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This article contains a list of glitches from Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. Unless otherwise noted, all glitch names are conjectural. Many of them have not been confirmed by Sega.

List of Glitches

  • Disappearing racer:

If too many items hit the player at once, their character disappears for 5–10 seconds.

  • Falling through the floor:

If the player drives at a particular speed before driving over a gap with a platform on the other side in a location where the floor is thin enough (eg. Curien Mansion), their character will be halfway through the floor and will fall through entirely after about 5–10 seconds.

This may also apply in Casino Park tracks, if the player has too many collisions on the twisty sections of the track.

  • "What happened to all the color?":

When using the DS Download Play to race someone without the game, the game will sometimes remove all textures from the person who sent the game to the other person to play.

  • Icy roads:

In the DS version at times, mostly coming up to forks in the road when the player drifts, they won’t get any momentum moving them sideways, and thus will crash into the wall.

  • Seaside jump-a-too:

Sometimes if the player lands a small distance before the road in Lost Palace (in the Palace segment), their racer will jump into the air again.

  • Rear view shrink n' grow:

When the player looks back in the DS version, they may experience a size glitch, where the player becomes big, small, and then normal size.

  • Hatcher's tire is missing!!!:

While drifting to the right in Billy Hatcher's car in the DS version of the game, if the player looks closely, they can see that the frontal tire is missing.

  • Ascending without a ramp:

Sometimes, after landing a jump, the racer will jump again.

  • The escape blimp:

Sometimes when the Bonanza Bros. go All-Star, the Escape Blimp will be up front and immobile.

  • Stranded on an obstacle:

Sometimes, if the player accidentally crashes into an obstacle from the track and hits reverse, they will not reverse. They will continue to remain still upon retrying until their racer actually reverses.

  • Item re-election:

Sometimes when a player hits an Item Capsule, they will receive the item but it will then change to a different one.

  • Super shortcut in Ocean Ruin:

In the first section of the stage, if the player gets the All-Star move, they should move to one rock and use the move. The player will then warp to the final pipe of the stage.

  • "Stop following me!":

Sometimes if the player is driving a floating vehicle (Metal Sonic, Ulala...) and jumps, the shadow of the vehicle will still be underneath it as if there was solid ground directly below them.

  • AiAi the Favorite:

In the Xbox 360 version of the game, sometimes, after playing as AiAi (even if it is just once), under the player's records, it will permanently list AiAi as their favorite character.

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