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The Original Hero Is Back!

— Tagline

Sonic Adventure (ソニックアドベンチャー Sonikku Adobenchā?) is a 3D platformer video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega. It is the first game in the Sonic Adventure series, as well as the first Sonic game on a sixth generation console. The game was released on 23 December 1998 in Japan for the Dreamcast,[1] and an updated edition (known as Sonic Adventure International (ソニックアドベンチャー インターナショナル Sonikku Adobenchā Intānashonaru?) in Japan) was released on 9 September 1999 in North America,[2] 14 October 1999 in the Europe,[3] and 30 November 1999 in Australia.[4] Sonic Adventure sold over 1.27 million copies in the United States alone, making it the top selling Dreamcast game.[5] It received a sequel in 2001, marking the 10th anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.


Spoiler warning: Plot, ending details or any kind of information follow.


Three thousand years ago, the Chaos and Master Emeralds were kept at an altar near the territory of a clan of echidnas, specifically the Knuckles Clan. A peaceful echidna named Tikal, daughter of Chief Pachacamac, befriended the Chao that lived at the altar and their protector, who was the water god Chaos. When Pachacamac sought to expand his clan's territory, he wanted to steal the Chaos Emeralds and use their power to defeat his rivals. Although Tikal and the Chao stood against him, he ordered his soldiers to charge anyway, resulting in many Chao being injured. This enraged Chaos, who transformed into Perfect Chaos and destroyed all of the echidnas, except for Tikal, who sealed herself away in the Master Emerald with Chaos, and the magic caused the area surrounding the shrine to become Angel Island, also known as the continent in the sky.

In the present day, Dr. Eggman learns of the legend surrounding Chaos. Believing it to be true, he seeks out the Master Emerald and shatters it, freeing Chaos in the process. Eggman's goal is to control Chaos, and use its destructive powers to collect the Chaos Emeralds and conquer the city and turn it into "Robotnikland". To help him, he has created the E-100 Series robots. When Sonic the Hedgehog learns of Eggman's plans, he and his friends spring in to action to stop Eggman and they start another journey for the Chaos Emeralds.


Sonic arriving to face off against Chaos after Station Square's police force retreats.

Sonic has just returned home in Station Square after a long journey.[6] There, he is jumping across rooftops, enjoying himself, until he notices the Station Square Police Department staff rush to City Hall. Following them, he sees the police surround Chaos, only to notice upon opening fire at it that their weapons are useless against Chaos. As the police retreats, Sonic steps in and defeats Chaos, but it escapes through a water drain. Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman has been observing Sonic's clash with Chaos, confident in Chaos's supremacy despite its defeat.

The next day, Sonic is relaxing by a pool in Station Square until he sees Tails crash on the beach in his newest biplane. Hurrying to Emerald Coast, Sonic finds Tails. The two later have a small conversation in Station Square where Tails tells Sonic that he was using the plane to test the power of a Chaos Emerald he had found. Sonic is then convinced to come to Tails' Workshop in Mystic Ruins to see a project of his. However, when they get there, Dr. Eggman shows up to steal Tails' Chaos Emerald. With the heroes refusing to hand the Emerald over, Eggman tries to take it by force with his Egg Hornet, but is defeated. However, he still manages to steal the Chaos Emerald from Tails. He then reveals Chaos to the heroes and gives it the Chaos Emerald, turning it into Chaos 1. Eggman then gloats that with every Chaos Emerald he gives to Chaos, the creature becomes more powerful, with his ultimate plan being to make Chaos invincible with all seven Chaos Emeralds and then use it to destroy Station Square and built Robotnikland upon its ruins. After that, Eggman and Chaos 1 retreat. Sonic and Tails thus decide to counter the doctor's plans by securing the other Chaos Emeralds to prevent Chaos from transforming.

Sonic and Tails quickly find two Chaos Emeralds: one in Windy Valley and another in Casinopolis. However, after leaving the latter, Eggman ambushes the duo and steals their Emerald before knocking them out with sleeping gas. The next day, Sonic and Tails come to. Continuing onward regardless, Sonic and Tails go to Icecap and retrieve another Chaos Emerald. However, they run into Knuckles, who believes Sonic has stolen some of the Master Emerald's shards. The two fight, only for Sonic to drop his Chaos Emeralds during the scuffle. Eggman then shows up and takes the Emeralds, having tricked Knuckles into fighting Sonic so he could steal Sonic's Chaos Emeralds while they were occupied, and gives them to Chaos 2, transforming it into Chaos 4. Regardless, Sonic still defeats Chaos 4.

In the aftermath, Eggman's Egg Carrier appears and picks up Eggman, prompting Sonic and Tails to chase after the vessel in the Tornado. However, the Tornado gets shot down during the fight with the Egg Carrier, and Sonic falls down in Station Square. While looking for Tails however, he runs into Amy, who asks him to protect a bird she is looking after. Although Sonic refuses to heed Amy's request, they are found by ZERO. While Sonic is ready to face the robot, Amy heads into Twinkle Park in hopes to getting a date with Sonic after seeing that "cute couples get in free". Sonic follows Amy into Twinkle Park, but loses track of her. Knowing Amy is in danger with ZERO hunting her, Sonic tries to find her. After finding no signs of her in Speed Highway, he sees Amy being hauled away by ZERO in Station Square.

Following ZERO and Amy to Mystic Ruins, Sonic tries to save Amy, but the Egg Carrier then arrives and picks up ZERO and Amy. As Sonic chases the Egg Carrier into Red Mountain, it eventually escapes his reach. Fortunately, Tails shows up in the Tornado 2, and Sonic hitches a ride with him as they chase after the Egg Carrier together. Following an aerial battle with the Egg Carrier, Sonic and Tails crash-land on the vessel. As they try to get to the bridge however, the Egg Carrier changes shape, making the duo's trek harder. Taking a detour through the Sky Deck, Sonic and Tails arrive as Amy is confronting Eggman, who grabs Amy's bird and takes a Chaos Emerald out of the pendant it is wearing. He then calls in E-102 Gamma and orders him to get rid of the heroes before leaving. Sonic fights Gamma, but Amy stops Sonic from destroying Gamma, insisting that it is her friend. Deciding to trust Amy, Sonic leaves Gamma be. However, the Egg Carrier then begins to lose altitude. Sonic thus has Tails take Amy to Station Square while he goes after Eggman.

Sonic soon finds Eggman, only to see that he has given the two more Chaos Emeralds to Chaos, transforming it into Chaos 6. Big the Cat then shows up, with the intention of rescuing his friend Froggy from inside Chaos 6. With his help, Sonic defeats Chaos 6. After the battle, Sonic meets Knuckles as Eggman leaves. Trying to catch the doctor, Sonic follows him off the Egg Carrier. Landing in a part of Mystic Ruins with an ancient shrine in it, Sonic sees a floating orb heading towards it. Believing that it is trying to show him something, he ventures into the shrine, and eventually finds a mural with Perfect Chaos depicted on it. He then finds himself taken to the past, where he sees the Altar of Emerald on fire. Finding Chao lying on the ground and Tikal running towards the Master Emerald, he is taken back to the present. There, he finds Eggman flying towards the Final Egg. Following Eggman into the heart of the base, Sonic confronts the doctor and his Egg Viper. After defeating him, Sonic sees Eggman retreat and he reunites with Tails once again.


Miles "Tails" Prower is flying along in a new plane when, suddenly, it crashes by the beach in Station Square. After Sonic rescues him, Tails reveals that the plane was powered by a Chaos Emerald, and proceeds to ask Sonic to meet him in his workshop in the Mystic Ruins to show him what he has been working on there. Here, they are met by Dr. Eggman in the Egg Hornet. After the Egg Hornet is destroyed, Eggman steals the Chaos Emerald and feeds it to Chaos, who had just arrived.

Tails and Sonic head to the Windy Valley and Casinopolis to collect two more Emeralds; however, one of them is taken by Eggman. They head to the Mystic Ruins to collect another Emerald. Upon leaving Icecap, they encounter Knuckles. Due to a misunderstanding, Tails and Knuckles fight. Eggman, taking advantage of the situation, snatches away the Emeralds, once again giving them to Chaos. After a battle with Chaos 4, Eggman escapes in his Egg Carrier. Tails and Sonic give chase in the Tornado, but the plane gets shot down in the process. Tails lands in Mystic Ruins, only to find out that Sonic is missing and the train workers are on strike and therefore cutting off access to Station Square. After a flashback to the "good old days", Tails decides to do without Sonic and ventures into the jungle in search for a Chaos Emerald to rebuild the Tornado. He finds the red Emerald here, but runs into Big the Cat's friend, Froggy, who proceeds to swallow the gem. After giving chase through the Sand Hill, Tails catches up with Froggy, but is taken back in time and meets Tikal. When returned to the present, Big accidentally gives Tails a shock, causing him to lose grip of Froggy as a result.

