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Sonic Adventure 2 is an enhanced digital port of the original game for the Dreamcast that was released on the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network, and PC via Steam in October 2012.[2][1]

The PlayStation 3 version was available to be streamed on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via the PS Now subscription service, with PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Sony Bravia Smart TV (2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 models), Sony Blu-Ray players, and Samsung Smart TV support for the service being dropped in 2017. The Xbox 360 version was made backwards compatible on the Xbox One in December 2017.[3] On 23 January 2024, it was announced on Sonic Channel that the Steam releases of Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2 would be officially distributed in Japan.[4]



New features[]

  • An online leaderboard feature has been added, allowing players to see where they rank in terms of their high scores in each Action Stage.
  • The player has the option to purchase the "Sonic Adventure 2: Battle DLC," which upgrades the game to Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and includes all features from the GameCube version.


  • The game has been remastered with a display aspect ratio of 16:9 HD at 720p using the GameCube version's assets, although some of the cutscenes, including CG cutscenes, remain in their original 4:3 SD format however.
  • Almost all of Big the Cat's cameos return in the port, except for his appearance in Wild Canyon due to a programming oversight.
  • "Battle Mode" DLC - This downloadable content features the following:
  • All of the billboards with Soap advertising on them have been removed and replaced with Sonic Team billboard assets, this is most likely due to licensing issues.
    • However, the ads have not been removed altogether. On the PC version, if the player removes the "objtex_stg13.pak" file from the PRS folder where the game is saved, the Soap advertisements are restored.
  • Some of the character's life count sprites have been changed. For example, Sonic's sprite resembles the side view of him compared to the original icon. Also, the Ring sprites resemble their Sonic Generations models.
  • Treasure Hunting stages have more Hint Box than they did in previous versions.
  • On the first day of the Xbox 360 version's release in Xbox Live Arcade, many players were not able to download the game or the trial from their Xbox 360 console. However, this could be circumvented by logging onto and selecting the game download from the website.
  • Omochao appears in the loading screen giving hints and tips, using a Sonic Generations model. This only occurs in the Xbox 360 and PC version, as the PlayStation 3 version skips that screen.
  • On the PC, if a gaming controller is used, and the Xbox 360 versions, Omochao will eventually teach the player to do an action with a button if the hint is used. On the PlayStation 3 version and on the PC if using the keyboard, he remains silent, other than any hints that do not display any DualShock 3 controller or keyboard buttons.
  • The cross on the Health Item Boxes has replaced with the letter "H", presumably because the Red Cross symbol is no longer allowed to be used in video games.[5]
  • The Game Boy Advance in the Chao Garden that was used to transfer Chao has been changed to a machine shaped like a Chao's head, with the only function to release Chao. This is similar to the PC port of Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.
  • The Xbox 360 version has a few more glitches, one of which concerns the Hero Garden. If a Chao is fed a fruit from a Hero Garden tree, every time the fruit is eaten, it will raise the Chao's Stamina Stat up by 2-3 bars instead of the usual 1. This can be used to raise the Stamina Stat very quickly. However, it only applies to the fruit from the trees; taking a fruit in from elsewhere, such as the Black Market, will raise Stamina normally.
  • The "tutorial" section inside the "Help & Options" section has been changed to "How To Play," which includes a digital manual instead of Omochao. Strangely, the manual is also in the original 4:3 SD format.
    • The "Help & Options" also includes a bonus video and a credits section.
  • The sound when losing Rings has been slightly changed to match the modern Sonic games' version.
  • When Super Sonic transitions to Super Shadow in the Finalhazard boss, the lives icon changes as well. In the original, the lives icon will keep Sonic's face even when playing as Super Shadow.
  • Shield Hunters with the number "01" have been brought back to Crazy Gadget, although their shields are redesigned to match their equivalents in other stages.


