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This article contains a list of glitches from Sonic Advance. Unless otherwise noted, all glitch names are conjectural. Many of them have not been confirmed by Sega.

List of glitches

  • Amy through the floor:

In Neo Green Hill Zone, sometimes when running down the large hill as Amy with the Lightning Shield, she'll fall through the ground and die.

  • Path swapper glitch:

Players using Sonic, Knuckles, or Amy can crouch near certain loops with their back to them, wait for the camera to go down and move with the camera locked on that position, causing the map to lose its solidity. This can be reverted by triggering a path swapper, which is not easy to do with the ground not being solid as a result of the glitch. This glitch is useful to time attack Angel Island Zone Act 1 as Knuckles. The Acts affected by this glitch are Neo Green Hill Act 1, Secret Base Act 1 and Angel Island Act 1.

  • Pushed off the wall:

When climbing a wall as Knuckles, if he is crushed by a moving block at a right angle, he'll be either pushed above or below the block and off the wall.

  • Tiny Chao Garden ring transfer error:

The original releases of Sonic Advance in all regions have a rather severe bug: deleting the main game's save file does not delete the Tiny Chao Garden data, but once the player does so, Rings earned in the main game do not transfer over to the Tiny Chao Garden. There are two ways to revert this; either the player must use a video game enhancer such as GameShark, or collect the same number of Rings that had been collected before the game data was deleted. This was fixed in v1.1 (only released in Japan), and in the Sonic Advance and Sonic Pinball Party combo pack.

  • Upside down glitch:

This can happen by accident with any character but only rarely; with Knuckles it can be controlled. In the Zones Egg Rocket Zone and Cosmic Angel Zone, there are areas where the gravity reverses, making the character move around upside down. Using Knuckles to control it can lead to some very weird shenanigans, placing him upside down in the wrong areas.

In Egg Rocket Zone, it is easy. When Knuckles encounters the first area that places him upside down, he must simply face to the right toward the vertical switch point, jump straight up, fall toward the ground, and begin a glide just before landing (so he skids right into the switch point). His gravity will reverse during the skid, and if he turns around and goes back where he came from he will stay upside down.

In Cosmic Angel Zone it works differently; he must go right from the entrance, then straight down into the upside down area below. There is a wide area just above the bottomless pit where he can glide back and forth; since the vertical switch point is halfway through, he can glide infinitely, changing gravity whenever he gets too close to the bottom. As he glides, his speed increases until he glides off the screen (but be careful, for his speed will reset if he hits the left boundary of the Zone). Once he has picked up dangerous speed, carefully get him close to the bottom of the screen, then go to the right and keep heading that way even after he disappears from view. Occasionally at this point, he may fall right out of the air and die during the transition for an unknown reason; more often however, he will eventually reach a climbable wall (still upside down) and he can enter the middle of the Zone from here.

Alternatively, in either Zone. Knuckles can also trigger this glitch by climbing down through a corner while upside down. He will not get off the wall and onto the ground, but rather he will climb down through the corner and fall through the wall. This usually can kill him in Egg Rocket Zone, but it is safer in Cosmic Angel Zone.

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