Next, the Tornado 2 is built. During the flight, Tails meets up with Sonic at the peak of Red Mountain and gives chase to the Egg Carrier. Despite the stormy weather, the two managed to evade much of the Egg Carrier's attacks. Upon landing, Eggman immediately activates the transformed state that deactivates the monorails. Then, Sonic and Tails go through the Sky Deck. They find Eggman, Amy, and E-102 Gamma. Sonic tells Tails to take Amy to safety while he goes after Eggman. Next, the Egg Carrier collapses, and Tails and Amy make it safely to Station Square. Amy bids goodbye to Tails, and soon after Eggman crashes into nearby the train station after being defeated by Sonic. Undaunted, Eggman launches a missile as a last ditch attempt, but it turns out to be a dud. Angered, Eggman blasts the doors of a skyscraper and threatens to detonate the missile. Tails, realizing that the fate of the city is in his hands, gives chase. After a long endurance race through the night, Tails reaches the missile first and deactivates it. Frustrated at his failure, Eggman unleashes an Egg Mobile - the Egg Walker, and prepares to annihilate Station Square. All of the citizens run for shelter, leaving Tails - without Sonic's help, to fight with Eggman. In the end, Tails wins and the citizens cheer. While heading back to the workshop in Mystic Ruins, Tails meets up with Sonic to end the story.


Knuckles faces off against Chaos after it emerges from the broken Master Emerald.

As Knuckles the Echidna rests beside the Master Emerald thinking over the story of his life, he wakes up to find Chaos next to the shattered Master Emerald. Unaware that this is Eggman's doing, Knuckles assumes that Chaos is behind the shattering of the Emerald and goes on to attack it. However, the beast blindsides him and escapes, and, suddenly, Angel Island falls into the sea next to the Mystic Ruins. Knuckles arrives in Station Square to find the pieces of the Master Emerald. He finds a few pieces in Speed Highway and Casinopolis, but is flashed into the past to a place he's never seen before, but is somehow familiar to him. He overhears Tikal trying to stop her father, Pachacamac, from invading someone's "sacred grounds," but returns to the present before getting the details. He then spots Eggman heading into an elevator in the hotel. He notices the shine in Eggman's hand and believes it to be a piece of the Master Emerald so he follows Eggman. Knuckles then gets into a fight with Chaos 2, and after winning the battle, Eggman tells Knuckles that Sonic is after the emerald pieces. This gets to Knuckles, wondering why the blue blur would want them. He then heads into the jungle, where a power-up is found. Knuckles heads to Red Mountain and finds three more shards. A few minutes later, Knuckles finds Sonic and the two duke it out. But it was all a trick from Eggman so he could nab the two emeralds they had. He gives them to Chaos, causing him to transform into Chaos 4. Knuckles does eventually defeat him; Sonic and Tails go after Eggman, and Knuckles goes solo to find the rest of the pieces.

A moment later, Knuckles finds the keys to an abandoned Ziggurat called "The Lost World", and finds three more shards, and is sent back to the past. He meets Tikal again, and is sent to his time... right in front of the altar. 85% of the Master Emerald is restored. The last three shards are on Eggman's fortification, the Egg Carrier, but Knuckles has no idea where the fortress is. As he walks across the bridge, he spots E-102 Gamma heading to the jungle. He decides to follow the robot to the jungle and into the fortress, which takes off. Soon, he finds the last shards, but ends up getting sent to the past, this time with the altar under a thick flame. He walks over to Tikal and attempts to find out what's going on, but fails when Tikal rushes to the Emerald, causing him to get sent back to his own time. He spots Eggman and Chaos and rushes towards them. Eggman retreats, with Sonic on his heels. This leaves Chaos, who has devoured 6 of the Chaos Emeralds, at Knuckles' merciless spines. After a long battle, Chaos relinquishes the Chaos Emeralds and retreats, with Knuckles saying "Yeah, you're finished!!" The Egg Carrier loses its balance and self-destructs, but Knuckles flies back to Angel Island to prevent himself from getting burned.

Back at the Island, Knuckles restores the Master Emerald to its normal state, allowing the giant gem to hoist Angel Island back into the heavens. Knuckles is once again at peace. The Master Emerald is repaired for the first time.


Amy Rose is taking a stroll in Station Square, reminiscing about the good 'ol days when suddenly the city is shadowed by the Egg Carrier, and a small bird falls down from the sky. The bird was held captive, along with its family, by Dr. Eggman on his airship. Amy then befriends the bird, who she nicknames "Birdie", and promises she'll help it get home with its family. After a stroll through the town, she runs into Sonic and asks him to guard the bird, though Sonic strongly declines. She follows him to the entrance of Twinkle Park. Unfortunately, ZERO appears and before Sonic battle with it, Amy notices a sign that apparently says "Cute Couples get in free" and readily enters the park while Sonic follows, trying to stop her. After making her way through Twinkle Park while avoiding ZERO, she makes it back to Station Square and finds Sonic gone. Before she can continue with her search, she is captured by ZERO.

Amy is taken to a cell aboard the Egg Carrier where she is guarded by E-102 Gamma. He demands she hand him the bird, but she refuses. She then demands that he tell her why he wants the bird, but he himself does not know. She pleads with Gamma to help them, but he questions why she cares for something she knows nothing about. She says she pities him because love is not a part of his programming. The bird flies out of the jail cell and looks Gamma in the eyes. Gamma then tells them to escape and deactivates the cell. He tells them it is dangerous and that they'll be at the Mystic Ruins base soon. She comes to a room and plays through a game where she gets the Warrior's Feather. While venturing through Hot Shelter, she has another run-in with ZERO. When she grabs a hold of the balloon and drifts back in time to meets Tikal after finding Chaos' shrine. She then drifts back into the Egg Carrier. She makes it to the deck and is cornered by Eggman. Fortunately, Sonic and Tails also make it to the deck. Eggman grabs the bird and take the Chaos Emerald around its neck. He calls out Gamma who is ordered to destroy them. After fighting Gamma, Sonic tries to deliver the final blow, but Amy defends the robot, telling Sonic he helped her. The Egg Carrier begins to lose altitude and Amy tells Gamma to be free. Gamma asks why she is helping him, to which she responds that she promised they'd be friends. She then leaves with Tails as the Egg Carrier crashes.

She returns to Station Square and bids farewell to Tails and goes to Mystic Ruins to help the bird find its family. After searching through the jungle she finds the bridge leading to Eggman's base. She goes through Final Egg and once again meets with ZERO, but escapes. After deducing that the bird escaped from the Egg Carrier, she goes back to the now sunken Egg Carrier. The bird finds its family but ZERO knocks out the bird with its telescopic fist. After noticing the perpetrator of the attack, Amy becomes enraged and prepares to fight Zero. After battling and eventually destroying the robotic pursuer, the three birds are reunited and Amy vows to be the best she can be to impress Sonic, and hopefully make him respect her.


Big the Cat is sleeping on his bed when Froggy, his best friend, awakens and spots Chaos. Froggy bites off Chaos' tail, causing him to grow his own tail. Big wakes up and is worried about Froggy, who is driven insane by the possession. Froggy devours a Chaos Emerald, which Big calls his lucky charm, and runs away, leaving a worried Big following behind.

When the sun rises, Big finds himself in Station Square, where he sees the crazed Froggy go in the sewers. He hoists a black car, and follows Froggy to Twinkle Park. Big manages to fish Froggy out, but the crazed amphibian retreats. Big soon finds a key to Icecap, grabs a Life Belt and heads into the icy area. He fished Froggy out, but Froggy, yet again due to his insanity, takes off.

Big aboard the Egg Carrier.

Big heads towards the Emerald Coast and finds Froggy on one part of the Great Sea. After fishing him out, Big turns to go home, but E-102 Gamma grabs the crazed frog from Big and heads back, with the worried feline pleading behind it. Big boards the Egg Carrier, and tries to pick up Froggy's scent, but fails, so he decides to find him in the Hot Shelter. He realizes that to get Froggy out, he must activate the switch. After doing this and fishing Froggy out for the last time, Big turns to exit, but is transported to the past. He encounters Tikal for the first time, before returning to his normal time. He gets out of the Attendance room and heads out, but spots Chaos and freezes in horror at the sight of him. Dr. Eggman arrives and gives Chaos the Emeralds, causing him to enlarge again. Froggy then hops into Chaos' body, restoring the beast's tail. Sonic arrives and realizes Chaos has gotten bigger, then Big carefully fishes Froggy out of Chaos' body and escapes under the hedgehog's orders. Suddenly, the Egg Carrier is about to lose altitude, but Big spots the Tornado 2 and flies to the jungle moments after the flying fortress self-destructs and crashes into the Great Sea.

