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This article contains information on the manuals that were included with copies of Sonic Adventure 2.


The English story prologue found in the the original western manuals:

It was just another ordinary day . . .until Sonic, hero of justice, is accosted by
a secret military force code-named G.U.N.

Escaping the confines of a high-security
helicopter, Sonic leaps down into the city
streets in an effort to flee his captors.
Suddenly, a mysterious black hedgehog
appears in front of him, grasping a Chaos
Emerald in his hands. Meanwhile, across
the globe, unexplained incidents occur
following the declaration of world con-
quest by Eggman himself.

Once aware of the connection
between Shadow and Dr.
Eggman, Sonic begins his quest
to stop their evil plan, helped
along the way by his old
friends: Tails and Knuckles.

While searching for a top secret
weapon known only-as
“Shadow," the evil genius, Dr.
Eggman, penetrates the security
of a high-level military base.
Deep inside the compound, Dr.
Eggman discovers that the
weapon is actually a black hedge-
hog claiming himself as the "ulti-
mate life form," a creature known
as "Shadow."

Shadow invites Dr. Eggman to Space Colony ARK and
revels the Eclipse Cannon - an enormous weapon
capable of destroying the world, more than enough to
entice the evil genius to help out Shadow in his quest
to conquer the world.

Just as they begin to revel in their plan for destruction, the vil-
lains are startled by a menacing bat named Rouge who offers
her help as well.

Thus, the plot to conquer the world begins...



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