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Sonic Athletics[1] (ソニック アスレチックス Sonikku Asurechikkusu?) is a game attraction in Sega's Tokyo Joypolis that opened on 25 April 2013. It is a Sonic the Hedgehog-themed arcade game played with a treadmill for up to eight players.[2]


There are eight screen-facing treadmill stations based on each of the playable charcters. Players compete by running on the treadmills in three different events. The speed of the playable character in events depends on the player's running, meaning that a character will run faster if their player runs faster on the treadmill too. Each station also features a jump button for the events that require jumping.


Playable characters[]

When playing the game, the players are assigned their characters in accordance to the treadmill station they have chosen in the following order:

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. Miles "Tails" Prower
  3. Knuckles the Echidna
  4. Amy Rose
  5. Shadow the Hedgehog
  6. Metal Sonic
  7. Silver the Hedgehog
  8. Blaze the Cat


  • 100 Meter Dash
  • Long Jump
  • 110 Meter Hurdles



Development images[]




Sonic Athletics Full Gameplay

Full gameplay video.


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