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This is the script of the cutscenes in the Dark Story of Sonic Adventure 2.

The Beginning[]

["21:02 Prison Island: Inside the base". Within Prison Island, several metal doors are closing shut throughout the base while an alarm blares loudly.]

Speakers: Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Security breach at Gate 3! Intruder has been located in the north quadrant, and is moving in the direction of the underground base! All units prepare to engage. Emergency battle formations! Standard battle procedures initiated. Locate and stop the intruder from entering the security area!

["E.G.G.M.A.N." begins playing in the background]

Speakers: This is not a drill! Repeat, this is not a drill!

[Eggman drops down in front of the doors from above and starts firing his weapons at them.]

Eggman: Hahahahahaha! That was all too easy. Let's take a look at what my grandfather was working on…a top-secret military weapon! The military shut down the research because they feared it! [Jumps down an elevator shaft]

After clearing Iron Gate[]

[At the Level 7 security door, an access panel lights up and the door opens. Eggman steps through, then walks to a terminal with a small holograph of Shadow on it.]

Eggman: Oh ho! So this is the military's top secret weapon? It's a lot smaller than I expected. Enter user data, aha… enter password… Password is MA-RI-A. Maria! Now all I have to do is to place the Chaos Emerald into this console.

[He places the gray Chaos Emerald in it, and jumps past it, down to a lower level. A large mechanical pillar rises up.]

Eggman: Oh ho!!

[Shadow rises out of the top of the pillar, and gazes down at Eggman.]

Eggman: What's that? Is that you, Sonic? Are you trying to spoil my plans again? Wait a minute, you're not Sonic. This is impossible!
Shadow: My name is Shadow. Since you were so kind to release me, my master… I will grant you one wish.

[An alarm starts blaring.]

Eggman: Now what!

[Shadow levitates off of the pillar using his Air Shoes.]

Shadow: Behold the true power I possess!

[Shadow flies straight upward and away]

After defeating B-3x Hot Shot[]

Eggman: Destroying that guard robot was spectacular! So, Shadow, YOU are the military's top secret weapon? But what did you mean when you said you would grant me a wish?
Shadow: Bring more Chaos Emeralds.

[Shadow starts walking away]

Eggman: Shadow, wait!
Shadow: I'll be waiting for you in the central control room on the space colony, ARK.
Eggman: ARK?!

[Eggman slams both hands down on his machine out of surprise as Shadow walks away.]

Enter Rouge[]

["11:08 Desert area". In the desert, Knuckles and Rouge are arguing over the Master Emerald.]

Rouge: Just let it go. You just don't know when to give up, do you?
Knuckles: What are you talking about? That Emerald's mine! You got that? The Master Emerald contains special powers that neutralize the energy of the Chaos Emeralds. That makes it very powerful! What the…?

[Eggman flies down and uses a crane attached under his Egg Mobile to grab the Master Emerald ]

Rouge: Whaa…thief!!
Knuckles: Look who's calling who a thief!
Eggman: I came here following the signal from the Emerald… If I'm not mistaken, this is the Master Emerald, is it not?
Knuckles: It's you… Dr. Eggman!
Rouge: So that's Dr. Eggman.
Eggman: Well, I guess I can use it for something. I'll just take it with me. Farewell knucklehead!
Knuckles: Not if I can help it!

[Knuckles jumps up to the Master Emerald and punches it, shattering it into dozens of shards.]

Rouge: Aaaaaaaah!!

[Rouge pauses for a moment, in a daze, then starts strangling Knuckles.]

Rouge: What was that all about?! And look what you did to MY Emerald!
Knuckles: I did that to prevent the Master Emerald from being stolen, you idiot! If it's in pieces, I can restore it. And by the way, that's not YOUR Emerald!
Eggman: [Scratching his head] Hmmm, doesn't matter. I'll look into it once I get back to the base.

[Eggman flies away]

Rouge: I despise anyone who takes jewels from me! All the world's gems are mine to keep!
Knuckles: Yeah, we'll see about that, bat girl!

