Sonic & Knuckles is a paperback storybook written by Michael Teitelbaum and illustrated by Ron Zalme. It was published by Troll Communications Llc in November 1995.


Whoever finds the Chaos Emeralds can control Mobius once and for all. Naturally, Dr. Robotnik goes after the emeralds.

The precious stones have a guardian; an echidna named Knuckles. But Robotnik has just tricked Knuckles into believing that Sonic wants to steal the emeralds for himself.

In this thrilling story, Sonic meets Knuckles for the first time. Will they become friends or enemies? And who will gain control of the Chaos Emeralds?


Characters: Characters:


  • An illustration from Chapter 5 depicts Tails with the Freedom Fighters, although Tails did not accompany the group on the mission.


  • Despite Sally having her blue vest from Season Two, the rest of the Freedom Fighters appear to have their Season 1 designs.



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