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Title screen

Sonic Adventure is a handheld LCD game released by Tiger Electronics in 2000[Note 1] as a tie-in to the Sega Dreamcast game also called Sonic Adventure. The game is known for it's rarity and is a sought after item for Sonic collectors.


The game is a part of Tiger's "Arcade Games" series. Each had a tabletop arcade style design, optional screw-on joystick, 4 buttons "A", "B", "C", and "D". It also came with a "Reset", "On/Off", "Pause/Start" and "Sound" button. Unlike most Tiger games, this model has a pixel based LCD display similar to their previous 99x series of games but with a lower resolution. The screen casing is blue with decals featuring Sonic Adventure artwork of Doctor Eggman and Sonic the Hedgehog. The controller casing is black with yellow and red buttons. The 4 double A batteries go under the case.


The game features 7 levels with the same names as their the Dreamcast counterpart, albeit shorter and more linear. Each level ends in a boss fight or a Capsule followed by a boss fight. All bosses can be defeated by homing attacking them 3 times. The game progresses as follows:

As can be expected from a handheld version, many events from the Dreamcast version of the game are missing, and many are 100% scripted such as touching springs. The game also has no music and a limited number of sound effects.





The game also features several codes that can be entered on the name screen. These are given out after finishing the game or boss rush mode, but they are not hard to guess because of their simplicity and the name input only accepts 4 characters. The codes are:

  • "supe" for invincibility
  • "rings" for full rings
  • "life" to start with extra lives
  • "boss" for a boss rush mode


  • One stock image of Sonic shows him having flesh colored eyelids, which he does not have in the original image.




  1. Copyright notice in the bottom of the game case.

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