Hidden Base again![]

["20:22 Desert area". The camera shows a view of the outskirts of the Hidden Base at night]

Eggman: Those idiots will never find my hidden base inside this pyramid. Let's take care of business here first, then get inside.

After clearing Sand Ocean[]

[Eggman enters into a room with a warp device that leads to the ARK.]

Eggman: With the Chaos Emerald… in the space colony ARK. Hmm… I've got to find out just what's going on up there.

[Eggman pushes a few buttons on the terminal, starting up a live news report.]

Reporter: [from monitor] We interrupt this broadcast for an important news flash. There has been a break-in at the federal reserve bank today. Mysteriously, the only thing that was stolen was--
Eggman: --The Chaos Emerald?!--
Reporter: [from monitor] --the Chaos Emerald. According to eye witnesses at the scene, the suspect was identified as the world-renowned hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. The suspect was seen fleeing the scene, destroying the reserve's guard robots in his path. Stay tuned for more details.
Eggman: Sounds more like the work of Shadow!

Shadow's Past[]

[Shadow stands on a high suspension bridge, overlooking the swarming police units below.]

Shadow: Hmph, how pathetic!

[Shadow begins to have a flashback of the ARK fifty years ago.]

GUN Soldier: Find them before they escape!
Shadow and Maria: Whew whew!

[Shadow and Maria runs through the halls of the ARK (from Shadow's first-person point of view), both panting heavily from exhaustion and panic. In the Research Facility, Maria is about to die, and leans onto a computer terminal for support in standing.]

Shadow: Maria!

[A capsule closes down over Shadow.]

Shadow: What?!
Maria: Shadow, I beg of you… please do it for me.
Shadow: Maria!
Maria: For all the people… on that planet… Sayonara…Shadow the Hedgehog.

[Shadow is ejected from the colony and the flashback ends.]

Shadow: Maria… I still remember what I promised you… For all the people of this planet… I promise you… REVENGE!

After clearing Radical Highway[]

Sonic: [pants and looks up] What?!

[Shadow stands atop the defeated F-6t Big Foot, holding a Chaos Emerald. "Throw It All Away" starts playing.]

Shadow: It all starts with this… A jewel containing the ultimate power…
Sonic: That's the… Chaos Emerald!

[Shadow's gaze shifts away from the Emerald, and he notices Sonic walking towards him.]

Sonic: Now I know what's going on! The military has mistaken me for the likes of you! So… where do you think you're going with that Emerald?!

[Shadow does not respond; Sonic starts running faster.]

Sonic: Say something! You fake hedgehog!

[Shadow tosses the Emerald into the air.]

Shadow: Chaos Control!

[Catching the Emerald, a green light envelopes Shadow; he is pulled across the area at an incredible speed, flying directly past Sonic, who's running at a speed equal to Shadow's flight. Shadow lands on a roof as Sonic skids to a stop and turns around.]

Sonic: Wow… he's fast! Hey, it's not his speed. He must be using the Chaos Emerald to warp!
Shadow: My name is Shadow. I'm the world's ultimate life form. There's no time for games… farewell!!

[Shadow triggers Chaos Control; Sonic shields his eyes from the light.]

Sonic: Kuu! Shadow… what is he?

[Numerous GUN units appear. GUN Solder's quote, "Don't move! Stay where you are! Keep your hands up in the air!" and Sonic's quote, "Huh? Not again!" cut off.]

Before Egg Quarters[]

["22:18 In the pyramid". Rouge is in Eggman's base, speaking into a communicator.]

Rouge: This is Rouge. I've located Eggman's base and will proceed to enter it now. [ends transmission] Hah…I hate to say it. I guess I'm going to have to find that key first.

Infiltrate Hidden Base[]

[Rouge enters the room where Eggman watched the news report earlier.]

Rouge: [gasps] It's a space transporter! The destination has been set to… ARK? Wasn't that space colony shut down over 50 years ago? What's he doing up there anyway? Doesn't matter. It's my mission to find out what he's up to.

[She twirls onto the transporter, and it begins to activate.]

