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This is the script for Cream the Rabbit's story in Sonic Battle.

Game prologue

[Amy, Emerl and Cream stand in a black background.]

Amy: *pant pant* Well, that's enough practice for today... You're getting stronger, Emerl!
Emerl: You betcha!
Cream: ... ... ...
Amy: How much did I lose today?
Emerl: Let's see... ... ... ... You burned 1000 calories today, so if you keep going at this rate, then you will lose 2 pounds after three days! And make sure you drink at least a gallon of water each day, and keep the total maximum of calories you take a maximum of 700 calories per day.
Amy: [Happily] All right! I'm almost at my target weight! You are making my life so easy as you get smarter, Emerl! I'm going to get the "Super Diet Machine" that I saw on that commercial! I'll be back soon! See you later, Cream. See you Emerl!
Cream: Okay!
Cheese: Cha-o!
Emerl: See you! [Amy runs off. Sonic and Tails appear in the black background]
Sonic: ... ... ...
Tails: Amy's getting stronger, isn't she?
Sonic: Yeah... No kidding.
Cream: Sonic! Tails!
Emerl: Sonic! You're back!
Sonic: Hey, Emerl! Hey, Cream! I heard on the news that there was a "Chaos Emerald" around here somewhere. We're gonna go look for the "Chaos Emerald".
Tails: And we don't know what Eggman's going to try next, so we'll leave Emerl here a little longer, just in case.
Cream: Okay!
Cheese: Chao!
Emerl: No! Boring! Emerl wants to go too!
Someone off-screen: Well, maybe next time!
Cream: [To Emerl] You know, Amy's really getting into this diet thing, isn't she?
Emerl: Is getting thin good?
Cream: Amy really likes Sonic, so she wants to lose weight so Sonic will like her back!
Emerl: I don't understand...
Cream: Sometimes you'll do anything for someone you love!
Emerl: Hmm...
Cream: [Giggles] You'll understand in time!

[Eggman suddenly appears.]

Eggman: Ho ho ho ho ho! [An exclamation mark appears above Cream]
Cream: Eggman!?
Eggman: I've finally found you, Gizoid! Sonic fell for that fake news story I made up, and now you're all mine! [Saying "Take this!"] Phi #11! Capture them!
Phi #11: [Off-screen] Capture! Capture!
Cream: [Moaning] No!!
Emerl: Cream! Watch out! Hey, hey! I'll take you on! [The screen flashes]
Eggman: [Laughing] On the second thought, I changed my mind! Take this! I took some "Hedgehog Begone" and converted it into "Gizoid Begone"! [Emerl gets electrocuted]
Emerl: I... can't... move! [He disappears]
Cream: Emerl!
Eggman: Ho ho ho ho ho! How do you like that?
Cream: [Moaning] Ah! What are you doing!?
Eggman: Hurry up and capture them, and take them to "Gimee Shelter"!
Cream: Stop it! Don't! Ahh! [She disappears]
Eggman: Ho ho ho ho ho! You! "Chaos Gamma"! Keep a close eye on them! Whatever you do, don't let them escape!
Chaos Gamma: [Appearing] Yes, sir...
Eggman: [Off-screen] You too, Phi #12, #13 and #14!
Phi #12: Yes, sir...
Phi #13: Yes, sir...
Phi #14: Yes, sir...

Workshop - After selecting the area

Emerl: Finally, I can move again...
Cream: We need to find a way out of here... Where are we?
Emerl: It looks like they're making robots.
Cream: This is scary...
Guard Robo: Intruder! Intruder!
Cream: Ah! It moved!
Cheese: Chao! Chao-!

To Battle 02/03

Workshop - After the fight with two Guard Robos

Emerl: Why don't you play, Cream?
Cream: Um... Emerl? That's not playing... that's fighting. I don't like it when people get hurt, or when they're sad.
Emerl: Sad...?
Cream: It's when your heart hurts.
Emerl: Heart... hurts...
Cream: Let's look somewhere else...

Laboratory - After selecting the area

Cream: [sees a Phi] This looks just like Emerl...
Phi: Target acquired.
Cream: Woah! It's moving again!

To Battle 04/05

Laboratory - After the (1st) fight with two Phi

Emerl: Cream! You need to fight, too! Do you want to get hurt?
Cream: ... I don't care.
Emerl: But! But!

Laboratory - After the (2nd) fight with two Phi

Emerl: Whew, that was kinda tough! Are you okay, Cream?
Cream: Yes... But you...
Emerl: Oh, this? It's nothing! Look! It's an "Emerald Shard"!

[Both shards float to Cream.]

Game: "2" "emerald shards" acquired.
Cream: It's so pretty...
Emerl: Here, Cream, you keep it!
Cream: I'm so sorry...
Emerl: Why are you sorry? You haven't done anything bad.
Cream: But I didn't fight... And you got hurt...
Emerl: Won't worry about it! No problem!
Cheese: Chao Chao...
Cream: Cheese... ... Thank you... I know I'm wrong... But still...
Emerl: Cream! Something's flashing over there! Let's go!
Cream: He's just like Sonic...

