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This is a script of the cutscenes from Tails' story in Sonic Adventure.

Cutscene 1

[In the skies over Station Square, Tails can be seen flying in a plane]

Tails: Everything's working great! All systems go... Full speed ahead! [The plane starts to shake] Uh oh! What's this? [The engine starts to sputter and give out, soon belching black smoke] Nooooooooo! [The plane starts to fly around awkwardly] Aaaaggg...! I'm outta control! Mayday! Mayday! Goin' down! [The plane goes through Station Square] Aaaaggg...! Look out below!

[The plane crashes on Emerald Coast and Sonic is there to help Tails] [Sonic and Tails head back to Station Square. Sonic's theme is playing]

Sonic: Boy, you're lucky I saw you come down! So, what went wrong anyway? It's not like you to crash like that.
Tails: Yeah, it's just that I'm testing a new prototype power supply and it's not fully compatible yet!
Sonic: You can always borrow my plane, the Tornado, if you want.
Tails: Thanks, Sonic. But if I can make this work, it'll run circles around yours. Check out this power supply! [Takes out a Chaos Emerald]
Sonic: It's a Chaos Emerald! No way!
Tails: I was lucky to find one of the 7 Chaos Emeralds. They have unlimited mystic powers. Now I want to harness that power to fly my plane. Let's go to my workshop in the Mystic Ruins and I'll show you what I've been working on. We'll go to the station, hop on a train and get there in no time!

Cutscene 2

[At the Mystic Ruins near Tails' workshop, Eggman appears to confront Tails and Sonic, descending to confront them in the Egg Mobile]

Eggman: Well, well, well... If it isn't Sonic and Tails!

[Eggman's theme plays]

Tails: It's Eggman!
Eggman: Silence! I am Dr. Robotnik the most cunning scientific genius in the world.
Sonic: Yeah right, Dr. Eggman!
Eggman: Enough! I've been working on a master plan, but now it's time to put it to work!
Tails: That usually means trouble coming from you.
Eggman: Don't even try to interfere this time. Give me that Chaos Emerald or else!
Tails: Or else, what? Huh?
Eggman: Or else I'll take it from you...the hard way!

[Eggman flies off briefly and sinks below the cliff face, but comes back up with his Egg Mobile modified into the Egg Hornet. He flies over to face Sonic and Tails in it]

Cutscene 3

[Eggman crashes onto the ground defeated]

Tails: [Walking toward Sonic while holding the Chaos Emerald] That was just too easy!
Eggman: [Spots the Chaos Emerald] Gotcha! [Uses a mechanical arm to grab the Chaos Emerald]
Tails: Hey! He snagged it!
Eggman: Chaos could use a little snack!
Tails: Who's Chaos?

[Chaos appears beside Eggman]

Sonic: That's that monster I saw the other day.
Tails: Uh, monster?

[Eggman tosses the Chaos Emerald into Chaos and Chaos grows in size, becoming Chaos 1]

Eggman: Yes, yes, yes! It's really happening! Just as the stone tablets said it would! Ha ha ha ha! Hear this, Sonic! Chaos' strength increases every time I give him a Chaos Emerald. All he needs is 7 Chaos Emeralds to become invincible! Then he will turn Station Square into rubble. Upon which I will build the ultimate city, Robotnikland! Ha ha ha ha! You ready, Chaos? Let's go find the next Emerald. Come on!

[Eggman tosses a light bomb down and he and Chaos disappear]

Tails: Thank goodness they're gone! Good riddance!
Sonic: We can't let that monster get any bigger. It could get ugly!
Tails: You're right. Chaos must be stopped! And he can be if we keep him away from more Emeralds, right? So, what do you say Sonic? Let's find the Chaos Emeralds before Eggman does!

Cutscene 4

[Tails and Sonic are walking out of Casinopolis. Suddenly, Eggman appears, descending down from the sky and then charging right at Tails.]

Tails: [Jumps out of the way of Eggman] What's that? [Drops the Chaos Emerald] The Chaos Emerald! [Tries to go and pick it up]
Eggman: Get away from there! [Sprays Tails and Sonic with sleeping gas]
Tails: Aaaah! [Falls on the ground]

[Eggman takes the Chaos Emerald]

Eggman: Nighty-night... Ha ha ha ha! [Flies away]
Tails: Egg-man. [Falls asleep]

[It is now morning and Tails and Sonic had just woken up]

Tails: Ugh.. Sonic... What happened to the Chaos Emerald?
Sonic: Argh... Eggman got one of them but the other one is safe. He must be getting desperate.
Tails: Now the Emerald count is two to one, and Eggman's winning. Let's get a move on!

Cutscene 5

[Tails and Sonic walk around and meet up with Knuckles. Knuckles' theme plays]

Tails: Hey, Knuckles. What's up?

[Knuckles tries to attack Tails but he dodges the punches]

Tails: What are you doin' Knuckles?
Knuckles: Don't mess with me, now. Just hand over the Emeralds you have, quick!
Tails: No way, Knuckles!