Before Lost Colony[]

["22:41 Inside Space Colony ARK". Eggman is in the space colony ARK.]

Eggman: So this is the space colony ARK. I have to locate the central control room that Shadow mentioned before he left.

Gathering of the Dark[]

[Eggman walks into the control room for the Eclipse Cannon.]

Shadow: I've been waiting for you doctor. Now, I will show the glorious achievement of what the world's leading scientist, Professor Gerald has created.

[The device behind Shadow boots up.]

Shadow: The ARK was the first space colony created by mankind. Not many people know that the ARK contained a top secret research facility where weapons of mass destruction were being created. This is one of them. A weapon capable of destroying an entire planet, code named… the Eclipse Cannon.
Eggman: Destroying an entire planet… Was this my grandfather's legacy?
Shadow: But, it's been deactivated for some time now.

[Shadow tosses the green Chaos Emerald he's holding into the panel behind him, and as it rests in its indent, its energy pulses through the mechanism.]

Shadow: To reactivate it… Large amounts of energy are necessary…
Eggman: Oh… so that's why we needed the Chaos Emerald!
Shadow: Exactly! To reactivate the machine, we NEED the seven Chaos Emeralds. Once you have that, then you have the ultimate power of destruction to use as you please. And then… the world could be yours!
Eggman: Hahahahahahaha!! Sounds like a plan. I like the way you think, Shadow! I will get the Chaos Emeralds, use the machine to dominate the world and build a legacy of my own!
Rouge: Do you really think it will be that easy?

[Eggman and Shadow look up to see Rouge hanging from the ceiling. She drops and glides down.]

Rouge: I've got a great idea. How about making a deal?
Eggman: A deal?
Rouge: When you grabbed that huge Emerald, you said something about a reaction. A reaction that it may have with the Master Emerald. Now if you could just let me borrow that radar, I may be able to help you. What do you think?
Eggman: If I do… what's in it for me?
Rouge: I have an idea where the other Chaos Emeralds may be. I may not look like it, but do you know that I am a treasure hunter that specializes in all kinds of jewels.

[Rouge pulls out the blue Chaos Emerald. Eggman pauses, not quite knowing what to do, then looks at Shadow. Shadow nods in agreement with Rouge's terms, and Eggman turns back to her.]

Eggman: Very well.
Rouge: OK, then it's a deal? I don't think we've been introduced. I'm Rouge the Bat. But you can call me Rouge.

Before Weapons Bed[]

["11:13 Prison Island: Coastline". On Prison Island, in the middle of the forest.]

Eggman: Having to come back isn't my idea of a vacation! How can you be sure your intelligence reports are correct? Why would the Chaos Emeralds be here on the island? Are you absolutely sure?
Rouge: Well, believe what you wanna believe.
Eggman: Hmmm! Very well. Very well. Let's discuss how we are going to do this. I will go in first and distract the military troops, allowing you to sneak in the base without being detected. Then, Shadow will… enter the armory, where he will set the timer on these Dynamite packs. [Eggman pulls out the Eggman Bombom.] Once that is in place… we will blow up the whole island and get away before anyone has a chance to know what hit them! [To Rouge] Meanwhile, you will sneak into the cargo area and grab the Chaos Emerald! That's a challenge for such a worthy treasure hunter as yourself, isn't it bat girl?

[Rouge salutes, and winks at Eggman in agreement]

Eggman: We only have 30 minutes to pull this mission off! And we only get one try, so don't fail me!

[They all leave in separate directions]

After clearing Weapons Bed[]

[On a G.U.N. battleship off the coast of Prison Island.]

Eggman: Okay, everyone ready? Shadow, Rouge, on with the show!

["My Sweet Passion" starts playing, as Amy runs up to Shadow and hugs him mistaking him for Sonic.]

Amy: Oh, Sonic! I thought I'd never see you again! I'm so glad you made it!

[He turns around, and she backs up.]

Amy: You're not Sonic! Who are you?!

[Eggman also turns around and points a gun at Amy.]

