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Sonic Adventure Music Experience vol.2 is a compilation album published by Wave Master. It is a follow-up to the previous Sonic Adventure Music Experience album. It was handed out exclusively to attendees of the Sonic Adventure Music Experience in Osaka on 9 January 2017.[1] The album features five newly re-arranged versions of songs from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2.

Track list

Track Title Note Music Length
1. Windy and Ripply [S.A.M.E version (2016)] For "Emerald Coast" (SONIC ADVENTURE) 4:12
2. This Way Out [S.A.M.E version (2016)] For "Prison Lane" (SONIC ADVENTURE 2) 3:55
3. Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy [S.A.M.E version (2016)] For "Ice Cap" (SONIC ADVENTURE) 3:06
4. Boss: CHAOS ver.6 [S.A.M.E version (2016)] For "Boss: CHAOS ver.6" (SONIC ADVENTURE) 4:14
5. That's The Way I Like It [S.A.M.E version (2016)] For "Metal Harbor" (SONIC ADVENTURE 2) 4:00


  • On the back of the CD, Track 2 "This Way Out" is misprinted as being from Sonic Adventure instead of Sonic Adventure 2. This erroneous text was left over from the printing of the previous album.[2]



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