Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - Sampler is a promotional disc included with selected versions of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. It only contains six tracks, featuring several character themes and the main theme Live & Learn, that are all shortened to half of their normal length.

Track list

  1. Escape From The City -from City Escape [1:19]
  2. It Doesn't Matter -theme of Sonic [1:54]
  3. Throw It All Away -theme of Shadow [1:51]
  4. Believe In Myself -theme of Tails [2:27]
  5. E.G.G.M.A.N. -theme of Dr. Eggman- [2:02]
  6. Live & Learn -main theme of Sonic Adventure 2- [2:48]

Disc Length: 12:21

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