Computer - After selecting the area

[The background goes black, as Eggman begins talking on the computer.]

Eggman: Bzz... Gkzz... Hey! It's me! Isn't anyone there!?
Emerl: Cream, hide!
Cream: Okay! [hides]
Eggman: Ah, Phi! What took you so long to respond to my call? I may have to strengthen the Emerald condenser... Anyway, which number are you?
Emerl: ... ... ...
Eggman: Are you #11? Or #12? Maybe 13? Ah, #14! ... ... ... ... ... All right, listen up! I'm going to use the rabbit as a hostage, to capture Sonic! I'm looking for Sonic right now, so don't let them get away! Whatever you do, don't tell them that they can escape from the air "Duct"! You got that!? Oh, one more thing. The key to open the "Duct" is in the "workshop"! Make sure you hide it! Got that!?

[Everything goes back to normal, and Cream comes out.]

Cream: I guess Eggman thought you were one of the other ones... How convenient for us! If we stay here, Sonic will be captured too! Let's head to the "Workshop" to get the "Duct key"!
Emerl: Okay! Let's go!

Workshop - After selecting the area

Phi: Detected! You will be captured! I will capture you for Dr. Eggman!

To Battle 06

Workshop - After the (1st) fight with two Phi

Emerl: Cream, hide!
Cream: Okay!
Phi: Shield to maximum! Let's go, #13! Power to maximum! All right, #14!

Workshop - After the (2nd) fight with two Phi

Emerl: Ha! Fodder! You're just fodder! Ha ha ha ha!
Cream: Emerl...?
Emerl: What, Cream? I'm feeling very good right now! [turns to Phi] Haa haa! Give me the "Emerald shard"! [punches Phi]

[Both shards float down to Cream.]

Game: "2" "Emerald shards" acquired.
Cream: Emerl, please stop!
Emerl: Haa haa... ...Why? Cream?
Cream: *sniffle* *sobs*
Emerl: Cream... Are you "sad"?
Cream: Yes... *sniff*
Emerl: Okay... I'm sorry...
Cream: You haven't done anything bad...
Emerl: "There's nothing worse than making a girl cry!" That's what Sonic said...
Cream: It's okay... This must be the "Duct key". Let's go, Emerl!
Emerl: ... ... ...

Duct - After selecting the area

[Chaos Gamma is in front of Cream and Emerl.]

Cream: Oh, no! Another robot!
Chaos Gamma: !! So we meet again, Gizoid. Things will be different this time... Dr. Eggman gave me a "Emerald shard"! I'll use it to defeat you, and take the real "Chaos Emerald"!
Emerl: Cream, hide behind me!
Chaos Gamma: What's the matter? Aren't you going to fight me? [punches Emerl]
Cream: Emerl!
Emerl: [punched again] ... ... ... [punched again] Cream... run...
Cream: But... but...
Chaos Gamma: [hits again] I'll destroy you! I'll take your Emerald! Just like you took mine!

[Gamma hits Emerl again, and this time he shakes for much longer.]

Cream: Emerl!
Emerl: I'm... okay... I can... take it... I don't want to make you sad... so I won't fight...
Cream: No!! Stop it!!
Chaos Gamma: This isn't enough? Increasing power output...
Cheese: Chao! Chaoooo!
Cream: Cheese?
Cheese: Chao chao! Chaoo! Chao, chao chaooo!
Cream: You're right... I was thinking that, too...
Chaos Gamma: This should take care of even the Gizoid...
Cream: You better stop hurting Emerl, or else...
Chaos Gamma: Or else what? What could a little bunny and her little round animal do to stop me?
Cream: Cheese! Let's go!
Cheese: Chaooo!

To Battle 07

Duct - After the fight with Chaos Gamma

Chaos Gamma: Not bad... But I can easily recover from this level of damage... ... ... ... Auto-check start... Recovery initiated... ... ... ...
Cream: Oh...
Emerl: Cream... Cheese... Let's get out of here!
Cream: Okay!
Chaos Gamma: This "Duct" is the only way out... I'll just wait here...

Depot - After selecting the area

Cream: [sniffle] I'm so sorry... I'm sorry, Emerl...
Emerl: Don't cry... I don't want to see your cute eyes full of tears...
Cream: But... but... You're hurt, and it's... It's my fault!
Emerl: I'm fine! Even if I get damaged, I can recover right away!
Cream: Really?
Emerl: See, look! [runs off to the side, gets repaired, comes back] Look! [trembles]
Cream: Hee, hee... You're funny, Emerl...
Emerl: You laughed! You finally laughed!
Cream: I'll do my best!
Cheese: Chao chao!
Cream: And Cheese is with me, too.
Emerl: All right then, it's time to train!
Cream: Okay! Let's start! Oh, can we use the same rules we used at Amy's place? Those are the only ones I know... Training ends when one of us gets 10 KOs!

