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Sonic News Network

This article pertains to the staff members behind Sonic & Knuckles.

Sonic Team



Lead game designer


Senior game designers

Lead programmer

Senior programmers

Character designer

Sega Corporation, Ltd.

Executive producer

Project managers

  • Hisashi Suzuki
  • Shinobu Toyoda
  • Masaharu Yoshii

C.G. Artist

  • Kunitake Aoki

Enemy artist

  • Satoshi Yokokawa

Scene artists

Art assistant

  • Osamu Ohashi

Music composers

SEGA Sound Team

Executive management

  • Shouichirou Irimajiri
  • Tom Kalinske
  • Paul Rioux

Product manager

  • Pamela Kelly

Executive coordinator

  • Mamoru Shigeta
  • Tomio Takami
  • Diane A. Fornasier
  • Roger Hector
  • Takaharu Utsunomiya


  • Jason Kuo
  • Rick Greer
  • Mike Williams

Sound special thanks

  • Cube Corp.,
  • Opus Corp.,
  • Masanori Nakayama (Studio Who)

Special thanks

  • Jina Ishiwatari
  • Emi Kawamura
  • Deborah McCracken
  • Taku Makino

Presented by

Video game staff

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