Eggman: I'm the one who should be asking that!
Amy: Dr. Eggman?! Aaaaaahhhhh! [Runs away]
Eggman: Aaah, Amy, your timing is impeccable! [To Shadow and Rouge] Leave it to me! I'll take care of her. You two, go!

[He walks over to Amy, and she stops at a dead end at the edge of the ship.]

Eggman: Give up, Amy!

[Tails, in the Cyclone, descends and lands between them.]

Amy: Boy am I glad to see you!
Tails: Stand back Amy!

Before Security Hall[]

[In Security Hall.]

Shadow: [from walkie talkie] I'm in position, doctor. Tell me when.
Eggman: [from walkie talkie] There's been an unexpected delay on my end. There's no more time to waste. Set the timer for 15 minutes! Let's go, Rouge!
Rouge: Five minutes should be plenty! Here I go!

[She leaps off the box she's standing on and lands on a walkway.]

Flying Dog[]

[Rouge runs into a large safe where Flying Dog spots her, while the alarm is constantly blaring and shining red in the background.]

Rouge: I can't believe I've come this far, just to fail!

Before White Jungle[]

[In White Jungle, Shadow is walking, holding his walkie talkie.]

Rouge: [from walkie talkie] This is Rouge. I've got a small problem… I can't believe that I'm trapped inside this locked safe with a Chaos Emerald! I guess I won't be able to call myself a treasure hunter anymore.

[The Eggman Bombom that Shadow set is at 09:57 (9 minutes and 57 seconds) until its detonation, ticks down for three seconds until fading into the next scene. Shadow pauses, thinking of Rouge, and then he recalls how Maria was in the same situation; laying helpless against a wall, waiting for her own inevitable death to come.]

Shadow: Ah… shoot! Troublemaker!

[Shadow quickly departs deeper into the forest.]

Face off with Sonic[]

[Shadow flips onto a branch in the Jungle, and Sonic starts talking from off-screen.]

Sonic: Hey, that's…
Shadow: That blue hedgehog again, of all places…
Sonic: I found you, faker!
Shadow: Faker? I think you're the fake hedgehog around here. You're comparing yourself to me… ha! You're not even good enough to be my fake.
Sonic: I'll make you eat those words!

After Defeating Sonic[]

[The Eggman Bombom reads 01:28 (1 minute and 28 seconds) ticks down for three seconds before cutting over to Sonic and Shadow in the forest. They breathe heavily from their tied battle. Shadow's walkie talkie starts to beep.]

Eggman: [from walkie talkie] Shadow! What are you doing? Hurry and get back here right now, before the island blows up with you on it!
Sonic: Blows up!?

[Shadow looks at Sonic, but then jumps back and runs off. The Eggman Bombom's timer at 01:00 (1 minute remaining), ticks down for three seconds. He makes it into the security vault where Rouge is. The Eggman Bombom's timer at 00:07 (7 seconds remaining), ticks down for three seconds. She looks surprised that he came, and he runs to her. He reaches his hand out to the Emeralds at he gets closer.]


[They both warp out of the vault, barely making it out before the Eggman Bombom - which reads 00:01 (1 second remaining) and at 00:00, finally detonating. Multiple explosions along Prison Island pop up, and a blast obscures the entire island; the resulting shockwave causing a huge tidal wave that heads towards the camera.]


[Shadow and Maria are standing in front of a window aboard the ARK.]

Maria: Shadow, what do you think it's like on earth?
Shadow: The professor said his life's work was dedicated to all of those who live down there. He once told that the reason for his existence was making people happy through the power of science.
Maria: Shadow…
Shadow: Maria… I just don't know anything anymore. I often wonder why I was created? What my purpose is for being here. Maybe if I go down there, I… I will find the answers. Maybe… Maria…

[Shadow's flashback ends.]

Rouge: Why so melancholy?

[Shadow pauses, not saying anything.]

Rouge: That was so unexpected, so unlike you Shadow, to come and rescue me. But your ability to use the Chaos Control certainly comes in handy!
Shadow: Hmm, you know… I didn't come to save you. I came back for the Chaos Emeralds.
Rouge: Yeah, yeah! But then again, that's not the whole story, is it?

