This article pertains to the beta elements of Sonic Advance.

Unused music

Clip Description
An alternate invincibility tune, which was later used in Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Advance 3.

E3 promotional teaser

The short promotional teaser of Sonic Advance was presented on E3 in 2001,[1] where it was announced that a Sonic game was under development for the Nintendo platform. The teaser showcased a short clip of Sonic running through an early version of the Neo Green Hill Zone.


Early build

Early HUD icons

A comparison of the early (left) and final (right) HUD sprites.

Early screenshots featured on many different websites and in various magazines share a common element: the early HUD in the upper left corner of the screen showcases a different Ring icon compared to the one in the final game. Following image gallery shows these different HUD sprites without any notable differences:


Early debug coordinates

Some screenshots show hexadecimal codes, which may be present in the game's debug coordinates, much like in early main titles for the Sega Genesis. More screenshots with debug coordinates include:


Neo Green Hill Zone

Casino Paradise Zone

Egg Rocket Zone

Special Stages

Early Special Stage.

The screenshot on the right presents a different-looking Special Stage, with the tubular tunnel having basic tiles as opposed to the detailed ones used in the final game. All the sprites for the Rings and Bombs are also completely different.


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