Cutscene 6

[Tails and Knuckles charge at each other and the collision causes Tails to drop both Chaos Emeralds]

Tails: Whoah! Oh no, the Emeralds!

[Eggman suddenly appears]

Eggman: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! And they're all mine!
Tails: Eggman's back!

[Eggman takes both Emeralds]

Tails: He's got the Emeralds!
Eggman: [Holding both Emeralds] You two are bumbling idiots, you know that!
Knuckles: Hey... Those are... the Chaos Emeralds!
Eggman: You are so easily tricked! All I did was wait for you to bring it to me!
Tails: [Talking to Knuckles] What the heck is he talking about, anyway?
Sonic: Don't you realize when you've been tricked?
Knuckles: Tricked? No one makes a fool out of me!
Sonic: Way to go. Knucklehead!
Eggman: Ha ha ha ha! Four! Count 'em, 4 Emeralds! I summon Chaos! Come forth!

[Chaos in his second form appears beside Eggman]

Eggman: Here! Eat up!

[Eggman tosses both of the Chaos Emeralds to Chaos and Chaos transforms even more into his fourth form]

Tails: Oh no... It's changing again! We gotta stop this, fast!

Cutscene 7

[The Egg Carrier is seen above the Mystic Ruins]

Eggman: Behold my flying masterpiece, the Egg Carrier! But it pales in comparison to the power of Chaos! Adieu... Until we meet again, my friends... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

[Eggman is beamed up onto his Egg Carrier and it leaves]

Tails: Hey, we can't let him get away! Let's get to my workshop and we'll take the Tornado!
Sonic: Yeah!
Knuckles: You guys go! I have some unfinished business to take care of.
Sonic: No problem, Knuckles. We'll take care of everything here!
Tails: Come on, let's get going!

Cutscene 8

[At Tails' workshop]

Tails: Sonic, wait here for a second...

[Tails heads inside and gets the Tornado out. His theme starts to play]

Tails: Sonic! Hop in!

[Sonic hops onto the Tornado]

Tails: Let's go!

Cutscene 9

[The Tornado gets shot down after a massive blast was fired from the Egg Carrier. In the Mystic Ruins, Tails is having a dream where he first encountered Sonic. Tails wakes up in the main area of Mystic Ruins]

Tails: Hmmm, wow... That dream brought back memories! I owe so much to Sonic. Sonic! [Gets on his feet and looks around noticing Sonic isn't around] Hmmm, wonder where he went? Sure hope he's all right. The Tornado's not powerful enough. If I'm gonna get that Egg Carrier, I need to finish my prototype. It needs a Chaos Emerald to work! Looks like I'd better find one, fast!

[After searching around in the forest, Tails finds a Chaos Emerald on the ground]

Tails: Wow! There's a Chaos Emerald!

[Suddenly, a frog eats the Chaos Emerald and hops away]

Tails: Hey, wait up! [Chases the frog into a cave] Stop!

Cutscene 10

[A red ball of light surrounds Tails and takes him back into the past]

Tails: Uh oh. I thought I was in the desert. I wonder where I am?

[After getting the Rhythm Badge, Tails wonders around and finds Tikal]

Tikal: The servers are the 7 Chaos Emeralds. [Turns around and spots Tails] Hello there, friend. How are you?
Tails: Umm...what were you saying before?
Tikal: Huh? It's something my grandmother taught me. I never to forget it. It goes like this... "The servers are the 7 Chaos. Chaos is power... Power enriched by the heart. The controller is the one that unifies the Chaos." But I'm still not sure what it all means. But the number the same as the number of Emeralds there are.
Tails: Emeralds?
Tikal: Forgive me, but I don't think we've met before... I'm Tikal... And you are?

[Before he could answer, Tails is taken back to the present]

Cutscene 11

[Tails is taken back to the train station area of the Mystic Ruins and is holding Froggy. Big's theme plays and he is seen running toward Tails and Froggy]

Big: [Trips] Waaaaa!
Tails: Yiiikes!

[In the confusion, Tails accidentally lets go of Froggy and he hops away]

Big: [Chasing after Froggy] Wait for me!
Tails: Weird! Now, where was I? Oh yeah! The Chaos Emerald... Perfect! [Holding the Chaos Emerald] This will get my Tornado 2 up and rarin' to go!

Cutscene 12

[Tails makes it back to his workshop]

Tails: The time has come at last. This new plane should work a lot better. I've ironed out most of the problems. So, here it goes! Emerald, do your stuff! [His theme plays] Ready Sonic? Here I come!

[Tails hops in his new Tornado 2 and opens a door located down the cliff face from his workshop to prepare to launch it]

Tails: Tornado 2, clear for take off! Away we go!

[Tails takes off on his Tornado 2 and, later, makes it to Red Mountain where the Egg Carrier can be seen]

Tails: There you are, dead ahead! The Egg Carrier! [Spots Sonic nearby] There's Sonic! Sonnnic!
Sonic: All right, Tails! Way to go! The plane's cool! [Hops onto the Tornado 2] Now, what do you say we nail those guys?
Tails: You got it! Hang on!

