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This article contains a list of glitches from Sonic Adventure 2. Unless otherwise noted, all glitch names are conjectural. Many of them have not been confirmed by Sega.

List of glitches

If the player presses enter on their keyboard whilst using an Xbox 360 controller, they will get a popup during a loading screen that says "Reboot Game to Save Controls," and the player won't be able to continue.

  • Best of 3 level select glitch (2012 re-release)

An example of the ”Best of 3“ gltich

By playing a “Best Of 3” in multiplayer before activating the Chao Key glitch, the game will transport the player to the last level played in the Best of 3. This way, levels can be played by characters they weren’t designed for.[1]

  • 32 feet per second:

When going through the loop that leads to the building that the player runs down in City Escape, if Sonic jumps at the right moment, he will fall down the building rather than run down it. Alternatively, the player can Spin Dash while Sonic is running down to achieve the same effect.

This glitch can only be performed on the Dreamcast version of the game. After getting to the Goal Ring in Metal Harbor, once Sonic starts his victory pose, the player should press Y on a second controller and Sonic will slide off on his board and into the water as the level statistics pop up. He'll seemingly fall forever in the abyss.

  • Treadmill pillar glitch:

This glitch can only be performed by Sonic, Tails, or Shadow. Once the player's character of choice enters the Hero Garden, they should have him jump on the white pillar up the small stairway. When they reach it and start running, Sonic, Tails or Shadow will get stuck and will keep running in place. To stop this glitch, the player can jump. This glitch cannot be performed by Knuckles or Rouge because their controls are different, and Eggman cannot perform it because he can't jump high enough to reach the pillar.

  • Chao Lobby glitch:

While in the Chao Lobby, the player can use any character to float above the Garden entrances. They then can jump, fly or glide towards the top of the entrances and they will notice the standing in mid-air effect.

  • Out of Bounds in the Chao Garden:

To perform this glitch, the player should go to the Normal Chao Garden and use Sonic (or Shadow) to Homing Attack the corner on the left of the entrance to the Chao Stadium (the character should be facing the ocean). After using the homing attack some number of times, the chosen character will go through the Garden's boundaries. The screen will start to continuously shake and the player can go as far as they want. Going a certain distance will cause items and Chao to "swim" under the garden. However, going too far can possibly cause the game to crash.

  • Rouge's wonky eyes:

An example of Rouge's Wonky Eyes.

Strangely, when Rouge climbs onto a wall, and then moves to the left, her pupils and irises will look distorted. In the Hero Garden, should Rouge climb onto the ledge that has a circle roof on it and then move to the left, pausing the game will give her wonky eyes.

  • The glitch Chao:

The Sega Dreamcast version of the game contains a major glitch. If the player tries to send the Silver Egg from Sonic Adventure to here, hatching the egg will cause it to become a Glitch Chao. This Chao looks mostly like growing polygons that can crash the game if they become too large. See the Chao page for more information.

  • Knuckles' right ankle twists continuously:

If the player heads to the Chao Kindergarten while holding any object from a Chao Garden and looks closely while Knuckles is walking towards the building, they will see that his right ankle is twisting continuously. This also happens when the player is controlling Knuckles in the actual Chao Kindergarten building.

  • Knuckles' wrist and hand rotate in an outward direction:

To perform this glitch, the player must play as Knuckles in the Normal Chao Garden, then head to the patch of flowers to the right of the other patch (which is closest to the exit of the garden) while holding an object. If Knuckles walks into the flowers continuously, his wrist and hand will rotate in an outward direction. This can happen with either the left wrist or the right wrist, and can also happen with both wrists at the same time.

  • Cocoon texture glitch:

This glitch is rare, although it may occur slightly more often in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 re-release of Sonic Adventure 2. Sometimes, the cocoon may turn a solid black for a few seconds before it turns back to its normal color. This doesn't affect gameplay in any way.

  • Delayed theme:

Rarely, the theme that plays when a Hero Chao or Dark Chao has successfully evolved into that alignment is sometimes delayed and played later on, or occasionally doesn't even play at all. It may also happen if the Chao has died or has successfully transformed into the legendary Chaos Chao. This glitch occurs more often in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 re-release.

  • Dreamcast Chao Doctor Crash:

Warning: This glitch is known to lead to save data corruption - before doing this, it is highly recommended to back up the save data so that the player will not risk losing it entirely.

The problematic translation

In the Sega Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 2, should the player take a Chao after it has reincarnated to the Chao Doctor, they may be given the chance of being told how many times the Chao has been reincarnated. The thing is, the message is horribly bugged from poor Japanese translation and will crash the game after seeing it, with the risk of corrupting the player's save file.

The Japanese version of the message is entirely normal and does not result in a crash or run the risk of corrupting the save data.

  • Merging characters glitch:

In 2-Player Action Race, the player must get to one of the checkpoints and jump into a bottomless pit. They then should have the two characters jump off at the same time (it is recommended that one player controls both characters). If close enough, when the characters arrive at the checkpoint, they will "merge" into each other's body. The player can have the characters die separately but must make sure to not move either character after they die.

  • Somersault glitch:

During the first Sonic vs. Shadow character battle, if the player slightly taps the Somersault button while standing still just as Sonic/Shadow attacks them, the player's character will not perform the somersault. The hitbox for it will still activate, making the game think the character is still using the somersault. This makes the character invincible to Sonic's/Shadow's attacks for the duration of the fight.

  • Chao Key glitch (Sonic):

Sonic as he is accessing the game's Test Room

To perform this glitch, the player must first go to Sonic's Crazy Gadget (either Mission 1 or Mission 5), then hit the second to last checkpoint. They will see a Chao Box behind it, but should not break it yet. Once Sonic makes it to the door with the last checkpoint inside (the checkpoint that is behind a switch), the player should hit the switch to open the door but not go through it. Once on the purple platform head to where a G.U.N Beetle is seen, they should Spin Dash towards the wall, then perform a Bound Jump to be able to land on the highest platform. Next, they must Spin Dash and land on the gray platform (the platform with the goal ring), and once at the edge, jump to kill Sonic before going back on the platform. When the screen fades, kill Sonic again. If done correctly, after he respawns, the mission will be completed.

During the status screen, the player must break the Chao Box that was by the last checkpoint, but not collect the Chao Key. Sonic should end up with an E Rank after his status is shown. The player must wait until he says "Barely made it" before performing a Spin Dash into the Chao Key. The screen should turn white and Sonic should end up in the Test Level (which is normally only accessed via cheating devices) with colorful shapes and numbers, followed by transparent items to pick up, put down, and throw. There will be no music playing. He is able to roam around, and if he jumps off of the stage, he will eventually hit an invisible floor at the immediate bottom of the area. This works in all versions outside of the Sega Dreamcast.

It seems to be possible to instead end up at the Finalhazard fight rather than the test room, but there is very little info on how or why this happens.

  • I'm stuck in a wall:

In the Hero Garden, when a Chao walks to a fallen pillar in the Hero Garden, the Chao gets stuck there until the player picks it up and places it outside of the pillar.

When a fruit is on the opposite side of the pillar, and when the Chao is hungry and it decides to eat the fruit while the Chao is on the opposite side of the pillar, the Chao will be stuck walking into the pillar for a few seconds.

  • Pyramid Cave crash:

In Sonic's Pyramid Cave while on the first rail, jumping at the right time when "Great!" appears will cause the game to crash. This glitch was discovered by accident in the Nintendo GameCube version, but whether or not it works in the other versions is unconfirmed.


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