[Eggman stretches, and sighs as he enters the room.]

Eggman: Everything is ready to go!
Rouge: Are you sure? We only have six of the seven Chaos Emeralds, you know.
Shadow: That's more than enough for the demonstration. So let's get this show on the road!

[Shadow walks to Eggman, and he steps out of his way, looking a tad surprised.]

The Eggman Empire[]

["Day X 18:00". Eggman has projected himself onto every television across the world.]

Eggman: Bwahahahaha!! Citizens of earth, lend me your ears and listen to me very carefully… My name is Doctor Eggman, the world's greatest scientist and soon to be the world's greatest ruler. Now witness the beginning of the greatest empire of all time! Hahaha!

[In outer space, an asteroid cracks its lower half off, revealing a design reminiscent of Eggman's face. The 'nose' area splits apart into four stems, at the center of which is the Eclipse Cannon. The four stems begin radiating an energy net, which the Eclipse Cannon launches a straight beam over the sky at the Moon. A segment of it is completely torn off, and fire can be seen inside.]

Eggman: Bwahahahahaha! Bwahahahaha!!

[A timer counting down from 24:00:00:00 appears on the televisions.]

Before Route 280[]

[Eggman is hitting the terminal for the Eclipse Cannon in frustration.]

Rouge: Why are you so upset? Well that was really impressive! You've managed to create complete havoc on the whole planet! Does this now mean we control the planet and can do as we choose?
Shadow: At this rate, the cannon will take too much time to charge up. If you want to unleash its full potential, you'll need all seven Chaos Emeralds.
Eggman: Where in the world have you been?!
Rouge: Something happen? [looks at Shadow]
Shadow: Our threats fell on deaf ears.
Rouge: [To Eggman] Look at you! Throwing a tantrum like a little kid. How totally embarrassing!
Eggman: Don't forget your end of the bargain, bat girl! What about that last Chaos Emerald? We had a deal, right? So where is my Emerald?

[Rouge holds out a newspaper to Eggman.]

Rouge: Here you go. I found this!
Eggman: Why didn't you show me this before?! What's this...? "Station Square saved from a life-threatening missile attack. The city has awarded its famed prize to the boy who saved Station Square. Miles 'Tails' Prower was given the Chaos Emerald as a testament of his heroic deed at a ceremony held at city hall." [clears throat] This makes things a whole lot easier. Hurry, go back to earth and find them fast! I want that Chaos Emerald!!
Rouge: [to Shadow] Did you get that?
Shadow: [To himself] Soon enough, Maria.

[Rouge looks a little surprised and Shadow walks to the exit. She begins talking into her radio.]

Rouge: This is Rouge reporting. Currently, I have not been able to confirm if Shadow is the Ultimate Life Form or not. I will continue my research on Project Shadow and have a follow-up report very shortly. Just a reminder… don't forget about my jewels!

[Rouge turns off the walkie talkie and looks at the camera.]


[In Sky Rail's vicinity, Shadow stands on top of a small pillar.]

Rouge: [from walkie talkie] Shadow! They're in that blue plane, spotted at 11 o'clock!
Shadow: Copy that. I'm in pursuit.

The Tornado Escapes[]

[The Tornado flies over Shadow towards the base.]

Shadow: Doctor, they're heading directly toward us. What should we do?
Eggman: [from walkie talkie] Just sit tight, I've got them on radar. There's no way they can get away! I don't know what they are planning, but I'll be sure to give them a warm welcome.

Egg Golem Goes Haywire[]

["14:58 In the pyramid". The locked door opens after Knuckles retrieved the keys.]

Knuckles: Huh… That was pretty rough.
Tails: We did it! Let's go Amy!
Amy: Yeah!
Eggman: You little thieves! Did you really think you could get out of here alive?

["E.G.G.M.A.N." starts playing.]

Amy: Huh?

[As the door rises up, Eggman comes into view behind it.]