Big and Froggy are now home and enjoying peace again. Froggy is no longer insane, and Big is celebrating.

E-102 Gamma

Dr. Eggman introduces himself to the second robot in the E-100 series, E-102 Gamma. His training involves E-102 seeking and searing the Sonic doll in Final Egg. After that, Eggman introduces Gamma to his older brother, E-101 Beta, and pits them to a small duel. Gamma achieves victory, but E-101 boards the Egg Carrier for repairs and a Level Up Item. The fortress then flies off into the sky.

A moment later, Eggman announces to Gamma and his younger brothers, E-103 Delta, E-104 Epsilon, and E-105 Zeta, to find and capture Froggy, who's been driven insane by Chaos' tail and has eaten a Chaos Emerald. Gamma heads to the Emerald Coast, grabs Froggy and is about to return when a blinding flash takes him back in time. He tries to figure his location, but it doesn't work. He heads to the alter and lowers his cannon at the presence of the Chao. Tikal rushes to their aid, but she realizes Gamma's not part of the Knuckles Clan and gives him some helpful information about the Chaos Emeralds, the Chao, and their draconian protector, Chaos. Gamma then reverts to his own time.

After that, Gamma and his brothers argue over whose frog is the one, but stop when Eggman walks in. Irritated, Eggman tells them that the frog he wants is crazed, and settles when he spots Froggy in Gamma's hands. He proudly congratulates Gamma for his capture and dismisses Delta, Epsilon and Zeta for their idiotic failure. He then tells Gamma to find the bird that Amy is with, then departs. Gamma accidentally gets into the wrong room, where he spots Beta being destroyed, remodeled, and upgraded. He quickly gets to the dungeon where he encounters Amy and the bird, and attempts to persuade her to give him the bird. Amy persistently ignores his orders and tells him that love isn't part of his programing, which Gamma angrily replies that she knows something that she shouldn't know. Then the bird flies to Gamma and looks him straight in his eyes. Agitated, Gamma orders them to flee by opening her cell, then heads to the attendance room, where Eggman orders him to get the jet booster from the ammunition room. After that, Gamma heads to the main bridge of the Egg Carrier and engages Sonic in battle. Just as he is about to sear Sonic to ash, Amy interferes. She tells him to remember her and says that he should ditch Eggman, much to Sonic's surprise. Suddenly, the Egg Carrier is about to lose altitude. Sonic races off after Eggman, while Amy says that she and Gamma be friends. He asks why she is helping him, and she replies that friends always help one another. Gamma, Tails and Amy escape as the Egg Carrier self-destructs and crashes into the Great Sea.

E-102 Gamma in Windy Valley.

Searching his files, Gamma realizes Amy's words and decides to go rogue, beginning his own quest to find and save his brothers. He finds a switch to Windy Valley, explores it completely, spots Delta and battles him. Following this, he heads to Red Mountain, goes in the magma chamber of one volcano, finds Epsilon and defeats him. After that, he realizes Zeta and Beta are on the Egg Carrier and heads towards it via canoe. Gamma enters the Attendance Room and opens the doors to the Hot Shelter lair, where he goes through its tunnels and spots Zeta, who has transformed into a large cylinder-like monster. Gamma engages in battle, sears Zeta's head off, and escapes from the Hot Shelter. He gets out of the Attendance room and spots Beta flying towards a field, then heads to it and engages in battle.

After a long battle, Beta crashes to the ground. Gamma walks over, but Beta shoots him at point-blank range in the face, sending him back. Beta self-destructs and releases a bird, just seconds before Gamma does the same. This brings a tragic end to Gamma, but he has set all the animals free, including himself, and accomplished his duty.

Super Sonic

It is revealed that Chaos has survived. Dr. Eggman mutters about his hatred of Sonic, knowing that he cannot spoil his master plan. He stops and spots Chaos, who mauls him. Angel Island has fallen again.

Knuckles knows this as well. He decides to take the Chaos Emeralds to Sonic as advice, but spots Eggman lying on the ground. Eggman's mutter of pain is "This is terrible!! C-Chaos is..." Knuckles asks "Is what?", but is interrupted when Chaos appears and attacks them both, stealing the Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic is relaxing by a tree when Tails tells him that Angel Island has fallen. When they get there, they spot Knuckles and Eggman in serious pain. Knuckles tells Sonic and Tails that Chaos has survived and has stolen his Chaos Emeralds. Eggman heads off on his mobile and searches the jungle for a replacement fortress. Knuckles tells Sonic about Chaos' ferocity and states that if he gets the last Chaos Emerald, death will come. Sonic knows that he'll find it before the renegade does, but is sent to the past for the last time. This time he spots the Altar under attack from the Knuckles Clan, who knock Tikal to the ground and injure many Chao after Pachacamac disregards his daughter's pleas once again. This enrages Chaos, who devours the Chaos Emeralds and goes berserk. Sonic heads over to Tikal and asks if she is okay. Tikal realizes Chaos is wreaking havoc and seals him and herself within the Master Emerald for all eternity in order to stop him before it is too late.

Sonic returns to the present day. Tails says that they have to get the last emerald before Chaos does. They head over to Big's hut and spot the Tornado 2. They are about to get the emerald, but Chaos devours it and goes on a rampage in Station Square, flooding the city. Sonic, who now realizes how vicious Chaos really is, spots the Egg Carrier 2 from the corner of his eye and realizes that Eggman is after the renegade Chaos. Eggman attempts to engage in combat by opening fire, but the effort fails, and Chaos demolishes the fortress to ruin with a massive beam of energy, sending Eggman flying away screaming in pain. Sonic is getting aggravated with Chaos' ferocity, but Tikal arrives. Sonic realizes Tikal sealed Chaos in the Master Emerald. She states that her heart's been always with the Master Emerald as well as Chaos', but he is full of rage and tragedy. If he is not stopped, he will bring destruction to the world like he did centuries ago. Chaos then discards the now powerless Chaos Emeralds; and Tikal demands that Chaos be resealed in the Master Emerald; but Sonic refuses, telling her that doing so will not change how Chaos feels. His heart will still remain in turmoil and his anger will not vanish; he'll just be trapped forever, and history will just repeat itself as it did before. Sonic's allies then gather the Chaos Emeralds and Tails states to Sonic that Chaos has absorbed the Emeralds' negative power, and that Sonic should be able to harness their positive power, to which Knuckles reluctantly agrees with. Using the positive energy of his friends and the citizens of Station Square as they cheer while Tails explains that both negative and positive emotions empower the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic. He then flies off to engage the gargantuan deity in battle.

After its defeat, Chaos is reverted to his Chaos 0 form, as his anger and rage has faded. He spots several Chao, and knows of their peacefulness. Tikal arrives and tells Chaos that the Chao have been living peacefully with mankind for a long time and will continue to do so. With the fighting over and harmony restored, Tikal and Chaos ascend into the sky and disappear in a flash of white. Seconds after, Eggman flies away. Peace is back once more, and Sonic runs off in search of more adventures.