[Tails and Sonic fly toward the Egg Carrier once more]

Cutscene 13

[After damaging the Egg Carrier a bit, Tails and Sonic prepare to land on the Egg Carrier]

Tails: Coming in tight!
Sonic: Tails! We gotta land on the Egg Carrier.
Tails: Oops... We got a problem here.
Sonic: What now?
Tails: I forgot to put in the landing gear!
Sonic: Waaaaaa....!

Cutscene 14

[The Tornado 2 lands on the Egg Carrier but is stuck on it. Tails and Sonic get out of the Tornado 2]

Sonic: Wow! This thing is really huge!
Tails: No time to gawk, Sonic. We gotta find Amy!
Sonic: You're right, pal. Let's get busy!

[After walking to the center area]

Eggman: [From a loud speaker] Don't get any ideas, Sonic! You have no idea what this vessel can do! How about I give you a little sample? Ha ha ha.

[The Egg Carrier changes form making the main bridge inaccessible]

Tails: Whoah! Hey, it transformed! Did you see that?
Sonic: Now how are we gonna get to the bridge?
Tails: I hate it when he doesn't listen to me!
Eggman: Ha ha ha ha! I guess you weren't expecting that were you? There's only one way to get to me, Sonic. And that's through the Sky Deck! I doubt you can make it! Ha haaaaa! I dare you!
Sonic: Just watch me! Bring it on, Eggman!

Cutscene 15

[After clearing through Sky Deck, Sonic and Tails make it inside of the Egg Carrier]

Sonic: Aahh! Is that it?
Tails: Sonic, we should check out the bridge!

[After getting back onto the top, Tails and Sonic find Amy and Eggman]

Amy: Sonic! Tails!
Eggman: Hah! You're a bit late... [Takes the bird from Amy]
Amy: Not the birdie!

[Eggman takes the Chaos Emerald from the bird]

Tails: That's a Chaos Emerald!
Amy: No way!
Eggman: Begone! All of you! This is all I really need! Gamma!
Gamma: [Suddenly appears] What is your wish, master?
Eggman: Get rid of these pests! Give them all you got.
Gamma: Aye, aye, master Robotnik!
Eggman: I'll leave it up to you, Gamma... [Leaves]

[Gamma prepares to fight Tails]

Cutscene 16

[Gamma falls defeated and Tails proceeds to finish him off but Amy stands in his way]

Amy: Please stop, Tails!
Tails: Move aside, Amy! Get out of the way!
Amy: No! This robot is my friend. He helped me. Don't hurt him!
Tails: Hmm... Okay! If you say so. You have your reasons, I guess.

[Everyone notices that the Egg Carrier starts to shake]

Tails: Hey, this ship is losing altitude!
Sonic: Hurry, Tails! Take Amy and get out of here!
Amy: Well, what about you?
Sonic: I'll find Eggman and put a stop to his evil ways!

[Sonic runs off and Tails flies Amy off of the Egg Carrier (with Gamma also leaving). The Egg Carrier is soon destroyed, dropping out of the sky as explosions rupture across the hull.]

Cutscene 17

[Tails flies Amy back into Station Square. Eggman in his mobile could be seen crashing nearby and Tails starts to walk in that direction after seeing off Amy and Birdie]

Tails: That's Eggman! I wonder what happened to Sonic?
Eggman: I'm finished! Chaos was defeated, and now my Egg Carrier is ruined! No matter! I will destroy Station Square anyway!

[Eggman flies back up and soon, out to sea, a large missile can be seen]

Tails: If that missile is launched... 
Eggman: Ready? Fire!

[The missile is launched but it doesn't go off when it lands]

Eggman: Aah! No! It was a dud! I can't believe this! Ah! I'll go and deal with this myself! [Flies off]
Tails: Oh, no! I'd better get to that missile before he detonates it! [Chasing after Eggman] I see it! I've gotta get it before Eggman. The fate of Station Square depends on me, huh... Sonic! I've changed a lot since I started hanging with Sonic... But I can't depend on him forever. I know I can do this by myself... Ok, Eggman! Bring it on!

Cutscene 18

[After clearing through Speed Highway. Tails and the people of Station Square look over at Eggman]

Man: Oh, no! It's Robotnik!
Eggman: So you beat me to the missile, you little pest! I'll make you all pay for this!

[Eggman flies up and comes down with his large mech known as the Egg Walker]

Woman: Let's get outta here! [screams]
Eggman: You fool! Away! Before I make mincemeat out of you!
Tails: I'm not scared... I'm not scared! I can do this!

Cutscene 19

[Eggman is defeated and the people cheer for Tails]

Tails: Hey! I did it!
Lady: You saved the day! You're the best!
Tails: [His theme starts to play] Heh! I did it all by myself!

[Tails celebrates for a bit and flies off; Tails is back at his workshop in the Mystic Ruins and Sonic can be seen. Tails and Sonic give each other a high five and the both leave together]

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