Sonic: Come and get some, Eggman!
Tails: Sonic!
Sonic: Just leave it to me!
Eggman: This time, I'll take your lives as well as the Chaos Emerald. I call on you to destroy these pests. Come out, my servant!

[From the sands in the center of the room ahead, the Egg Golem ascends.]

Sonic: Whoa!

[It looks down at Sonic as it towers over the room.]

Eggman: Now go… and squash that blue hedgehog, Sonic!

[Sonic jumps at the Egg Golem's Head, and flies towards its head.]

Sonic: Ha! Teriaaaaa!!

[In slow motion, as "It Doesn't Matter" plays, he kicks the control mechanism on top of its head, and backflips down to the platforms below. The machine explodes, and the Egg Golem swivels its head around several times.]

Eggman: When Sonic struck his head, he must have broken the restraining mechanism! Arrgh! What a piece of junk!

[The Egg Golem looks down at Eggman, and starts to reach for him.]

Eggman: NO!!

Shuttle Blast-off[]

[The pyramid's top opens up, revealing a large rocket]

Automatic Voice: Green light for launch! Primary engine ignition on! Beginning lift-off countdown! [Sonic is seen running onto the rocket] 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Shuttle lift-off!

[The rocket blasts off into space, heading for the ARK.]

Rouge's Instructions[]

["ARK: Central control room / Cannon countdown: 2 hours 7 seconds". In the control room for the Eclipse Cannon, Rouge is talking to Eggman on the radio.]

Rouge: Hi doctor. How's it going? What! What do you mean they escaped? That's OK. I will go after them myself. Can you tell me the password for the space colony control?

[Rouge turns the walkie talkie off after receiving the information from Eggman.]

Rouge: Hmm… tricking that old doctor is just too easy! Alright, it's time to get to work. The password is "MA-RI-A". Maria… hmmm? I've heard that name somewhere before. Oh well…

[Rouge begins to run through large groupings of data on the monitor.]

Rouge: This is it! Research Project Shadow, the Ultimate Life Form. Let's see now… What in the world is this?

["Fly In The Freedom" starts to play.]

Rouge: This can't be right! Just what is Shadow, anyway?

[A warning message comes on, showing Sonic, Tails, and Amy in a hallway in the ARK.]

Rouge: Hmmm, I guess I'll just have to take the last pieces of the Master Emerald! [runs off]

Before Knuckles Fight[]

[Knuckles and Rouge are seen on the central tower of Meteor Herd.]

Rouge: Long time no see treasure hunter. Did you find MY Emeralds?
Knuckles: That's a good one! YOUR Emerald. Talking to you is a waste of time!

Knuckles Regains the Master Emerald[]

["Fly In The Freedom" is playing. Knuckles and Rouge are standing on crosswalks above the lava at the tower's base. They both breathe heavily from exhaustion, then speak in unison.]

Knuckles and Rouge: Whew!
Knuckles and Rouge: Stop fooling around, and give me back MY Emeralds!
Rouge: What are you babbling about? You call yourself a hunter? Attacking a lady… Shame on you!
Knuckles: What kind of lady goes around stealing gems, anyway?
Rouge: Those belong to me-- [trips and falls down] Aahhh! Aaaaaaahhh!

[As Rouge falls down from the platform, Knuckles grabs on to her arm.]

Rouge: What in the world?

[Knuckles pulls her back up, and they both look at each other for a second. But then Rouge backs up.]

Rouge: Keep your hands to yourself! Don't touch me!
Knuckles: Is that how you say thanks to someone who just saved your life?
Rouge: Saving my life, don't think I owe you one! You just wanted to hold my hand, didn't you? That's why you saved me! You're such a creep!
Knuckles: This isn't a joke, you know! Think what you want bat girl. I was saving the Master Emerald.
Rouge: [sighs] No matter what you say, it sounds crazy!

[Rouge tosses the Emerald Shards to Knuckles.]

Knuckles: Wha…?
Rouge: Fine, then just take them. They stink like echidnas do.
Knuckles: If that's what you thought, you should have given me them in the first place!

[Knuckles scoops them up off the platform, and puts the Master Emerald back together.]