Image Character Biography
GemsCollectionPlus Sonic 1.png Sonic the Hedgehog

He's the world's fastest, hypersonic hedgehog![6]

With a strong love for freedom, the only thing Sonic hates is oppression.[6]

Despite his short temper, deep down he's a really nice guy who is 100% committed to helping those in trouble whenever and wherever he can.[6]

Sonic's adventure begins as he is returning home from a long journey...[6]

Tails-11.png Miles "Tails" Prower

This sweet-natured fox is a natural born mechanic with the unique ability to fly high in the sky using his two special tails.[7]

A long time friend and admirer of Sonic, Tails devoted himself to tinkering in his workshop while Sonic was away on his journey. Tails' adventure beings one day when, in the midst of performing a flight test with his latest aircraft invention, he suddenly began to experience engine trouble and...[7]

Knuckles 4.png Knuckles the Echidna Knuckles is one wild and powerful spiny anteater. Although blessed with an honest, straight-up personality, he often lacks flexibility. With his powerful arms, he can glide through the air to attack and land some serious punches. Guardian of the Master Emerald for as long as he can remember, one seemingly normal day his world is shattered and a new adventure begins...[8]
Amy 1.png Amy Rose

Always bright and cheerful, Amy is the self-appointed girlfriend of Sonic. Possessing a strong competitive streak, she is second to none when in control of her Piko Piko Hammer.[9]

With many fond memories of her Sonic-chasing days, she's thrilled when their two worlds collide again with the sudden appearance of a huge spaceship one day...[9]

E-102 Gamma 1.png E-102 Gamma Created by the evil Dr. Robotnik, E-102 Gamma is an E-100 series gunner robot. Shortly after his "birth", Gamma must pass a test that will enable him to join an elite unit of robots. His destiny then takes a drastic turn when he meets a certain frog with an unusual tail...[10]
Big 1.png Big the Cat

This giant cat is one laid-back and easy going fellow who loves to fish and is never without his favorite rod and lure.[11]

Big leads a tranquil life, together with his buddy "Froggy", in a hut in a serene part of the jungle. Until one day when Froggy suddenly underwent an unusual transformation...[11]

Robotnik 8.png Dr. Robotnik Yes, just as we all feared, the mad scientist is back and more ruthless than ever before. In the past, Sonic and friends have managed to ruin all his evil plans, but are those days over?! A new battle has begun and this time, Dr. Robotnik ("Eggman" to Sonic and his pals) has at long last figured out how to harness the massive ancient power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds to destroy the world![12]
Chaos 1.png Chaos This mysterious liquefied life-form that had been trapped in the Master Emerald was released by Dr. Robotnik to do his evil bidding. Chaos grows bigger and more powerful with each emerald that Dr. Robotnik adds to him. What will happen to the world if Dr. Robotnik manages to add all seven Chaos Emeralds...?[12]


Sonic Adventure is a 3D third-person action platformer video game, with some parts taken from earlier Sonic games. The player controls Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Gamma, and Big, each with their own gameplay and point of view of the story. Additionally, after completing all these stories, the player will be able to play as Super Sonic in the game's battle with Perfect Chaos. The game is divided up into two types of levels: Action Stages and Adventure Fields. The division of Action Stages and Adventure Fields are a serious departure from all previous Sonic games.

Sonic Adventure features many Action Stages that can be played with certain characters. Unlike past games however, the Action Stages are not automatically acceded for the player; instead, the playable character must find their entrance points in the Adventure Fields of the game. Adventure Fields are non-linear game stages, generally designed for (light) puzzle solving, exploration and plot advancement. They contain very few items (enemies, Rings, etc.). Every Adventure Field links to the other Adventure Fields and a Chao Garden. They also have four Emblems each. They are each packed with various Level Up Items for different characters. As the player progresses with the story, more areas will be opened in the Adventure Fields for the player to explore.

All Action Stages of Sonic Adventure have Rings scattered in them. While one of the most common elements in the game, Rings are very important as they serve as the playable character's main method of protection against attacks; should the playable character be hit by an obstacle or enemy, they will survive at the cost of losing all their Rings. However, if the player is damaged without having any Rings on them, they will lose a life, or get a Game Over if they do not have any lives left.

Sonic Adventure also features Sub Games. Sub Games are minigames based on Action Stages. When the player completes a Sub Game in Story Mode, they unlock it on the Sub Game menu located on Trial Mode. For some Sub Games, the player can use any character, but some of them require the use of the character(s) from Story Mode. The player can get two Emblems from each Sub Game, from achieving high scores. The second eEmblem requires a much higher score than the first. The scores appear at the end of a Sub Game. The player cannot get two Emblems per character but can use any to get one Emblem (if it allows more than one character).

Also introduced in Sonic Adventure is the Chao. Chao primarily inhabit the Chao Gardens as a sort of intelligent virtual pet for the player to raise, an "evolution" of the A-life system from NiGHTS into Dreams... Chao can be taken with the player by downloading the minigame Chao Adventure to their VMU.

Character-specific gameplays


Sonic in Emerald Coast, the first Action Stage in his story.

Sonic the Hedgehog's gameplay is, for the most part, the same as that from earlier Sonic games, as it involves high-speed gameplay. The fastest of the playable characters, Sonic can perform an Spin Dash to gain instant speed in seconds and use the Homing Attack to target an obstacle or enemy and attack them.

In addition to his normal moves, Sonic gains extra abilities as he collects Level Up Items. For example, collecting the Light Speed Shoes allows him to perform the Light Speed Dash. Conversely, he can collect the Ancient Light in order to perform the Light Speed Attack. Then there is the Crystal Ring that allows him to charge the two aforementioned moves in less time.


Miles "Tails" Prower's gameplay is, for the most part, similar to Sonic's, except that he is slightly slower. To compensate for this, he can fly for some time and perform the Tail Swipe to attack his enemies. While not being able to perform the Spin Dash, Tails can still curl into a ball while running, which also vastly increases his momentum on linear downhill slopes.

Tails' Action Stages are races against specific opponents. To win these Action Stages, Tails must get to the goal before his opponent does.

Tails can gain better abilities by collecting Level Up Items throughout his story. By collecting the Rhythm Badge, he can perform the Rapid Tails Attack, and the Jet Anklet allows him to fly faster than normal.


Knuckles the Echidna's gameplay is similar to that from past games. Moving slower than Sonic and Tails, he can glide to reach platforms in the distance with ease. In addition, colliding with a wall while gliding will allow him to climb that wall. He can also throw punches to attack nearby enemies and objects. Much like Tails, Knuckles is also able to curl into ball while running.

Knuckles' Action Stages have him collecting three Emerald Shards hidden in each Action Stage. Once he has collected all three Emerald Shards, he will have cleared the Action Stage.

Knuckles' abilities can be upgraded by collecting Level Up Items. He can perform a Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack by collecting the Fighting Gloves. He can also collect the Shovel Claws to perform the dig technique.


Amy in Twinkle Park, the first Action Stage in her story.

Amy Rose's gameplay is different from that of the other characters. Running slowly and making small jumps instead of the Spin Jump, she can use her Piko Piko Hammer to perform a Hammer Attack, which is her main method of attack. While in midair, she can also perform a Jump Attack as a variation of the Spin Attack. Additionally, while running, she can perform the Hammer Jump to launch herself into the air.

Amy's Action Stages have her having to run away of ZERO, who seeks to catch her. The player needs to complete some puzzles while avoiding ZERO's attacks while in the Action Stages. If Amy is caught by ZERO, the player will lose a life, or get a Game Over is they run out of lives. Amy's Action Stages will be cleared by grabbing a local Goal Balloon.

Amy's moves can be upgraded by collecting Level Up Items. For example, she can collect the Warrior Feather to perform the Spin Hammer Attack. Then there is the Long Hammer, which increases her moves' attack range.

E-102 Gamma

Gamma in Windy Valley, the third Action Stage in his story.

E-102 Gamma's gameplay is different from that of other characters. He can use the Laser Gun to target his enemies and destroy them with the Homing Missile Launch.

Gamma's Action Stages have him destroying Badniks to free the Animals inside them. Unlike other characters, Gamma has a time limit to clear his Action Stages; should that time run out, the player will lose a life, or get a Game Over is they run out of lives. Destroying Badniks gives the player some additional time. Once all the Badniks have been destroyed, the Action Stage will end.

Gamma's abilities will be upgrades as he collects Level Up Items. For example, he can collect the Jet Booster to perform the hover. Then there is the Laser Blaster that allows him to perform more powerful Homing Missile Launches.


Big in Icecap, the second Action Stage in his story.

Big the Cat has a unique gameplay style. For combat, he can use his Fishing Rod to perform a Lure Attack, which he can use to attack enemies in front of him.

Big's Action Stages have him using his Fishing Rod to catch Froggy. However, the player can also catch fish to gain extra points; the larger the fish is, the more points the player will receive. Once a fish or Froggy bites the lure, the player will have to reel it in. Once the player has caught Froggy, the Action Stage will end.

Big can collect Level Up Items to upgrade his abilities. For example, the Life Belt allows him to float into the water unless the player wants to dive in it. The player can also collect the Power Rod, which is a more powerful version of the Fishing Rod.