To Battle 08

Depot - After the fight with Emerl

Cream: You're nicer than Amy... Let's take a break. I want to look around outside! {Yeah!} If Eggman comes back, we're in trouble!

Depot - After re-selecting the area

Emerl: Okay, let's take this up a notch.
Cream: Okay!
Cheese: Chaoo!

To Battle 09

Depot - After the fight with Emerl

Cream: ...Emerl, are you taking it easy on me?
Cheese: Chao!
Cream: Please, don't hold back! This is training!
Emerl: Okay, Cream.
Cream: But... um... [pant, pant] Can we take a short break? I'll be right back...

Depot - After re-selecting the area

Emerl: All right... After this training session, it's going to be the real thing!
Cream: I'll do my best!
Cheese: Chaoooo!
Cream: Cheese is getting pumped, too!

To Battle 10/11

Depot - After the fight with Emerl

Emerl: Good job, Cream! You're ready!
Cream: I think I can fight that robot now...
Emerl: No problem! I guarantee it!

[Eggman activates the computer.]

Eggman: [crackle, buzz] Hello? hello? HELLO! Is anyone there!?
Cream: There's a voice coming from the computer...
Emerl: Oh, no! Sonic!

Computer - After selecting a mission

Eggman: I've finally found Sonic!
Sonic: Are you really telling the truth, Eggman?
Eggman: Of course I am! Just hang on! Hello!
Cream: Sonic!
Emerl: Shh! Let's hide...
Sonic: All right, show me some proof!
Eggman: Why isn't anyone picking up the phone!?
Sonic: I knew you were lying!
Eggman: Arrgh! Just wait a minute! Don't go anywhere! I've got Cream and the Gizoid hostage!
Sonic: Yeah, sure...
Cream: They're gone... But, what should we do? If Eggman catches us, he'll use us to capture Sonic!
Emerl: Yeah... okay, let's go!
Cream: I'll do my best! Let's go, Cheese!
Cheese: Chao chao!

Duct - After selecting the area

[Cream and Emerl approach Gamma.]

Emerl: Hey there, rustbucket! You look bored. Wanna play?
Chaos Gamma: You're back...
Cream: Things will be different this time!
Cheese: Chao!
Chaos Gamma: Your power will be taken from you! Like mine was...


Duct - After the fight with Chaos Gamma

Emerl: Hah! Is that the best you can do?
Cream: Emerl! Cheese! It's not over yet! Be careful!
Chaos Gamma: I can't lose just yet... Maximum output! Initiate Battle Mode! Go Guard Robo!

Duct - After the fight with Chaos Gamma & Guard Robo

Chaos Gamma: Gaah... Why... why... I cannot lose... Cannot understand... Can't... understand...
Cream: ...Mr. Robot... What are you fighting for?
Chaos Gamma: That Gizoid stole my power... Revenge... get power back...
Cream: Power isn't something you can give or take... It's something that you use to defend those that are dear to you! You'll understand, if you find someone you want to protect...
Chaos Gamma: ... ... ... The "Emerald shard" is leaving me... [disappears]

[A shard floats to Cream.]

Game: "!" "Emerald shard" acquired. "Chaos Emerald" created.
Cream: Oh! The combined "Chaos Emerald" has been absorbed by Emerl!

[The full Emerald floats to Emerl.]

Game: "Skill Points" have increased by "10"!!
Emerl: This feeling... it's like... Everything feels... sharper...
Eggman: Unbelievable! My robots are useless! Useless!
Cream: Oh! Eggman's back! ...? I wonder what this switch is...
Emerl: That's... the switch that Knuckles... Hey! Try pushing it!
Cream: Like this?

[The switch beeps]

Eggman: [gets stuck in the electricity] Hey! Someone... [is shocked several times] Gaaaaaaaaaah!!!! [shocked] Whaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
Emerl: All right! Just as we planned! Is this the switch for the phone?

[The phone beeps]

[Sonic starts talking from over the computer's phone-line.]

Sonic: Hey! The picture's on!
Eggman: [continues straining] Ow ow ow ow ow ow!!!
Sonic: Wha!? Huh!? Hey! Eggman! Having fun? Did you want to show us that new dance of yours? Pretty cool, man!
Eggman: Gaaaaaaaaaah!!!!
Emerl: Sonic!
Sonic: Emerl!
Cream: Sonic!
Sonic: Hey, Cream!
Emerl: We're gonna head back now!
Sonic: So Eggman was telling the truth... Are you two okay?
Cream: Yes! Emerl protected me!
Chesse: Chaoo...
Cream: And Cheese did, too!
Sonic: I'll go get you, wait there!
Cream: Don't worry, Emerl's here!
Emerl: I'm going at sonic speed! Hang on! [dashes with Cream]
Eggman: Youu! I'll get youuuu!! [gets hit by electricity]

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