Knuckles: Finally!

[Knuckles looks at Rouge, and she turns away.]

Rouge: What?
Knuckles: I'm sorry… if I hurt you.

[Knuckles runs off, and she looks up into the air.]

Rouge: We should get going.

[Rouge turns to leave, then looks back where Knuckles was, faintly smiling, before running off.]

Monitoring the ARK[]

["In the pyramid / Cannon countdown: 58 minutes". In the pyramid base's transporter room, Eggman is looking at a survelliance footage of Sonic, Tails and Amy before switching to viewing a diagram of the ARK.]

Eggman: What is Rouge up to, anyway?

[The map shows two Chaos Emeralds; both the fake and the real one.]

Eggman: This is strange. It's showing energy readings from two separate Chaos Emeralds! Did they really think they could trick me with that fake Emerald?

[Shadow starts to leave, intending to stop Sonic and the others.]

Eggman: Wait, Shadow! I'm the one who should be telling them the end is near, not you!

["E.G.G.M.A.N." starts to play]

Eggman: Now is the time to end this long drawn-out battle, and mark myself a place in history as the ultimate genius! If something happens to me, I'm counting on you to finish the job! [Eggman rides onto his mech.] Hurry! The moment for attack has come! It's now, or never!

[Eggman steps onto the transporter, and is sent to the ARK.]

Amy Captured and Parley for the Chaos Emerald[]

Amy: Darn! Why do they always leave a sweet, little innocent girl like me alone?

[Eggman walks up behind her, and points a gun at her.]

Eggman: Well, well, young lady? Is there something I can help you with?
Amy: [Squeaky] Dr. Eggman...!
Eggman: If you value your life, you will tell me where Sonic and Tails are!

[Tails is in the Cyclone, and Eggman holds a gun on Amy's head. Sonic enters in from the door.]

Eggman: Let's take care of business first, shall we, Sonic? Hand over the Chaos Emerald, slowly, and then we'll talk about your girlfriend. That is if you really care for her…
Sonic: [to himself] Handing over the fake Emerald… I can kill two birds with one stone.

[He looks at Tails, who nods. Eggman points to a small circle on the floor.]

Eggman: Put the Emerald down right there and back off!
Sonic: [Smugly] You've turned into a big-time villain, doctor!

[As Sonic steps on the circle, Eggman laughs and a capsule forms and traps him inside.]

Sonic: Whoa?!
Eggman: You thought you could trick me with that fake Emerald, didn't you?
Tails: So… how did you know it wasn't the real one?
Sonic: Tails!
Eggman: Heh, because you just told me, fox boy!
Tails: [gasps]
Eggman: Now, for a little space ride! Once the capsule clears the colony, BAM!
Sonic: I'm counting on you Tails! And Amy, take care of yourself!
Eggman: Farewell! Sonic the Hedgehog!

[Eggman presses a remote control, and the capsule ejects into space.]

Amy: Sonic…

[The capsule explodes.]

Eggman: Farewell Sonic… My admirable adversary!
Amy: SONIC! [sobs]

[Eggman turns around and points his gun at Tails.]

Eggman: Now we have some unfinished business to take care of! If you give me the real Emerald, I will release you both. You have my promise!
Tails: Sonic…
Eggman: Huh?
Tails: Sonic has asked me for the first time to do something for him, I won't let him down. I won't give up!

Shadow's Dilemma[]

["ARK: Central area / Cannon countdown: 21 minutes 7 seconds". A few minutes ago. From a room on the ARK, Shadow sees the capsule that Sonic was launched out in explode.]

Shadow: I guess he was just a regular hedgehog after all.

[Scene changes to the central control room, "Fly In The Freedom" is playing as Rouge walks up to the Emeralds.]

Rouge: Legend has it, whenever the seven Chaos Emeralds are collected, the power creates a miracle. I have six of them. They're mine, all mine!
Shadow: I don't think so.

[Rouge turns to Shadow, who has just appeared at the central control room.]