Scoring system

Main article: Point#Sonic Adventure



Button formation Movement
Analog Thumb Pad Move
Controlpadds.png up/down Change camera angle
L/R Pan the camera
DreamcastB.png/X Button Dreamcast.png.png/Y Button Dreamcast.png in front of item Pick up / Set down item
DreamcastB.png/X Button Dreamcast.png.png/Y Button Dreamcast.png + Analog Thumb Pad Shake item / Cuddle Chao
Jump > DreamcastB.png/X Button Dreamcast.png.png/Y Button Dreamcast.png Throw item

Character specific

Button formation SAdventure-Sonic-Life.png Movement
DreamcastA.png Spin Jump
DreamcastA.png (midair) Homing Attack
DreamcastB.png/X Button Dreamcast.png.png Spin Dash

Button formation SAdventure-Tails-Life.png Movement
DreamcastA.png Spin Jump
DreamcastA.png (midair) Propeller Flight
DreamcastB.png/X Button Dreamcast.png.png Tails Attack/Rapid Tails Attack
Move + DreamcastB.png/X Button Dreamcast.png.png Spin Attack

Button formation SAdventure-Knuckles-Life.png Movement
DreamcastA.png Jump
DreamcastA.png (midair) Gliding Jump
DreamcastB.png/X Button Dreamcast.png.png Punch Attack
DreamcastB.png/X Button Dreamcast.png.png + DreamcastA.png Dig
(requires Shovel Claw)
Move + DreamcastB.png/X Button Dreamcast.png.png Spin Attack

Button formation SAdventure-Amy-Life.png Movement
DreamcastA.png Jump
DreamcastB.png/X Button Dreamcast.png.png Hammer Attack
Move + DreamcastB.png/X Button Dreamcast.png.png Hammer Jump
DreamcastB.png/X Button Dreamcast.png.png + Move Spinning Hammer Attack
(requires Warrior Feather)

Button formation SAdventure-Big-Life.png Movement
DreamcastA.png Jump
DreamcastB.png/X Button Dreamcast.png.png Carry heavy item / Cast rod / Lure Attack

Button formation SAdventure-Gamma-Life.png Movement
DreamcastA.png Jump
DreamcastA.png (midair) Hover
(requires Jet Booster)
DreamcastB.png/X Button Dreamcast.png.png Laser Gun/Homing Missile Launch



Gimmicks and obstacles


Playable characters

Non-playable characters



No. Sonic Tails Knuckles Amy Big Gamma Super Sonic
1. Chaos 0 Egg Hornet Chaos 2 ZERO Chaos 6 E-101 Beta Perfect Chaos
2. Egg Hornet Knuckles the Echidna Sonic the Hedgehog N/A Sonic the Hedgehog N/A
3. Knuckles the Echidna Chaos 4 E-103 Delta
4. Chaos 4 E-102 Gamma Chaos 6 E-104 Epsilon
5. E-102 Gamma Egg Walker N/A E-105 Zeta
6. Chaos 6 N/A E-101 Mark II
7. Egg Viper N/A


Action Stages

No. Sonic Tails Knuckles Amy Big Gamma
1. Emerald Coast Windy Valley Speed Highway Twinkle Park Final Egg
2. Windy Valley Casinopolis Hot Shelter Icecap Emerald Coast
3. Casinopolis Icecap Red Mountain Final Egg Emerald Coast Windy Valley
4. Icecap Sky Deck Lost World N/A Hot Shelter Red Mountain
5. Twinkle Park Speed Highway Sky Deck N/A Hot Shelter
6. Speed Highway N/A
7. Red Mountain
8. Sky Deck
9. Lost World
10. Final Egg

Adventure Fields

Chao Gardens

Sub Games


Sonic Team at Tikal's temple.

The development of Sonic Adventure began around April 1997 with a development team of thirty members. After developing several titles for the Sega Genesis, producer Yuji Naka worked mainly on the game NiGHTS into Dreams... for the Sega Saturn. Sonic Team started to work on an original 3D Sonic title for the Saturn, but development was ultimately shifted to the Dreamcast; according to Naka, remnants of the project can be seen in the compilation Sonic Jam.[13][14] The development team focused on graphics and high resolution for this game, with Naka reflecting that they had pushed the Dreamcast "as far as [they could] at present".[15]

Director Takashi Iizuka, having developed NiGHTS into Dreams..., proposed to Naka that they should develop a role-playing video game-style/RPG Sonic game.[16][17] In order to achieve a more natural, realistic feel to the exotic levels like ruins and jungles, the core members of the Sonic Team traveled to the Americas. The Team's journey began in the northern part of the peninsula in the Chichen Itza, from there the team traveled southward along the Eastern side of the Peninsula where they also visited Cancun, Tulum and finally Tikal. The team then left the peninsula traveling down through Central America, into South America, Peru, where they visited Cuzco, Machu Picchu and then Ica. The Chichen Itza and Tikal provided the aesthetics concept of the Shrine of Knuckles's race, Chaos and the serpents drawing on the walls of the temple;[18][19] Cancun and Tulum provided the concept of Emerald Coast;[20][21] Cuzco provided the Altar of Emerald;[22] Machu Picchu provided the design of Windy Valley;[23] and Ica provided the the aesthetics for Sand Hill.[24] However, the trip was not all fun and games, the team having unexpected encounters with giant spiders, snakes, and reportedly Yuji Naka becoming ill at one point. At the end of it all, the team returned to Japan in one piece, full of enthusiasm to create the game.

Comparison between the early gameplay footage and the final release.

Naka aimed to create levels that would take the player at least five minutes to complete, yet retain similar gameplay to the Mega Drive titles. Following the creation of the basic level maps, Naka wondered "why don't we use this map for other characters?" also during development many wrote into Sega, requesting a new character that would shoot enemies. Sega thought that giving the characters a gun would be odd, the development team also wanted to break up the intense action. These led to the introduction of Big and E-102.[15] One final element that Iizuka wanted to have in the game was an enemy that was completely separate from Eggman, and also something which, up until then, was impossible to create in a game. Wanting something liquid and transparent, the character of Chaos was thought up. Presenting the original concept art and idea to Naka, Chaos was approved on the spot, his role in the game cemented.[25] Chaos' ever-shifting nature and demeanor was something the team wanted to advertise, placing the character in the very first playable sequence in the game. The development team conducted surveys of fans to ensure that the final product, especially the characters, would please them.

Contest submissions: 1.Yuji Uekawa 2.Satoshi Okano 3.Naoto Oshima 4.Takumi Miyake.

An internal contest was held at Sega to determine who would be in charge of character redesigns. The participants included Yuji Uekawa (Sonic R character designer), Satoshi Okano (Sonic Jam promotional art), Naoto Oshima (Sonic's original creator) and Takumi Miyake (designer for Knuckles' Chaotix). Uekawa was the winner, though he would take some inspiration from the other entries for his final design.[26][27] He redesigned Sonic with longer legs and spines that Iizuka subsequently noted were more suitable for 3D than Sonic's original and more compact design, which was meant to be seen from the side.[28][29] Certain levels, such as "Lost World and Windy Valley," were rebuilt dozens of times.[17] Sega made it a top priority to keep the game a secret until shortly before its release. Despite these efforts, screenshots were leaked onto the Internet in mid-1998. Naka presented the game to Edge in mid-August, and official announcement fell on 22 August in Japan.[15]

After the game's release in Japan, Sega and Sonic Team knew the game was not as finished as they would have liked it to be so, In February 1999, Sega's vice president Tadahiko Hirose announced that a more completed version of Sonic Adventure would be released along with Virtua Fighter 3tb and Sega Rally 2 as launch titles for the Dreamcast's international release.[30] In June 1999, Sega announced that Sonic Adventure would be one of the five titles in the Dreamcast's "Masterpiece Collection".[31] The North American version of the game includes Japanese and English-language audio tracks, as well as Japanese, English, Spanish, French and German subtitles.[32] Online gameplay and downloadable content were also added for the localization.[33]


The game's main theme is entitled "Open Your Heart" and is performed by Crush 40 (under the name "Sons of the Angels"), making Sonic Adventure the first Sonic game that Crush 40 performed the game's soundtrack. The soundtrack of Sonic Adventure has been distributed through four albums:

  • Sonic Adventure: Songs With Attitude Vocal Mini-Album contains the five character themes and the main theme (It Doesn't Matter, My Sweet Passion, Lazy Days, Believe In Myself, Unknown from M.E. and Open Your Heart).
  • Sonic Adventure Original Sound Track (Digi-Log Conversation) contains all of the music tracks of the game.
  • Sonic Adventure Remix contains remixed character theme songs in addition to the five character themes and the main theme from Sonic Adventure: Songs With Attitude Vocal Mini Album.
  • Sonic Adventure Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition contains an abridged number of the music tracks from Sonic Adventure Original Sound Track (Digi-Log Conversation) and along with some other game soundtracks in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, this soundtrack album was released in order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.


Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 86.51%[34]
Review scores
Publication Score
AllGame 4/5 stars
Computer and Video Games 5/5 stars[35]
Edge 8/10[36]
Famitsu 38/40[37]
GameRevolution 3.5/5 stars
GameSpot 9.2/10
IGN 8.6/10[38]

Sonic Adventure received generally favorable reviews from critics, and was acclaimed by reviewers for being the first fully 3D Sonic platformer, with some going so far as to call it one of the greatest videogames of all-time, although future ports and remakes, such as Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut, have had more mixed reception. The current GameRankings average ranking is 86.51 out of 100.[34] It became one of the few Sega All-Stars games.

The Japanese video game magazine Famitsu gave the game a score of 38/40.[37] Although criticized for its camera system, framerate issues, and fishing stages with Big, the game was still highly praised for retaining the fast and enjoyable gameplay that Sonic was known for in 2D as well as the game's graphics, multiple character storylines, and soundtrack. Brandon Justice of IGN rated the game an 8.6 out of 10, criticizing various glitches and voice acting while praising the game's visuals and gameplay.[38] As of August 2006, Sonic Adventure has sold over 2.5 million units worldwide, making it the best-selling Dreamcast game.[39] This includes one million sold in the United States.[5]

At the time of its release, Sonic Adventure was acclaimed by the Arcade magazine as a "quantum leap forward" in aesthetics and visual detail in video games,[40] estimated by Hyper to exceed that which was possible on high-end PCs.[41]Computer and Video Games stated shortly after release that "Sonic Adventure is one of the best games ever made" and marveled that "many things you thought were impossible to see and experience in computer games are now here."[35]Edge's preview stated that graphical features like an "amazingly detailed cityscape" showed off the Dreamcast's potential, comparing it to Super Mario 64's role for the Nintendo 64, and exclaimed that "as a showcase of what the machine can do, Sonic Adventure is perfect."[36] Speculation arose that the game could save the Dreamcast,[40][42] which had not sold well so far by the end of 1998,[40] or even re-establish Sega as the dominant console manufacturer after the relatively unsuccessful Sega Saturn.[43] The 1001 book put the game in it's list as the video games that should be played before dying.


Role English voice actor Japanese voice actor
Sonic the Hedgehog Ryan Drummond Jun'ichi Kanemaru
Miles "Tails" Prower Corey Bringas Kazuki Hayashi
Knuckles the Echidna Michael McGaharn Nobutoshi Canna
Amy Rose Jennifer Douillard Taeko Kawata
Big the Cat Jon St. John Shun Yashiro
Tikal Elara Distler Kaori Asoh
Dr. Eggman Deem Bristow Chikao Ōtsuka
E-102 Gamma Steve Broadie Jōji Nakata
Pachacamac Tōru Ōkawa
Station Square announcer Lani Minella Kaho Kōda
Egg Carrier announcer
Mystic Ruins announcer Steve Broadie Nobutoshi Canna
Default menu voice Elara Distler
Chao Tomoko Sasaki

Alternate versions and ports

Sonic Adventure: Limited Edition

Title screen of the Limited Edition.

Sonic Adventure: Limited Edition is a special pre-release of the North American edition of Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast, and was made to show the connection between Sega and the Hollywood studios. In July 1999, the game was made available for rent for a limited time, as two months later its features would vanish.

Sonic Adventure International

Sonic Adventure International box artwork.

Sonic Adventure International is a revision of the original Sonic Adventure. It is essentially the version of Sonic Adventure that was distributed worldwide, with minor polishing touches. This re-release was deemed necessary due to Sonic Adventure being rushed to the Japanese market and having several programming errors and unimplemented features. The North American release had approximately ten months of development time. It is the final edition released for Dreamcast, and contains several of the changes made for worldwide versions including:

  • There are more options available, such as a complete English voice track added alongside the Japanese one. The in-game text can be selected in five different languages: English, Japanese, French, Spanish, and German. Other languages tend to follow the English script rather than the Japanese one (for example, references to Dr. Robotnik). The English settings are default in all regions. In addition, there is optional rumble support.
  • Some cutscenes contain slightly different sound mixing, as well as angle and timing differences. One noticeable instance is the cutscene after Sky Chase Act 1 in Sonic's story, which has a camera angle closer to the girl's perspective in the re-release rather than Sonic. Another example is the short cutscene when Knuckles first arrives in the Mystic Ruin, in which it originally played Tikal's theme rather than the Mystic Ruins area. Yet another difference is when Gamma lands in the Mystic Ruin, in which he was not shown actually landing. During Tikal's final flashback, Chaos also originally emitted a wounded Chao noise rather than a roar from his later forms when he uses the Master Emerald. Note that individual character animations are also slightly different in terms of speaking and action.
  • Various exclusive camera angles were included in the Japanese version (in the international version most camera angles were just zoomed out); these include those at the starting point for Station Square, in front of the hotel district, the sewer entrance, the shop and its interior in the City Hall District, and the starting point at the Mystic Ruins Station. Also, the bowling area in Twinkle Park was lowered in the international version and the angle for when using the Light Speed Dash at the end of the dark room in the Final Egg was changed from a first person-based perspective to a sideway one.
  • Some visuals were altered for unknown reasons, which is evident right on the updated title screen which includes water ripples (although earlier North American copies have the original title screen).
    • For instance, Sonic's running animation in top speed originally had a unique blurring "wheel" effect akin to the classic games, and his victory animation did not have him giving a thumbs up.
    • Another example is a stylized cowgirl billboard that waved a 3D martini glass and made suggestive noises when attacked, which was replaced by an inconspicuous Casinopolis decoration.
    • The models for the bird family were also adjusted in International, as their wings originally had an odd wing joint.
    • Chaos' puddle in the Super Sonic story also originally included his tail, but it was removed since it looked glitchy.
  • Some sound clips are missing altogether in the initial release, such as characters cheering from the boosters in Twinkle Circuit, idle animations having unique lines of dialogue for each location, virtually all of Gamma's gameplay voice clips (making him silent outside of cutscenes and his rival battle), and certain other clips like the announcements at the train stations. Other sound effects were changed entirely, such as the lasers of the Egg Viper.
  • The pinball boards in Casinopolis can now be shaken to adjust Sonic's trajectory, and there is a new ball counter.
  • Some of the menus were better organized such as those under "Trial", which now include Emblem Results.
  • Even though it was already in English, the Hedgehog Hammer screen was updated. The text scrolls faster (which makes it begin to loop), and the default high score (or "hi score" in the original version) now has the name Doctor Robotnik rather than Eggman. The format for prize text is also slightly different, such as "FIGHTERS FEATHER GET" being changed to "YOU GET THE WARRIOR FEATHER." This may be a reference to Sonic the Fighters, which was the first game to feature the Piko Piko Hammer.
  • There are more robust features on the Internet for those who have their Dreamcast online, with a functional Black Market exclusively on Japanese servers.
  • Some minor glitches were fixed, most of which were camera angles and collision detections.
  • Due to the game's engine being updated for the International audience, normal save files are incompatible with the previous version despite being a Dreamcast release. The A-Life files, however, are completely identical and are interchangeable between the two.
  • The target for Froggy is always shown in the Japanese version when fighting Chaos 6 as Big. In the international version, it only appears when Froggy moves around.
  • In the international version of the game, it is impossible to stand on the head of the Burger man.
  • The characters' standing poses are more animated when holding an object in the Japanese version. In the international release, they stand still.

Cutscenes changes

  • The camera angle that focuses on Tails in the cutscene where Sonic sees him crash in Emerald Coast was changed in the international release to be further away from Tails.
  • A small part of the scene where Sonic and Tails are ambushed by Eggman outside Casinopolis was changed in the international version.
  • The scene in Sky Chase where Eggman destroys the Tornado is played a lot faster in the Japanese version.
  • The scene after Sonic's Sky Chase Act 1 uses completely different camera angles.
  • One of the camera angles in the scene after Sonic and Tails land on the Egg Carrier was changed in the international version.
  • The camera angle in the scene where Sonic talks about transforming the Egg Carrier back into its original shape overshoots a little in the Japanese version, with the camera looking more towards the door to the Captain Room than at Sonic himself.
  • The camera angle in the scene where Tails encounters Big zooms more in on Tails in the international version.
    • Furthermore, the international version extended the scene by showing Tails running towards his workshop.
  • In the scene where Tails arrives at Station Square with Amy, one of the camera angles was re-positioned to center on Tails in the international release.
  • One of the camera angles in the scene where Knuckles witnesses a moment between Tikal and her father was changed.
  • The scene where Knuckles arrives at the Mystic Ruins after Chaos 2 plays Tikal's theme in the Japanese version. In the international release, it plays the regular Mystic Ruins music.
  • The camera angle after Amy finishes her intro cutscene is changed in the international release.
  • When Amy goes to Twinkle Park, Sonic disappears when she leaves the elevator. This was fixed in the international release.
  • The scene after Gamma escapes the Egg Carrier was extended in the international version of the game by adding a scene where Gamma declares that he must save his friends.
  • After Windy Valley, the wall to Angel Island will open. In the Japanese version, Gamma is mistakenly placed next to the train with an odd camera angle. Gamma was later moved to the entrance of Windy Valley in the international release.
  • The positions of the Chaos Emeralds in the first cutscene of the "Super Sonic" story are different.
  • In the Japanese version, Chaos can be heard making Chao sounds when appearing and transforming in Tikal's flashback in the "Super Sonic" story. This was removed in the international release.

