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Sonic & Tails Spinner is a redemption arcade machine released in 2002. Although it is no longer manufactured, it can still be found in various arcades throughout the United States and Canada.


In Sonic & Tails Spinner, players spin the wheel to gain points which can then be redeemed for tickets, which can be cashed in for prizes. After a coin is inserted, the Sonic and Tails wheels start spinning, in opposite directions. The player presses the flashing "Sonic" button first to stop the Sonic wheel, and the number on the outside ring that Sonic's finger is pointing to is the first multiplier. After stopping the Sonic wheel, the "Tails" button activates, and stops the Tails wheel when pressed. Tails points to the numbers on the inside ring. The amount of tickets dispensed is Sonic's number multiplied by Tails' number.

If less than ten tickets are won, the player is treated to no voice clip and a game over sound clip. If more than ten tickets are won however, Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles will congratulate the player. If the player wins more than one hundred tickets, the machine plays a victory tune and a character voice clip. As tickets are dispensed, the machine will chime for every two tickets won.

Locations with Sonic & Tails Spinner[]

The following locations still have playable Sonic & Tails Spinner cabinets:

  • Playland Arcade (on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, DE.)
  • Planet Fun (Potomac Mills, Woodbridge, VA)
  • Walt Disney World's Contemporary Resort
  • Walt Disney World's Pop Century Resort’s lobby’s Fast Forward Arcade
  • Adventure Park (Visalia, CA)
  • East Hills Mall Arcade (Bakersfield, CA)
  • Glowzone 360 (Mississauga, Ontario Canada)


  • All the character artwork pieces on the cabinet are from Sonic Adventure.
  • Several music pieces from Sonic Adventure are incorporated into Sonic & Tails Spinner:
    • If nobody is playing, parts of the background music from Twinkle Park is heard.
    • When a coin is inserted, the Star Post's activation sound is heard.
    • While the wheels on the cabinet are spinning, part of Twinkle Circuit's music will be looped.
    • If less than ten tickets are won, the "Game Over" music is heard.
    • If more than ten tickets are won, voice clips from Sonic Adventure will be played. These include Tails with "Yeah!" or "You did it!" quotes, Sonic's "Cool!" or "You got it!" quotes, or Knuckles' "Yeah!" quote.
    • If more than one hundred tickets are won, the machine plays the Sonic Adventure "level complete" tune.
    • The chime that plays for every two tickets earned is the Ring sound effect.
  • On the Sonic & Tails Spinner poster spinner, Dr. Eggman's name is incorrectly named "Mr. Robitnik".


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