Rouge: Shadow?
Shadow: So that was your plan from the very beginning, huh? Or was it a direct order from the President? Now I know who you are. You're that government spy, Rouge the Bat, aren't you?
Rouge: So you did your homework, is that it? I would say that's an invasion of privacy.
Shadow: I could say the same thing about you.
Rouge: Hmmm! It looks like things aren't quite going your way, but since my job was done… I thought it was time to take what's mine and get out of this place.
Shadow: You are one pathetic creature!
Rouge: Hmmm, look who's talking? What about you?

["Fly In The Freedom" stops, and Rouge jumps down, holding a paper.]

Rouge: Here are the results from the research project called the "Ultimate Life Form".

[A picture of the Biolizard is on the paper.]

Rouge: But, if this picture is of the real Ultimate Life Form ["Throw It All Away" starts playing] named, Shadow… then exactly who or what is standing in front of me?

[Eggman contacts Shadow on the walkie talkie.]

Eggman: [from walkie talkie] This is Doctor Eggman! I have found all seven Chaos Emeralds! Shadow! Someone is trying to get to the Eclipse Cannon. There's not much time left before the cannon fires again. Can you get over there?
Shadow: [to Rouge] If you want to live, leave the Chaos Emeralds where they are. The fake Emerald is good enough for you!
Rouge: Do you actually believe that you're the real Shadow?
Shadow: No doubt!
Rouge: Even your memories might not be real, you know?
Shadow: Even if my memories are not real, it's still me, Shadow. And I will fulfill my promise to Maria, that's the only thing that matters to me now.

Sonic vs. Shadow Round 2[]

["Outside Space Colony ARK / Cannon countdown: 5 minutes 44 seconds". Sonic stands in a corridor that leads out of the ARK; Shadow walks up to him.]

Shadow: You never cease to surprise me blue hedgehog. I thought that the capsule you were in exploded in space.
Sonic: You know, what can I say… I die hard!

[They both start running through the passage.]

Shadow: So, there's more to you than just looking like me. What are you anyway?
Sonic: What you see is what you get! Just a guy that loves adventure! I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!
Shadow: I see. But you know, I can't let you live. Your adventuring days are coming to an end.

Short-lived Triumph[]

["ARK: Central control room / Cannon countdown: 40 seconds". At the terminal for the Eclipse Cannon, Eggman walks in with the seventh Chaos Emerald.]

Eggman: Hahahahahaha! This completes my plan to take over the world! Now begins the glorious era of the Empire of Eggman!

[Eggman throws the Emerald into the machine as "E.G.G.M.A.N." plays in the background. The energy from the Emerald pulses through the Cannon.]

Eggman: Bwahahahaha! Hahahahaha!!

[A "DANGER" warning message comes up on the computer screen (which Eggman doesn't notice). The screen progressively zooms in on this screen during the remainder of the cutscene. The Dark Story ends, and the credits roll]

Story teaser[]


[Various snapshots of the Hero Side Story cutscenes are shown.]

Narrator: The military's top-secret weapon, Project Shadow, was stolen from the military base located on the deserted island in the southern seas. This incident increased worldwide terrorist activities. Sonic the Hedgehog was arrested. The adventure for truth leads to the incidents that shocked the entire world. The story takes our hero Sonic from the earth, and into outer space. Sonic Adventure 2, Hero Side Story: Farewell Sonic. Forever…


[Various voices and lines of text is displayed on-screen]

Various voices: (Shadow)/(The Ultimate Lifeform)/(The end of mankind)/(Chaos Control)/(Vengeance)/(Space colony)/(Desperation)/(Prayer)/(Super Sonic)/(Wish)/(ARK)/(Collision)/(Tears…)/(Untamed power of Chaos Emerald…)/(Maria…)/(Professor Gerald…)/(Crisis of epic proportions)/(Apocalypse…)/(The truth about 50 years ago…)/(The end of everything…)

[Scenes of Maria dispatching the capsule containing Shadow from Space Colony ARK down to earth is shown.]

Narrator: Sonic Adventure 2, Last Episode: Wishes are eternal…

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