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This is a script of Big the Cat's story from Sonic Adventure.

Cutscene 1

[The jungle of Mystic Ruins, nighttime. Big the Cat is fast asleep in his shack in the jungle area of the Mystic Ruins when there's an explosion nearby, waking up Froggy, who goes to check. Froggy comes across a puddle of Chaos, the thing that landed earlier. The puddle suddenly lunges for Froggy and attacks him. On his bed, Big begins to stir and wake up. His theme begins playing as he awakens.]

Big: [wakes up] "Huh... er... wha? Froggy, is that you? You're lookin' kinda weird, good buddy. [looks at Froggy's tail] What's up with the tail? [Froggy swallows Big's yellow Chaos Emerald] Hey, wait a minute! You swallowed my lucky charm. [Froggy 'runs' off] Come back here... What's wrong with you? Something's not right. We've always been Friends... for years. [goes after Froggy] Froggy! Wait up! Oh dear!"

Cutscene 2

[Station Square Center. Big is outside the train station as he begins looking for Froggy.]

Big: "Yoohoo! Froggy! Come out, come out wherever you are! Oh man, where could my Pollywog Pal be, anyway?"

[City Hall. Big spots Froggy as he heads for the open manhole under a parked car.]

Big: "Froggy! There you are! Wait, don't run away! What cha' doin' under that car? What's wrong?"

Cutscene 3

[Big is making his way through the area outside the train station in Mystic Ruins as his theme plays. He soon stops when he sees that Tails has captured Froggy]

Big: "Oh no, he's got my little buddy!" [runs towards Tails and trips] "Waaaaaaahhhhh! Ugh! Ugh!" [looks at Froggy] "Glad I found you!"
Tails: "Oops!" [Froggy escapes Tails's grasp, bounces off Big, and hops away]
Big: "Awwwww, now what am I gonna do?"

Cutscene 4

[Big has finally caught Froggy and is taking him home from Emerald Coast when Gamma suddenly runs in and snatches Froggy right out of Big's hands]

Big: "Froggy? [notices that Froggy is being captured by Gamma] Uh oh! NO, hold on there! Come back, please! Give me my friend back! I'm beggin' ya, please!"

[Big pursues Gamma all the way back to the Mystic Ruins and gets aboard the Egg Carrier before it takes off. He soon finds himself in the main room inside the Egg Carrier.]

Big: "Froggy? This place doesn't look familiar to me at all..." [sniffs] "Hmm, smells like Froggy's around somewhere. Think I'll see what's behind this door!"

Cutscene 5

[Big enters Hot Shelter and soon enters a central area surrounded by aquariums.]

Big: [spots Froggy in one of the aquariums]"Aaaah! There's Froggy! Looks like he needs my help!"

Cutscene 6

[Big manages to free Froggy and catch him once more before preparing to leave Hot Shelter]

Big: "Yes! We're together again at last, heh?" [Hintball zooms around Big & Froggy] "Huh? That's strange!"

[Back in the past]

Big: "Where am I? Froggy?"

Cutscene 7

[At the altar]

Tikal: "Wow! Is it alright for me to be here? So do you... Trust me? So these are the 7 Emeralds..." [gasp] "! ? Could it be? The servers are... the 7 Chaos Emeralds... Unified by one that is the controller... The 7 Chaos... The controller itself... Could this be the Emerald that controls the 7 Chaos?"

[Big soon finds himself back at the Egg Carrier, this time in the pool area]

Big: "Froggy! I don't like the looks of this place! If something happens now... There's no point to my rescuin' you. I don't know who would bother to save us both. We better get going, buddy!"
Computer: "Emergency alert has been cancelled! Resuming monorail operation."

Cutscene 8

[Big heads out to the runway area of the Egg Carrier, only to encounter Chaos 4 floating over the central platform. Eggman soon appears from above in the Egg Mobile to confront Big.]

Dr. Eggman: "So! I see you're trying to escape! I'm right on time. Chaos! Grab him. Get that frog! And don't forget the Chaos Emerald. [Froggy releases the Chaos Emerald it had swallowed earlier, and along with one that Eggman is holding, both fly to Chaos 4, who absorbs both and transforms again, emerging from a large puddle on the platform as it becomes Chaos 6.] All right! And now for the frog. The frog is possessed by your tail. Once you get your tail, you'll be complete and ultra strong." [Froggy jumps inside Chaos 6 and loses the tail, which reappears as a large, scythe-like tail on Chaos 6.]
Sonic: [Arrives] "Unbelievable! Look what happened! Chaos has transformed again."
Big: "Huh?"
Dr. Eggman: "Hahaha!!! Uh oh! Gotta go!"
Big: "Froggy! I'll save you... Don't worry pally."
Sonic: "So he's your friend, eh?" [Big nods] "No sweat... I'll get him back! Watch me!"
Big: "Careful Froggy! Don't worry. We'll get ya back!"

[Chaos 6 growls, ready to stop Big from recovering Froggy]

Cutscene 9

[After rescuing Froggy]

Big: "Hoo-ray! Froggy, heh heh heh heh, I won't let them take you away again."
Sonic: "Go! Go on and get outta here! I'll do the rest."
Big: "Oh, okay... Thanks! Come, little buddy. Time to get a move on."

Cutscene 10

[After spotting the crashed Tornado 2]

Big: "Huh... er... what? Hey, maybe we could use this? But I don't know the first thing about it. Oh well, I'll give it a try anyway."

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