Object differences

  • A platform was added at the end of the rollercoaster in the second section of Sonic's version of Twinkle Park in the international version.
  • A Magnetic Shield was changed to High-Speed Shoes in Amy's version of Twinkle Park in the international version.
  • A 1-Up was added near the beginning of Sky Deck.
  • The falling spike traps in Lost World were changed to fall as synchronized bars rather than individual segments in the international version.
  • The Capsule at the end of Lost World is centered in the international version.
  • A set of Springs in the second section of Final Egg were set on the ground rather than on the wall in the international version. Sonic's running path was altered to accommodate for this change.
  • A Hint Box in Big's version of Hot Shelter is moved in the international release. However, it is not correctly rotated to match up with its new location; the player moves through slightly through the wall when trying to read it. The nearby glass was also lowered slightly.
  • In Gamma's story, a green barrier was added over doors inside the Egg Carrier when they are locked. The lighting on the Hint Boxes was also tweaked.
  • Two Omochaos in the Chao Stadium were moved closer to the walls in the international version.

LCD game

An LCD version of the game was released by Tiger Electronics that includes several boss fights and stages from the original game. It is a rare item that is sought after by Sonic collectors.

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut

The GameCube box artwork of Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (ソニックアドベンチャー デラックス Sonikku Adobenchā Derakkusu?, lit. "Sonic Adventure Deluxe"), is a platform game for the GameCube and PC that was released in 2004.

The game was released as an enhanced port of Sonic Adventure International for the Dreamcast, with several additional features and changes. The PC version was at first released only in Japan and Europe, but later saw a limited North American release. Sonic Adventure DX includes a mission mode, which included 60 missions to complete throughout the adventure fields and action stages. It also contains a collection of twelve Game Gear games featuring Sonic and friends.

2010 digital port

Xbox Live Arcade icon for Sonic Adventure.

Sega announced on 10 June 2010 that a digital version of the game will be made a downloadable title on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 along with Crazy Taxi. Sonic Adventure was released on the Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network on 15 September 2010 for $10 USD, or £6.49. The DX content is available to add onto the game for an additional $5. Even without the DLC, it is essentially a variant of the PC port with locked content. Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut was later released on 5 March 2011 on Steam.

Downloadable content

When Sonic Adventure was released on the Dreamcast, Sega regularly uploaded content onto the in-game site that would unlock already programmed, yet hidden, data. Sega had many downloads for Sonic Adventure as it was a launch title for Dreamcast as well as the Dreamcast's most popular game (selling 2.5 million copies as of June 2006). Most of these downloads were events and challenges that mostly took place in Station Square. These events were to celebrate an actual event or for competitions that were hosted by Sega.


Dreamcast Launch Party

Welcome to the Dreamcast Launch! This is just the beginning.

Message from poster.

One of the first things made available was the Dreamcast launch party in Station Square. Around the city, banners and balloons featuring the Dreamcast emblem and logo were set up and would thank people for supporting Sega and Sonic Team, as well as pointing out that there was plenty more in store. While the posters and language varied, mainly because of the different swirl color, it is generally the same Dreamcast posters and balloons that thank you on behalf of Sega and Sonic Team when jumped at.

Halloween Party

Halloween Party is being held at Twinkle Park now!

Message from poster.

From 19 October 1999 to 28 December 1999, Sega released Halloween decorations for Twinkle Park. Scattered around the level, graffiti has been tagged all over the walls and floors wishing the players a Happy Halloween, while Jack-o-Lanterns in witch's clothing danced around. "Trick or Treat" would occasionally come up while walking on the graffiti. Station Square also would have posters advertising Twinkle Park's Halloween party.

Christmas Party

Merry Xmas!! Please keep in touch with Sonic.

Message from Christmas tree.

From 17 December 1999 to 28 December 1999, this download placed Christmas trees outside of Station Square and the town center. Jumping at them will give a festive message as well as changing Station Square's theme to the Acapella version of Dreams, Dreams from Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams. Heading to the other parts of Station Square will reset its theme back to its usual theme.

The Christmas Party download has a flaw that prevents the player from finishing Sonic's story mode if installed. The largest Christmas Tree found in Station Square occupies the same space as the ID card that opens the way to Speed Highway. When the card appears, the Christmas Tree will not allow the player to get close enough to actually pick it up.

Y2K Celebration

A happy new year in 2K! Wish you a good new year!

Message from poster.

With the year 2000 on the horizon, Sonic Adventure was given a Millennium Ring that floats around Station Square and two in several stages. Upon touching one, the player is given a message wishing them a happy new millennium, while being asked to support Sonic during that time. As this occurs, Palmtree Panic's Japanese present theme plays in celebration. There are also various posters around Station Square with the following messages: "Knuckles digging through 2K!" "Tails smiles through 2K!" and "Sonic runs through 2K!"

Samba GP

A new track was made available for download, titled "Samba GP." The track was released to celebrate the arrival of Samba de Amigo, although oddly enough, the track had little to do with Samba de Amigo aside from the fact that it uses an instrumental version of Sonic R's "Super Sonic Racing", which is a playable song in Samba de Amigo. Upon completing the track, the player could save their score and upload it online to compare against others. Worth noting is the fact that this was the final update to the game that included any actual changes to the main game itself. Afterwards, Sega began to focus on Time Attack contests within the regular game.

Voice Packs

Files that allowed different character voices in the Menus. Files were released for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Big, Gamma, Dr. Eggman, and Tikal.

United States


AT&T and Official Dreamcast Magazine teamed up to release three Time Attack contests. One involved blazing through Speed Highway as Sonic, the next involving Knuckles collecting treasures in the Mystic Ruins, and the final one involving Tails surfing through ten specially marked gates in Sand Hill. Prizes were awarded to the quickest scores. A total of fifteen winners would be awarded 1-year long subscriptions to the Official Dreamcast Magazine, nineteen winners would be awarded a Dreamcast game, and five would receive an AT&T Premium Package for a whole year. It is likely that the grand prize received all three. This contest ran from 29 October 1999 to 19 November 1999.


Reebok DMX Competition

Contestants from across Europe could download a specially designed version of Emerald Coast. Gamers were required to retrieve five pairs of hidden Reebok DMX trainers, which Dr. Eggman had stolen from Sonic's wardrobe, while still competing for the fastest completion time. Times were then uploaded to Sega's servers so that contestants could gauge their rating. The winners would then be notified via e-mail and their names published on the Sonic Home Page and Dreamarena at the end of the competition. The prizes included a personalized Dreamcast pod and £1,000 worth of Reebok sportswear. Neil Riddaway won the challenge by finishing in 46.09 seconds.

Emerald Coast cannot be completed if this pack is loaded. Upon reaching the tunnel to transport Sonic to the second section, a signboard will prevent progress and touching the sign will tell the player they need to delete the DLC file in order to play the rest of Emerald Coast.


Christmas Trees in Station Square

Released sometime around the Christmas season of 1998, this DLC scattered Christmas trees around Station Square. Touching them would reveal a Japanese message and play various Christmas songs, depending on what tree the player touches.


Released in the closing days of 1998 (along with a bugfix version released shortly after it was posted), this DLC added Kadomatsu decorations around Station Square. Touching them would show a message in Japanese and play some traditional Japanese folk music, with the message and music varying similar to the Christmas 1998 DLC. This pack was thought to have been lost for over twenty years due to no player preserving the associated files but it was rediscovered on a memory unit purchased from Japan in late 2019.[44]

Hedgehog Hide and Seek

Released on 12 February 1999, Famitsu held a contest where players had to track down 5 pictures of actual hedgehogs that were placed around Station Square. To start the game, one must jump to the red sphere in front of the train station. Once all pictures are found, the player would then have to go into the station and jump at the light blue sphere to finish the game.

