use for this pile of junk anyway! I have completed the perfect weapon! I have installed the "Final Egg Blaster" on the ultimate planet destroying battleship... "the Death Egg"!!! Haaah hah hah hah! Stupendous! It's wonderful, I tell you! It is my greatest creation ever! With this, I will finally accomplish my goal of world domination! I can see it now! The world will bow before me! You can do naught but wait, cowering in fear! You poor weaklings! You shall learn to fear me! So long, my loud mouthed spikey rat friend! The next time we meet, I shall be the king of the world! Gaaah hah hah hah!!! [disappears]
Sonic: Hmph... The old guy sure seems excited! Well, it looks like that "Final Something-or-Other" that Knuckles was telling me about is finally finished. I guess we're not the only ones who've got a score to settle here.
Tails: Sonic! Emerl! Have you seen it?! A giant battleship has appeared in "Holy Summit"!
Sonic: Hey, Tails! Yeah, we heard. I swear, that old guy just doesn't know when to give up! He couldn't get his hands on Emerl, so he goes and whips up another one of his weird inventions, and now he's shouting something about taking over the world!
Emerl: Well, he was the one that woke me up in the first place. I've got a few things to settle with him!
Sonic: You really have grown up, Emerl! Looks like we've gotta hike to "Holy Summit"! Emerl! Tails!
Emerl: All right!
Tails: But, something's not right. Why would he be so out and out honest about his plans? Even the government keeps some things a secret... It feels too deliberate... Like he's trying to lure us into following him. I've got a bad feeling about this. Anyway, I'll go fetch a warp transporter so we can reach the battleship, so go to "Holy Summit" and I'll meet you there!

Altar - After selecting the area

Knuckles You came, as expected...
Sonic: Knuckles... What on earth is this...?
Knuckles: When that battleship appeared, the "Estuary" instantly froze over, and "Chaos" appeared. He's just sitting there, guarding the "Death Egg." Chaos is the guardian god of the Chao. He only shows himself in times of great crisis. Looks like we're in deep trouble this time!
Sonic: Haha! Things are finally getting exciting! Hmm... So that's the "Death Egg," huh? I can see why the old guy was so excited... That thing's huge!
Tails: Sonic!
Sonic: Tails!
Tails: I've brought the transporter! But... It takes a while to charge up, and it only has one charge left.
Sonic: Really... Well, Emerl! You should be the one to go, shouldn't you?
Emerl: You bet!
Sonic: Why don't you go pay the old man a visit, and "thank" him!
Emerl: Yeah!
Sonic: Don't leave until you're ready.
Emerl: All right!
Sonic: We'll be waiting at our usual spots if you want to practice some techniques beforehand.
Emerl: Thank you!
Tails: Emerl... Are you ready? Then... I'll turn the transporter... On!!

Eggman - After selecting the area

Sonic: Emerl? Can you hear me? We're watching from a monitor over here! We can project our voices to your location, so we'll be cheering you on! Amy, Cream, Shadow, and Rouge should be here soon, too!
Emerl: Hey! Doctor! Long time no see!!!
Eggman: Gizoid... Looks like you've changed... From your new looks, I can tell you're not a war machine any longer.
Emerl: Yeah, that's right! My friends helped me!
Eggman: That is very good. Very good indeed! Hoo, ho, ho, ho!!
Emerl: You can laugh all you want. I'm here to defeat you and bring this to an end!
Eggman: Let's see just how powerful you really are! It's time to test whether or not the legends of the "Gizoid's" strength are true!

Up to Battle 3

Eggman - After the (1st) fight with Eggman

Eggman: Haaah hah hah! Is that all?? I'm not even trying yet!

Eggman - After the (2nd) fight with Eggman

Eggman: Please, I-I beg you...!! Forgive me!! Please have a heart! I swear I will never do this again!
Emerl: Hmph... You're not very cool, Eggman! See you later! Try not to do anything bad anymore, okay? If you're smart enough to build battleships like this, I'm sure you can find other things to do! ...But, I wanted to thank you for waking me up. Thanks to you, I've learned the true meaning of "friendship." I'm not just a weapon... I'm a living being with a "heart" and free will! [turns around]
Eggman: ... Hah! NOW!!! Launch "Final Egg Blaster"!!!!

[A huge white flash comes on, and the Death Egg shakes furiously as it fires the FEB.]

Emerl: Urk... Eggman... What are you doing?!
Eggman: Hah, ha, ha! You're so soft!! That's understandable, of course. You were raised by those little wimps! Their weakness will be the end of you! Haaah hah hah hah! Look! All the stars over there have been destroyed! How do you feel, Gizoid? Are you ready to start capturing energy???
Emerl: W-What?! ...N-Noooo!!! ... ... ...

[The background design fades.]

Dark screen

[Emerl starts shaking rapidly as he shifts between his Emerl and Gizoid personalities; finally stopping under the influence of Gizoid.]

Gizoid: ... ... ... Initiating data acquisition...
Sonic: Hey, Emerl..., oh no!!
Shadow: No! Now I understand what's going on. The Doctor planned this all along!!

[Note: There aren't actually spaces in the binary, but they are colored differently. Each space represents a change in the color.]

Gizoid: 0010101001 00010100101010101 010101010000101010 00001101111 10101 0101111110 010101001 00010100101010 000101010 000011011111 0101010 111111111001

[Gizoid trembles.]

Sonic: Emerl? Emerl?! Hey! Emerl!!
Emerl: I shall... all... things..and... conquer... all...
Eggman: Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! There's still one little "Link" you guys didn't know about!! The Gizoid will create a new "Link" if it encounters someone with overwhelming power!

