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This article contains a list of glitches from Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Unless otherwise noted, all glitch names are conjectural. Many of them have not been confirmed by Sega.

List of glitches

  • Menu islands glitch:

Fairly often in the game's menus, the yellow glow from the Samba De Amigo island appears on another island instead.

  • Game crash:

In the Xbox 360 version of the game, the game will randomly crash on occasion (usually at the loading screen and in Seasonal Shrines). A title update fixed this problem.

In Nintendo 3DS version of the game, the game will sometimes crash whole console when 3D is enabled, and you need to hard reset the console

  • Boats on the road:

There is a glitch where vehicles sometimes transform into a boat while on the road.

  • Collision glitch:

When racing alongside another racer, the player’s car may suddenly and randomly bounce off of the racer they came in contact with, sending them flying into a wall or even off of the stage.

  • Shinobi Time Attack crash:

If the player retries, the game may crash upon completion.

  • Jet set gravity!:

Usually on the Graffiti City track, if the player falls down at a high speed, their racer will float for a short period of time.

  • The road to eternity:

Occasionally when finishing an online race, the player will have to keep driving even while the countdown is ticking, will lose the race, and receive a DNF even though they successfully completed the race.

  • Start menu being mean:

If the player presses start and then down on the D-pad or analog stick rapidly, they can select Continue. If they select it, the game will ask them to restart. If the player keeps going down, the option they select will have the same effect as the option below it. This can be fixed by pressing up on the D-pad or analog stick.

  • Burning Depths door glitch:

In the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on the first lap of the Burning Depths track, there's a section where the track splits into two paths that eventually come back together by a door. The door will sometimes not open, thus forcing the player to reset the track.

  • All-Stars need no stunts:

In the 3DS version after using an All-Star Move, the player's character will be unable to perform stunts until they transform into plane mode again. This is a problem on all courses that do not feature plane mode, except for Sunshine Tour and Roulette Road, since they have no jumps.

  • Possessed water:

In the 3DS version of the game when landing a trick in water, based on the size of the characters boat mode they will spin out, flail around, and even get turned around completely. This happens more often to Amy and other characters with wide boat forms.

  • Going past Transformation Gates:

While driving, the player should stop before the Transformation Gate (without going through it), turn around and position themselves facing backward while being as close to the transformation gate as possible. The 'Wrong way' sign will then appear, and after some time, the character will respawn in front of the Transformation Gate without going through it, retaining their previous transport form. Depending on the course and the transport form, this allows the player to play through sections of a course in a transport form they normally should not be in (a boat in a car section, a plane in a boat section and vice versa etc.) This may be fixed in some versions of the game throughout recent patches, which now causes the respawn to occur before the Transformation Gate.

  • Locked in glitch:

Sometimes in the PlayStation 3 version of the game, the warps in the Race of AGES course before the end of each lap refuses to function; instead, the player will simply bump against an invisible wall. If the player tries reversing, it will respawn them near the wall, leaving them "locked" in the tunnel segment. This glitch can be fixed by restarting the race.

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