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Sonic&TailsCabinetArtwork.jpeg|The lower part of the machine.
Sonic&TailsCabinetArtwork.jpeg|The lower part of the machine.
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Sonic & Tails Spinner is a redemption arcade machine released in 2002. Although it is no longer manufactured, it can still be found in various arcades throughout the United States and various copies of the game can be found on eBay.


In the game, players spin the wheel to gain points which can then be redeemed for tickets. After a coin is inserted, the Sonic and Tails wheels start spinning, in opposite directions. The player presses the flashing "Sonic" button first to stop the Sonic wheel, and the number on the outside ring that Sonic's finger is pointing to is the first multiplier.

After stopping the Sonic wheel, the "Tails" button activates, and stops the Tails wheel when pressed. Tails points to the numbers on the inside ring. The amount of tickets dispensed is Sonic's number multiplied by Tails' number.

If more than 10 tickets are won, Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles congratulates the player.


  • All the character artwork on the cabinet are from Sonic Adventure.
  • Several pieces from Sonic Adventure are heard:
    • If nobody is playing, music from Twinkle Park is heard. It is also heard while the wheels are spinning.
    • When a coin is inserted, the Star Post sound from is heard.
    • If less than 10 tickets are won, the “Game Over” music is heard.
  • On the Sonic & Tails Spinner poster Spinner, Dr. Eggman is incorrectly named "Mr. Robitnik".


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