Yukawa Senmu QUO MiniGame

The Yukawa Senmu QUO MiniGame DLC consisted of the player running around Station Square and Mystic Ruins to try and collect six "Mr. Yukawa" cards (three in each area) in the shortest time. This was a promotion from 22 January 1999 to 22 February 1999, where 50 winners would get a ¥500 QUO card with a picture of Hidekazu Yukawa, the Sega manager on the Dreamcast box. The QUO card is a universal pre-paid card that can be used in over 10000 convenience stores and other locations in Japan.

Jewel Chao

Special Chao that were available in the Black Market on the Sonic Adventure website. Only three were available for Sonic Adventure and only in Japan. They were the Emerald Jewel Chao, Sapphire Jewel Chao, and Ruby Jewel Chao.

Voice Pack (International)

A special version of the Voice Packs was released for Sonic Adventure International. The main difference between the two is that this one includes every voice file compiled in one file. The various voices are activated randomly in the menus.



Archie Comics produced a tie-in story arc that began in Sonic the Hedgehog #79 and concluded in Sonic the Hedgehog #84, with the thirteenth Sonic Super Special, "Sonic Adventure," taking place in between.

Sonic the Comic also included a ten-issue, loose adaptation of the game, which was notably the final story arc ever produced for the series.

Sonic X

The anime series Sonic X included a six-episode adaptation of the game's events between "Pure Chaos" and "Flood Fight", known as the "Chaos Saga". This adaptation was mostly faithful to the game's plot, with the Japanese version even being a word-for-word adaptation at some points. However, parts were written in for characters that did not appear in Sonic Adventure such as Christopher Thorndyke and Cream the Rabbit.


  • The Sonic Adventure games are considered to have been a sort of revamp of the Sonic the Hedgehog series due to the new character designs introduced, some of which differ greatly from the original designs, such as with Amy and Dr. Eggman. The "classic" designs are paid tribute, however, as the slot machine and 1-Up icons. Sega Saturn models of Sonic and Tails were also intended to be used whilst piloting the Tornado according to pre-release screenshots, although this may have been a placeholder.
  • When Big enters an elevator, he will say, "Ow!" when the doors close and since part of his tail is seen, it is obviously implying his tail got caught between the doors.
  • Sonic Adventure is the first Sonic game to feature downloadable content, as the Dreamcast was the first ever video game console to have online capabilities out of the box. DLC ranged from celebratory holiday decorations in the Adventure Fields and a few levels, such as on Christmas and Halloween, to national ranking contests and the addition of the Chao Black Market.
  • The game has sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling Dreamcast game.[45]
  • In the beginning of Super Sonic's story, even with English voices activated, Sonic will yawn in his Japanese voice.
  • In the original Dreamcast version of the game, if one were to insert the disc into a PC, special wallpapers hidden on the disk will be available for download. There is also a list of main console Sonic games prior to the release of Sonic Adventure (although Sonic the Hedgehog CD is absent). It reads:
SONIC the Hedgehog, 1991
SONIC the Hedgehog 2, 1992
SONIC the Hedgehog 3, 1994
SONIC Adventure (for Japan), 1998
  • The screens on the PC version are open matte.
  • The game is noted to have many glitches, some of which allow characters to access levels they normally can't play, such as Tails in Emerald Coast or Knuckles in Twinkle Park. This suggests that some of the characters, at one time, were intended to go into that stage.
  • When Sonic is on the Tornado, he has his original shoes on instead of the Light Speed Shoes, and is also missing his Crystal Ring (That is, if the player had acquired it).
  • Several music themes from Sonic 3D Blast on the Sega Genesis version were reused in Sonic Adventure:
    • The music in the first area of Sonic's version of Twinkle Park is remixed from Panic Puppet Zone Act 1's music; the music in the first area of Windy Valley was remixed from the Special Stages/Bonus Stages' music, and the music in the latter's last area was remixed from Green Grove Zone's music.
    • The music that plays in Emerald Coast resembles the music that plays in Spring Stadium Zone; it could be a remix of that music.
  • The screenshots from the ending are from the initial Japanese release in all Dreamcast versions and the GameCube enhanced port in further re-releases.
  • Not counting the Sonic World in Sonic Jam, this is the first Sonic game to feature a hub world.
  • The PlayStation 3 version of the game is the first Sonic game to be on PlayStation Network.
  • This game is represented in Sonic Generations. Speed Highway reappears as the first stage of the Dreamcast Era in the home version, while Emerald Coast appears as the first stage in the portable version. Also, Perfect Chaos appears as the Gate Boss of the Dreamcast Era in the home version.
  • This is the first Sonic game to have a different level entrance screen style. The other is Sonic Unleashed.
    • Since the level entrance screens are also loading screens, if you run the PC version of Sonic Adventure DX on a powerful computer, they appear for less than a second.
  • Some tracks in the WMA files and sound test are not heard at points in the game where the name suggests it should play.
    • The Egg Carrier was meant to have a different track for when it had landed in the sea.
      • This track, however, is used during the cutscene when Gamma finds E-101 Beta as E-101 MKLL.
    • Amy was meant to have a track named "Amy: Hurry Up", that supposedly was meant to have played when she was being chased by ZERO.
      • This track was instead used during the cutscene in Tails' Story when Eggman launches the Giant Missile on Station Square. (Since Amy was in the beginning of this cutscene, it could be named after Amy telling Tails to hurry up)
    • Many prototype images from the Dreamcast were re-used for the promotion of Sonic Adventure DX's.
  • Ryan Drummond said in an interview this is his favorite Sonic game.
  • The box of the PC version of Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut claims that this is "Sonic and friends' PC debut", but this is false. The first Sonic game on PC was Sonic the Hedgehog CD.
  • Although the game was originally released in 1998, one of the trailers of Sonic Generations lists its international release year (1999) as its official release year.
  • Hot Shelter is the only stage where Sonic is not playable in.
  • In the Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut version, when Amy is captured by ZERO, one can see that she has her Dreamcast version design rather than her new design.
    • Knuckles does not share a stage with Big either.
  • Sonic Adventure was listed in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die, along with the original Sonic the Hedgehog and its sequel.[46]
  • During the credits on the Dreamcast version of the game, there are screenshots with a number of differences from normal gameplay. Screenshots with considerable changes (aside from lighting changes) include:
    • In the image where Sonic sees Tails crash at the beginning of his story, the skybox is stretched.
    • In the image where the Orca chases Sonic, there are no Dash Panels.
    • In the image of the tornado course in Sonic's version of Windy Valley, there is much more debris flying around than in normal gameplay.
    • In Casinopolis' image, the vault is filled with 269 Rings. This number is impossible in gameplay.
    • The image of Eggman ambushing Sonic/Tails is set at the wrong time of day (this is the same time of day used for this scene in the AutoDemo of the game).
    • In the image of Tails in Icecap, Tails rides a different snowboard.
    • The image depicting the aftermath of the defeat of the Egg Walker is set at the wrong time of day.
    • In the image of Tails in Speed Highway, the Helicopter is present in the background.
    • This image is considerably different from the cutscenes in the game. The best-matching cutscene is the one from before Amy enters Eggman's base, but that one is shown from a different angle. Amy does also not wear that expression and birdie is missing from the image.
    • This image depicts Gamma from when he is sent to the past. While this does happen in his story, Gamma is in the Mystic Ruins temple in the image, an area he cannot enter.
    • The image of Gamma batting E-103 Delta depicts the event in an arena much bigger than the one seen in gameplay.
    • The time of day in some of Big's images does not match those in gameplay.
    • In this image, Super Sonic is never seen from this angle.
    • During Super Sonic's ending, Knuckles is seen without his Shovel Claw and Tails is seen without his Rhythm Badge, despite both being mandatory to obtain in order to complete their stories and unlock Super Sonic's.
    • Knuckles is the only character who appears with Level Up Items in his images (even before he is permitted to add them).
  • During Amy's flashbacks, some of the backgrounds seen come from unused layouts of some of the Action Stages, like the early Windy Valley and Sky Deck.
    • There are also some changes in Gamma's flashbacks, like differences in lightening. Also when Gamma remembers Beta being rebuilt, Beta's eyes are black instead of red, the front bars have different textures and the background is very different.

Tails taking damage from Sonic's Spin Dash.

  • In Sonic's story, whenever Tails is near Sonic while the latter is doing one of his attacks in gameplay, Tails gets a damage despite having no impact on Sonic's progression during the stages.
  • Knuckles' theme played the least in his story compared to any other characters' stories, with it only being heard one time. He is also the only character whose theme is not played at the beginning and the end of his story.



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