[Emerl shakes several times from pain.]

Emerl: ... ... ... Power... Overflowing... Can't hold it in... Can't hold it in... Sonic... Shadow... Help... In such pain... Mom... It hurts... The pain...
Sonic: Emerl! Emerl! Hang in there!!!! Emerl!! Act tough like you always do! Come on! That's an order!!! Emerl!!!!!!
Eggman: Hoo, ho, ho, ho!! Now, Gizoid! Establish a link with ME! Huh? Come on, listen to me! What's happening?
Gizoid: ... ... ... Launch "Final Egg Blaster" at earth...
Eggman: What!?
Sonic: [off-screen] Emerl! Stop!! ...No! He can't hear us!
Gizoid: One minute before launch...
Eggman: Knock it off, Gizoid! If the earth is gone, I won't be able to achieve world domination!
Gizoid: Get out of the way... [punches Eggman]
Eggman: Uh!! [trembles, then disappears]
Sonic: Emerl!! What's this?! [the Master Emerald floats to Sonic] A "Master Emerald"! Where did this come from? I see! We can use this to stop the "Chaos Emeralds" from getting out of control! With the legendary power of the "Master Emerald," we might be able to snap Emerl out of it! We've gotta give it a shot
Tails: Sonic! The transporter is ready!!
Shadow: I am... no longer... You must go... Sonic...
Sonic: Shadow...
Amy: Sonic... Please...
Cream: Sonic... Emerl... You've got to stop Emerl!
Sonic: Amy... Cream...
Knuckles: Even though he's grown up, he's still pretty high-maintenance!
Rouge: You better rescue him quickly. I still need to turn him into a master robot thief.
Sonic: Rouge... Knuckles... OK! I'm off to rescue Emerl!
Tails: Sonic... Emerl's counting on you... Turning on the warp transporter... now!

[Sonic warps to the Death Egg in a bright flash of light.]

Sonic: Hey, Emerl! Lookin' pretty good!
Gizoid: ...That light... Can't see!!!!

[A bright flash fills the entire screen.]

Sonic: Ugh!!!

[The Gizoid attacks Sonic, and then shatters the Master Emerald.]

Sonic: What?! The Master Emerald!!!
Shadow: Broken... Into tiny little pieces...
Knuckles: I can't believe this!?
Gizoid: 30 second before "Final Egg Blaster" is launched.
Shadow: This is the final voice of the last war machine... So begins the destruction of the earth... A natural result of ignorant human desires and greed...
Rouge: Hey, you better deal with this situation in a more positive manner! I don't want to die!!
Cream: Are we all... all... going to die...?
Tails: Sonic!! Can you hear me?! Emerl has absorbed too much energy and has surpassed his limits! He's highly unstable right now! If you can inflict a great amount of damage on him, you'll put a stop to it! But, Emerl... will probably be destroyed... He won't be able to contain the energy that he's absorbed within his body...
Sonic: ...Emerl... Always causing trouble... Even in the end... ... ... It's time for one final party!!!


After the fight with Gizoid

[Emerl has reverted to his normal personality.]

Emerl: Where... is here...? [crackles] Who... am I...? [crackles] Sonic... The pain... [crackles] Shadow... Dark... [crackles] Am I..., am I... [crackles] going to die...? [crackles]

[The light fluctuates several times, and Sonic appears on the screen.]

Sonic: ...merl!! Emerl!!!!
Emerl: Sonic...
Sonic: Are you all right!? Come on!
Emerl: ... ... ...
Sonic: Can you walk!? Let's return to earth!

[Emerl trembles over and over as he speaks.]

Emerl: It's... been fun... Thank you... Sonic... This is... Goodbye... I'm glad... I got to see everyone one last time... ... ... ... ... ... ... Has Tails... gotten stronger? I know he tried his hardest... to protect me... Thank him for me... And Knuckles... we had so much fun... Even though he is too... gullible... But he is such... a good guy... So, Sonic... don't tease him too much, okay? And Mom... Cream... Looks like this is goodbye... I don't want to go... I'll miss all of you... ... ... Shadow... Should I be glad that...I was born...?
Sonic: Quit playing around! Don't get all serious on me now, Emerl! You... You think this is goodbye or something? Hey! Come on, Emerl! Let's go play! Everyone is waiting for us back home! Tails! And even Shadow and Knuckles! Hey, I know! We can trick Knuckles into doing some stupid stuff again! We'll go home and... and... we'll all laugh and have a good time!!!! Right, Emerl...? Emerl!!!!!!!!
Emerl: [trembles] ... ... ... ... ...

[Emerl starts beeping increasingly faster, until it comes to a screech. A light flashes; when it dissipates, Emerl is gone.]

Sonic: Emerl has... disappeared...

Dark screen

Shadow: This was Gerald's final program... Should a weapon go out of control, the weapon will terminate itself... ... ... ... It is my desire to bring hope to humanity. I can't stand it...
Cream: Sob... Emerl...
Sonic: H-hey! Don't you cry! Cream!
Cream: Sonic!
Sonic: Come on, don't cry! Emerl is right here!

[A Chaos Emerald fragment floats down to Sonic.]

Cream: ... Yes! As part of the "Emerald shards"...
Tails: Someday... If this world finally knows true peace... If this world no longer needs weapons or wars... If we can make this world a truly peaceful place when we're older... If we can make a world where there's only laughter... Do you think we'll be able to play with Emerl again?
Sonic: ... ... ... ...Yeah! Definitely!

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