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:''This article is about the French comic. You may be looking for [[Sonic Adventure]] or [[Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog]].''
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'''''Sonic Adventures''''' is a French comic book series, which ran for 2 volumes.
It was published by [[Sirène]], and both volumes were released in 1994. It featured [[Sega]]'s mascot video game character, [[Sonic the Hedgehog (character)|Sonic the Hedgehog]]. [[Miles "Tails" Prower]], [[Amy Rose]], and [[Dr. Robotnik]] also have a role in the series. The series introduces a new character, a female, orange [[Echidna]] named [[Princesse Alucion]].
The two volumes were called "Sonic Adventures: Dans Les Griffes De Robotnik" and "Sonic & Knuckles: Le Guide Ultime".
== Sonic Adventures: Dans Les Griffes De Robotnik ==
*'''Date:''' October 1994
*'''Writer:''' Smoldo
*'''Artist:''' Mister B.
Sonic has been captured by badniks on [[Angel Island]], where he had been hiding in the [[Marble Garden Zone|Marble Temple]], and brought in chains to Robotnik's spaceship. Tails secretly followed, stowing away on the badnik's transport. Robotnik has Sonic brought before him, bemoaning the day he had once transformed Sonic into this supersonic creature. Sonic understands why: it must bring back memories of the days when Robotnik was still good, and known as [[Doctor Ovi Kintobor|Professor Kintobor]]. When a [[Penguinator]] badnik reveals that they also found the [[Chaos Emeralds|Emeralds]] with Sonic, Robotnik is overjoyed... that is until Sonic breaks free of his chains, knocks the bag of emeralds out of the spaceship hatch, and then jumps after it. Tails has to rush to catch Sonic before he hits the ground. Robotnik orders all of his armies to chase the two of them.
Sonic and Tails find themselves in a lush jungle, still untouched by Robotnik, where the animals have not yet been turned into robots. Untouched, that is, until Robotnik and his armies start firing on it in an attempt to destroy Sonic. Sonic and Tails flee, wondering why they haven't found a single [[Ring]] (since usually they are spread all over the planet). Then they fall over a waterfall, and find a huge pile of rings collected at the bottom!
When the river takes them to another waterfall, they suddenly find themselves in an undiscovered city, hewn out of the rock walls of a gigantic valley and populated entirely by [[Echidnas]]. The natives attack them with spears and poisoned arrows, but Sonic knows that they are descendents of [[Mobius]]' first race, who left cities in ruins on every continent.
Meanwhile, Robotnik has [[Amy Rose]] brought to him to be used as bait for a trap. She quickly infuriates him, talking about his feet, his eggy smell, about Sonic, and then about Robotnik's moustache.
Back in the echidna city, Sonic and Tails have been captured in nets. The city's leader, [[Princesse Alucion]] introduces herself, and the two heroes realise that she is wearing the mysterious [[Grey Emerald]] on her crown, the emerald that Robotnik has sought for years. She intends to push Sonic and Tails onto long, twisting slides that will drop them into a pool of lava at the base of the volcano in the centre of their valley.
Suddenly, Robotnik attacks. In order to avoid the missiles, Sonic and Tails jump onto the slides, pulling Alucion with them. Robotnik chases them in his [[Egg Mobile]], and grabs Alucion when he spots she has the Grey Emerald. Tails barely manages to save Sonic from plunging into the lava. However, just then a group of badniks fly by with Amy tied up and dangling by a rope beneath them. Without thinking, Sonic leaps to her, and ends up dangling himself, holding on to her shoe. Robotnik is happy that Sonic fell into his trap so easily, and cuts the rope above them, sending them both plummeting into the volcano itself. When he tries to take the Grey Emerald from Alucion, she bites his hand and dives into the volcano herself, apparently committing suicide rather than letting Robotnik have the gem.
Tails is horrified at the loss of Sonic and Amy and the little princess. He swears vengeance on Robotnik, then returns home to the [[Green Hill Zone]] to tell everyone what has happened.
However, Sonic and Amy did not die! Hovering over the boiling magma was a giant golden ring. Falling through it, they were transported directly to the [[special stage]] and saved from death. Sonic easily completes the special stage (which resembles [[Blue Sphere|the version]] from ''[[Sonic the Hedgehog 3]]''). Just then, Alucion appears to applaud him, saying that only the greatest warriors of their civilisation have ever obtained such a high score before. When he asks what he wins, she gives him the 7 magical Emeralds, the [[Super Sonic|golden armour]], and the ability to be transported anywhere.
Sonic and Amy rematerialise in the Green Hill Zone just as Tails finishes telling their friends that they are dead. Everyone is overjoyed to be reunited! And what's more, now that Sonic has the golden armour, becoming [[Super Sonic]], Robotnik's problems are just beginning!
The End
Although this story is inspired by ''[[Sonic the Hedgehog 3]]'' and prominently features [[echidna]] characters, [[Knuckles the Echidna]] does not appear.
[[Princesse Alucion]] is the first named echidna character, other than Knuckles, to appear in ''any'' Sonic continuity, and the concept of an extant echidna society precedes the same concept in other continuities by over two years.
The ancient echidna city resembles the one from the [[Mystic Ruins]] in ''[[Sonic Adventure]]'', a game that was released 4 years later.
The backstory has several elements in common with ''[[Sonic the Comic]]'', notably Robotnik's previous existence as [[Doctor Ovi Kintobor]] and his ongoing search for the [[Grey Emerald]]. Both series took these elements from [[early Sonic canon|early Sega internal documents]], such as the [[Sonic Bible]].
== Sonic & Knuckles: Le Guide Ultime ==
*'''Date:''' December 1994
*'''Author:''' Cyril Drevet
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