These are the achievements for the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and Steam versions of Sonic Adventure 2:

Image Name Requirement Trophy Class Gamescore
SA2 HelloWorld Hello World Clear the first stage of either story.
PSN Trophy Bronze
SA2 Chao Chao! Name your Chao for the first time.
PSN Trophy Bronze
SA2 ChaoRaiser Chao Raiser Raise all 5 properties of any one Chao up to level 10.
PSN Trophy Bronze
SA2 HERO HERO! Clear HERO side in story mode.
PSN Trophy Bronze
SA2 DARK DARK! Clear DARK side in story mode.
PSN Trophy Bronze
SA2 BossAttack Boss Attack Clear all 3 modes in Boss Attack Mode.
PSN Trophy Bronze
SA2 MissionComplete Mission Complete Win all A RANKs (5 A RANKs) in any one stage in story mode.
PSN Trophy Bronze
SA2 HeavenOrHell Heaven or Hell Raise a HERO Chao and a DARK Chao with your hero and dark characters respectively.
PSN Trophy Silver
SA2 BeyondGoodAndEvil Beyond Good And Evil Clear LAST part in story mode.
PSN Trophy Silver
SA2 SpeedyRacer Speedy Racer Win NO.1 in expert level in kart race.
PSN Trophy Silver
SA2 EmblemCollector Emblem Collector Unlock 90 emblems.
PSN Trophy Silver
SA2 YouAreTheLegend You Are The Legend Win A RANK in all stages in story mode.
PSN Trophy Gold

DLC: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle[]

Image Name Requirement Trophy Class Gamescore
SA2 Level4 Level 4! Play all level 4 stages in Action Race, Treasure Hunter and Shooting Battle.
PSN Trophy Bronze
SA2 KarateMaster Karate Master Beat all your enemies in Super Level in Chao Karate 1P mode.
PSN Trophy Silver
SA2 EmblemMania Emblem Mania Unlock all 180 emblems.
PSN Trophy Gold


It was announced at Sonic Boom 2012 that the game was being re-released on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in October 2012. This was a part of the SEGA Heritage Collection alongside Jet Set Radio and NiGHTS into Dreams.


Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 60% (XBLA)[6]
65% (PSN)[7]
Metacritic 60% (XBLA)[8]
65% (PSN)[9]
Review scores
Publication Score
Destructoid 6.5/10[1]
Select Button 7.5/10[10]
Slant 3/5 starsStar fullStar fullStar emptyStar empty[11]

Reviews to this port of Sonic Adventure 2 have ranged from mixed to significantly positive, with Metacritic aggregating scores of 60%[8] and 65%[9] to the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network versions, respectively. GameRankings gave the PlayStation version 65% based on 6 critic reviews[7], and 60% from 8 critics to the Xbox port[6], while the user score stands at 8.0 for both from a combined 220 reviews[7][6] However, aside from the previous reviews that are based on smaller critics, Steam network has given it a "Very Positive" score, based on reviews of 10531 users, praising that their favorite game is now in High Definition and Chao Garden that is on the PC port.[2] Robet Workman of GameZone praises the game for its being true to the original, frustration and all, stating that "how much you'll enjoy Sonic Adventure 2 depends on whether you really liked it on the Dreamcast."[12]

In October 2012, Sonic Adventure 2 became the second best-selling in the top twenty PlayStation Network games poll.[13] In the Xbox Live Arcade, it is ranked as the tenth top arcade platform.[14]


  • The Achievement "Beyond Good and Evil" may be a reference to the 2003 Ubisoft Game Beyond Good & Evil.
  • Among the Xbox Live Arcade Sonic games, this game has the most Gamerscore points given upon unlocking all of the achievements, with 500G in total.
  • In the PC version, if the game is not run at fullscreen mode (which caps the game's framerate to the usual 60FPS) and the game is displayed on a monitor has a refresh rate higher than 60Hz, the result will make the game will run fast and uncontrollable (provided that the PC's specs are modest enough to handle it) due to the game's speed being tied to the game's framerate.
  • The tutorial section that uses Omochao to give instructions still exist in the game files and can be reactivated through hacking.
    • Likewise, the GameCube Memory Card sprites still exist on the game files.



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